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Volume 7, No.

7 July 2012
Wild Sage Fades into Summer
Pernitas Point, Texas
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"The jaws of power are always open to
devour, and her arm is always stretched out,
if possible,to destroy the freedom of
thinking, speaking, and writing."
John Adams
(1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President
Date: 1765
From the Editor...
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 2
The Lake & Country Shopper, an independent publication,
is published monthly. Distributed for free to consumers in
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It is not without pride that I
can report that this publication
is nearly six years old and not,
as are so many daily and
weekly papers, about to go out
of business. It is time, however,
for the Lake & Country Shop-
per to expand beyond the Lake
Corpus Christi and Coastal
Bend area, and plans are al-
ready underway for this to hap-
Perhaps you noticed the
slight change in our front page
banner for this month, to in-
clude the name “The Texas
Free Press.” I am not com-
pletely changing the name of
the LCS to “The Texas Free
Press” until the August issue,
but, even though the name will
change, the format and general
look of this publication will re-
main nearly unchanged. Some
of the current features will be
dropped, yet more will be
added. Among the features to
be dropped is the “Local
Churches.” All churches are
free to purchase classified ads
in the back of the paper or dis-
play ads at any time. Also ex-
pected to drop is the “Local
Events” column. Anyone who
has a local event, no matter the
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sified ads or display ads.
Plans underway as I write
this are to expand into Brazo-
ria County, southeast of Hous-
ton and parts of the area just
west of Houston, and areas
north of Houston. These areas
were chosen because of rather
insistent requests by readers
who had picked up a copy of
the LCS while visiting our area
and desired that we distribute
in their area. Distribution of the
LCS in those areas has already
begun, and I am very excited
about that.
For our usual readers, this
expansion is going to mean
more writers and contributors
to this publication as well as
the possibility of adding a car-
toon or two. It will mean ad-
vertising from places you
perhaps may visit regularly or
may visit soon. For our local
advertisers wishing to reach
out to people outside our local
area, it will mean an expanded
target audience for their ads.
For me, it will mean a risk but
with the potential of reaching a
much larger audience.
Dr. Tom Bailey of Lake
Jackson, Texas, is our new ad-
vertising representative for the
Brazoria County area and
nearby areas, and I am confi-
dent he will do an excellent job
for both our advertising depart-
ment and for expanded distri-
bution. Frank Williams of
Houston is our new representa-
tive for Liberty County and
areas in the north Houston
area. Both of these men are
doing a good job, and we hope
they will be with us for a long
Many thanks to all our new
supporters from other areas, in-
cluding Tommy Grant, Mark
Atkins, Bruce Bolock and the
“Texas Liberty Campaign of
Brazoria County”, as well as
Tom Bailey and Frank
Williams. Also, thanks go to
Debra Medina (former candi-
date for Republican nominee
for Governor of Texas) and her
husband Noe, as well as the
“We Texans” group, for allow-
ing this publication to be dis-
tributed at “We Texans”
meetings in their home in
Wharton and for Debra’s ex-
traordinary campaign against
property taxes in Texas.
On another note, our phones
at the LCS were completely
out of service on June 8 and 9,
so if you tried to reach us and
only got a busy signal, do not
despair. A good ol’ local boy
from ATT came and fixed the
problem. Please call again.
Coincidentally, or not, our
internet service went com-
pletely out of service on June
9, and our TV antenna seemed
to be unable to pick up any
local channels, especially
around “news time.” In other
words, for at least two days we
were completely dependent
only on cell phones for com-
munication. We had no inter-
net, no tv, no land phone line.
All this seems like a bit of
rather odd coincidences, espe-
cially considering that the guy
from ATT discovered some
sort of glued together sub-
stances inside the outdoor
phone connection box. He
ripped off the old box com-
pletely and installed a brand
new box on which I immedi-
ately placed a padlock.
When I was in Wharton on
June 1, Debra Medina sug-
gested to us that there was no
point in trying to salvage
Washington D. C. politics and
that we who seek liberty
should focus more on local
and state politics. Having not
paid a great deal of attention
lately to state politics, I was al-
most at a loss on where to
start. Then some of the men at
the meeting told me that my
editorial in the June issue
about the Live Oak County
Sheriff election was absolutely
the starting place.
Moving along, a few days
later Rand Paul came out sup-
porting the RINO, NeoCon
Obama-lite Mitt Romney, and
I began to really understand
what Debra Medina was say-
ing, that all of us who are gen-
uinely opposed to the socialist,
fascist, communist govern-
ment in place in D. C. need to
begin with electing the right
person to the office of county
sheriff, one who will definitely
support the Constitution of our
state. Then we must elect the
same sort of people as County
Commissioners, County
Judges, District Judges and
state representatives and sena-
tors. We must demand that
these candidates provide all
potential constituents with
honest positions on the issues,
and there is really only one
issue: Will the candidate sup-
port the constitution of our
state, defend the U.S. 10th
Amendment, defend us from
the overpowering, totalitarian
U.S. Government attempting
to take over our lives, our free-
dom and liberty? The only
right answer from any candi-
date is “Yes, I will honor my
Yours truly,
Penny Peavy
Satan Is a Shape-Shifter
by J. D. Wallace
Each of us human beings are
endowed by our creator with
free will and the right to exer-
cise that free will. God gave
humanity the Ten Command-
ments to govern how we are to
interact with Him and with
each other in order to live well,
get along with each other and
receive His blessings. These
are the Laws of God upon
which He appears to have in-
tended for human governance
to stand. Then, much later,
Jesus said that the law could be
summarized in two statements:
(King James Version, Matthew
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou
shalt love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart, and with all
thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great
39 And the second is like unto
it, Thou shalt love thy neigh-
bour as thyself.
Because of the nature of
human beings, having been
given free will, there are those
among us who seek power and
fame and care not for God’s
law nor for anyone but them-
selves. They defy God’s law
and wish to make themselves
“gods of the earth.” There are
those who pronounce them-
selves to be Christians, run for
high-level government posi-
tions, but have not a clue about
any need for God’s law, such
people intending only to en-
slave us to the whims of those
in power, using their allegedly
“proven” connections with
Christianity to convince us that
they are the right person for the
job. These are often people we
think of as “good Christians”
but who have been tempted by
Satan dressed up as a Chris-
tian, and have been fooled by
Satan takes many forms, in-
cluding masquerading as a
Christian. He is very smart and
knows how to take down the
vulnerable and put them into
his fold. After Jesus had been
fasting in the desert for 40
days, the devil showed up with
three very serious temptations.
Focus on the third temptation:
From the New Testament
(New International Version), in
Matthew 4: 8-10, we are told:
8 Again, the devil took Him to
a very high mountain and
showed him all the kingdoms
of the world and their splen-
9 “All this I will give you,” he
said, “if you will bow down
and worship me.”
10 Jesus said to him, “Away
from me, Satan! For it is writ-
ten, ‘Worship the Lord your
God and serve him only.’ Then
the devil left him, and angels
came and attended him.
It seems apparent that we
now have many so-called
Christians in the state-houses
who have succumbed to the
temptations of Satan. They are
mostly interested in the power
and the glory, large salaries
and benefits, rubbing elbows
with the rich and powerful and
getting re-elected, with no re-
gard for the U. S. Constitution
or state constuitions which
they swore by oath to support,
and little or no regard for the
laws of God and little or no re-
gard for us human beings who
are citizens of this country
other than to influence us to
vote for them so that they can
continue in Satan’s ways.
I am reminded, too, of this
verse from Deuteronomy 6:13:
13 Fear the Lord your God,
serve him only and take your
oaths in his name.
Admittedly not all elected
officials fall into Satan’s trap,
but enough of them do that our
country is in great peril So
many of our elected officials
completely ignore any oath of
The Constitution was put in
place to keep men desiring
power over the rest of us from
exercising their desire for
power, their desire for the rest
of us to slave under terms of
their own personal whims
rather than under liberty as
stated in our Declaration of In-
dependence. More impor-
tantly, the Declaration of
Independence declared all of
us as free people not subject to
the whims of kings or dicta-
All of the above may provoke
the question, “How can we tell
who is a Christian?”
