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Calc Board 1.6.

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Standard Functions
x rt(x; n; k) n-th Root: n x, k = 0, . . . , n 1 exp(x) Exponential Function: e

avg(a; b; . . . ), mean(a; b; . . . ) Arithmetic Mean random(min, max) Random number between min and max nk(n; k), comb(n; k), bincof(n; k) Binomial Coefcient
n k

sqrt(x) Square Root:

perm(n; k), vari(n; k) Permutation without repetition (n)k binomial(n; k; p) Binomial Distribution

ln(x) Natural Logarithm: ln(x) = loge (x) log(x; b) Logarithm of x to the base b: logb (x) lg(x) Common Logarithm: log10 (x) ld(x) Binary Logarithm: log2 (x) lk(z; k) k-th branch of the complex logarithm arg(z) Argument of a (complex) number z abs(z) Absolute value of a (complex) number z conj(z) Complex Conjugate of z mod(a; b) Modulo (Remainder): a%b, e.g. 8%3 = 2 sign(x) Sign Function H(x), heavi(x) Heaviside Step Function gamma(z), gammaf(z) Gamma Function: (z) max(a; b; . . . ), min(a; b; . . . ) round(x) Rounds to the nearest integer ceil(x) or oor(x) Rounds to next bigger or smaller integer frac(x) Returns only the part after the decimal point trunc(x) Cuts off anything after the decimal point delta(i; j; . . . ), kronecker(i; j; . . . ) Kronecker- levi(i; j; k; . . . ) Levi-Civita:

rad(x) or radpi(x) Degrees to radians (or as multiple of ) deg(x) Converts x from radians to degrees sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), csc(x), sec(x), cot(x) asin(x), acos(x), atan(x), acsc(x), asec(x), acot(x) sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x), csch(x), sech(x), coth(x) asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x), acsch(x), asech(x), acoth(x)


User Denitions
alpha=90 Variable denition dist(x; y) : sqrt(x^2 + y^2) Function denition

Predened constants
ans pi E g Na n0 u kB R Vm p0 G c el eps m0 F b sb h hp ryd Rf Ry a0 mB mN re ne ux Kj ge gyro Rk 3.141592653589793 2.718281828459045 9.80665 m/s2 6.02214181023 mol-1 2.68677731025 m-3 1.6605387810-27 kg 1.380650410-23 J/K 8.314472 Jmol-1 K-1 22.413996 l/mol 101 325 Pa 6.67410-11 m3 kg-1 s-1 299 792 458 m/s 1.6021765310-19 C 8.85418810-12 F/m 410-7 NA-2 96 485.3383 C/mol 2.897768510-3 mK 5.6710-8 Wm-2 K-4 6.626069310-34 Js 1.054571710-34 Js 1.0973732107 m-1 3.2898421015 Hz 13.6056923 eV 0.5291772110-10 m 9.27400910-24 J/T 5.05078310-27 J/T 2.817940310-15 m 7.29735256810-3 2.06783410-15 Vs 483.5981012 Hz/V 2.0023193043718 2.675108 rads-1 T-1 25 812.807449

SI prexes Y 1024 yotta Stores the last result Z 1021 zetta Circular constant Exa 1018 exa Eulers constant e P 1015 peta Standard gravity g T 1012 tera Avogadro constant NA Giga 109 giga Loschmidt constant n0 M 106 mega Atomic mass u k 103 kilo Boltzmann constant k hecto 102 hecto Universal gas constant R d 10-1 deci Molar gas volume Vm centi 10-2 centi Standard Atmosphere p0 m 10-3 milli Gravitational constant G Speed of light c micro 10-6 micro Elementary charge e n 10-9 nano Electric constant 0 p 10-12 pico Magnetic constant 0 f 10-15 femto Faraday constant F a 10-18 atto Wiens constant b z 10-21 zepto Stefan-Boltzmann y 10-24 yocto Planck constant h Reduced Planck Rest masses mx and Compton wavelengths Cx Rydberg constant R Rydberg frequency R me 9.10938215010-31 kg Electron Rydberg energy Ry mp 1.67262163710-27 kg Proton Bohr radius a0 mn 1.67492721110-27 kg Neutron Bohr magneton B md 3.34358320010-27 kg Deuteron Nuclear magneton N mH 1.67353400010-27 kg Hydrogen Electron radius re ma 6.64465620010-27 kg Alpha particle Fine-structure constant mm 1.88353130010-28 kg Muon Fluxon 0 mt 3.16777000010-27 kg Tau-Lepton Josephson constant KJ Ce 2.426310217510-12 m Electron Land factor ge (electron) Cp 1.321409855510-15 m Proton Gyromagnetic ratio Quantum Hall resistance RK Cn 1.319590895110-15 m Neutron