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: 11231/HĐ-KDNS

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hanoi, ……………, 2012

ECONOMIC CONTRACT (Ref: Investigation, design and construction of water supply system) -

Based on Construction Law No. 16/2003/QH11 dated on 26/11/2003 by National Assembly XI, 4th Session. Based on Decree No. 112/2009/NĐ-CP dated on 14/12/2009 by the Government about managing investment budget for capital construction. Based on Decree No. 48/2010/TT-BXD dated on 07/5/2010, Circular No. 06/2007/TTBXD dated on 25/7/2007 about contract guide in construction activities. Based on water supply profile No. /HBT whose design work and budget estimates

have been already approved as the result of construction investigation.


Address: Lane 83, Ngoc Hoi Street, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai, Hanoi Tel: 0438616017 Bank: TOKYO Mitsubishi UFJ Tax code: 0100114272 Account No.: 043257

PARTY B REPRESENTATIVE: HAI BA TRUNG FRESH WATER COMPANY Mr: Phung Ngoc Minh Account No.: 10201 00000 29041 Bank: Vietcombank – Hanoi Branch Authorized by the General Director of Hanoi Water Limited Co. - Position: Director

Two parties agree on these following articles:

Pay full and timely to Party B as stated in the Contract 4.Investigation and design expenses: 3.Other expenses: 9 868 934 8 329 347 642 411 897 176 dong dong dong dong In words: Nine Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four Dong Article III: Payment method 1.Self-construct the connection pipe following the water clock and be self-responsible for any problems 6.Commit to correctly provide the water consuming status and must be responsible for all even when the contract is stopped. estimation and construction 2. Party A must be responsible for all related.Construction expenses: 2. Article IV: Party A’s Responsibilities 1.Party A transfers all investigation.Aritcle I: Content of the contract Construction name: New Machine Installation Place: Ngoc Hoi Street/ Lane 83 1. 7.Protect the water clock by yourself 5.Carry out necessary clearance for construction 3.Payment is based on the process settlement approved by the both two Parties. 3. 2.Party B must assign a qualified technical officer to ensure the quality of investigation.Commit to have no claims from neighbors during the construction. 2. if any. design and construction processes. .Provide adequate information for investigation. design and budget estimates work to Party B.100% of the total estimates of 9 868 934 dong (Nine Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four Dong) must be transferred before Party B starts the construction. Article II: Cost estimates Total estimates: 1.Party B must comply with the procedures and processes regulated by the Government and the Company.

3. Article V: Party B’s Responsibilities 1. The contract is made in 4 copies. 03 copies by Party B.Only construct as the estimates. Both parties agree and approve the Contract and must be responsible for co. PARTY A REPRESENTATIVE PARTY B REPRESENTATIVE . one kept by Party A.Work together with Party A to solve all incurred problems. Photocopied versions has no legitimate value. Article VI: Others Two parties must notify the progress and other incurred problems to the other party.Ensure the construction to follow the approved profile. the remaining work belongs to Party A.8. When the construction ends.pyign with all the articles. the 2 parties must do settlement minute and contract disposal.Ensure to make estimates according to the regulations of the Government and Hanoi Water Limited Co.Start construction immediately after Party A transfers the total estimates and complete all procedures decided by the Hanoi Water Limited Co. 2. 5.Sign in the contract settlement and make payment after the construction ends. 4.