By his/her actions. What is
the person’s record? With
whom has a candidate associ-
ated and for what reason? If an
incumbent, what has he or she
voted for or refused to vote
for? Does the candidate have a
record of supporting the Con-
sitution and the laws of the
land? Or, on the other hand, is
it apparent that the candidate’s
past indicates collusion with
interests of lobbyists, corpo-
ratists, statists and the like?
From Matthew 7:16:
15 Beware of false prophets,
who come to you in sheep's
clothing, but inwardly they are
ravenous wolves.
16 You will know them by their
fruits. Do men gather grapes
from thornbushes or figs from
17 Even so, every good tree
bears good fruit, but a bad tree
bears bad fruit.
18 A good tree cannot bear
bad fruit, nor can a bad tree
bear good fruit.
19 Every tree that does not
bear good fruit is cut down and
thrown into the fire.
20 "Therefore by their fruits
you will know them.
We Get
Tea Party Spectator
Turned Political
There is much more to turn
our nation around than what
the typical Tea Party enthusiast
presently pursues. Upon Bar-
rack Hussein Obama’s rise to
his presidential nomination, I
increasingly grew to thirst for
truth that so blatantly had
slipped away from the public
forum. I studied the many in-
consistencies and distortions
through the Internet as little
was being offered through the
main stream media including
Fox News and radio icons.
Believing that attending meet-
ings and writing Letters to the
Editor would fix things, I was
shocked that Obama was
elected at which time I wrote
in my Letter that we had just
suffered a communist
After Obama’s election, I
thought that Glenn Beck was
going to lead the way to
Obama’s departure and Beck
and the Tea Party did indeed
have a great deal of influence
in the 2010 elections. I learned
a lot from Beck but realized it
was just a stepping stone. It
seemed to me that Beck’s work
was petering out and there was
a growing number of inconsis-
tencies and disappointments
with Beck.
I finally started getting in-
volved with a local and also
Houston 912 group and found
they were pursuing important
tyrannical issues like Agenda
21 including the Smart Grid
and SmartMeters. Then I grew
further through the gathering
local Lake Jackson Tea Party
where candidates were given
platforms to speak with Robert
Gonzales making the greatest
impression as he related his
family’s experience with a true
dictatorial communist regime
as we presently pursue in our
country today. The nearby
Clear Lake Tea Party was also
valuable in my further devel-
opment particularly in helping
with understanding and stand-
ing against the Delphi Com-
munity Organizer practices of
groups paid by our taxes for
ensnaring our people into a
deeper tyrannical hold.
What really opened my eyes,
however, was accepting an in-
vitation to a local Tuesdays
Ron Paul meeting at the Chi-
natown buffet. From my pres-
ent perception fed by Fox
News especially, I thought
they were crazy, but I re-
spected their commitment. I
attended their meeting only a
few times as it interfered with
my Community Bible Study
Tuesdays during the school
year at the First Presbyterian
Church through which my real
ability to stand against the evil
of Obama was steadied.
Finally, during the Christ-
mas holidays 2011, as we had
a break in the Bible study and
my son was off from college, I
asked him if he would like to
attend a “Ron Paul” meeting
with me. He responded asking
if he could invite a friend. So
the three of us attended and I
started to see the light, espe-
cially considering the enthusi-
asm of my son and his friend
who were not brainwashed by
the media but were well in-
formed through their profi-
ciency with the Internet.
Upon watching Ron Paul
Youtubes over the years of his
involvement in politics, I
started learning the truth about
Ron Paul as an honest man of
integrity and courage where
his views were not just passing
with each shift of the wind. I
looked upon the few remaining
candidates for the Republican
nomination and their standards
did not match up. I came to re-
alize that the so-called “War on
Drugs” was an evil that was
bankrupting our nation and its
sovereignty with the violence
of drug lords penetrating our
land without our government
responding as they are consti-
tutionally required to do. I
learned that drug laws were no
different from prohibition re-
garding alcohol that likewise
served as a breeding ground for
crime. I also grew to under-
stand that our bellicose ways
under-minded our standing in
the world by giving fodder for
dictators to rally their people
against us. I also wondered
who was really in control of
these wars when we are in-
debted to Communist Red
China thereby making us
slaves unto them! And, of
course, most people agree with
Ron Paul regarding the need to
end the unconstitutional Fed-
eral Reserve and to recover our
nation’s financial stability by
cutting spending in a big, big
So, I chose the man over my
former media-indoctrinated
concerns with his policies! I
began trying to understand
why Ron Paul stood for what
he espoused and started to see
the flaw in my understanding
which I grew to learn was due
a deliberate brain washing by
the media including Fox News
and Rush, Limbaugh, Hannity,
Levin and Beck where Ron
Paul was rarely mentioned,
even skipping over him when
reporting positions in polls of
the other candidates, as if he
were nothing! And, whenever
he was mentioned directly, it
appeared that the Alinsky ridi-
culing and discrediting of
which I learned from Glenn
Beck had crossed party lines!
I had long embraced Romans
5:3-5 and James 1:2-4 that en-
courages believers to rejoice in
trials and adversity just as
Christ had during his persecu-
tions (John 5:20). So, I grew to
appreciate the quality, integrity
and perseverance of the Ron
Paul Tuesday meeting group,
Texas Liberty Campaign of
Brazoria County. Without their
encouragement and their devo-
tion, I might not have had the
commitment to participate in a
Saturday Senatorial Conven-
tion where I was selected as an
alternate delegate to the state
convention in Fort Worth.
And, in spite of pressing fam-
ily needs associated with my
son getting married the very
next weekend, I did attend the
state convention because of the
example the group set for me.
Just look at me, one who
thought the extent of political
responsibility was to vote and
encourage others to vote for the
same candidates. Even that
was a challenge in that there
were no candidates generally
for whom I truly wanted to
vote, only those who kept
worse candidates at bay. Now,
I am attending the Texas State
Republican Convention and
doing it because I was actually
emphatically for a candidate,
Ron Paul!
I was captivated by the im-
mensity of decision making
processes undertaken at the
convention where Roberts
Rules of Order maintained
order and allowed decisions to
be quickly made. I first met
with a senatorial district caucus
where things seemed to be
pretty much preordained and
railroaded through by the party
regulars. Later I witnessed
much more meeting of the
minds during the first congres-
sional district caucus.
Before the second meeting of
the congressional district cau-
cus where delegates would be
selected for the national con-
vention, I attended some prac-
tice dry runs of speeches
planned for the Ron Paul fa-
voring delegate choices.
Uninspired by others’ dry runs,
I asked just before the session
broke up whether an alternate
delegate would be allowed to
vie for a delegate position.
Upon an affirmative response,
I volunteered an impromptu 3-
minute pitch for a national del-
egate spot. The next night late,
we tried to decide the best
strategy for winning a delegate
spot where I was generally ig-
nored. At the last minute, I
was chosen to represent Bra-
zoria County.
After just four hours sleep, I
began writing down a brief
outline of what I was going to
say. Following a quick break-
fast, we left our hotel to the
convention center just making
it in time to participate. I was
informed that the person I was
supposed to oppose and for
whom I had prepared was
going to be opposed by an-
other Ron Paul follower and I
was scheduled to run against a
physician from Galveston.
