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Notes from the Pastor: “You complete us!” What a meaningful way we’ve learned from our bishop to express “I love you!” God completes us! Our bishop’s office and his visit completes us! The presence of many of you completes us! The hard work of our coordinators and the cooperation of many complete us! I thank God for all of you who made our bishop’s visit a memorable one! I thank our parish and finance councils and other committee and ministry leaders who helped us prepare to make our bishop welcomed to our parish. I also thank our Altar Society Ladies for sponsoring the breakfast, and for Dustin Ashmore and Pat Westhoff for helping in the kitchen and all those who in one way or another sacrificed all their time and efforts to make our celebration a success and “completes” our parish! May God bless all of you for all your hard work! On his visit the bishop have mentioned to us that our celebration of the 100 th year anniversary of the completion of the cathedral is not a celebration of the cathedral building, nor the 125 th year anniversary of the erection of the diocese of Wichita a celebration of a territorial jurisdiction. Rather, they are a celebration of people and community. We are the people and it is our community! This celebration is a gauge on how far have we matured in our faith as a people and as a community. This focus on the growth of our faith is very timely as we are about to celebrate The Year of Faith comes October 11th 2012. Along this line, our bishop asked those who were at mass last weekend, “why are you here?” Or as I put it my way, why do we do what we do? As a sign that we have grown in our faith is the reality that we do what we do because we love God. He completes us! September 16 is also set aside by the US Bishops to celebrate Catechetical Sunday! As I have mentioned last Sunday, the theme of this celebration is “Catechists and Teachers Are Agents Of New Evangelization.” In Girard(we could have done it here in Arma too with our two volunteer catechists if we were prepared), we have witnessed last Sunday the catechists formally commissioned by the Bishop before the end of the mass. Although it doesn’t mean they are the only ones who could teach. For me it was more of a blessing for and an official recognition of their ministry. But it is also a reminder to all of us that this is all our responsibility especially the parents who made the promise to bring up their children in the faith. Next Sunday(9/23/2012) 8:00 AM Kaylee Bogina Dustin & Dave Ashmore Especially on this year of faith, we are all called to take part in the efforts of a New Evangelization for which Blessed John Paul II has laid out in his encyclical Redemptoris Missio or the Mission of the Redeemer as follows: that in this modern times the Word should be proclaimed on the following groups of people…1) To the baptized who were never effectively evangelized before; 2) To those who have never made a personal commitment to Christ and the Gospel; 3) To those formed by the values of the secularized culture; 4) To those who have lost a sense of faith; 5) To those who are alienated; 6) To all human cultures so that they might be open to the Gospel and live in harmony with Christian values (NDC, no. 17). Let us continue to pray for our catechists, all our parents, and all of us, that we will be able to fulfill effectively our mission to take part of this New Evangelization to proclaim Christ to the world in the midst of all the troubles in the world. God bless you all! Fr. Roger Greenbush Day Mark your calendars, the Annual Greenbush Day celebration is this Sunday, September 16th. Events include: 9am-10am - Kids Fishing Derby (registration @ 8:30am) 10am-11am - Climbing Wall++11:30am - Lunch 1pm-2pm - Kiddie Tractor Pull (registration @ 12:30am) 1:30pm - Greenbush Cabin Tour++1:30pm-3pm - SEK Education Service Center Tours++One Room School House will open at 8:30am

Next Saturday (9/22/2012) Altar Servers: Ushers 4:00 PM Noah Popejoy Aaron Kreutzer & Emil Pronier Linda Carpino Renee Popejoy Virginia Rowland & Louise Jarboe
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Parish Pastoral Council Officers: Chair Pat Westhoff Members at Large Emil Pronier, Betty Rons & Dustin Ashmore Secretary Karen Pryer Worship Committee: Chair Karen Pryer Lectors Marcel Normand E.M.Es Joann Black Music Jan Harman Ushers/Greeters Bill Harman Sacristan Larry Pronier Altar Society: Judy Smerchek Parish Finance Council: Fred Bogina Bill Harman, Judy Wingebach, Linda Broyles

The Miracle of St. Januarius’ Blood Januarius was born in 275 A.D. in the third century after Christ and rose to be Bishop of Benevento, a diocese northeast of Naples. He lived during the cruel persecutions of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian who ruled from 284 to 305 A.D. He was only 30 when he began his time as Bishop there, but he showed a holiness and wisdom far beyond his years. One of Januarius’ deacons was imprisoned for confessing the faith and Januarius went to visit him, though aware of the danger to himself. He soon was arrested and thrown in prison. He was subjected to severe questioning and torture. The soldiers loaded him with chains thrown to the wild beasts in the amphitheater, but to the surprise of many, the animals didn’t touch him, even after being prodded by the Romans. Emperor Diocletian was furious and ordered Januarius beheaded. As his body lay bleeding, some of the faithful filled two vials with his blood. The date of his death was September 19, 305. History has revealed that on this date each year, the vials with Januarius’ blood liquefy and become bright red in most cases. There are two other dates significant in his life that the blood will liquefy. Afterwards, the blood coagulates once again. In 313, his relics were placed in the Cathedral in Naples. Each year on this date, the faithful return there to pray until the liquefaction occurs. Scientists have tried to seek a natural explanation for this phenomenon, but have found none. God is Mystery, and His works are mysterious. The Challenge to Lead a Religious Life Last week, we described the Catholic Life in a pagan culture as seen by noted Catholic apologist Steve Ray, a speaker at last month’s Midwest Catholic Conference in Wichita. After portraying the present culture as toxic to the faith, Ray posed the question, “What should Catholics do?” Ray advised his audience to hold on to their values and speak up in groups where they are challenged. He conceded that it was easier for our parents and grandparents in their time, for they didn’t have a government that encouraged acts which the Church tells us are immoral, such as gay marriage, abortion, or euthanasia. As to religion, he commented that tolerance is in--we have many denominations and you can believe any way that you want, but just one warning: Do Not ever say that one religion is better than another! He exhorted his audience to educate themselves in the faith so as to be able to speak confidently with those who may challenge their beliefs. Be an authentic Catholic: go to Mass each weekend and on weekdays when you’re able. Go to confession more frequently to receive strength from the Lord. You want to be different? These proposals will make you different. Be a rebel with a cause! Losing some of our freedoms gradually is a distinct possibility, as seen by the recent HHS mandate. Will our institutions be forced to pay for sterilization and contraceptives, including drugs that can cause abortion? According to our bishop, if we’re not free in our conscience and our practice of religion, all other freedoms are threatened. Ray warned us to use our freedoms while we still have them. They come from God, not the government! I close with this often-posed question: If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Each of us should hope so. Articles by Marcel Normand

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March for Life 2013 Plan now to attend the 2013 March for Life Pilgrimage, January 2328, be a voice for the voiceless. Registration is now open! Forms can be downloaded at This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Decision making abortion legal. *We march to give voice to the children *We march for ourselves and for future generations *We march to challenge policies of our government that do not respect human life Costs: $360-full payment plan or $390-optional payment plan ($195 due by Nov. 14, 2012, and $195 due by Dec. 14, 2012) No full or partial refund after November 14, 2012. **If you are interested to join and find it hard to shoulder all or part of the cost, please let us know and maybe if you would be willing to help, we can start a fundraising campaign to support you! Call the parish office or talk to Fr. Roger! Act now!


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