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27012 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No.

95 / Tuesday, May 18, 1999 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE One grant of up to $800,000 will be satellite carrier, or digital audio recording
awarded in Fiscal Year 1999. The devices and media royalties, the Librarian
National Institute of Justice duration of the impact evaluation is up shall publish in the Federal Register a
to 36 months with reports of evaluation declaration of controversy along with a
[OJP (NIJ)–1229] notice of an initiation of an arbitration
results to be submitted annually. proceeding. Such notice shall, to the extent
RIN 1121–ZB62 Applicants should include with their feasible, describe the nature, general
proposal a statement on the additional structure and schedule of the proceeding.
Announcement of the Availability of work that would be completed, the time
period for completion of this work, and The notice published today fulfills the
the National Institute of Justice
the funds requested, if the project were requirements of § 251.72 for the
Solicitation for National Impact
to be extended beyond 36 months and distribution of satellite carrier
Evaluation of Victim Service Programs
additional financial support provided. compulsory license royalties for the
Funded Through the S.T.O.P. Violence
Interested organizations should call years 1992–95.
Against Women Formula Grants On January 31, 1997, the Copyright
Program the National Criminal Justice Reference
Service (NCJRS) at 1–800–851–3420 to Office published a notice in the Federal
AGENCY: National Institute of Justice, obtain a copy of ‘‘National Impact Register requesting comment as to the
Office of Justice Programs, Justice. Evaluation of Victim Service Programs existence of Phase I and/or Phase II
ACTION: Notice of solicitation. Funded Through the S.T.O.P. Violence controversies concerning the
Against Women Formula Grants distribution of the 1992, 1993, 1994, and
SUMMARY: Announcement of the Program’’ (refer to document no. 1995 satellite royalty fees, and in the
availability of the National Institute of SL000351). For World Wide Web access, event that a controversy exists, whether
Justice ‘‘National Impact Evaluation of connect either to either NIJ at http:// to consolidate the determination of the
Victim Service Programs Funded, or distribution of the 1992–95 royalty fees
Through the S.T.O.P. Violence Against the NCJRS Justice Information Center at into a single proceeding, or to conduct
Women Formula Grants Program.’’ multiple proceedings. 62 FR 4814
DATES: Due date for receipt of proposals (January 31, 1997). The notice also
Jeremy Travis,
is close of business July 1, 1999. requested that each interested party file
Director, National Institute of Justice. a Notice of Intent to Participate,
ADDRESSES: National Institute of Justice, [FR Doc. 99–12402 Filed 5–17–99; 8:45 am] indicating the level of participation for
810 Seventh Street, NW., Washington, BILLING CODE 4410–18–P each year, i.e., Phase I, Phase II, or both,
DC 20531.
with the Office. In response to this
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For notice, the following parties identified
a copy of the solicitation, please call LIBRARY OF CONGRESS the existence of controversies for
NCJRS 1–800–851–3420. For general distribution of the 1992–95 funds: James
information about application Copyright Office Cannings; 1 the American Society of
procedures for solicitations, please call [Docket No. 97–1 CARP SD 92–95] Composers, Authors and Publishers
the U.S. Department of Justice Response (ASCAP), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI),
Center 1–800–421–6770. Distribution of 1992, 1993, 1994, and and SESAC, Inc. (collectively the Music
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 1995 Satellite Royalty Funds Claimants); Program Suppliers; CBS,
Authority AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Inc.; ABC, Inc.; Public Television
Congress. Claimants; Devotional Claimants; Home
This action is authorized under the Shopping Network; Multimedia
Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets ACTION: Initiation of arbitration.
Entertainment, Inc.; National
Act of 1968, § 201–03, as amended, 42 SUMMARY: The Librarian of Congress is Broadcasting Company, Inc.; Joint
U.S.C. 3721–23 (1994). announcing initiation of the 180-day Sports Claimants; and Broadcaster
Background arbitration period for the proceeding to Claimants. All but one party favored
distribute the 1992–95 satellite carrier consolidating the 1992–95 satellite
NIJ is soliciting proposals for an funds into a single distribution
compulsory license royalties.
impact evaluation of victim programs proceeding.