But, before I knew it, right of
the bat, I was nominated first
against Galveston County’s
strongest candidate, a party
I feverishly looked through my
notes and noticed I had not
mentioned my writing letters
to the editor at all. So, I rose
alone to the podium against an
old guard political operative
from Galveston County es-
corted by an entourage of party
stalwarts including Michael
Truncale. I tossed my notes
and simply stated that I had
long been a Tea Party follower
starting back with Glenn
Beck’s visit to San Antonio on
April 15, 2009 where my son,
soon to go to Afghanistan with
the Army Reserves, and I stood
some seven hours packed
standing against other sweat-
ing human flesh in the hot sun
without a complaint but only
See “We Get Mail”
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July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 3
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system, lawn sprinklers, formal/casual eating areas & each bedroom has
it's own bathroom! Living area w/floor to ceiling windows that look out
over the beautiful terrain. All rooms are expansive thoughout. Huge
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porches. Wall to wall bookshelves in living room w/cozy fireplace. Mstr
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Motivated sellers!! Once in a lifetime home to buy!! MLS #: 202318
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master size bedrooms have their own baths. Huge workshop. Must see Vir-
tual Tour! MLS #: 175533
Call Cathy Geary at 361-877-3816
“I Am Your Realtor, Welcome Home.”
tt,,tt| ïttt |t:t| tì:t|||
300 constitutional sheriffs are coming together for the 2
convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 16 - 18, 2012
Last January over 100 county sheriIIs Irom across the country
gathered in Las Vegas Ior the Iirst CSPOA convention.
These sheriIIs are recognizing their responsibility to carry out their
duties in deIending the United States Constitution and interposing
themselves on our behalI, in accordance with their oaths oI oIIice,
recognizing that their power and authority comes Irom us (We The
People) when we elect them as our public servants.
Actions you can take now to support your sheriff:
• Go to Join Ior $ 35 Become inIormed.
• Purchase books and dvd`s Irom or, or by phone at (832)423-4183.
• Give copies oI these books and dvd to your sheriII:
The County SheriII America`s Last Hope
Proper Role oI Law EnIorcement
The Magic oI Gun Control
Highlights oI the 1
CSPOA Convention (DVD)
• Sponsor and see that your sheriII is registered Ior the 2
convention Ior $299 (hotel, training, and meals) Trans-
portation to/Irom is not included. For more inIo visit or call the CSPOA at (830)307-3077.
You Decide
by Armando Conde
See “Bilderberg”
Continued on Page 5
There is something coher-
ently comprehensible which
differentiates Good from evil;
this we have known since the
birth of civilization. There
have always been those whose
drives them to acquire ultimate
power with the philosophy of
“the ends always justify the
means” and “we know what’s
best for you.” To believe that
there exist a cabal who is “hell
bent” on complete global con-
trol will likely have those that
are asleep tell you, “put on
your tin-foil hat,” as a way to
mock and degrade you. "First
they ignore you, then they
ridicule you, then they fight
you, then you win," said Ma-
hatma Gandhi as he fought
nonviolently for Indian inde-
pendence from the British
It is no conspiracy theory
that Alexander the Great or
Napoleon Bonaparte failed in
their attempts of world domi-
nation; so then why is it so
hard to believe that the exact
same idea of world dominance
is in the minds of the most in-
fluential characters in our
world today? History has
proven to us that these events
have taken place and that these
ideas have never been up-
rooted. When these facts are
taken into account, it would
seem undeniable to state that
no such order exists whose pri-
mary goal is global gover-
After the failed attempts by
Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler,
and Hideki Tojo to institute
fascism by brute force, it was
made clear that to secure the
enslavement of a population,
the people must willing hand
over their Sovereignty. Today’s
elite, who relentlessly strive to
declare themselves as gods and
caretakers of the Earth, have
taken this hint; and in 1954 an
“unofficial” meeting took
place to “help” guide humanity
towards their vision of a new
era for mankind: They live and
we slave.
The meeting took place in
Holland at the Hotel de Bilder-
berg with sixty-one delegates
attending the conference;
which was made up of fifty Eu-
ropeans and eleven Americans.
According to Bilderberg’s offi-
cial website www.bilder-, “That
meeting grew out of the con-
cern expressed by leading citi-
zens on both sides of the
Atlantic that Western Europe
and North America were not
working together as closely as
they should on common prob-
lems of critical importance.”
Wikipedia tells us that Prince
Bernhard of the Netherlands,
an admitted Hitler sympathizer
and a part of the Nazi party in
the 1930’s, was approached by
two Polish politicians who
wanted to promote Atlanticism
between the United States of
America and Western Europe.
NATO and the North Atlantic
Council are examples of At-
lanticism at work today. Prince
Bernhard, along with Belgian
Prime Minister Paul Van Zee-
land and head of Unilever,
Dutchman Paul Rijkens pro-
moted the idea. Bernhard then
contacted the head of the Cen-
tral Intelligence Agency, Wal-
ter Bedell Smith to help select
American delegates to the con-
Out of this first meeting we
see a Prince, a Prime Minister,
the head of a multinational cor-
poration; not to mention two
U.S. Presidential Advisors,
banking mogul David Rocke-
feller, and other wealthy indus-
trialists. Again, according to
What’s Wrong
With this Picture
by Gwen Guyser
Editor’s Note: Parts of the
this intervew consist are pro-
motional in nature and have
been omitted for space rea-
sons. Elipses have been used
for this. To obtain the entire
interview, visit the website
noted above.
The Daily Bell is pleased to
present this exclusive inter-
view with Ron Holland (left).
Introduction: Ron Holland is
the author of three books, nu-
merous special reports and
hundreds of articles on invest-
ment and political topics,
many of which focus on the in-
terplay between politics and
the investment markets. Selec-
tions of his essays can be
found in the archives of and Ron is cur-
rently chief executive officer
of a new venture, Biologix
Hair Inc., "The best of science
and nature," a private Florida
corporation headquartered in
Daily Bell: We lasted inter-
viewed you in July of 2011
and you were getting ready for
retirement living on the beach
in Hilton Head Island, South
Carolina. Since then you have
picked up and moved to
Toronto, Canada. Exactly what
happened in your life to cause
such an abrupt change in your
lifestyle? Frankly, we haven't
met many people who move
from a sub-tropical beach to
cold and snowy Toronto,
Canada. Did you leave the US
because of all the regulatory
threats to wealth, life and pros-
perity that so many writers are
warning about in the alterna-
tive media?
Ron Holland: No. I left the
US for an exciting business
opportunity based in Canada
but the increasing authoritari-
anism in the United States
combined with the TSA as-
saults at airports do make
America a threatening juris-
diction in which to live or con-
duct business. Add in the
threats of a real or contrived
future crisis with exchange
controls, a run on the dollar
and an out-of-control sover-
eign debt situation and it
makes me very happy to be on
the outside of the American fi-
nancial iron curtain and barbed
wire, looking in instead of the
other way around.
Today I would never want to
raise a family or manage a new
company inside the US. There
is too much terrorist and for-
eign policy risk, political risk,
dollar risk, regulatory risk,
crime and out-of-control fed-
eral agencies. What's left of the
Constitution and Bill of Rights
could die overnight by presi-
dential executive order in a
Washington response to a fu-
ture crisis or incident, real or
Actually, I discovered a
unique business situation that
just might become the private
equity opportunity of my life-
time for myself and accredited
Daily Bell: So Ron, how do
you like Canada so far? What
are the negatives and the posi-
Ron Holland: It's been an
easy transition and the major
change for me is moving from
a relatively small American
mountain and later beach com-
munity to a city of almost five
million people. I walk every-
where and the range of excel-
lent restaurants within a few
blocks of our house is simply
amazing, not to mention nu-
merous pubs and music ven-
The only negative is slightly
higher taxes and prices than in
the US but even this is a posi-
tive. You see, as an American
citizen, I get a credit for my
Canadian taxes against what I
owe the Washington Empire
down south so I pay more
taxes but should never have to
pay a dime to Washington. Up
here, crime rates are very low,
services tend to work and even
the bureaucrats are usually
pleasant and friendly. I love
paying taxes to a government
that has never threatened or ha-
rassed me, didn't force me into
the army during a foreign war
for special interests and that
generally is a pretty good gov-
ernment as far as governments
An interesting note – Yahoo
recently published the 15 best
cities in the world for lifestyle.
Three cities in Switzerland
made the list along with Mu-
nich, Vienna and a few other
European locations as well as
three cities in Canada. No city
in the US even made the list.
