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SPS Question & Instructions

QUESTIONS/INSTRUCTIONS LEADING TO SCIENCE PROCESS SKILLS 1.OBSERVING. • • • • • • • • • • What is the difference between these two objects? What is unusual about this picture? How does it taste? What colour is the ball? How does the object feel? What can you see? How does the object feel? Are they the same? Does it longer or shorter? What happen when you push the ball harder?

2. CLASSIFYING • • • • • • • • Are all the objects the same? What is the difference between the seeds in the two groups? How are the seeds in each group alike? Why did you put these objects in one group? Why did you put the other objects in the other group? Why did you sort/group the objects in such a way? How did you sort the objects? How did you group the objects? Can you sort/group the objects in other way?

3. MEASURING AND USING NUMBERS • • • • • • • • Of which colour was the greatest number of buttons? What unit did you use? What instrument did you use to measure? What is the weight/height/length of the object? Which plant is taller? Which has more leaves? Count the umber of leaves. How many leaves are there? How long is the table?


SPS Question & Instructions

4. MAKING INFERENCES • • • • • • • • Why do you think it turns yellow? What do you think happens? What do you think cause it? What do you think the object is? Are they any other reason for that? Give one reason based on your observation. What makes the objects float? Why do you think the nails become rusting?

5. PREDICTING • • • • • What do you think will happen next? What will happen to stem after 3 weeks? What will happen to both nails after 7 days? What do you think will happen to the fish after sometime? What is the number of animal at the year of 2008?

6. COMMUNICATING • • • • • • Based on the product label, describe the product. What can you say about this object? Tell us how you make the bulb lights up. Draw how the plant grows after 1 week. Name one plant that reproduces in the same way as the tapioca plant Describe what happens when you add water to it?

7.SPACE-TIME RELATIONSHIP • • • • • • • Where is the ball after a while? What will happen to the ice after a few minutes? What happened before / after that? What happened first/ last? How does the tree look like from inside the house? Where is the canteen located? How did it look from the top/bottom/side?


SPS Question & Instructions

8.INTERPRETING DATA • • • • • What can you say about brightness of the bulb when one battery is used? What happened to the brightness of the bulb as the number of batteries increase? How does the number of batteries effect the brightness of the bulb? Based on the pictograph what is the most common height among your classmates? What is the trend of the graph?

9.DEFINING OPERATIONALLY • • • • • • • What is a ball? Can you tell me what a ball is? What do you do with the ball? What are the things needed to make a complete circuit? What is a complete circuit? How did you make a complete circuit? What did you to the things to make a complete circuit? What is man made materials? How do you explain speed?

10 CONTROLLING VARIABLES • • • • • • What are the things that you use in the activity? What are the things that affect the result of the activity? What do you keep the same? What do you measure? What do you need to change? How does size of a sponge affect the amount of water it will hold?

11 MAKING HYPOTHESES • • • • • • What will happen if I add more water? What do you think will happen if this is change? What is the relationship between the number of batteries use and the brightness of the bulb? What will happen to the result if we change this? What will be affect if this is change? Will the plant grow healthier if we use more water?



SPS Question & Instructions

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What is your conclusion? Describe what you will do to find out what plant need to grow healthy. How would you prove your hypothesis/inferences? Design a fair test.