DATE: Effective May 18, 1999.
and services funded under the S.T.O.P. On June 4, 1997, the Office issued an
Violence Against Women Formula ADDRESSES: All hearings and meetings
Order consolidating the determination
Grants Program, administered by the for the 1992–95 satellite distribution
of the distribution of the 1992–95
Office of Justice Programs, Violence proceeding shall take place in the James
satellite royalty fees into a single
Against Women Office (VAWO). Madison Memorial Building, Room LM–
proceeding and announcing the
Specifically, the evaluation should 414, First and Independence Avenue,
precontroversy discovery schedule for a
address impact issues regarding S.E., Washington, D.C. 20540.
Phase I proceeding. See Order in Docket
nonprofit, nongovernmental victim FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
No. 97–1 CARP SD 92–95 (June 4, 1997).
service programs funded through the David O. Carson, General Counsel, or The June 4, 1997, Order set September
S.T.O.P. Program. William J. Roberts, Jr., Senior Attorney, 8, 1997, as the beginning of the 45-day
The two main objectives of the P.O. Box 70977, Southwest Station, precontroversy discovery period, with
S.T.O.P. Victim Service Programs Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone: the initiation of the arbitration set for
Impact Evaluation are to provide a (202) 707–8380. Telefax: (202) 252– December 1, 1997. This schedule,
process and impact evaluation of the 3423. however, proved unworkable, so at the
FY95 to FY98 nonprofit, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: request of the parties, the Copyright
nongovernmental victim service Office rescheduled the start of the 45-
I. Background
programs; and to inform policy and day precontroversy discovery period.
practice in order to enhance victim Section 251.72 of 37 CFR provides:
service programs and models of service If the Librarian determines that a controversy 1 Mr. Cannings identified only a Phase II

delivery. exists among the claimants to either cable, controversy.

Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 95 / Tuesday, May 18, 1999 / Notices 27013

See Order in Docket No. 97–1 CARP SD NATIONAL GAMBLING IMPACT STUDY continued approval of information
92–95 (August 20, 1997). In fact, the COMMISSION collections under the provisions of the
Office reset the schedule three times Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44
before establishing a schedule which Meeting U.S.C. Chapter 35).
met the needs of all the parties. See also Information pertaining to the
AGENCY: National Gambling Impact
Orders in Docket No. 97–1 CARP SD requirement to be submitted:
Study Commission. 1. The title of the information
92–95 (January 15, 1998, July 20, 1998,
ACTION: Notice of public meeting. collection: 10 CFR 9, Public Records.
and October 15, 1998).
2. Current OMB approval number:
During this time, the parties SUMMARY: At its fourteenth regular 3150–0043.
continued to negotiate among meeting the National Gambling Impact 3. How often the collection is
themselves. As a result, all of the Phase Study Commission, established under required: On occasion.
I parties, with the exception of Joint Pub. L. 104–169, dated August 3, 1996, 4. Who is required or asked to report:
Sports Claimants and Program will hear possible presentations from Individuals requesting access to records
Suppliers, settled their Phase I claims one or more subcommittees; continue its under the Freedom of Information or
for 15.5% of the total aggregate amount ongoing review of Commission research Privacy Acts, or to records that are
of the satellite royalty fees for the years on economic and social gambling already publicly available in the NRC
1992–95. See Order in Docket No. 97– impacts; and deliberate on possible Public Document Room.
1 CARP SD 92–95 (December 21, 1998). findings and recommendations for the 5. The number of annual respondents:
Thus, the only parties who will appear Final Report. 13,656.
before the CARP in the current Phase I DATES: Wednesday, June 2, 8:30 a.m. to 6. The number of hours needed
proceeding are the Joint Sports 5:30 p.m. and Thursday, June 3, 8:30 annually to complete the requirement or
Claimants and the Program Suppliers. a.m. to 5:30 p.m. request: 3459.
