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p=5&e= title&via=side_activity This year, a study done on Brown University, home of SexPowerGod party, showed that the school is “less sexually freewheeling than its reputation suggests.” Most of the students had only had one sexual partner this semester or none at all. The article includes statements from students at the university in regards to the study‟s findings. Many of them were surprised to find out that their school was not the land of “sexual bountifulness‟ they perceived it as. Some of the students give reason to why this misconception is the way it is. One that really made sense was the fact that people are more vocal about having sex than they are about not having sex. Another discrepancy was the ambiguity of some sexual encounters. “men have a tendency to round up, whereas women might round down,” This related to our class on sex and gender roles. The double-standards inequalities of the gender roles may cause women to downplay their sexual encounters to avoid being called promiscuous, whereas men may exaggerate their sexual encounters to receive accolades from their peers. SOTT #2 An Associated Press article gave the account of many half-Asian Harvard undergraduate students who neglected to report that they were Asian on their college applications because they believe that colleges discriminate more against Asians than they do any other ethnicity. The students claim that they were advised by parents and guidance counselors to hide their Asian heritage because rather than competing with all of the applicants for a specific college they would be competing with all of the other “ultra-achieving Asians who are stereotyped as boring academic robots.” Yale, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania declined to make admissions officers available for interviews for this story so whether the students were right in their claims or not remains unanswered. This related to our class on race, and how different races are subjected to different prejudices and forms of discrimination. The students who hide their Asian ethnicity when they submit applications are also examples of the Frustration- Aggression hypothesis


” At first I thought it would be something like clothing or electronics but I was completely wrong.html A woman who had recently spent most of her time gravitating between job ads on her computer and protesting on Wall Street. And also Sandusky‟s actions and his wife neglection to help the victims both show their Id ego. Postert was a struggling middle class worker who was protesting against the upper class.eurogamer. D biomedical scientist." I related this story to sociology in two ways.msnbc. “I took it at first he was just a nice guy. like. Now she is putting that pride aside and working for the upper class. especially in America. who could not find full-time employment. the chief market analyst for John Thomas Financial Brokerage — a firm with a prime Wall Street address.” . SOTT #4 http://gma. like he went to church every weekend.msn. and I ran across an article “The most shoplifted items of the season. "And after a An update on the Penn State football coach." the young man testified. To my surprise at the top of the list for the most shop-lifted item was filetmignon. Jerry Sandusky‟s sexual harassment case revealed that Sandusky‟s wife ignored a victim‟s cries for help as he was being raped in the basement of the Sandusky‟s he got used to me and stuff and started getting further and further wanting — to touch feely. People are so caught up in what they don‟t have that they take for granted all the blessings they have been given. a Ph. AND the fact that his wife knew about them is a clear violation of a more. was discovered and hired by Wayne When asked about how he first started getting into sexual relations with Sandusky the victim replied. SOTT #6 http://www. I think this finding relates to the discussion on poverty amid affluence. The more obvious relation is that the Sandusky‟s engagement in homosexual relationships while still married to his wife. SOTT #5 http://usnews. all while protesting in front of the building. it produces degradation. now works for the very companies she was protesting. It also reminded me of the George Shaw quote given in the PowerPoint.I was bored at like one in the morning so I started browsing random news articles through the social reader on Facebook. “Poverty does not produce unhappiness. Tracy . his kids come over every once in a while and stuff. I related this to the lecture on social classes and stratification.

