Once upon a time in a really beautiful house, a mother ran to her baby's pram .

Her baby was crying and it was in the middle of the night. Daddy was fast asleep but there is nothing like a mother's heart. A mother ca nnot sleep when her baby cannot sleep. The baby stopped crying as soon as Mum lifted her into her arms. To a little baby, a mother's touch is the greatest wonder of the world. But w hen some babies grow they forget that truth remains the same. "Don't cry my little princess", the mother says unto her child. After a few more minutes and the baby looks as happy as can be, the mother la ys her baby into her pram to go to sleep. The mother looks at her baby laying as peaceful as can be but as soon as she turns to leave the baby's vocal sirens ri ngs. She picks up her baby again and begins to sing a sweet lullaby. You could tel l each gentle note felt like heaven to the baby's soul. You could see it written on the baby's face clear as crystal and pure like snow. Before the third verse of the lullaby, the baby was fast asleep - the cutest sight you've ever seen. Mother could finally go and get some sleep but when her head hit the pillow s he heard her baby scream. The baby had just woken up and didn't see mother close by. So she began to cry and cry and cry. Daddy didn't even flinch. He was too deep in this sleep. Mummy knew he cared, but he certainly didn't care like a mother cares. What in the world can compare to the way a mother loves her child? Mummy quickly ran to her baby's pram. As soon a her baby saw her she forgot how to cry, also the desire to cry disappeared in the twinkling of an eye. The baby lifted up her hands and speaking baby language said, "Ca!" Mummy understood she was saying, "Carry me, Mama." Mummy carried her up once again with her eyes heavy with sleep. She started s inging a little lullaby but it slowly turned into a prayer. "Lord please make this baby sleep so I can finally get some sleep." Mummy's legs were getting weak but she was delighted to find her baby asleep . She lay her back into her pram and barely made it to her and her husband's bed room. She fell on the bed and in a split - second was off to dream land. A few minutes later the baby woke up. The baby looked around and didn't see m ummy. The baby opened up her mouth to begin to cry. Suddenly she saw something. She saw an angel smiling, staring happily at her as he stood over her. All of a sudden she felt a peace totally overcome her and so she relaxed. For somehow kne w she was safe. She turned and went back to sleep. Oh! If she only knew the ange l was always there, cause God send his angels to guard us while we sleep.

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