Agenda for Chambersburg Borough Council Meeting – September 24, 2012 © 2012 A.J. MacDonald, Jr. - 1.! Dr.

Sobroskyʼs Paper: It is 100% certain that Israeli Mossad perpetrated 9/11: 2.! US Army War College Paper – Operation Iraqi Freedom WAS and IS an UNJUST WAR: 3. There are two factions waring in the US intelligence services and the Pentagon: Zionists (i.e., Jews, Neocons, and “Christians”) and everybody else. Everyone EXCEPT THE ZIONISTS are true American Patriots and these are being led by militaristic atheists, since all the so-called “Christians” are TRAITORS AND ISRAEL-LOVERS: 4.! The citizens of--and visitors to--Chambersburg, Pennsylvania are, at this very moment, in IMMINENT, MORTAL DANGER of LOSING both LIFE and LIMB due to unregulated retail store- front businesses that DO NOT INSTALL POLES in front of each parking space in order to PROTECT employees and customers from this mortal danger, e.g., Starbucks (US 30 LWE), Advance Auto (US 30 LWE). See: doc/59665109/Chambersburg-PA- Starbucks-on-US-30-is-UNSAFE-andDANGEROUS-for-EMPLOYEES-and-CUSTOMERS 5.! The citizens of—and visitors to—Chambersburg, Pennsylvania are, at this very moment, in IMMINENT, MORTAL DANGER of LOSING both LIFE and LIMB due to the current policy of the Chambersburg Police Department, which currently allows highspeed pursuits within the six (6) square miles of the Borough of Chambersburg. See: doc4d836c53a06c8927963753.txt 6.! ANYONE TRAVELING THROUGH CHAMBERSBURG IS IN DANGER OF LOSING LIFE AND LIMB - CASHS STOPS EDUCATING TEENS IN HOW TO DRIVE: "Programs eliminated include the dental hygienist, exploratory language and driver's education." I am going to be working on RE-INSTITUTING DRIVER'S EDUCATION TO TEENS AT CASHS along with everything else, because people in Chambersburg as too stupid and too cowardly to save their own children's lives, and because the Borough Council BELONGS IN PRISON! See: 29180517_1_chambersburg-board-board-members-lori-leedy-chambersburg-areaeducation-association To view online, see this document on Scribd: Agenda-for-Chambersburg-Borough-Council-Meeting-–-September-24-2012

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