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Special Permit to Transfer Two Permit to Discharge  Shipside Discharge Permit

Prior filing of letter application, submit below:

 request for opening of container may be made to ensure that there are no unmanifested shipments nor any gross discrepancy can be found  All unmanifested shipments found n the container after receipt of the transfer application shall be immediately seized  Copy of consolidated cargo manifest

 Letter addressed to the Deputy Collector for Operations stating reason and attach all shipping documents.  Direct to Truck Discharge Permit

 Letter request addressed to he Deputy Coll. for Operations stating reason and attach all shipping documents  Letter to arrastre operator attaching therein approval of Dep. Coll.  All approvals shall be transmitted to PID for implementation

 Certificate that there will be no further amendment to the consolidated manifest  Upon arrival at off-dock CY-CFS of transferred containers:

Unauthorized Withdrawal  Article for transit to a CBW, PEZA/Freeport locator, or is brought to some place other than its intended destination without any prior authority from the Collector having jurisdiction over the imported goods.  Directly transferring the imported materials to a licensed subcontractor without passing through the physical facility of the CBW, or the transfer of such materials to a non-licensed member or subcontractor  Withdrawal of any material/article stored in a CBW without the duly processed withdrawal or requisition slip or the unauthorized substitution of materials or finished products with local materials or articles. Penalty: suspension of privilege for 6 months for first offense; Closure for second offense Documentary Requirements and Procedures n the Transfer of Consolidated Shipments to Off Dock- CY-CFS under CMO 54-93A Off-dock CY-CFS  Outside of pier

 Stripped in presence of CIIS , ESS and operator’s rep & surveyor wherein stripping report shall be signed and faxed immediately to District Coll. and OCOM Transit from Port of Discharge to CBW through Special Permit Documentary Requirements  Bill of Lading; OR for Container Security Fee (CSF) : USD5 for 20’ and USD10 doe 40’  Transshipment Permit (BC Form 199); Transit Cargo Manifest, carrier’s bond; boat note, mission order of guard, telegram Transfer Procedure  Files TP with the Office of DPO

 Staff of DPO receives/records application with documents. Indicate TP number. Verify against manifest using the Manifest Verification System  Staff of DPO verifies telegram for transmission and lowers duty stop. Records and transmit permit to PID  Staff at PID records permit and verify payment of CSF

 Place where Less then Container Load (LCL) consolidated commercial shipments are transferred  Container Freight Station (CFS)

 Chief, PID review documents and issue directive for the preparation of Boat Note and MO for the delivery of goods under guard Transit from Port of Discharge to PEZA locator through Special Permit (Manual System) Documentary Requirements

 A place where containers containing consolidated LCL shipments are stripped    Rates are regulated by the Bureau of Customs CY Place where containers are stored

  

Same as transfer to CBW plus Filing of CEWE at customs office at receiving PEZA location Attached the bar coded automated IP (thru VASPs)

Procedure  Same as CBW but

Transfer Procedure  Submit letter request to Deputy Collector for Operations (DPO) and endorsed by shipping line/consolidator and off-dock CY-CFS operator.  Submitted by GM of shipping line or consolidator’s agent or authorized rep.  File is kept at office of DPO for specimen , signatures, photo of GM of shipping line or consolidator’s agent and authorized rep.

 Will pass first PEZA Documentation Unit (PCDU) to validate IP through a bar code reader  To be underguarded by PEZA police

Transit from Port of Discharge to PEZA locator through Special Permit (Electronic System)  Customs PEZA Clearance office (CPCO)

 

Office responsible for processing Payment of Cargo Transfer Fee

Office at customs which will process

Procedure  At Port of Discharge:

 Locator has to open an account with LandBank at the port of discharge where the CTF will be auto debited.         Breakdown of CTF = Php710 TP…………….........130 Carrier’s Bond…...115 TCM……………………115 Boat Note…………..100 IPF………………………250 DTI lodged transshipment= Php1,015 Plus IEIRD……..Php305

 Broker presents to CFZO printed bar coded SAD which serves as approved AP  CFZO staff tags bar coded SAD and validates by viewing approved AP. Tagging AP means utilized  CFZO undertakes ACOS processing of transit declaration by manifest write-off processing   Checks alert or hold orders CFZO head signs delivery box of transit declaration

 Broker goes to whse/arrastre operator for the release of transit cargo     At Port of Dest Broker to bring customs clearance office for inspection At CCA, Freeport authorities tags transit declaration Customs signs to confirm delivery

Procedure  Must be covered by IP issued through PEZA Electronics Import Permit System  CPCO shall verify on-line the contents of the PEZA IP vis-à-vis the Transit IEIRD Customs shall scan the bar coded IP to authenticate the document and verify on-line the contents of the IP  Shipments without verifiable Electronic IP shall be subject to physical examination by Cutoms  BOC shall develop and implement an Electronic To Mobile Broadcasting (e2m broadcasting) facility to verify ownership of import shipments attributed to PEZA locators  PEZA locators shall post “GTB” to cover DT: in lieu of underguarding  Equivalent to 3 days of DT for 90 day preceding period divided by 90 or 91 days   GTB shall be registered with Bonds Div of port/s of discharged Arrival at PEZA location

Transit from Port of Discharge to SFZ and CFZ (Manual System) Same as PEZA manual system Documentary requirements        TP TCM Boat Note Carrier’s Bond Telegram at Port of Discharge Warehousing Entry filed at receiving port Underguard

 BOC and PEZA shall check that container seals are intact and untampered  BOC and PEZA shall sign acknowledgement receipt in delivery copy of IEIRD Transit from Port of Discharge to SFZ and CFZ (Electronic System) Documentary requirements    IEIRD Shipping documents Admission Permit (AP)

Transfer to Duty Free Shop   Same as transfer to CBW Filing of warehousing entry at receiving Duty-Free Shop

 GTSB (equivalent to 3 days DT due on the daily average of the preceding 3 month importations)   Payment of CTF and auto debit system is same as PEZA Customs Freeport Zone Office (CFZO)