Canada has a pretty decen-
tralized confederation style
government somewhat like the
Swiss Confederation (Switzer-
land) and it works. The main
threat up here, in addition to
our stumbling giant to the
south, is the low risk of even-
tual Quebec secession. But
even if this were the case, and I
believe distinct peoples and re-
gions everywhere in the world
should have this right, no one
can imagine a war and invasion
to destroy the province and
force them back into the Cana-
dian Confederation like what
happened under Lincoln 150
years ago in the US.
Two things I've learned since
moving to Canada: First, the
enormous numbers of Ameri-
cans who supported the crown
during the American Revolu-
tion but had all of their prop-
erty confiscated and then
moved to the loyalist regions of
Canada. Most of this is blocked
from US history books. Sec-
ond, that large cities and exor-
bitant crime rates do not
necessarily go hand in hand.
When I first moved up here
during the winter, every night
about 11PM I would take my
Golden Retriever Sophie for a
nightly walk and here I had to
go several blocks to a large
park with few lights. Now, I'm
6ft 2in but during the first few
weeks walking in the park was
sort of like snorkeling in the
Caribbean and concerned about
sharks. Every couple of min-
utes I would turn completely
around to see if a thug was fol-
lowing me because you see rel-
atively few police here.
This continued until I noticed
one night that there were plenty
of people walking their dogs
around midnight in the dark
park. Upon closer examination
I realized most were women
and they didn't have the least
concern about assault or rob-
bery. The bottom line is there is
still civilization here, a govern-
ment that generally works and
a lifestyle not seen in the US
since the 1950s.
I miss my country, grown
daughters and grandchildren
and enjoy visiting them often
but I do not miss the police
state mentality and what has
happened to the nation of my
birth because I will always be
an American.
The problem is what a few
powerful interests have done to
our country and I fear we
haven't seen anything yet. As
drone patrols become com-
monplace in the US, our for-
eign wars expand and the TSA
moves to include all public
transportation, I fear armed
thugs everywhere will turn our
nation into more of a latter-day
Third Reich than the patriot vi-
sion of our founding fathers.
Daily Bell: Are you worried
about the future and growing
authoritarianism in the US?
Ron Holland: No because
worry should be about the fu-
ture and action should be about
the present. The United States
is now an authoritarian police
state if you do not submit to the
whims of whatever bureaucrat
you're dealing with. I don't
think there is any debate here.
I'm not worried about the fu-
ture; rather, I'm determined to
take action because of the pres-
ent condition of my country
that threatens my wealth, the
remaining liberties of my fam-
ily and the future prosperity of
my children.
Johnny Paycheck had a
country song titled, "You Can
Take This Job and Shove It."
Ron Holland on Moving Off-
shore, Executive Orders, Rand
Paul, TSA and Political Eunuchs
Sunday, June 24, 2012
– with Anthony Wile
Real Food vs.
Food-Like Products
When I was a child, my
mother made school lunches
for my brothers and sisters and
me.. For her, it was chiefly an
economic issue: It was far less
expensive to make our lunches
at home than to pay for school
lunches (this was long before
the days of “free lunch” pro-
grams). Even though she
worked a full-time job and our
father was not present, she
made lunches for three to five
children every single school
day. There was another rea-
son, however, that she made
our lunches, and that was that
she did not believe school
lunches were fit for us to eat.
She somehow knew they were
not healthy lunches.
Our mother gave us each
two cents to buy a carton of
whole milk, and she usually
gave us another nickel to buy
a “dixie cup” ice cream for
dessert to have along with the
homemade cookies she usually
included. I had to go through
the cafeteria line in order to
buy those things. I would look
at the food in the cafeteria line
and be thankful I was not
going to have to eat the stuff,
and that’s exactly what I
thought about it – stuff. The
foods were unfamiliar to me,
looked like lumps of this and
that. Occasionally the lunch
room staff made homemade
cookies, and I did taste those,
trading my two homemade
cookies from home for a “fly-
ing saucer” which was a large
oatmeal and raisin cookie.
They were quite tasty, proba-
bly from an overload of sugar.
By the time I was in the fifth
grade I observed that the very
few fat kids in my class always
ate the cafeteria food. They
“licked the platter clean.”
There were normal kids who
also ate cafeteria food, but I
observed that they mostly
pushed it around their plate,
only eating a few bites, mak-
ing it look like they had eaten
lunch. In general only the fat
kids truly liked the cafeteria
food and cleaned their plates.
In retrospect, I realize that
my mother was sending us off
to school with “real food.” The
cafeteria served many “food-
like products,” even back then
in the fifties and sixties. Today,
the situation is much worse:
Schools are serving almost en-
tirely “food-like products”
rather than “real food,” and it
does not matter whether the
food is served by school dis-
trict staff or by a company
such as Aramark offering food
service to schools at a reduced
cost (and high profit).
What are food-like prod-
ucts? If we get down to the
“nitty-gritty,” they are items
manufactured for human con-
sumption that will not imme-
diately poison anyone and
will taste good, smell good
and perhaps even look good
to many Americans. The
catch is that they cause a slow
and untimely death and dumb
down the brain. Consumption
of such foods ultimately leads
to obesity and Type II diabetes,
heart disease, various digestive
problems and many other
health problems later in life.
Almost all food-like products
come in a box or a sealed bag
and have massive advertising
on the package, anything to get
you to buy the product. Many
are even touted as “low-fat” or
“heart healthy.”
What is real food? Real
food is what you find on the
peripheral aisles in the grocery
store: Meat, fish, chicken,
pork, fresh vegetables, cheese
and other dairy products, nuts
and fruits. They are not the
“microwave ready” products.
They are not the “heat-and-
serve” products. They are not
chips and dips or frozen pizza.
They are not “chicken
nuggets.” They are not “tator
tots.” They are not salad dress-
ings loaded with manufactured
sugar products. There are a few
breakfast cereals that possibly
can be classified as real food,
for example, rolled oats.
I can remember hearing
adults (back when I was a
young child) protesting federal
funds to support education ar-
guing that when the federal
government “gives” money to
a state or local government,
they will then dictate how the
money is to be spent. It was
similar in my mind to the con-
cept that if my mother gave me
money to buy milk, I was sup-
posed to buy milk with it, not
spend it on bubble gum or a
candy bar. If I did not spend the
money on milk and she found
out about it, I assumed I would
be punished. Since I was a
child and dependent on my
mother for all things, this made
perfectly good sense.
Our school districts and
state governments are not chil-
dren and are not and should not
be beholden to nor have to an-
swer to the “nanny-state” fed-
eral government. We are adults
and do have to do what
“mommy-nanny-state” wants
us to do as long as we accept
money from the federal gov-
The federal government
heavily subsidizes school
lunches. Is this because the
federal government actually
cares about your children? Of
course not! It is because of the
lobbyists representing “food-
like-products” manufacturers
that want to sell their products
to school districts. The lobby-
ists are there to influence gov-
ernment policies, laws and
regulations to favor their prof-
its from serving their “food-
like products” to your children.
The lobbyists are there to en-
sure that the USDA and FDA
approve their products for
“good nutrition.” They are
there to hook you and your
children on allegedly heart-
healthy fake foods such as
“Cheerios” or “mystery
chicken nuggets” and to steer
you and your children away
from “bacon and eggs” or such
allegedly “awful stuff” as full-
fat dairy products.
If you buy a food-like prod-
uct, and the ingredients label
has words on it you cannot pro-
nounce and if you have no idea
what these ingredients really
are, be aware: It is a food-like
product. On the other hand,
have you ever bought a steak
that had an ingredients label?
No, of course not. It is real
food. When you buy fresh pro-
duce, does it have an ingredi-
ents label? Of course not. It is
real food (unless, of course, it
was grown from genetically
modified seeds.)
Here are some examples of
real food versus food-like
Salad dressings: If it comes
from a bottle from the grocery
the Bilderberg’s official web-
site, “It was felt that regular,
off-the-record discussions
would help create a better un-
derstanding of the complex
forces and major trends affect-
ing Western Nations in the dif-
ficult post-war period.”
