Friends of Walgrove Members Meeting September 11, 2012 8:15 a.m.-9:10 a.m.

Walgrove Avenue Elementary School 1630 Walgrove Avenue*Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone (310)391-7104*Fax (310)391-9809 Welcome & Introduction of FOW Executive Board- Julie Dair A. President- Julie Dair B. VP Fundraising- Brandy Oeser C. VP Hospitality & Special Events- Teresa O'Brien D. VP Room Parent Coordination & Communications- Leisle Bartley E. Secretary- Kathy Smith F. Treasurer- Katka Werth G. Controller- Cindy Minor II. Special Thanks- Julie Dair A. Emiko Kuwata- Incoming Kinder Playdates, Kinder Potluck Playdates B. Hospitality & Special Events Committee- Kinder Playdate, Welcome Breakfasts, Green Space Community Meeting, Back-to-School Night C. Executive Team- Welcome Packets D. Room Parent Coordination & Communications- Room Parents Network up and running in the 1st week of school, First Grade Welcome Families E. Green Team- Green Space Community Meeting, Kinder Butterfly Garden F. Fundraising Team- Kick-off Annual Fund Drive, Ralphs Community Card Sign-ups G. Library Team- Mrs. Nelson's Book Fair H. Back-to-School Night FOW Swag Table- Michelle Dean I. Publications- Directory 2012-2013 coming out around 9/19. III. Guest Speaker- Lynn Webster (Differentiation Support Provider) A. Differentiation provides teachers with what they need to group students by skill need. B. Small groups will start next week. C. For the Enrichment Block, Lynn asks that any parents with particular skills speak with her. IV. School/Instructional Reports- Principal's Report (Olivia Adams) A. Parent Advisory Committees and School Site Council elections are this Thursday. Olivia is looking for parents to participate in these groups. B. Olivia and a few parents will be participating in a Webinar today from 4-6 pm about Local Initiative Schools. This type of school has more autonomy and flexibility in matters such as hiring and scheduling. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. C. Olivia will be holding Coffee Klatches the first Friday of each month as an opportunity for discussion with parents. 1. The first one will be October 5. a. The topic that day will be discussing ways Walgrove can contribute to setting kids up for success in the 21st century. V. Officer and Council Reports A. President- Julie Dair 1. Flyer Distribution Update a. We currently do not have a copier available to use to make copies of fliers. b. Wednesday packets are going to be much smaller. c. Clare Carey, Leisle Bartley, and Michelle Dean will work with Julie to try to coordinate families with more then one student at Walgrove so only one packet per family is sent home each week. d. Long term goal is to go completely online. B. VP Fundraising- Brandy Oeser 1. Whale-of-a-Sale Yard Sale I.

a. We are doing one week of drop-offs, the week of September 24. b. There is going to be a Walgrove Family Pre-Sale on Friday, September 28 after the Latino Heritage Celebration. c. More helpers are needed. d. Michelle Dean will supervise the bake sale while 4th and 5th grade students run it. e. If you have a high end item you will be selling at the sale, please send a picture to Clare Carey so she can post it on the sale's Facebook page. 2. The Innisbruck and See's Candy fundraisers will be coming up after sale. 3. Ms. Perez is happy to help out with making banners for events. C. VP Hospitality & Special Events- Teresa O'Brien 1. More people are needed to help out with events. Let Teresa know if you are available. D. VP Room Parent Coordination & Communications- Leisle Bartley 1. If you would like something included in the Happenings & Help Wanteds for the week, please get it to Leisle by Friday. VI. Old Business A. Green Space Update- Emiko Kuwata 1 We already have a plan in place but cannot get started until the funding is in place. 2. Grant writers are needed. B. Directory Update- Julie Dair 1. The suggested donation for the Directory is $3, which can be put in the gray lock box in the office along with a completed order form, which will go out on this week’s Wednesday Packet.. C. Annual Fund Update- Akua Owusu-Ansah 1. As of September 5, we have $46,000 in pledges. 2. The next big Annual Fund push will be in October. VII. New Business A. Bike-a-Thon- Emiko Kuwata 1. Event takes place on October 13, and riders will be going 30 miles. 2. There will be a Kids Bike Safety Festival at Walgrove from 9 am-1 pm. 3. Riders and volunteers to man stations along the route are needed. 4. The Friendraiser will be held at Brandy Oeser's home after the Bike-a-Thon. B. Spirit Fridays- Julie Dair 1. Students will wear Walgrove t-shirts and sweatshirts on Fridays. C. Mural Project- Georgia McCreery 1. We have received a grant to paint new murals on the handball walls. 2. We are looking for muralists. Please contact Georgia if you know of any. VIII. Happenings A. Advisory Committee Elections, 9/13, 8:15am-9am, Parents Center) B. Walgroovy Tacos & Tequilas (Saturday, 9/15, 5pm-8pm, Kantor Home) C. Walgroovy Moms & Muffins (Thursday, 9/21, 8:30am-9:30am, Cassel Home) D. Potluck Playdate (Sunday, 9/23, 2pm-4pm, Penmar Park) E. Sacramento Fundraiser Concert (Sunday, 9/23, 4pm-7pm, Buzzell Backyard) F. Latino Heritage Celebration (Friday, 9/28, 1:15pm-2:30pm, Quad) G. Whale-of-a-Sale Yard Sale (Saturday, 9/29, 8am-3pm, Morningside & Walgrove) IX. Help Wanteds A. Whale-of-a-Sale Yard Sale B. Bike-a-Thon C. Vote for Walgrove Studio Lab on Zamfest! Click on the link below to vote! D. Donations: 1. Paper shredder for Main Office 2. Student chairs for classrooms 3. Tables, adult chairs, trash can, and recycling bin for Parent Center

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