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KG2 English SY 2012 - 2013 [Mrs. Simone Raccio] KG2 English subject is based on a curriculum called Storytown.

Storytown is a research-based, developmental reading and language arts program. It includes high-quality literature, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. KG2 English program also includes spelling, centers using technology, leveled readers, library time, journal writing, differentiated homework activities that include manipulative, word walls, comprehension practice, and portfolio assessment. As we begin a new school year, please be reminded how important your role is in your childs education. You child will do learn even more when you are active in his/her school works, activities and homework. Resources: 1. Predecodable and Decodable books (Harcourt) 2. Phonics Practice Book (Harcourt) 3. Practice Book per Theme (Harcourt) 4. Reading Journal 5. Reinforcement Books 6. Leveled Readers Books Expectations: 1. Each student will have labeled files for homework, manipulative games, class Predecodable/decodable books and storybooks from the school library. These are sent home on a weekly basis and need to be returned the following week. You will receive a weekly letter with important information about our English class; look for this paper every week and read it carefully. Please call me at school for any questions or leave word with KG section supervisor, Mrs. Hameeda, in case I have a class. Communication between home and school is very important. Students will have the privilege to visit the school library to hear stories related to our theme & lessons learned inside the classroom. Students and parents are welcome to visit the library in case the students wish to borrow book in accordance with the school library rules and regulations. The class will have one period of learning through multimedia in the computer laboratory to enhance listening skills. Visit the KG2 English site: for additional learning instructions.



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Assessment: Students will be assessed and graded using the following benchmarks: Listening & Speaking Skills Reading Skills Social Skills Writing Skills Classroom Behavior Participation in class discussion Homework

Numeric Grading Criteria:

Listening/Speaking Reading Writing Social

40% 30% 15% 15%

Units of Study: (stories listed below, but includes the entire language arts program)
Unit / Theme Review Week / Inclusive Dates Week 1 2 September 4 - 13 Big Books / Library Books Concepts to be Studied

From Head to Toe

Letter names and sounds Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Opposites Days of the Week Months of the Year Writing Names Letter & Sounds: M, S, R, T

Theme 1 All About Me

Week 4 7 September 16 October


Theme 2 Families

Week 8 -11 October 14 November 8

Something Special You and Me Kelly in the Mirror I Can, My Room, The Park Bears Busy Family What Will Mommy Do When Im at School? Bee-Bim Bop! Up, Up, Up, Its Apple Picking Time I Go, My Dad, Fix It Up The Little School Bus Jessica I Love School! Sparkey and Eddie: The First Day of School Can I Go?, Bob Hid It, Rip Down The Farm Farm Feeds The Word Mrs. Wishy-Washy Farm The Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat Pop Got A Hit , Dan Can Build, Come In Rig,

Sight Words: I, a, my, the Rhyming Words: am, at

Letter & Sounds: N, P, C, A Sight Words: the, go Rhyming Words: ap, an

Theme 3 Friends in School

Week 12 15 November 11 December 06

Letter & Sounds: D, I, G, F Sight Words: come, this, here Sight Words: It, ip

Theme 4 On The Farm

Week 16 19 January 02 - 23

Letter & Sounds: B, K, O, L Sight Words: for, me, do Sight Words: In, ig, it

Theme 5 Whatever is the Weather

Week 20 23 February 04 - 28

What Will The Weather Be like Today? When a Storm Comes Up Winter Lullaby Bear Snores On Mom Can go, The Bad Leg, Get the Bell Chugga, Chugga Choo-Choo Snowmen At Night The Kite Festival Im a Jolly Farmer Davids Drawings Will Ron Fix His Rig, Will Dad See? Swing High, Swing Low The Most, Perfect Spot What a Treasure! Pet Show! A Mouse Told His Mother Birthday Map Everybody Works Zara Hats I Wish I Were a Pilot My Teacher Can Teach Anyone! Bravo Maurice Red-Eyed Tree Frog What Two Can Do Whose House? Good Morning, Little Polar Bear Clever Tortoise Igor, The Bird Who Couldnt Sing Where Will Max Sit Yum, Yum, Yum

Letter & Sounds: H, W, X, E Sight Words: do, look, you Sight Words: -ot, -op

Theme 6 Lets Play

Week 24 27 March 03 April 04

Theme 7 In The Neighborhood

Week 28 -31 April 07 May 02

Theme 8 Jobs People do

Week 32 36 May 05 - 30

Review Week

Week 37 38 June 02 - 13

Letter & Sounds: V,J,Y,Z Sight Words: one, see, what, two Sight Words: -ox, ix, ax

Letter & Sounds: Z,U, Q, Sight Words: up, down, we, want, out Sight Words: ed, en, et

Letters & Sounds: sh, ch, th, sh Sight Words: are, they, she, good Rhyming Words: un, ut Reading words using Rhyming Words Reading words using Sight words

Letter & Sounds: Review All Sounds Sight Words: and, there, give, little, have, that Reading words using Rhyming Words Reading words using Sight words

To Do List

Label all your childs English books with his/her complete name in English. Bring these books on the first day of school.