Bilderberg adamantly denies
that any resolutions or policies
are passed during these meet-
ings and that no votes are cast;
however Bilderberg is self-
governed via a steering com-
mittee with a chairman, who is
voted in. The website further
explains the need for private
meetings: “The privacy of the
meetings, which has no pur-
pose other than to allow partic-
ipants to speak their minds
openly and freely.”
With me being a major ad-
vocate of Free Speech, I will be
the last one to try to deny that
God-given right; however if
you are a government official
or even a private Citizen dis-
cussing economic, social, and
military policies with other for-
eign government heads and
financiers that have major in-
fluence over the policies dis-
cussed during those private
meetings, then you have no
right to privacy in those meet-
In 1799 the United States of
America Congress passed the
Logan Act which forbids any
Citizen to privately negotiate
with foreign governments
without proper authorization.
The law was passed under the
Adams administration when a
State legislature made his way
to France and introduced him-
self as a private citizen and dis-
cussed U. S. sentiment towards
the French. Although the dis-
cussions helped to lessen the
tension between the two coun-
tries, others saw how the legis-
lator’s action could one day
undermine the security of the
infant Nation.
I would hope that you can
now see the significance of the
participants meeting in such a
secretive capacity. It is not
their Free Speech they wish to
protect, rather it is their nefari-
ous plans of domination that
they seek to cloak.
There are many theories that
try to prove the topics dis-
cussed at Bilderberg meetings
are preparations for economic
and military control. One big
topic of the meetings over the
years has been Iran. Iran’s cen-
tral bank is not owned by the
global elite… the Rothschild,
Rockefellers, Goldman-Sachs,
and etc. Discussions on how to
deal with Iran have gone back
to at least 2006. Who really
benefits by overthrowing the
Iranian government, especially
when Iran is complying by the
United Nations Non-Prolifera-
tion Treaty? Under the treaty
Iran has the right to enrich-
ment; however the Interna-
tional Atomic Energy Council
stresses that Iran is building
nuclear weapons. We must re-
ally question if Iran really is a
threat to our Sovereignty as
was Egypt and Libya. The only
threat they posed, along with
Iran, is the undermining of the
power structure that the likes
of Bilderberg envisions.
The European Union (EU) is
also the lovechild of past
Bilderberg meetings. In
2003an investigative team
from the British Broadcasting
Corporation (BBC) was al-
lowed to review Bilderberg
files revealing that the EU and
the Euro were discussed in past
meetings. In 2009 Wikileaks
released Bilderberg documents
See “Interview”
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See “Food”
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July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 4
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 5
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store or from most restaurants,
it is a food-like product. A real
food salad dressing is made in
your home from olive oil and
vinegar or lemon juice and per-
haps salt, pepper and herbs to
your taste. Most restaurants, if
you ask, will provide oil and
vinegar for your salad. If not,
choose fresh lemon slices to
squeeze over your salad and
then add salt and pepper.
Coffee Lightener: If it
comes in a jar, a tiny one-serv-
ing container or even some-
times in a milk carton but is not
called “cream,” it is a food-like
product. If it is grade-A dairy
cream, skimmed off from the
milk of a cow, it is real food.
Bacon: If it is called “turkey
bacon” and touts itself to be
“low-fat,” it is a food-like
product. If it is simply bacon,
just as it comes off the hog and
smoked, it is “real food.”
Eggs: If it comes in a carton
similar to a milk carton and la-
beled something like “egg sub-
stitute,” is a food-like product.
If it comes in an eggshell
placed in an egg carton, it is
real food.
Oatmeal: If it comes in
some sort of packet labeled
something like “cinnamon in-
stant oatmeal,” it is a food-like
product. If it comes in a dry
cereal box and has many other
ingredients, with oats simply
being one of the many, it is a
food-like product. If it comes
in one of those round boxes,
like “Quaker Oats” and has no
added ingredients, it is proba-
bly real food, but it may be
contaminated by GMO seeds
and pesticides.
Hamburger: If it is a
“vegan” burger, intended to
taste like and look like real
hamburger, it is a food-like
product. If it comes in a plastic
chub, it may or may not be
completely real food, but I am
betting it is risky and quite pos-
sibly a food-like product. (I
have never purchased ground
meat that way.) If you buy it
from the meat section of your
store wrapped in clear cello-
phane and sitting in a plastic
tray, it is real food. Better yet,
buy a boneless chuck or shoul-
der roast and have your butcher
grind it into hamburger while
you wait. Then you know ex-
actly what you are buying.
Ketchup: A food-like prod-
uct whose most important
i n g r e d i e n t i s
high-fructose-corn-syrup by
one name or another. (Since
high-fructose corn syrup has
received much “bad press”
lately, some companies have
altered its name somewhat.) If
your family truly will not eat
without ketchup, make your
own. There are many recipes
for homemade ketchup, many
using natural sweeteners that
do not contain any sugar prod-
uct (stevia, for example).
Corn chips, potato chips,
Cheetos, Fritos, Tostitos and
tortilla chips: All are food-like
products. The only crispy
snack food that one can buy in
a package at the store and can
be used for dipping that is “real
food” are fried pork rinds.
Dips: Nearly all dips you see
in your grocery store are food-
like products. The only excep-
tion might be a dip whose
ingredients are simply “sour
cream and green onions.” If
you make your own “con
queso” with Velveeta cheese,
you are using a food-like prod-
uct. On the other hand, if you
make your own dip with sour
cream, cream cheese, home-
made mayonnaise (or some
combination of those) with
added fresh vegetables or sea-
sonings, you are making a real-
food dip.
Milk: When you buy milk at
the grocery store, you are buy-
ing milk pasteurized at very
high temperatures in order for
the manufacturer to increase
shelf life and increase profits.
Some of these are labeled as
ultra-pasteurized, meaning all
the bacteria, good or bad, has
been eliminated, leaving you
with a food-like product of
minimal health benefit. Even
those who do not “ultra-pas-
teurize” use such high temper-
atures that there is no
possibility of making yogurt,
kefir, cheese, buttermilk or any
other real-food product from
the milk. It is essentially dead
food with minimal nutritional
value other than manufactured
nutrient-like food-product addi-
tives. If you buy raw milk di-
rectly from the dairy that milks
the cows, you are buying real
food. This milk actually never
goes bad. It simply changes its
nature as it ages. Processed
milk, which is merely a food-
like product goes sour, smells
horrible and is not fit to use for
anything at all other than per-
haps feeding to hogs.
Grains: These include corn,
rice, oats, barley, rye, wheat
and many more. These are
great for feeding to cows, pigs,
chickens and fish so that you
and I can enjoy the meat from
those animals. It is question-
able to consider these to be
foods for humans except in
case of emergency or famine.
These are the foods probably
not intended for humans in
normal circumstances yet are
used extensively in school
lunches and in food-like prod-
ucts, thanks to the recommen-
dations of the USDA, the
FDA, the American Dietetics
Association, the American
Heart Association, the Ameri-
can Diabetes Association,
Michelle Obama and many
others supported by Big
Pharma, Big Farma and the
manufacturers of food-like
Cheeses: If the cheese comes
in a box like “Velveeta”, or if it
comes in individual wrapped
single slices, such as American
cheese, it is a processed food-
like product. If it is simply la-
beled as “cheddar cheese” with
no further explanation, it is real
Other ways to distinguish
between real food and food-
like products: If the product
came from a chemistry lab or
food-science lab, it is a food-
like product. If the food grew
from the ground or came di-
rectly from a live animal, it is
real food. If the food is avail-
able only from a grocery store,
it is a food-like product. If you
could have grown it, shot it or
caught it on a fish hook, it is
real food. If the ingredients
label has names of things you
cannot even pronounce and do
not know what they really are,
it is a food-like product. If it
has no label or lists only real
food ingredients, it is a real
I had a great grandmother
who lived into her 90's. She
died around 1952, so I barely
remember her, but I do remem-
ber that she lived in a very
rural area, had vegetable gar-
dens, a fruit orchard, pecan
trees and that she canned and
pickled her vegetables for use
during the winter. She did not
eat manufactured cereals and
never heard of such a thing as a
“low-fat” diet. She was not
obese. My conclusion on why
she lived a life span far longer
than my grandparents or par-
ents is that she ate real food ex-
clusively. I also heard she
either smoked a pipe or dipped
snuff, but she did not die from
any of the so-called bad ef-
fects of tobacco use. She just
went back to bed late one
morning and died a truly natu-
ral death from old age No pain,
no nursing home, no hospital,
not hooked up to tubes and
electronic devices. She just
“went to sleep” permanently.
