September 15, 2012

politics divide veterans!
by: SGT Jason R. Thigpen

It's crazy how politics can so easily divide our Veterans, you know? We should just leave political parties out of our cause for Veterans, because who cares what party a person represents? Supporting Veterans should be a requirement for any legislative official, whether appointed or elected. The sacrifices made by our service-members and Veterans are, after all, is why we have our United States of America. Instituting the ideology, while in nature is "freedombased", it is also an easy way to divide our Veteran voice. If we, as Veterans, do not learn how to work together in a non-partisan manner, we stand to lose the very inalienable rights we've all sacrificed so much for. By staying aware of our surroundings through listening to what our legislative officials and candidates pledge as their support to Veteran related issues, we can then better judge whom best advocates and supports our issues with an amicable resolve. The phrase "Freedom Isn't Free" is so very true, as many of us have experienced firsthand. It is our responsibility, as leaders and Veterans, to ensure the continued rights of our community-at-large as our predecessors have in prior conflicts and wars! That's our mission and that's our mantra! In order to succeed in this we must remain professional and courteous while not merely asking for what's already ours, but demanding such. Although some of us were drafted and others volunteered to serve our Nation in times of war, and peace, our sacrifices cannot be sold short by allowing our benefits to be any less than were intended when granted us through our time in-service. Accepting less than we deserve will be a detriment not only to ourselves, but our families, friends, and the community as a whole. Statistics prove that Veterans get better grades in school, get better jobs, start more businesses, and thusly pay more taxes than any other segment in our population. Inasmuch our mission doesn't end upon our exiting the service, rather it is vitally important to our society-at-large to continue in the same from the "battlefield to home" in OUR United States of America. SGT Jason R. Thigpen Founder/President Student Veterans Advocacy Group

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