Seventh Annual Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour April 12, 13 & 14, 2013

Deadline for Entries: October 31, 2012
What is the Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour?
Gorge Artists Open Studios is a juried, annual, self-directed tour of artist studios in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. It provides an opportunity for the public to meet artists at work in their studios. All studios or workspaces are located in or near communities in the Mid-Columbia region of the Columbia Gorge. Artists may share studio space. Each artist must show/demonstrate their materials, tools and work in process.

When is it?
The studio tour is April 12, 13 & 14 but there are other activities to enjoy as a Tour artist, including a gathering and a group show.

Why would I want to participate?
The Gorge Artists’ Open Studios Project provides many learning, selling and community building opportunities for participating artists: You can: * SHOW and SELL your work, BUILD our collector base and COMMUNICATE with the public. * Meet and get to know other Gorge artists at gatherings and volunteer activities. * Learn techniques for getting the most out of the studio tour at two free artist workshops. * Show in the April 2013 Tour Preview exhibition at Columbia Center for the Arts. You receive: * 5 Tour Guides to distribute to collectors or friends. * 300 post card invitations to mail to your current customers ($80 value). * Year-long promotion on the blog. * Year-long promotion in the 2013 Open Studios Tour Guide.

▪More than just one weekend a year.
Tour artists build relationships with other artists and with potential customers and collectors. The Tour Guide is used by the media, curators, and art buyers all year long. Artists are invited to exhibitions, get written about, teach classes and sell their work because of Gorge Artists Open Studios.

What does it cost to participate?
The fee is $140 dollars, (a $15 dollar non-refundable processing fee plus a $125 participation fee) plus 8 hours of volunteer time. You may pay a $300 participation fee and opt out of your volunteer commitment. The participation fee includes publication in the Tour Guide and on the website, as well as gatherings, signage and 5 Tour Guides.

How do I become a Tour Artist?
Just fill out and return the enclosed 2-page application. Burn a disk with 3 current images for 4x6 300 dpi reproduction and enclose two checks – one( $15) non-refundable application fee and one ($125) refundable participation fee, or $300 if opting out of your volunteer commitment. Applications will be juried in November. Application deadline is October 31. Or download application from our website: Much of our communication is via email. You must have an active email account to participate. Gorge Artists Open Studios has an active publicity and marketing program. Regional publications as well as local press cover the Open Studios Tour. The Oregonian has listed the Tour as a Must-See Event. The Tour has been promoted on OPB’s Oregon Art Beat. We’ve bought ads in Hood River News Panorama; Oregon; Seattle Weekly, Hood River Chamber of Commerce website, OPB Radio, the Portland Art Dealers Associations monthly guide, and other print and social media.


How is the Tour promoted?

Gorge Artists Open Studios April 12, 13 & 14, 2013
Application Form Part 2

Application Due October 31, 2012 info: Contact Information: Artist’s Name: ____________________________________________________ Mailing address: ____________________________________________________ Phone number(s): ____________________________________________________ Email address: ____________________________________________________

Service Contribution:
The Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour is an event produced by Gorge Artists Inc., a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Unless you opt to pay an additional $175, you MUST contribute a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer time. This organization is volunteer-driven. Your volunteer commitment is essential to the success of the Studio Tour. Please indicate which tasks/committees from the attached Artist Volunteer Activities page interest you: 1. _________________________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________________________

Please list any special skills and expertise you would like to volunteer: Participation Agreement:
If you drop out after December 20, no money will be refunded. No changes of studio location, phone, email, etc. can be made in the Tour Guide After Dec.31. I agree to open my studio at the location listed above from 10 am to 5 pm on the weekend of the event, April 12, 13 & 14, and to be present during those hours. I will have my own original, unique art displayed. I will show visitors my materials, tools, and work-in-progress. I agree to be at work and show visitors some aspect of making my art. I am enclosing two checks, one for the $125 participant fee ($300 if opting out of volunteer work) and one for the non-refundable $15 application fee. Gorge Artists will refund my participant fee if I am not accepted. If I am not opting out (and paying the extra fee) I agree to contribute 8 hours of volunteer time. I agree to allow my artwork images to be used for publicity purposes. I have email and agree to use it as the primary communication method for Tour activities.




Gorge Artists Open Studios April 13, 14 & 15 2013 PART 1/2

Application Due October 31, 2012.


