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Name of the Individual: _______________________________________ Age: __________ Sex: ___________ Country: ____________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ________________ State:

______________ pin: ______________ Telephone: ____________________ Email: ________________________ Q1. Are you a member of multiple networking sites? a) Yes b) No Q2. Which of the following social networking sites are you a member of? a) Twitter b) Facebook c) orkut d) Flickr e) Others Q3. How many times in a day do you visit your page on a social networking site? a) Once a day b) Every hour c) Every couple of hours d) 2-5 times a day e) More than 5 times f) Always logged on Q4. Have you ever said no to a family event or activity because of social networking? a) Yes b) No Q5. Do you ever stay up late or get up early to spend more time on social networking sites? a) Yes b )N o Q6. Have you ever ignored a responsibility because of social networking? a) Yes b) No Q7. Has anyone ever commented on the amount of time you spend on social networking sites? a) Yes b) No

Q8. Do you check social networking sites through your phone when traveling? a) Yes b) No Q.9 Do you use video chat while you are on these social networking sites? a)Yes b) No Q10. Have you ever missed your food, medication, or sleep over social networking? a) Yes b) No Q11. Do you have more friends on social networking site vis--vis in real life? a) Yes b) No Q12. What do you use social networking sites for? a). to make new friends b.) to find old friends c). to communicate with existing friends d.) to find someone I can share a relationship with e). to interact with people with common interests Q13.How has social networking sites benefited you as a user? a). I have more friends b). I am able to connect easily with my existing friends. c). I have found a life-partner through these sites. d). I find it a great way to enjoy my leisure or whenever I am alone. e). Link with prospective recruiters and find employment Q14. How often do you click on the ads you see on your profile? a). Often b).Rarely c).Occasionally d).Almost never Q15. Do you become frustrated or angry when a social networking site goes down or is unavailable? a).Yes b).N o

Q16) In the last three visits, did you notice any advertising on social networking websites? a) Yes b)N o Q17) Do you trust information you obtain via social networking websites? a) Yes b)Yes if it comes from my friends/connections c)Yes if comes from professional communities d)No, Im always critical to such kind of information and check other sources 18) Please state (include web addresses if you wish) a.) The 3 best things about the internet 1.. 2.. 3.. b.) The 3 worst things about the internet 1.. 2.. 3.