As of this writing, everyone,
other than children who eat
school lunches, has a choice of
eating real food instead of
food-like products.
from 1955 showing plans by
the Bilderberg to bring to-
gether Europe in a common
market place. The document
continues, “Pressing need to
bring the German people, to-
gether with the other peoples
of Europe, into a common
market.” This agenda was
eventually achieved via the
trade agreements informally
known as the Treaty of Rome.
In 2006, Ottawa, Canada
hosted Bilderberg at the
Brookstreet Hotel where in-
vestigative journalists such as
Jim Tucker, Alex Jones, and
Daniel Estulin went to investi-
gate and protest the unlawful
meeting. Estulin and Tucker
have been reporting on Bilder-
berg for at least 15 years.
Tucker, who has covered
Bilderberg for over 30 years,
has learned how to connect the
dots of the policies outlined in
the private meetings, “Bilder-
berg is making great progress
towards a world government,
and only an educated and in-
formed public can stop them in
their tracks.”
During the first day of the
conference Estulin discussed
the agenda with Tucker which
can be seen in Alex Jones’ film
“Endgame.” Estulin tells
Tucker how they are worried
about the failing housing mar-
ket. “They need a way to trick
the fools out of the rest of their
money,” Estulin tells Tucker of
the statements made during the
Bilderberg meeting. Estulin
went on to say that they
wanted to bring prices back up
to 1998-1999 prices and dupe
the people into investing what
little they had left. After all the
mal-investments were made
the plan was to burst the bub-
ble and rob the wealth of the
people. We all know what hap-
pened in 2008, yet it was all
planned out in Canada in 2006
at the Brookstreet Hotel.
So you may be wondering
how the examples I have given
tie the Bilderberg group to evil.
Well you must first learn who
each major participant is and
what his ideas are for mankind.
Take for instance David Rock-
efeller, who is infamous for his
hatred toward the populace.
The following is an excerpt
from an address he gave to the
Trilateral Commission, another
elite group, founded by Rock-
efeller, some claim to have
much more consolidated
power than Bilderberg itself:
“We are grateful to the Wash-
ington Post, the New York
Times, Time magazine and
other great publications whose
directors have attended our
meetings and respected the
promises of discretion for al-
most forty years. It would have
been impossible for us to de-
velop our plan for the world if
we had been subject to the
bright lights of publicity dur-
ing those years. But, the world
is now more sophisticated and
prepared to march towards a
world-government. The supra-
national sovereignty of an in-
tellectual elite and world
bankers is surely preferable to
the National auto-determina-
tion practiced in past cen-
turies.” His words are quite
frank and candid without any
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room for misinterpretation.
How about the son of the in-
famous Paul Warburg who
wrote the Federal Reserve Act
in a secret meeting on Jekyll
Island, James Paul Warburg?
James Warburg was a member
of the Council on Foreign Re-
lations (CFR), a round table
group that advises the United
States of America State De-
partment, sat in front of a U.S.
Senate Foreign Relations
Committee hearing in mid-
February 1957, which he bla-
tantly told the committee, “We
shall have world government,
whether or not we like it. The
question is only whether world
government will be achieved
by consent or by conquest.”
CFR members are frequent at-
tendees to the Bilderberg con-
If this is the first you have
ever heard of Bilderberg, then
I do not blame you for skepti-
cism. I know this article does
not prove that the Bilderberg
rules the world behind the
scenes; however the evidence
I have presented is undeniable
and can easily be confirmed.
Along your path into investi-
gation you will further find
much more compelling indica-
tions of their nefarious plans.
Also along the way you will
find that Bilderberg is some-
what of a “king maker,” where
the group invites certain
prospects to the meeting to set
in motion their “election” to
office. William Jefferson Clin-
ton, Barack Obama, Tony
Blair, Rick Perry, Hillary Clin-
ton, Indiana Governor Mitch
Daniels, and at least four wit-
ness accounts of presumptive
Republican Presidential candi-
date Mitt Romney have all at-
tended Bilderberg in the past.
The sightings of Romney at
the meeting run parallel with
the 2008 election when Obama
and Hillary Clinton went off
the main-stream-media’s radar
while Bilderberg held their
meeting in Chantilly, Virginia
that year where America found
themselves under an Obama
administration. We all know
what the “great candidate for
change’ has done for us.
It is thought that Indiana
Governor Mitch Daniels was
selected to be Romney’s run-
ning mate due to their atten-
dance at the meetings.
Although Romney’s name is
not on the official participant
list released by Bilderberg it-
self, the Governor’s name is
clearly in black and white.
With the information I have
learned throughout my re-
search I gladly wear my tin-
foil hat as I quote the words of
the Scottish Historian Alexan-
der Fraser Tytler to help ex-
plain why the Public is
ignorant of such conniving
plans that drive us to voluntary
servitude: “The average age of
the world's greatest civiliza-
tions has been 200 years. Great
nations rise and fall. The peo-
ple go from bondage to spiri-
tual truth, to great courage,
from courage to liberty, from
liberty to abundance, from
abundance to selfishness, from
selfishness to complacency,
from complacency to apathy,
from apathy to dependence,
from dependence back again to
Well, this is how I feel about
Congress, both political parties
and both candidates for presi-
Daily Bell: Your wife is Tami
Holland, the conference coor-
dinator for the annual Free-
domFest conference to be held
this year in Las Vegas, July 11
– 14th. She is a partner with Dr.
Mark Skousen, the producer
for the largest annual gathering
of free minds in the world.
What is it like living with the
person who brings all of this
Ron Holland: She is a hand-
ful and quite strong-willed but
never boring and always fun
and interesting. Tami is actu-
ally a delight to love, live and
work with nine months of the
year but April, May and June
can be trying at times. She and
Mark make a hell of a team in
putting this annual conference
She is a secret weapon of the
liberty movement and her or-
ganizational and detail skills
and take-charge attitude are
crucial to making FreedomFest
what it is today. The three
months each year she spends in
the trenches are for a worthy
cause and I'm proud of her sac-
rifice and the 80-hour weeks
she contributes to the cause of
personal, economic and politi-
cal liberty.
Daily Bell: Do you consider
yourself a libertarian?
Ron Holland: Yes, in general
but I don't like the term. I be-
lieve that a free people can best
achieve freedom and prosper-
ity in a free-market environ-
ment but 99% of the world is
not free. The entire concept of
Libertarian voting I believe
falsely assumes liberty forces
can somehow get 51% of the
voting public to support limited
government employment, ben-
efits and programs. Sadly I
think this is a false paradigm.
The same goes for education
on free-market principles. The
Ron Paul Campaign has been
one of the greatest philosophi-
cal and educational successes
in recorded history but after
eight years of campaigning we
can pull maybe 14% of the
vote in Republican primaries.
This is certainly not the per-
centage needed to effect real
political change were we even
allowed to do so, which we are
not because of establishment
press and GOP elite dirty
tricks, but it is a giant step for-
ward compared to the past.
Daily Bell: You have long
written very favorably about
Ron Paul. Do have the same
enthusiasm and support for his
son, Senator Rand Paul? Sec-
ond, what do you think about
his endorsement of Mitt Rom-
ney for president while his dad
was still a candidate for the
GOP nomination?
Ron Holland: Yes, I feel the
same about his son Rand. Ron
Paul is more doctrinaire in his
views and this is crucial for ed-
ucational success. Rand is
more of a politician and he un-
derstands the necessity of
building coalitions within a
broader freedom or liberty
movement if we are to have
political success.
