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9178 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No.

36 / Wednesday, February 24, 1999 / Notices

With respect to potassium sold in the United States at less than fair Issued: February 19, 1999.
permanganate from Spain, Inv. No. 731– value (LTVF).2 Vice Chairman Miller Donna R. Koehnke,
TA–126 (Review), the Commission and Commissioners Hillman and Secretary.
found that both the domestic interested Koplan find that critical circumstances [FR Doc. 99–4575 Filed 2–23–99; 8:45 am]
party group response and the exist with respect to subject imports BILLING CODE 7020–02–M
respondent interested party group from China. Chairman Bragg and
response to its notice of institution 1 Commissioners Crawford and Askey
were adequate and voted to conduct a find that critical circumstances do not LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
full review. exist with respect to subject imports
With respect to potassium Copyright Office
from China.
permanganate from China, Inv. No. 731–
TA–125 (Review), the Commission Background [Docket No. 98–12B]
found that the domestic interested party
group response was adequate and the The Commission instituted these Promotion of Distance Education
respondent interested party group investigations effective January 6, 1998, Through Digital Technologies
response was inadequate. The following receipt of a petition filed with AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of
Commission also found that other the Commission and the Department of Congress.
circumstances warranted conducting a Commerce by the Coalition for Fair ACTION: Extension of deadline for
full review.2 Preserved Mushroom Trade and its submission of reply comments.
A record of the Commissioners’ votes, members: L.K. Bowman, Inc.,
the Commission’s statement on Nottingham, PA; Modern Mushroom SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is
adequacy, and any individual Farms, Inc., Toughkenamon, PA; extending the period for submission of
Commissioner’s statements will be Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., reply comments in the above-referenced
available from the Office of the Watsonville, CA; Mount Laurel Canning study on the promotion of distance
Secretary and at the Commission’s web education through digital technologies.
Corp., Temple, PA; Mushroom Canning
site. DATES: Reply comments must be
Co., Kennett Square, PA; Sunny Dell
Authority: This review is being conducted Foods, Inc., Oxford, PA; and United received in the Copyright Office on or
under authority of title VII of the Tariff Act Canning Corp., North Lima, OH.3 The before 5:00 p.m. E.S.T. on March 3,
of 1930; this notice is published pursuant to 1999.
section 207.62 of the Commission’s rules. final phase of these investigations was
scheduled by the Commission following ADDRESSES: All submissions should be
By order of the Commission. addressed to Sayuri Rajapakse,
Issued: February 18, 1999.
notification of preliminary
determinations by the Department of Attorney-Advisor, Office of Policy and
Donna R. Koehnke, International Affairs. For information on
Commerce that imports of certain
Secretary. formats, see SUPPLEMENTARY
preserved mushrooms from China,
INFORMATION for file formats and other
[FR Doc. 99–4569 Filed 2–23–99; 8:45 am] India, and Indonesia were being sold at
LTFV within the meaning of section information about electronic filing.
Those filings sent by regular mail
733(b) of the Act (19 U.S.C. § 1673b(b)).
should be sent to the U.S. Copyright
Notice of the scheduling of the
INTERNATIONAL TRADE Office, Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box
Commission’s investigations and of a
COMMISSION 70400, Southwest Station, Washington,
public hearing to be held in connection D.C. 20024. Submissions delivered by
[Investigations Nos. 731–TA–777–779 therewith was given by posting copies hand should be brought to the Office of
(Final)] of the notice in the Office of the Policy and International Affairs, Office
Secretary, U.S. International Trade of the Register, James Madison
Certain Preserved Mushrooms From Commission, Washington, DC, and by
China, India, and Indonesia Memorial Building, Room LM–403, 101
publishing the notice in the Federal Independence Avenue, Southeast,
Determinations Register of August 19, 1998 (63 FR Washington, D.C. Submissions by
44470). The hearing was held in telefax should be made to (202) 707–
On the basis of the record 1 developed
Washington, DC, on October 15, 1998, 8366. Submissions by electronic mail
in the subject investigations, the United
and all persons who requested the should be made to ‘‘’’
States International Trade Commission
determines, pursuant to section 735(b) opportunity were permitted to appear in FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
of the Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. person or by counsel. Sayuri Rajapakse, Attorney-Advisor,
§ 1673d(b)) (the Act), that an industry in The Commission transmitted its Office of Policy and International
the United States is materially injured determination in this investigation to Affairs. Telephone: (202) 707–8350.
by reason of imports from China, India, the Secretary of Commerce on February Telefax: (202) 707–8366.
and Indonesia of certain preserved 11, 1999. The views of the Commission SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On
mushrooms, provided for in are contained in USITC Publication December 23, 1998, the Copyright Office
subheadings 0711.90.40 and 2003.10.00 3159 (February 1999), entitled Certain published a request for comments and
of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of Preserved Mushrooms from China, notice of public hearing on the
the United States, that have been found India, and Indonesia: Investigations promotion of distance education
by the Department of Commerce to be Nos. 731–TA–777–779 (Final). through digital technologies, in
connection with the Office’s study of
By order of the Commission.
1 The notice of institution for both of the subject distance education in accordance with
reviews was published in the Federal Register on Section 403 of the Digital Millennium
Nov. 2, 1998 (63 FR 58765). 2 Commissioners Crawford and Askey dissenting
2 Commissioner Crawford dissenting.
Copyright Act of 1998. (Pub. L. 105–304,
with regard to Indonesia.
1 The record is defined in sec. 207.2(f) of the 3 On March 9, 1998, the Commission received 112 Stat. 2860) 63 FR 71167 (December
Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (19 notice that Southwood Farms, Hockessin, DE, had 23, 1998). Comments were due to be
CFR 207.2(f)). joined the petitioning coalition. filed by February 5, 1999; reply
Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 36 / Wednesday, February 24, 1999 / Notices 9179