This information will appear in the Tour Guide. Please check it carefully. Legibility is very important! Thank you!
Artist’s Name: **Studio Address: City: Email: Medium: State: Website: Studio phone # Zip:

We can no longer accept handwritten responses to the sections below. Please word process and print answers on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the rest of your application. DIRECTIONS: (please begin directions from either Washington Highway 14 or Oregon Highway I-84. For instance, “Take I-84 to Exit #69, Mosier, then turn right on ..…etc.”) Please describe what side of the street your studio is on as well as house color or other indicators, if appropriate. **If you are sharing a studio with another artist, please use correct address and give the same directions to the studio.** 250 character limit.

PARKING: (Please describe where you would like visitors to park. For instance, “Parking is available at head of driveway. If full, please use turn-around ahead on road ahead.”) 100 character limit.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: (For instance: “I create panoramic oil paintings using my own pigments and handmade brushes. My subjects include local landscapes and flower studies. Ask me about my recent appearance on the Charlie Rose Show.”) 300 character limit.

Application Checklist:
 Completed and signed 2 page application form.  A CD with 3 -5 images sized to 4x6 at 300 dpi. These images should reflect a consistent body of work. Be sure to indicate your name and the titles of the pieces on the CD.  One image marked for the Tour Guide with an asterisk on the CD or CD cover. If not indicated, we will choose an image. Please make sure this piece, or one very similar, will be available for the Tour, visitors sometimes fall in love with the piece in the Tour guide and are disappointed if it is not available.  2 checks- $125 dollar participation fee ($300 if opting out of volunteer work) plus 1 for $15 dollar non-refundable application fee.  I will be sharing a studio.  Studio open year-round by appointment. MAIL TO: Gorge Artists, 1135 Canyon Way, THE DALLES, OR 97058

If you have questions call Pat Bozanich or John Maher (541) 296-5134

Gorge Artists Open Studios – Artist Volunteer Opportunities

Sample Volunteer Duty Descriptions
Make sure we have enough event signs, that they are in good shape and that they are distributed to artists and picked up after the tour. Make new signs as necessary. Contact participating artists to make sure all volunteer duties are covered; track volunteer hours; coordinate with Gorge Artists board and committee chairs to assess volunteer needs; be familiar with all volunteer duties Verify media contacts and update database of contacts (includes coordinating with artists to gather information about the newsletters each is connected to.) Keep customer contacts up to date. Do even more to make the Open Studios Tour a successful event, become a Board Member! Help make decisions, chair a committee and guide the organization. Lots of work, but fun too. Tabling at First Fridays in Hood River, Last Fridays in Bingen, Third Fridays in The Dalles to sell tour directories. Identify additional venues and staff those too. Proof read Open Studios Tour Guide maps for proper studio placement and directions to studio, articles, etc. Organize post-tour celebration, including location, food and communications. Work with community liaisons and others to distribute Tour Guides and make sure they receive good display. Identify Tour Guide distribution outlets in your community, receive permission to display and distribute guides, make sure guides are displayed during the lead-up to the Tour and when possible, year around. Manage Gorge Artist master blog to keep information current and correct. Write regular blog entries highlighting a participating artist. Manage our social media outreach. Keep Facebook updated and linked with blog Develop a contact list of Websites to post Open Studios Tour information on, post event to as many websites & online calendars as possible. Contact local print and radio media to promote tour. Arrange interviews, send/write stories. Write/distribute press releases. Write stories about participating artists and Tour for newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. Potentially provide new written content for the tour guide. Verify media contacts and update database of contacts (includes coordinating with artists to gather information about the newsletters each is connected to.) Contact area businesses and ask them to buy ads in Tour Guide. Sell one ad and fulfill your volunteer commitment. Sell three and get a free ad! Develop sponsorship and cross-promotional relationships with motels, B&Bs and restaurants. Realtors too. Work with CGWG Assn. staff to co-promote our Tour with their Passport Weekend. Explore possible advertising venues, PR outlets and funding opportunities.

Sign-up Title
Sign Maven Assistants Volunteer Coordinator (also assistants) Database managers Media contacts Customer contacts Board Member

Tabling/Directory Sales Proof reading Celebration organizer Distribute Tour Guides Manager Community liaison

Blog Manager Blog writer Social Media Maven Promotion – Online event calendar posts Local media cultivation

Write stories for publication Managing media contacts database Sell ads in Tour Guide

Hospitality liaison Wine Tour liaison

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