My only minor disagreement
is the timing of the endorse-
ment of Romney that had to
happen if Rand is to have a real
political future within the GOP.
I'm sure he and his father con-
sulted on this and decided this
was the best course of action.
Who am I – or the naysayers –
to judge the decision when we
haven't a clue about what really
happened here or the reasons
for the timing?
Daily Bell: Is there a power
elite that wants to take over the
world and what is your opinion
of history as it is taught to our
young people?
Ron Holland: No, there is not
a power elite that wants to take
over the world because they al-
ready control most Western na-
tions including the US. They
control the central banks, the
major political parties, the es-
tablishment press, education
and the world economy and
print all the money out of thin
Their concern is losing this
dictatorial, monopoly control
because of the Internet Refor-
mation and they will do any-
thing – crash the economy, kill
tens of millions in world wars,
anything to remain in power
behind the scenes of controlled
operatives i.e., the politicians.
As for establishment history,
it's all lies. There is little truth
in history or politics and this
has been tragic for the human
What I learned several
decades ago in Europe and my
real life experiences to date
convinces me that 85 percent
of people are living in denial
about the real world around
them. I don't really view this as
negative because in almost the
entire history of recorded civi-
lization the winners in war,
politics and power have paid
court (government-financed)
historians to write propaganda
history glorifying the winners
and, of course, trashing the los-
ers. Actually, the only real truth
in history is that everything ex-
cept for the dates are falsified
or colored by the victors to
show them in the best light
Succinctly, all power elites
spin our current political and
financial events as well as his-
tory into a simple a fairy tale
written for feeble minds in
order to keep them under con-
trol. The elites only view us as
mere sheep to be sheared and
slaughtered for the interests
fronting for and hiding behind
the state.
We are a source of wealth,
innovation and cannon fodder
when needed by our leaders
and otherwise. Except at elec-
tion time we are totally ex-
Daily Bell: If you don't mind
us asking, who are you voting
for in the US November elec-
Ron Holland: Well, unless
Romney names Rand Paul as
his V.P. candidate – and this is
looking increasingly unlikely –
then I don't plan to vote at all
for any GOP candidates. We
must show the GOP establish-
ment that there is a high price
to pay for their treatment of the
Ron Paul wing of the party. On
the other hand, if Rand in on
the ticket I will "hold my
nose," gag and vote Republi-
Still, my preferred outcome
would be a close presidential
election but with Obama win-
ning. This would give Rand an
excellent opportunity to win
the GOP nomination in 2016.
Daily Bell: We are confused.
Why would you vote for a
Romney/Rand ticket but prefer
they lose?
Ron Holland: If Romney were
elected President then Rand as
his V.P. would be unable to
challenge him for the 2016
nomination. Then we would be
stuck with no liberty candidate
and just a repeat of the Bush,
Obama, Romney years and
these front men for powerful
interests really have no
grounding or philosophy, they
just want to be president and
will tell any lie, promote any
policy necessary to become
president. This is not exactly a
winning combination to restore
freedom and prosperity to
America. In fact, it is the exact
recipe for the disaster we now
find ourselves in.
Freedom loving Americans
only have two courses of ac-
tion remaining. Either we con-
tinue to take over the elite
controlled GOP mafia or per-
manently repudiate the entire
farce that is the closed two-
party political monopoly sys-
tem in the US. The current
political system only exists to
fabricate a powerless con-
trolled opposition when there
is none at the present time ex-
cept for the Ron Paul wing of
the party.
The real solution and alter-
native is massive individual
human action, education and
repudiation of all the con-
trolled institutions used to en-
slave and rule over us. This is
the only option left to free peo-
ple wanting to peacefully resist
the power elite. As for the es-
tablishment mantra to "vote for
the lessor of two evils," this
only gives undeserved credi-
bility to a corrupt process, I
don't believe this garbage ei-
Daily Bell: What do you think
is the greatest threat to private
wealth in the US?
Ron Holland: Well, I think we
can forget the extreme rhetoric
of convoluted conspiracies,
martial law, etc. because the
greatest threat to private wealth
is the plain old vanilla Presi-
dential Executive Order that
has been around since the birth
of the republic.
This was the tool used by
Roosevelt to illegally steal all
the gold from private citizens
back in 1933. Lincoln issued
countless presidential execu-
tive orders arresting and im-
prisoning opposition newspa-
per reporters and editors as
well as the suspension of the
writ of habeas corpus widely
across Union territory in the
Northern States.
Just one week ago, Home-
land Security Secretary, Janet
Reno – (oops, Napolitano ... I
get them confused for some
reason) – announced Obama's
overnight executive order. Rul-
ing by decree, without debate
or warning to make 800,000
more illegal aliens safe from
deportation, eligible for work
permits and destined to be-
come future Democrat voters.
This was at a time when Amer-
ican unemployment rates are
near historic highs and obvi-
ously just a ploy to get more
Latino votes in November.
Of course, Romney
weaseled out of a statesman-
like response, as usual on all
vital issues to the future of our
nation. Other than a few alter-
native news sites, there was lit-
tle outrage by the GOP out of
fear of alienating their Latino
supporters. Romney repeatedly
declined to answer whether, if
elected, he would overturn the
executive order, as all major
party candidates and elected
officials are just clones of one
another on all important issues.
This sell-out response is to be
expected from presidential
candidates from either major
Executive orders, unless they
are challenged – which they
can be by Congress, which is
constitutionally required to re-
view every one of them every
six months, actually – can
allow a president to rule by de-
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 6
May 23 2012 |
By Dr. Mercola
(reprinted with permission)
In 1776, Dr. Benjamin Rush,
a signer of the Declaration of
Independence, foretold a grim
scenario that has now taken
shape right before our eyes. He
"Unless we put medical
freedom into the Constitution
the time will come when med-
icine will organize itself into
an undercover dictatorship. To
restrict the art of healing to
doctors and deny equal privi-
leges to others will constitute
the Bastille of medical science.
All such laws are un-American
and despotic."
Now, in 2012, we are very
much facing this reality, as we
live in an era where our med-
ical freedom is increasingly
under attack, and "healing" has
been replaced with "treating"
disease, most often with toxic
chemicals and surgery. This
drug-driven medical paradigm
not only depends on the sacri-
fice and, some might say, tor-
ture, of animals in medical
research, but also in many
ways uses humans as sacrifi-
cial lambs.
Modern Medical Care is a
Leading Cause of Death
There were nearly 4.6 mil-
lion drug-related visits to
emergency roomsi in the
United States in 2009, with
more than half due to adverse
reactions to prescription med-
ications – most of which were
being taken exactly as pre-
scribedii. The fact of the matter
is, as echoed by a study re-
leased by the Substance Abuse
and Mental Health Services
Administration (SAMSHA)iii,
it is a mistake to assume there's
no risk in prescribed medi-
cines! As Sayer Ji writes on
"The "medicines" them-
selves are often devoid of in-
trinsic value, being nothing
more than rebranded and re-
purposed chemicals, intended
(though all too often failing) to
be administered in sub-lethal
concentrations. Indeed, many
of these chemicals are too
toxic to be legally released into
the environment, and should
never be administered inten-
tionally to a human who is al-
ready sick. You need look no
farther than a typical drug
package insert to find proof
that the side effects of most
drugs far outnumber their pur-
ported beneficial effects.
These chemicals, in fact,
are so highly leveraged against
their true value (or lack
thereof), that they can sell for
as much as 500,000% percent
from cost! Only medical/phar-
maceutical and financial insti-
tutions (e.g. Federal Reserve)
are legally empowered to gen-
erate the illusion that they are
creating something of value
out of nothing of value, on this
Medical care is actually one
of the leading causes of death
in the U.S., with medical er-
rors, adverse drug reactions,
and hospital-acquired infec-
tionsv killing an unacceptable
number of Americans each and
every day! Drug-related ER
visits jumped by more than
half between 2004 and 2008vi,
stirring health officials to look
for ways to stop what has be-
come a near-epidemic that
often ends in deathvii.