but at the same time not all times are willing to send racy texts and images over the internet. Modern Warfare 3 coming out in a few weeks a lot of the craze over the series has been revitalized. when really very few of their peers are actually engaging in it. So the falsify and exaggerate their encounters instead. and only 1 percent had committed any activity or sent any material that could be in violation of child pornography laws. I related this story to our very first class ion socialization and how the family iss one the primary agents of A recent study and the University of New Hampshire revealed that teen sexting (suggestive texting) is not as commonplace as many teens think it .reuters. SOTT #8 http://abcnews. SOTT #7 In a study in the journal Current Biology.With Call of Duty. but I never thought of it as anything else but harmless video game violence (AKA a damn good time). show favor our id egos as we play such violent and reprehensible video games.” The mission has the player play the role of a terrorist in a Russian airport. I related it to myself. Apparently even the voice-actors who played the terrorists in the game were brought to tears by how tragic this scene was While reading the article and all its negative comments about the game and how deplorable this mission was. I believe I. SOTT #9 http://pitchfork. I had played Modern Warfare 2 and every other Call of Duty game before it.5 percent of the teens surveyed had sent any racy texts to a partner.go. and had played “No Russian” many times as well. While looking up information about the game I ran across an article about a mission from Modern Warfare 2 called “No Russian. as well as the millions of other Call of Duty fans in world. This leads many teens to believe that sexting is some special act that they all need to get in on. I think the reason teens believe sexting is so common and usual is because of how much attention something like that gets and how long it sticks in our minds. Armed with a large machine-gun (LMG) the player mows down countless Russian civilians in the airport in a frenzy of violence and gore. These children who were raised in violent homes under violent means are embracing these behaviors whether it is willingly or un-willingly. Friends are a huge agent of socialization so it makes sense that teens would like to do what their friends do. researchers used brain scans to explore the impact of physical abuse or domestic violence on children's emotional development and found that exposure to it was linked to increased activity in two brain areas when children were shown pictures of angry faces. The study revealed that children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat. The study revealed that only 2.

Bielby. to go beyond describing general research about gender stereotypes in the workplace to draw specific conclusions about what he called flaws in Wal-Mart‟s personnel policies.nytimes. I related this to the lecture on poverty amid affluence and the entire discussion we had on the culture of poverty. In some neighborhoods almost none of the letters were mailed.In the wake of Kanye West‟s award winning album (and in my opinion the greatest album ever made). but when digging deeper into the context and meaning of the album West seemed to be accepting the role of a villain he had been given. In his study Sampson wanted to see just how supporting a poverty stricken neighborhood was by walking through different neighborhoods this summer. enlisted the support of William T. a philosopher we hold to a high account. in preliminary Sampson. who originally made songs to please only one person. I found the fact that the plaintiffs are looking to an actual sociologist in order to prove Wal-Mart guilty of discrimination against women funny. I found myself devoting much of my free time to getting to know Mr. but I never realized how self-destructive his lyrical content was until reading this review. believed that women were inferior to men. I feel like the low income people living in these neighborhoods were too concerned with trying to make it on their own that such a petty thing like a lost letter was not enough to garner their attention. SOTT #10 http://www. his break up with model Amber Rose. dropping stamped. Robet J. I ran across this review of the album. West the best I could. I related this to our class on sex and gender and female discrimination.” A central question in the case is whether he should have been allowed. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.html A Harvard University sociologist. After reading the review I gave the album another listen through. Also. At first it sounded like a cry for help.nytimes. his mom. who claim that Wal-Mart owes billions of dollars to as many as 1.html Plaintiffs in the class-action suit. an academic specializing in “social framework analysis. The album takes this listener through the many lows of West‟s life: including the death of his which appeared to me as a review of Kanye West himself. and his colleagues are doing a study on the „Culture of Poverty‟ and how people of low income behave. and the reaction he received to his interruption of Taylor Swift. paying close attention to all the references West‟s makes to his life. The sociologist has gained an achieved status and is now looked at as a professional on the matter. Listen to any Kanye West album for a few minutes and you can easy see how selfindulgent he is. without actually being able to meet him of course. I remembered how Aristotle himself. seemingly decided to make My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy less mom-friendly and more of a hedonistic exploration into a rich and famous American id ego. a sign that looking out for others is part of the community‟s culture. SOTT #11 http://www. West. and addressed envelopes to see how many people would pick up an apparently lost letter and mail it. .5 million women who they say were unfairly treated on pay and promotions.

