The 8th Annual Parker County Pickin' Party is a charitable event that features premier live music.

This year over 400 people will enjoy the Bonnie Bishop Band and what many people describe as "the best night of the year, period." Our Charitable cause is the HEMI Foundation and we need your sponsorship to continue the tradition. Learn more at

SPO NORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Stage Sponsor: Large Sign Over Stage Plus Ambassador: $1500 T-Shirt Sponsor: Large Logo On Back Of 300 Tees Plus Ambassador: $1500 Ambassador: Signed CD, Small logo on sign and tees: $300 Advocate: Small logo on tees: $150 Please make checks payable to Canvas Capital

The Parker County Pickin' Party is proud to benefit the HEMI Foundation this year. Please read below about their incredible mission and journey.
The Hemispherectomy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded to provide emotional, financial, and educational support to individuals and their families who have undergone, or will undergo, a hemispherectomy or similar brain surgery. W provide help which e includes, but is not limited to: college scholarships, trade school scholarships, camp fees, life-aid equipment, travel expenses, and other aid as approved by the officers. W are also dedicated to hemispherectomy education, awareness, fundraising, and research e of the medical conditions causing intractable epilepsy that lead to surgery and the surgery itself. As the cause of these medical conditions are unknown, much research is needed. To Encourage and Support impacted families by connecting them with other families who have had a hemispherectomy or similar surgery. To W ork together with medical professionals to fund research into the cause of the diseases that lead to intractable epilepsy, hemispherectomy, and the surgery itself. To Raise Money for camp fees, scholarships for trade schools and higher education as well as provide financial relief for struggling families. In the spring of 2008, little Jessie Hall, a six-year old kindergartener from Aledo, Texas, was diagnosed with Rasmussen's Encephalitis. A hemispherectomy, the removal of one-half (hemisphere) of her brain, was performed on June 11, 2008. This radical surgery was the only way to give her a chance at a normal life, free from seizures and free from this debilitating disease. Cris and Kristi Hall did not know what to do, nor with whom to speak. Having access to a referral list of fellow parents going through this same nightmare, would have meant the world to them. There was no foundation or charity in place to seek organized support or the distribution of educational materials. They searched the internet during long, sleepless nights to learn about their daughter’s disease, Rasmussen’s Encephalitis and the most difficult brain surgery ever performed – a hemispherectomy. Cris and Kristi Hall, along with good friends John and Caren Jennings, realized the desperate need for a foundation that deals specifically with this surgery and the lingering after effects. At that time there was nothing in place to represent these children, and so The Hemispherectomy Foundation was born! The Hemispherectomy Foundation was created for children who have undergone a hemispherectomy, and their families who are so greatly affected. Families come together, share experiences and lend support to those also suffering from the effects of this radical brain surgery. As word hit that The Hemispherectomy Foundation was being formed, people from all over the United States began contacting us to inquire how they might contribute to such an organization. As there had been no previously established charity to deal specifically with the hemispherectomy surgery and it's after effects, many people were excited to jump on board. With so many eager to work, our reach has expanded to help many more families who have been devastated by the illnesses which necessitate a hemispherectomy surgery. Many already working within The Hemispherectomy Foundation are having fundraisers and seeking corporate donations which will go to assist those families needing additional medical equipment, extended therapy and other needs their insurance is no longer covering.

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