Material      Worsted weight yarn (main color) and another for the accent color.

H-5m hook size
Tapestry needle and regular sewing needle. Thread (matching color) 4 big wooden buttons (I bought mine at Wal-Mart for $1.04)

     SC: single crochet HDC: half double crochet CH: chain SK: skip ST: stich or stiches

MAKE 2 (part 1) Row1: 10HDC into magic circle. (10st) Row2: 2HDC in each stitch. Ch1 (20 sts) Row3: HDC in same st as Ch1. 2HDC on the next st. *HDC on the next st. 2HDC on the next. Repeat from* Ch1. (28 sts)


Row4-12: HDC in each st of previous work. Ch1 (28 st) Row13: *HDC in the next 8 sts. 2HDC on the next st. repeat* (30 sts Row14-19: HDC in ea st. (30 sts) (Feel free to add or decrease a few rows, make sure you put it on measure on you own foot) Fasten off. Row 20: Count 5st from the start and insert new yarn. HDC on the next 20 sts. CH 1. Turn.(leave

the next 5HDC remaining unworked) (20sts)
Row21-25: HDC on the next 20 sts. 20 sts) Fasten off, Leaving a long tail to sew the back of the boot.

Your slipper should look sock.

End here Insert hook here. (For right slipper)

Insert your hook at the one of the corners: (Part 2) Row1: *2Hdc on each st, stopping at the end of the right corner. (28sts) Row2: ch 21 . Turn. Hdc in ea ch. Continue with hdc in ea st until the end. Turn. (48sts) Row3: Ch. 1 Hdc in each st. turn. Ch1(48sts) Row4: hdc on the next 2 sts. Ch2. Skip 2 hdc. Hdc in each st until end. Turn (46sts) Row5: ch1, hdc on the next in each st including the ch2. (48sts) Row6: Hdc on the next 42 sts. Ch 2. Sk 2. Hdc on the last 2 sts. Ch1 turn.(46st)


Row7: hdc in each st until the end. Ch1, turn. (48st) Row8: repeat row 7. Fasten off. Turn the boot inside out. Sew the strap at the bottom.

With contrast color:  Sc around the strap and fasten off.

Sew in the buttons accordingly. Make sure they are alight correctly with the holes of the strap. For the left foot slipper, turn the “sock” inside out. Repeat the whole process. This step is so that the strap where the buttons go through end on the opposite side of the previous boot which is the left side.


Right foot

Left foot

Comments: depending on how big your buttons are you must make the strap hole. For my first pair I got really big ones so my holes consisted of Ch4 and skip 4. Also these slippers are size 7. After row 12 I kept trying it on to see where I should stop, which were about 7 more rows. So if you have bigger size make sure you try it on and measure your feet, the tip of the slipper should cover your foot almost touching your ankle. Contact me if you have any questions! I hope I didn’t forget a step. Contact info: