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Ephesians 6:11-18 Armor of God

Picture two knights sitting on sparkling white horses. They face a gleaming castle surrounded by massive stone walls. The castle is surrounded by a water-filled wide moat. Archers are lined up along the battlements waiting for the signal to launch their deadly arrows at the two knights. The first knight wears a shiny suit of armor. A heavy helmet protects his head. His body is encased by a massive suit of iron; his legs and arms are also protected by hinged metal. His suit of armor is completed by a pair of heavy boots and rigid gloves. The second knight is wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses to block the glare from the sun. He has on a pair of Under-Armor shorts and an Under-Armor shirt along with a pair of running shoes. The first knight looks at the second knight and says, “Are ya ready?” as he raises his sword and points in the direction of the castle. The second knight says “Ok dude, whatever! Let’s go for it!”    Which knight would you rather be? These two knights symbolize your spiritual walk-You are either the knight prepared for battle or the knight wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Today we are gonna break down these few verses in scripture and see how well you are prepared.

1. Let’s start by looking at the Belt of Truth. What does a warrior need a belt for? (To hold his sword, to complete his battle armor). When we are talking about the armor of God it means: a. I am prepared to stake my life on the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. I have thought through what I believe and I am willing to take a stand for God.

2. Breastplate of Righteousness-What does a breastplate protect? (The heart) b. I am prepared to put my life where my mouth is-in clean and right living with genuine integrity just like Jesus did. I am serious about my relationship with Christ. I don’t just talk the talk I also walk the walk.

3. Feet Fitted with the Readiness of the Gospel of Peace-Why does your feet need to be ready? (To be ready to answer questions someone may have.) c. I am willing to publicly affirm my faith in Christ to my friends and family. I find it easy to talk about my faith.

4. Shield of Faith-Why do you need a shield of faith? (to stand strong when adversity comes) d. I am prepared to step out with Christ to risk my life, friends and my future for Him whatever the cost or consequences. And through faith, I am taking a stand against Satan.

5. Helmet of Salvation-Why do you need a helmet of salvation? (to protect your mind) e. I know that I am part of the family of God because of my relationship with Jesus. 6. Sword of the Spirit-Why do you need a sword? How can God’s Word help? (When you have a question you know the answer or know how to find the answer. When Satan attacks you have God’s Word to dispute him.) f. I actively seek to know more about God and His will for my life through an ongoing study of His Word.

7. Prayer-Why do we need a prayer life? (so that you become a friend of God and know Him intimately) g. I set aside time to regularly talk with God and let Him speak to me. I consciously try to submit every decision in my life to God and seek His will.