comments were due to be filed by ACTION:Notice of availability of and other media. To control this
February 24, 1999. proposed records schedules; request for accumulation, agency records managers
The Office, however, has decided to comments. prepare schedules proposing retention
extend the deadline for filing reply periods for records and submit these
comments by a period of seven days, to SUMMARY: The National Archives and schedules for NARA approval, using the
March 3, 1999. The Office takes this Records Administration (NARA) Standard Form (SF) 115, Request for
action in response to a motion to extend publishes notice at least once monthly Records Disposition Authority. These
the reply period, given the short time to of certain Federal agency requests for schedules provide for the timely transfer
respond and the extensive comments records disposition authority (records into the National Archives of
received. schedules). Once approved by NARA, historically valuable records and
records schedules provide mandatory authorize the disposal of all other
Formats instructions on what happens to records records after the agency no longer needs
The Copyright Office will be placing when no longer needed for current the records to conduct its business.
reply comments on its Website (http:// Government business. They authorize Some schedules are comprehensive and Reply the preservation of records of cover all the records of an agency or one
comments should be sent, therefore, in continuing value in the National of its major subdivisions. Most
one of the following formats: Archives of the United States and the schedules, however, cover records of
If by regular mail or hand delivery: destruction, after a specified period, of only one office or program or a few
Send, to the appropriate address listed records lacking administrative, legal, series of records. Many of these update
above, two copies, each on a 3.5-inch research, or other value. Notice is previously approved schedules, and
write-protected diskette, labeled with published for records schedules in some include records proposed as
the name of the person making the which agencies propose to destroy permanent.
submission, his or her title and records not previously authorized for No Federal records are authorized for
organization. The document itself must disposal or reduce the retention period destruction without the approval of the
be in a single file in either Adobe of records already authorized for Archivist of the United States. This
Portable Document File (PDF) format disposal. NARA invites public approval is granted only after a
(preferred), or in Microsoft Word comments on such records schedules, as thorough consideration of their adminis-
Version 7.0 or earlier, or in WordPerfect required by 44 U.S.C. 3303a(a). trative use by the agency of origin, the
Version 7 or earlier. The file name must DATES: Requests for copies must be rights of the Government and of private
be no longer than eight characters with received in writing on or before April persons directly affected by the
a three-character extension. 12, 1999. Once the appraisal of the Government’s activities, and whether or
If by electronic mail: Send to not they have historical or other value.
records is completed, NARA will send
‘‘’’ a message containing Besides identifying the Federal
a copy of the schedule. NARA staff
the name of the person making the agencies and any subdivisions
usually prepare appraisal
submission, his or her title, requesting disposition authority, this
memorandums that contain additional
organization, mailing address, telephone public notice lists the organizational
information concerning the records
number, telefax number and e-mail unit(s) accumulating the records or
covered by a proposed schedule. These,
address. The message should also indicates agency-wide applicability in
too, may be requested and will be
identify the document clearly as either the case of schedules that cover records
provided once the appraisal is
a comment or reply comment. The that may be accumulated throughout an
completed. Requesters will be given 30
document itself must be sent as a MIME agency. This notice provides the control
days to submit comments.
attachment, and must be in a single file number assigned to each schedule, the
in either Adobe Portable Document File ADDRESSES: To request a copy of any
total number of schedule items, and the
(PDF) format (preferred), or in Microsoft records schedule identified in this
number of temporary items (the records
Word Version 7.0 or earlier, or in notice, write to the Life Cycle
proposed for destruction). It also
WordPerfect 7 or earlier. The file name Management Division (NWML),
includes a brief description of the
must be no longer than eight characters National Archives and Records temporary records. The records
with a three-character extension. Administration (NARA), 8601 Adelphi schedule itself contains a full
Anyone who is unable to submit a Road, College Park, MD 20740–6001. description of the records at the file unit
comment in electronic form should Requests also may be transmitted by level as well as their disposition. If
submit ten paper copies by hand or by FAX to 301–713–6852 or by e-mail to NARA staff has prepared an appraisal
mail to the appropriate address listed memorandum for the schedule, it too in-
above. Requesters must cite the control
cludes information about the records.
number, which appears in parentheses
Dated: February 19, 1999. Further information about the
after the name of the agency which
Marybeth Peters, disposition process is available on
submitted the schedule, and must
Register of Copyrights. request.
provide a mailing address. Those who
[FR Doc. 99–4549 Filed 2–23–99; 8:45 am] desire appraisal reports should so Schedules Pending
BILLING CODE 1410–30–P indicate in their request. 1. Department of Commerce, Office of
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Executive Assistance and Management
Michael L. Miller, Director, Modern (N1–40–98–1, 2 items, 2 temporary
NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS Records Programs (NWM), National items). Records relating to the
ADMINISTRATION Archives and Records Administration, Department of Commerce’s compliance
8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD with environmental laws and
Records Schedules; Availability and 20740–6001. Telephone: (301)713–7110. regulations pertaining to such subjects
Request for Comments E-mail: as recycling, hazardous waste reporting,
AGENCY: National Archives and Records SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Each year and procurement of environmentally
Administration, Office of Records Federal agencies create billions of preferable products. Also included are
Services—Washington, DC. records on paper, film, magnetic tape, files relating to implementation of