The 45-day precontroversy discovery The Commission may enter into 7. Abstract: 10 CFR Part 9 establishes
period for these parties began on Executive Session from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 information collection requirements for
January 8, 1999, and proceeded p.m. on either or both days. individuals making requests for records
according to the schedule announced in ADDRESSES: The meeting site will be: under the Freedom of Information
the October 15, 1998, Order. However, Barcelona 2, The Renaissance Parc 55, (FOIA) or Privacy Acts (PA). It also
the April 5 initiation date set in that Hotel, 55 Cyril Magnin, San Francisco, contains requests to waive or reduce
California 94102. fees for searching for and reproducing
schedule has been rescheduled for May
Written comments can be sent to the records in response to FOIA requests;
18, 1999, in order to accommodate
Commission at 800 North Capitol Street, and requests for expedited processing of
conflicts in both the arbitrators’ and the
NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20002. requests. The information required from
parties’ schedules.
STATUS: The meeting will be open to the the public is necessary to identify the
II. Initiation of Proceeding public both days. records they are requesting; to justify
requests for waivers or reductions in
Pursuant to § 251.72 of 37 CFR, the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For
searching or copying fees; or to justify
Copyright Office of the Library of further information contact Craig
expedited processing.
Congress is formally announcing the Stevens at (202) 523–8217 or write to Submit, by July 19, 1999, comments
existence of Phase I controversies to the 800 North Capitol St., NW, Suite 450, that address the following questions:
distribution of satellite carrier Washington, DC 20002. 1. Is the proposed collection of
compulsory license royalties for 1992, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: For a information necessary for the NRC to
1993, 1994 and 1995, and is initiating complete agenda, please contact the properly perform its functions? Does the
an arbitration proceeding under chapter Commission. This information will also information have practical utility?
8 of title 17 of the United States Code be faxed to all individuals on the 2. Is the burden estimate accurate?
to resolve the distribution of those Commission’s fax list and posted on the 3. Is there a way to enhance the
funds. The arbitration proceeding Commission’s web site, quality, utility, and clarity of the
commences on May 18, 1999, and runs Craig Stevens, information to be collected?
for a period of 180 days. The arbitrators Communications and Logistic Coordinator. 4. How can the burden of the
shall file their written report with the [FR Doc. 99–12386 Filed 5–17–99; 8:45 am]
information collection be minimized,
Librarian of Congress by November 15, including the use of automated
1999, in accordance with § 251.53 of 37 collection techniques or other forms of
CFR. information technology?
A copy of the draft supporting
On April 20, 1999, the parties to this NUCLEAR REGULATORY statement may be viewed free of charge
proceeding met with the arbitrators for COMMISSION at the NRC Public Document Room,
the purpose of setting a schedule for this 2120 L Street, NW (lower level),
proceeding. The Office announced the Agency Information Collection
Washington, DC. OMB clearance
schedule and the arbitrators for the Activities: Proposed Collection;
requests are available at the NRC
proceeding on May 11, 1999. See 64 FR Comment Request
worldwide web site (http://
25374 (May 11, 1999). Copies of the AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory
hearing schedule are available at the Commission (NRC). index.html). The document will be
Copyright Office upon request. ACTION: Notice of pending NRC action to available on the NRC home page site for
Dated: May 13, 1999. submit an information collection 60 days after the signature date of this
request to OMB and solicitation of notice.
David O. Carson,
public comment. Comments and questions about the
General Counsel. information collection requirements
[FR Doc. 99–12480 Filed 5–17–99; 8:45 am] SUMMARY: The NRC is preparing a may be directed to the NRC Clearance
BILLING CODE 1410–33–P submittal to OMB for review of Officer, Brenda Jo. Shelton, U.S. Nuclear