ISU Data Creation


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ISU Data Creation

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1 ISU Master Data Model .............................................................................. 3 2 ISU Business Master Data . i Create Partner (FPP1) ......................................................................... 4 ii Create Contract Account: (CAA1) ...................................................... 11 iii Create Contract (ES20) ....................................................................... 19 3 ISU Technical Master Data . i Create Device (IQ01) ......................................................................... 24 ii Create Connection Object (ES55)....................................................... 30 iii Create Premise (ES60) ...................................................................... 28 iv Create Installation (ES30) .................................................................. 38

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ISU Data Creation


ISU Master Data Model Master data in ISU is primarily divided into 2 parts. 1. Business Mater data. 2. Technical Master Data.

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ISU Data Creation

Business Mater data: Business Mater data comprises of Business Partner, Contract Account and Contract data objects which provide the customer information like - Customer Address - Bank details - Payment & Tax details - Type of contracts etc Technical Mater data: Technical Mater data comprises Premise, Connection Object, Installation and Device. These objects provide information about the technical attributes which are important in calculating the consumption for billing a particular customer. The significance of each object has been explained in the following chapters. Note: Before start creating the Master data it need to be made sure that the Regional structures, Tax codes, Account code, Account determination codes, Meter Read Units (MRU) and portions are configured.


Create Business Partner (FPP1)

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ISU Data Creation

Business Partner is the highest level of customer contact data from the Business Master Data perspective. It groups all the CA having related to one customer so that the centralized maintenance of the account is possible like maintaining the Bank details, Credit worthiness etc.

Fields to be considered while creating the Business Partner: Mandatory fields: 1. Business Partner Category: Person, Organization, Group Use: determines access to certain fields based on the category mentioned Note: Cannot alter business partner category later 2. Address 3. Create in Role: a. Contract Partner: Links the Business partner to Company thru Contract Account & Contract. b. Installer: Already connected to a Co Code. Optional Fields: 1. Reference customer: It helps to use the standard SD functionality. 2. Jurisdiction code.

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ISU Data Creation

Data creation process: Business Partner is created with Partner Category: Person providing the address and Bank details. 1. Enter /nFPP1 in the command bar.

And Press {Enter}.

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ISU Data Creation

2. Select ‘Person’ which displays the Create Person screen

3. Highlight the {Address} tab and enter  Name  Address details of the Business Partner.
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ISU Data Creation

4. Click on {More fields} and provide  Jurisdiction Code This value is dependent on the Region that the address belongs to

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ISU Data Creation

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ISU Data Creation

5. Go to {Payment Transactions} tab and provide  Bank details for incoming and out going payments.

6. Press {Save}. (NOTE: you may find that the postal code entered returns an error. Ignore it and accept the address). Make a note of the Business Partner number in the status bar.
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ISU Data Creation

Does & Don’ts: 1. Tax jurisdiction code is mandatory in places where the VAT is not in place for tax calculation. This is necessary while creating the Contract Account. This value varies with the State, Country and City.


Create Contract Account: (CAA1)

Contract Account groups all the contracts of a Business Partner having same Dunning and Payment data. It holds the control data (Bank Details, Payment data, Dunning data, Alternative Payer, Payee, Bill recipient, Dunning Recipient) which is applicable to all the contracts grouped under this contract account. Contract account is managed using the Open Item Accounting in AR& AP. Fields to be considered while creating the Contract Account: Mandatory fields: 1. Contract Account category: The contract account category determines the following contract account attributes:
      

Whether you are allowed to assign only one business partner or more than one to a contract account Whether you are allowed to assign only one contract or more than one Whether you are allowed to maintain a contract account online The number range that is allowed for external or internal number assignment Whether it is a collective invoice account (IS-U) Whether it is a one-time account The editing screens or data fields that you can use to edit the contract account

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ISU Data Creation

2. Tolerance Group : Define the tolerance limits for incoming payments 3. Clearing category: This references the contract account in automatic clearing postings. It is combined with the clearing type to form the key that defines the clearing rules in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable. 4. Payment Condition: This field defines the rules for determining due dates , incoming payments as well as deadlines for outgoing payments. It is used in business processes for determining bill due dates and budget billing amount due dates. 5. Account Class: Classifies contract accounts within a supply area. 6. Account Determination ID: Characteristic that is combined with the company code , division , main transaction and sub-transaction for use in determining a G/L account. 7. Bill Form: Contains the Flow Logic of a print program in the form of a hierarchy. 8. Responsible Company Code: The posting created with payment to bank clearing accounts always take place in the responsible company code. Optional fields: 1. Alternative payer: This field provides the option of choosing a different payer that the customer.

