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Þedal for Lhe ÞlL ls an elghL-hour blke-a-Lhon durlng whlch parLlclpanLs wlll blke Lhe ºCld

Saybrook Scenlc Loop" Lo compleLe as many laps as posslble ln a elghL-hour perlod.
ÞarLlclpanLs wlll seek ºper lap" donaLlons ln order Lo ralse money for Lhe lnsLallaLlon of a
pole vaulL plL for Lhe Cld Saybrook Plgh School 1rack 1eam.

Þedal lor 1he ÞlL wlll be held on Sunday, CcLober 14, 2012 from 9am-3pm. 1he 6.6 mlle
course wlll encompass Lhe Cld Saybrook scenlc rouLe sLarLlng aL Parvey's 8each and
proceedlng wesL on CreaL Pammock 8oad, rlghL onLo Cld 8osLon ÞosL 8oad, rlghL onLo
Maln SLreeL, rlghL onLo 8rldge SLreeL over Lhe causeway onLo Maple Ave, lefL onLo
Summerfleld Lo lndlanola, and rlghL onLo Þlum 8ank 8oad back Lo Parvey's 8each.

1he Cld Saybrook 8oys and Clrls 1rack Leams have en[oyed a wlnnlng hlsLory and pole
vaulLlng has galned popularlLy among many sLudenL-aLhleLes. 1he Leam has produced
All-Shorellne and All-SLaLe pole-vaulLers desplLe noL havlng a pracLlce faclllLy aL Lhelr
home Lrack. 1hese aLhleLes have relled on Lhe generoslLy of oLher Shorellne Conference
schools and Lhe avallablllLy of school LransporLaLlon Lo provlde llmlLed afLer-hours
pracLlce Llme. 1he goal of Lhls evenL Lo ralse enough money Lo lnsLall Lhe necessary
equlpmenL aL our home faclllLy Lo keep our aLhleLes compeLlLlve and conLlnue Lhe
wlnnlng LradlLlon of Lrack and fleld excellence.

Þedal lor 1he ÞlL ls belng organlzed by nlck Sumby as a Senlor Þro[ecL for Cld Saybrook
Plgh School. lor more lnformaLlon please conLacL nlck aL 860-373-8199.
Pedal for the Pit Bike-A-Thon
Pledge Sheet
First Name: ____________________________________ Last Name:_______________________________
I plan to ride at least [ ] laps for Pedal for the Pit Bike-A-Thon
Dear Potential Sponsor,
I am participating in the Pedal for the Pit bike fundraiser on October 14, 2012. All proceeds will
help fund a pole-vault pit for the Old Saybrook High School Boys and Girls Track Team. You can
sponsor me for an amount per lap and can name a maximum amount that you are willing to
contribute. After the fundraiser, I will return to tell you how many laps I rode and collect your
contribution. Make checks payable to Pedal for the Pit. All contributions are tax-deductible.
Thank you!
Name of Sponsor Pledge per
Þedal for Lhe ÞlL 8lke-A-1hon
CcLober 14, 2012

1he Þedal for Lhe ÞlL 8lke-A-1hon ls a fundralser Lo help pay for a pole vaulL plL for Lhe
Cld Saybrook Plgh School 1rack 1eam. ÞarLlclpanLs may be sLudenLs, coaches, Leachers
and supporLlve rlders who wlll seL reallsLlc lap goals based on age and developmenL.
1. 1he Þedal for Lhe ÞlL 8lke-A-1hon wlll operaLe from 9am-3pm on CcLober 14,
2012. ÞarLlclpanLs may rlde durlng any Llme perlod beLween Lhose hours Lo
compleLe as many laps as posslble. Lach parLlclpanL wlll seek donaLlons from
oLhers wlLh a ºfee-per-lap" model. Cnly CompleLe laps wlll be counLed Lowards
Lhelr LoLal
2. ÞarLlclpanLs may sLarL collecLlng pledges as soon as Lhey recelve Lhe pledge
sheeLs. kem|nder: Þ|edge sheets need to be turned |n on the day of the 8|ke-A-
3. Lach sponsor mak|ng a p|edge shou|d wr|te the|r own name, p|edge per |ap,
and max|mum p|edge. ÞarLlclpanLs may collecL Lhe pledge ln advance buL musL
keep pledges unLll all are collecLed.
4. upon compleLlon of Lhe Þedal for Lhe ÞlL 8lke-A-1hon, parLlclpanLs wlll hand ln
Lhelr lap Lags. 1he lap offlclal volunLeer wlll record each parLlclpanLs lap LoLal on
Lhelr pledge sheeL and reLurn lL. ÞarLlclpanLs may Lhen collecL ouLsLandlng
pledges. Þ|ease return p|edge sheets w|th the money to N|ck Sumby by
November 1, 2012. Checks can be made payab|e to "Þeda| for the Þ|t 2012"
5. Lach parLlclpanL musL adhere Lo C1 sLaLe laws perLalnlng Lo rules of Lhe road for
-All parLlclpanLs musL have Lhelr blcycle ln safe worklng order lncludlng reflecLors
-Lveryone 16 and under musL wear a helmeL
-All blcycllsLs musL adhere Lo Lhe rules of Lhe road lncludlng sLopllghLs and sLop
-Lveryone should wear brlghL cloLhlng and use hand slgnals for oLher drlvers.

We look forward Lo all our parLlclpanLs havlng a greaL Llme! lor quesLlons or concerns,
or Lo volunLeer, ca|| N|ck Sumby at 860-S7S-8199