SOTT #13 http://gma.” SOTT #14 http://theberrics. This leads many young woman to pursue this image that they have deemed as “perfect. DNA testing revealed that Devia was the father of the unborn child The victim‟s body was found on 10500 block of Richmond.php I chose to add this article in particular. I also related it to the class on family being that the victim and her child would have been art of Joseph‟s family of procreation. When they arrived to the . The industry essentially decides what looks good and what doesn‟t.chron. and the perfect image they have chosen for the female is one the is almost completely unattainable. among the poor photo models. "This illustrates very well the sky-high aesthetic demands placed on the female body. but eventually gave in to his friends begging." spokesman Helle Vaagland said. and supposedly the East side was the worst of it. was found and convicted of killing a pregnant 20year old woman last August.” I related this to our class on culture. and cannot possibly be healthy. Right now.html Another one of those critiques of the “perfect woman” image has arisen again after clothing giant H&M release their swimsuit and lingerie catalog. I related this to our first class over the egos. and how the fashion industry plays a huge part in today‟s culture. The fashion industry and the media are also big agents of socialization among Americans The Berrics. meaning cute face and a pelvis bone protruding from an underfed body. because it hits close to home for me. "The demands are so great that H&M. literally. Capicchioni refused at first because of the dangers of that as Devia‟s id ego was definitely at work when he chose to do what he did. and it‟s reminded me that people aren‟t always who they make themselves out to be.” Ross Capicchioni was asked by a friend he had known for over ten years for a ride to East Detroit. Both Devia and the victim went to the high school I was zoned to. which is only about five minutes from where I live. The virtual models featured on the site are based completely on the fashion industries version of the ideal Joseph Devia. cannot find someone with both body and face that can sell their bikinis. and I probably would‟ve known both of them personally had I not gone to a magnet school on the other side of Houston. But instead of taking responsibility and caring for the child. I‟m not familiar with the city of Detroit but I do know that is the murder capital of the U.html One of my favorite skateboarding sites. a 19-year old from Houston. He chose to have a sexual relation with the victim and brought that child into the world.SOTT #12 http://www. featured a video of a young skater describing a horrific experience he had while “giving his friend a ride to his cousins‟ house. he did the complete and how they all used to laugh and play around with Joseph. I‟m looking down my Facebook wall and all my friends are talking about how bizarre this was.

but thankfully he did not go through with the suicide. The police investigation revealed that the boy had been told to kill someone in order to join a Capicchioni‟s friend told him to pull into the back. The boy‟s decision was also a social act in order to gain favor amongst a gang. Miraculously he survived and was able to report his former friend in to the police.” And that is exactly what this child has been going through. I related this to our class on the egos. I‟d recommend that everybody watch this video SOTT #15 http://www. melancholy. in the arm. Egoistic suicide “reflects a prolonged sense of not belonging. and finally in the end. and I cannot do it justice without deviating completely from the assignment. Capicchioni‟s desperate attempts at clinging on to his life were extremely I don‟t know if a I‟m allowed to do a SOTT on a youtube video but this video has been all over my Facebook and Tumblr dashboards and I decided to give it a watch. Capicchioni was skeptical but he trusted his friend. When they got out of the car Capicchioni‟s friend grabbed a shotgun and shot Capicchioni three times. . It is always unfortunate to see something like this. apathy. It is a video of a middle school boy giving his account of his life ever since he admitted to being a homosexual through the use of index cards. of not being integrated in a community. and head. I related this to our sociology class because this boys situation would‟ve have been the prime example of an egoistic suicide. of not having a tether. which is nothing more than a social group. He describes how he was teased and tortured. an absence that can give rise to meaninglessness. and how he would cut himself. how he contemplated suicide. an experience. as the boy‟s id ego took control as he was willing to kill a longtime friend just to join a gang. and depression.