119 Room Agreement Form 2012 – 2013

Special Amendment 1.0
This section goes over the terms of room orderliness. The Common side of the room, which is the side facing the common room must always be clean on weekdays. Weekends are less strict, but the ground area must be kept clean unless in a pile. The Gym side is free for all on weekends but the floor must be clean unless under certain circumstances. One circumstance is a pre-packing activity or another member of the boarding house sleeping in the Room of 119. Sleepovers must be prepared 3 hours before, unless the room votes otherwise.

Special Amendment 2.0 This section goes over the terms of routine. We go to dinner at 5:30 weekdays. We also go to 90% of the activates that the boarding house holds. Prep will be held in room but once prep is over for the next half an hour roommates are not allowed to project any sound from their devices. Headphones are mandatory at these times, if you do not own a pair, do not project any volume. After an extra half an hour of prep you may project volume. This section covers homework. It is good to be helpful so help others with homework if in need; we are not competing against each other because we won’t work in the same country. Share information about quizzes and tests. This Special Amendment may only be ignored if it is a special night for example no prep or no homework from everyone or the activity is very uninteresting. Lights must be off at night and room must be cool meaning the 2 windows must be slighting open. The first one up must close the windows; the earliest to close the windows is 4:00 am. You MUST wake others up before school or call over; disobeying this is a dishonor to the room and is not allowed. You must always tell a fellow roommate when call over is soon. Room 119 goes out for dinner three times a month, these social interactions are mandatory. They will be held at each Thursday night. Movie or TV show night will be held once a month, the movie will be random and the TV show will either be 1-3 episodes of The Big Bang Theory or American Dad.

Special Amendment 3.0 This section covers eating in the room. You can never eat in the room unless you clean it. If you do not clean it you go through the disciplinary procedures. Unless it is candy which can be stored and not left out for animals to be attracted to. (1) Warning (2) Buy roommates food you did not clean away. (10$ max) (3) Take room out for Sushi. 10$ maximum spent. Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature From All Roommates: ___________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________________________________________________________