Data creation process: 1. Enter /nCAA1 in the command bar.

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ISU Data Creation

Press {Enter} This takes you to Contract account Create initial screen.

2. Enter the values for  Business Partner number to which you want to attach this Contract Account  Cont. Acct Cat. This value helps to align the control data of the Account group with this contract account.

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ISU Data Creation

3. Press {Enter}. This takes you to Contract Account Create: General Data screen. Provide values for        Contract Account name Tolerance Group Clearing Cat Payment Condition Account class Act Determ.ID Bill Form

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ISU Data Creation

4. Go to Payment/Taxes Tab and enter value for 

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ISU Data Creation

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ISU Data Creation

5. Go to Dunning/Correspondence Tab and enter values for  Grouping Cat  Dunning Proc

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ISU Data Creation

6. Press {Save} This creates the Contract Account which is seen in the status bar.

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ISU Data Creation


Create Contract (ES20) Contracts represent the entities that are billed. You can bill one or more contracts together using a contract account.

Contracts are linked to installations in IS-U and these installations contain technical data with regard to Billing.

Fields to be considered while creating the Contract: Mandatory Fields 1. Division 2. Company Code. 3. Joint Invoicing: Here we specify whether this contract is to be invoiced together with other contract and how this is to be done. 4. Act Determ ID 5. Contract Acct: Contract Account number

Data creation process: 1 Enter ES20 in the command bar.

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ISU Data Creation

Press {Enter} This takes you to Create Contract initial screen.

2 Enter values for  Division  Company Code

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ISU Data Creation

Press {Enter} This takes you to Create Contact screen.

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ISU Data Creation

3 Enter values for

 Enter Joint Invoicing  Acct. Determination ID

4 Press {Enter} This takes you to Additional Data tab screen.

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ISU Data Creation

5 Enter values for  Contract Account

6 Press {Save}. This creates the new contract number which is displayed on the status bar.

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ISU Data Creation

Dos & Don’ts: a. Contacts are automatically created during customer move-in into a premise, so it is advisable not to create the contract explicitly. b. Only one contract can ever be assigned to an installation at any one time.


Create Device (IQ01)

A Device is an instrument used for measuring consumption, processing data, or controlling and protecting other instruments. Devices are managed in the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component as pieces of equipment with serial numbers. The device number is created in MM with the function Goods Receipt. At the utility company, the device is labeled with this number. The device number can also be generated when you create a device in IS-U. The device is identified by a unique material and serial number combination to distinguish it from other pieces of material that may have the same serial number. The equipment number is the same throughout the whole system. Device is synonymous to ‘Equipment’ in Plant Maintenance. Device can be from one of the device category like meter, sensor, counter, regulator, corrector or transformer. Fields to be considered while creating the Device: Mandatory Fields 1. Material: The Goods that are the subject of business activity.

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ISU Data Creation

2. The Serial Number master record is a combination of the material number and the serial number. 3. Category: - Key Distinguishing individual technical objects according to their use.

4. E.g. Machinery, Device 5. Construct Year: - Year in which the technical object was constructed 6. Valid From: - Date from which time slice is valid 7. Register Group: - Group of registers that belong to one or more devices. 8. Inspection Relevance of Device: - Specifies whether the device is to be included in a sampling procedure. Optional Fields 1. Manufacturer 2. Model Number 3. MR Recorded

Data creation process: 1 Enter IQ01 in the command bar and press {Enter} which displays the Create Material Serial Number initial screen.

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ISU Data Creation

2 Enter value for  Material  Category

3 Press {Enter}. This pops up the ISU data screen. Enter value for

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ISU Data Creation

 Register group will be defaulted based on the material selected  Inspection Rel. should always be 1  An initial meter reading can be recorded if required

4 Press the {Transfer} button. This takes you to Create Material Serial Number: IS data screen

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ISU Data Creation

The screen will be populated with the values as shown below.

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ISU Data Creation

5 Click {Save}. The new Device number (serial number) is shown in the status bar.

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ISU Data Creation

Dos and Don’ts You can use pieces of equipment by themselves (pure object-related structuring), or in combination with the component Functional locations (function and objectrelated structuring).


Create Connection Object (ES55)

A connection object is usually a building but can also be a piece of property or a facility, such as a fountain or construction site. Since an address is allocated to a connection object, the connection object links premises, device locations and connections to the postal regional structure. The connection object is a functional location from the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component. Therefore, maintenance is managed using the functions of the Service Management (PM-SMA) component, for example, if you wish to organize the repair and maintenance of devices at the connection object level. Maintenance and repairs are billed using the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component. Fields to be considered while creating the Connection Object: Mandatory Fields 1. Description: - Description of connection object 2. Street Address

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ISU Data Creation

Optional Fields 1. Communication tab – telephone, mobile phone, fax, e-mail. 2. PO box address 3. Comments - Address notes

Data creation process:

1 Enter /nES55 in the command bar.

Press {Enter}.
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ISU Data Creation

This will display the Create Connection Object: Initial Screen.

