Revelations of Self-Forgiveness

"You don't get enlightened by imagining beings of light. We become enlightened by embracing the darkness and activating its potential." Michael Beckwith

The Existence of your Destiny lies forever and lies only in The Universal. This divine Presence has no respect for the person whatsoever: Zero. Exact Zero. Being at Zero - there is no escape from facing my Shadow: Seeing my ego, my life in "the house of selfishness"- where my whole mortal existence in terms of personality is woven out of selfishness. Facing my own shadow I call it by its name: The Satan. The Satan within. Where does this mud within me come from? I understood nothing! All I ever understood lies for me now, burned to Ashes, in the radiant Light of the Revelation: The exuberance of the Universal - the very Presence of Divinity in your Heart of Hearts, in your Soul.

pulled all their Power from this one simple recognition: I am ZERO? When you ever saw someone or yourself doing wrong. No other Power. Do you see how Spirit only governs this Universe and everything in it? No other Being.Only if you understand . you will see the Satan naked: your egoic sense of existence swimming in the mud of Are the innermost Essence of the Universal. already. who has been gone through all the levels of Self-Humiliation. like a LotusFlower rising from the mud of confusion and ignorance. Any great Character is build on the fundament & firmament of the Universal. Could it be that all the great masters…. by SEEING how much richer a Being is. Now . and you see the mud of confusion coming out of it: you have it transformed. No other Presence. Do you understand the hiding now? You were hidden all along…. because you believed that hiding gives you something. misusing the Law.

You always wanted this… this Gracethat you would walk this planet by Grace. not by struggle & control. Instead of giving. in a mud of fear. For the first time you finally give yourself your Dignity back. Holding onto is like Hiding: it diminishes You. The only way to be free from the Satan is by seeing his emergence always and only within yourself. The very understanding of the Infinite gives you the freedom to know the Truth by being at ZERO… In this magnificent flow you can't hold to anything my dear: it's not necessary. it takes from you. It diminishes you.Now that's too much for most people. . Since my birth I had this weird feeling inside the way I felt in this body was like being in a mud. True Kings and Queens of this Universe. worry and confusion interrupted with few moments of pleasure and .you see the Truth. That degree of Humility belongs only to the Strong Ones. It makes you void and empty of the Real Substance: The Radiant Universal. of this Earth.

not noticing that you were the one. Surrender went deeper than ever. The thing is. in the first place to give your power away. That's my capacity: to surrender. everything is changed and yet the same.and yet extremely extremely different! By your birth my Dear. But how much capacity. deeper than what I would estimate myself as being capable . Surrender goes so deep that you actually give up your life and especially that what seems to govern your life: your your perception. my limited was my view. the Radiance of The Universal. yes my King. Both are inseparable . I identified myself with the mud! . You gave the World all the Power it has . .happiness. All the sins and wrong-doings are already dissolved in the sight of the Magnificence. you fell under the hypnotic spell of: how much power you believe this world has upon you.instead of identifying myself: The Lotus-Flower. Arrived at the Zero. how much capacity do you have for Light? I finally surrender. your understandings and: your fears. Beloved King.

How could you be less than The Ever-Present. The moment you realize the Ever-present Universal is the moment when you notice that all requirements end. From that point.beyond any appearance of how you enfold . No conditions. The dark night of the soul is perhaps our greatest teacher because it let us realize deeper than everything else what is just an appearance and what is you hold the consciousness of mankind in your own awareness.You see: this enfoldment is so mysterious and so magnificent… the moment you start to revere the darkness of your Soul's potential with innermost respect approaching your next dark night of the Soul. no requirements are needed for you to be WHAT YOU ARE. your life isn't about what you do to the world but what you ARE to the World . the Universal itself? You are the source of all existence simply by .to recognize the Ever-Present Substance of all creation: the radiant magnificence of the Universal. It let you truly recognize what is FOREVER .

. One Presence. To see the Universal means to reach the point where the Knower and the Known reveal themselves as ONE. One Power. instead of grasping it intellectually. Capacity to directly conceive what IS Universal. One Being. yes.your very awareness for the Capacity.

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