2 At the Create Connection Object: Initial Screen, press {Enter} without making any changes. Create Connection Object: <XXXX> screen is displayed.

3 Enter values for  Address
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ISU Data Creation

 Maintenance Plant details, as below (The address is the same as that for the Business Partner created earlier).

4 Press {Save} (Ignore any error message due to the postal code, and accept the address). Note the Connection Object number in the status bar.

Dos and Don’ts For each connection object you can define any number of static notes. These can be printed on meter reading orders, for example, to give field service employees extra information. Example include "Ring Mr Y’s doorbell," "Beware of the dog," and so on. You can also sue the dynamic notes predefined in the system (for
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ISU Data Creation

example "Installation blocked for meter reading," "Meter reading already entered.")


Create Premise (ES60)

Represents a self contained unit within the building (e.g. an apartment or a shop).The Premise holds specific address data. (E.g. Project, Ground Floor, 3000 Hills wood Drive, Hills wood Business Park, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0RS) The premise is an enclosed spatial unit that is supplied with energy, for example, an apartment or factory. The premise is allocated to a connection object and to the address of that connection object. A premise can have several utility installations. Since the premise is divisionindependent, you can allocate electricity and water installations to the same premise, for example.

Fields to be considered while creating the Premise: Mandatory Fields 1. Connection Object Optional Fields 1. Location supplement, floor, room number 2. Attributes – Premise type, Owner, No. of persons, Authorization group 3. Notes for premises

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ISU Data Creation

Data creation process: 1 Enter ES60 in the command bar.

Press {Enter} This will display the Create Premise: Initial screen.

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ISU Data Creation

2 At the Create Premise Initial: Screen, press enter without making any changes. This takes you to Create Premise screen.

3 Enter values for  Connection Object number  Address of the premise.
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ISU Data Creation

4 Press {Save}. Make a note of the Premise number from the status bar.

Do’s and Don’ts For each premise you can maintain the following fields a. Additional street data enables you to manage additional information on the street name of the connection object. You can also store different street names. b. Storage data helps field service employees to quickly identify premises.

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ISU Data Creation


Create Installation (ES30) An installation groups together the devices, registers, and, if applicable, reference values that belong to the same division and are allocated to the same premise, and that are therefore billed together, such as an on-peak and an offpeak rate meter. An installation is allocated to one contract only. In exceptional cases (such as an installation under construction or an installation without an owner) an installation is not allocated to a contract. The billing-relevant installation data is managed historically. This enables you to change the rate category within a billing period, for example, without any problems.

Fields to be considered while creating the Installation: Mandatory Fields 1. Key Date: - Key Date for Selection According to Time-Related Validity 2. Division: - Type of utility (Electricity or Gas) 3. Premise: - Premise on which device installation is needed 4. Valid From: - Start date of validity 5. Billing Class: - Classification of Contracts within a division 6. Rate Category: - Classification of an Installation for Billing purposes 7. MR Unit: - Grouping of Installations and their devices and registers according to region. 8. Base period Category: - Determines whether to use the meter reading results from the previous period or the same period of the previous year in the extrapolation.
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ISU Data Creation

Optional Fields 1. Industry: - An industry sector is the term used to classify a company according to its main business activity. 2. Temperature Area 3. Billing / Meter read control relevant - MR Control, Blocking reason 4. Deregulation information – Service type, status

Data creation process:

1 Enter ES30 in the command bar.

Press {Enter}. This takes you to Create Installation: Initial Screen. 2 Enter values for  Key date  Division

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ISU Data Creation

3 Press {Enter} Create installation screen is displayed.

4 Enter values for     Premise number. BClss Rate Cat MR Unit

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ISU Data Creation

5 Press {Save}.

The new Installation Number is displayed in the status bar.

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ISU Data Creation

Dos and Don’ts a. The entries you make in the deregulation fields of the installation affect how the deregulation scenario is determined. b. You can change the valid fr. (valid from) date or the premise of an installation as long as a contract has not yet been allocated to that installation, and no devices have been installed. c. You can allocate a load profile to an installation. The allocation is related to the identification of the corresponding load profile. d. You can override the general rate category with the individual rate category of the installation (if you have made specific arrangements with the customer, for example).

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