And when you consider that
2.7 million of those visits in-
volved prescriptions for largely
preventable health issues, you
can't help but wonder why we
have strayed so far from true
health care in lieu of health
You may be tempted to point
your finger at your physician.
After all, he or she is on the
"front lines" doing most of the
prescribing and advising. But
whether or not doctors succeed
in upholding the Hippocratic
Oath -- the promise to Do No
Harm -- is not always entirely
in their own hands.
The conventional medical
system is simply not designed
to give them that freedom. It's
VITAL that you understand
that regardless of their personal
opinions, many times they're
simply not allowed to offer you
any other alternatives than
what the "standard protocol"
demands. As written on Green-
"Within our present dom-
inant medical system, healing
has not simply been forgotten
but intentionally exorcized as it
represents the antithesis of per-
petual profitability which re-
quires the incurability of the
human body. Were the truth be
told, and the body's self-regen-
erative capabilities acknowl-
edged, the entire superstructure
of drug-based medicine and
hundreds of billions of dollars
in revenue it generates annu-
ally, would crumble
Are You Intentionally Being
Misled about Your Body's In-
nate Healing Abilities?
This issue runs much deeper
than your physician's office.
The entire medical system as it
currently stands has been quite
carefully orchestrated to make
you believe that drugs, vacci-
nations, screening tests, and
surgery are what is required to
be well, while an assault has
been launched against natural
strategies and supplements that
have proven vital to well-being
for centuries.
For instance, the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration
(FDA) has launched a full-
fledged war against the sale of
raw milk, a substance that pro-
vides many natural beneficial
and healing properties, even
though between 1999 and 2010
there was an average of only
42 cases of illness per year at-
tributed to raw milk, and that
includes both "confirmed" and
"presumed" cases. Meanwhile,
they have allowed livestock
producers to continue to add
low doses of antibiotics to ani-
mal feed for growth promo-
tion, even though this practice
is undeniably linked to the
spread of deadly antibiotic-re-
sistant disease!
They have also issued new
Draft Guidance on New Di-
etary Ingredients that threatens
to remove some of your most
commonly used supplements
from the market, all while ap-
proving drugs, prescribed by
doctors every day, that kill over
125,000 Americans a year.
They are but one govern-
ment agency that is so thor-
oughly enmeshed in the
drug-medical paradigm that
they are utterly unable to pro-
tect you. The American Med-
ical Association (AMA) has
maintained a decades-long bat-
tle against "alternative" healing
traditions, dating back to the
1920s and arguably even ear-
lier. The courts eventually
ruled in favor of the chiroprac-
tors in 1987, finding the AMA
guilty of a conspiracy to take
down the chiropractic profes-
sion, but their battle has con-
tinued on anyway.
According to Naturopathy
Digest, the AMA and other
medical groups justify their op-
position to natural medicine, a
primary principle of which is
supporting your body's own in-
nate healing potential, on the
basis of three areas of concern:
•Quality of patient care
• Patient safety
•Quality of education of
medical practitioners
See “Quack”
Continued on Page 11
“We Get Mail”
Continued from Page 2
“We Get Mail”
Continued on Page 8
“Dr. Quack”
A health opinion column
by Jenell Redding, DCT (P), ND
The information or opinions pro-
vided herein should not be used for di-
agnosis or treatment of any medical
condition. A licensed physician should
be consulted for diagnosis and treat-
ment of any and all medical condi-
Worse than a
Diagnosis -
This Mistake
Can Land You
in the E.R.
Link from which you can view
New Council or not, it
would be a relatively simple
matter to halt the coming ter-
rorism by corporate federal
agencies against agricultural
property owners. Our gover-
nors would have only to refuse
any contracting with these fed-
eral corporations which would
deny them access inside the
geographical boundaries of the
Obama recently signed EO
13575, establishing the White
House Rural Council. The
council is a list of the most ag-
gressive agencies and depart-
ments in the US government.
The all inclusive council mem-
bers represent the very agen-
cies and departments most
dedicated to forcing the subju-
gation of the US to United Na-
tions control. In fact, many of
the agencies, departments and
organizations listed as Council
members are in fact creations
of the UN; created for no other
purpose than to give the United
Nations direct access to the
United States.
This council can be viewed
as nothing less than the estab-
lishment of a domestic terror-
ism group which will
orchestrate the coming assault
on private agricultural property
owners in an effort to force
them off their land and out of
production. There was an ef-
fort during the Reagan presi-
dency to launch a similar
assault on individual owners of
agricultural land which would
have displaced more than 2
million people, handing their
land over to others who were
more amenable to the govern-
ment and UN control.
The new White House Rural
Council is led by many of the
same government agencies
that lead the National Invasive
Species Council (under the
USDA). It is preceded by
Clinton’s 1993 creation: Presi-
dent’s Council on Sustainable
Development. Sustainable de-
velopment being the corner-
stone of UN Agenda 21
mandates for theft of property
from the individual.
Next came the National In-
vasive Species Council (NISC)
created by Clinton Executive
Order 13112 in 1999 and co-
chaired by the Secretaries of
the Interior, Agriculture, and
Commerce. NISC members
include the Secretaries of
State, Defense, Homeland Se-
curity, Treasury, Transporta-
tion, Health and Human
Services, the U.S. Trade Rep-
resentative (USTR), as well as
the Administrators of the U.S.
Environmental Protection
Agency, National Aeronautics
and Space Administration, and
U.S. Agency for International
Stunning in the inclusion of
the Department of Defense and
NASA, the Rural Council rep-
resents the greatest threat to in-
dependent and family farming
and ranching and is focused
primarily on the heart-
land…..for now. The actual
focus of the Council will be to
remove as many as possible
from valued agricultural lands
across the country. Drawing on
the Department of Interior and
Bureau of Land (mis) Manage-
ment’s claim that only they can
determine beneficial and/or ad-
equate use of available lands,
waters and resources, the
Council is set to displace a
large portion of America’s pri-
vate agricultural operations
and the attached property
rights, substituting them with
Big AG corporate contractors;
All for the global economy and
to the detriment of life around
the globe. What isn’t handed
over to bio-pirates as a gift will
be handed to the UN for their
UN Agenda 21 biodiver-
sity/non-human habitat plan.
It is important to understand
why all these various agencies
were included. This is to by-
pass non-positive code & title.
What could not be codified
into public law stands only as
prima facie evidence of non-
positive code & title.
For the purposes of the Coun-
cil just created and the Coun-
cils set up by Clinton, these
agencies circumvent Constitu-
tional prohibitions meant to
prevent the Federal govern-
ment from encroaching and
expanding its power unlaw-
fully into these areas: Not one
of these Titles can be codified
and enacted into public law as
they are outside the enumer-
ated powers of the federal gov-
ernment, and as such, are
Title 6 Homeland Security.
(formerly Surety Bonds,
which was repealed; see Title
Title 7 Agriculture.
Title 8 Aliens and National-
Title 15 Commerce and
Title 16 Conservation.
Title 21 Food and Drugs.
Title 22 Foreign Relations
and Intercourse.
Title 30 Mineral Lands and
Title 33 Navigation and Nav-
igable Waters..
Title 42 Public Welfare.
Title 43 Public Lands.
While many wondered why
every alphabet soup agency or
department was included in
what I consider to be a newly
forming government spon-
sored domestic terrorism or-
ganization, it appears obvious
to me; Including every possi-
ble agency and department
covers all the bases. If the EPA
or BLM can’t terrorize you
into forfeiting your land and
your livelihood, there are copi-
ous numbers of other agencies
who will move in to attack
from various angles. Because
of the massive number of
agencies and departments in-
volved, just stepping out the
front door of your farm or
ranch house will now be a mat-
ter of breaking some rule, reg-
ulation or unknown provision
that will be the catalyst used to
begin the wholesale attack by
government agents and agen-
cies and none of it will be law-
The newly formed Rural
Council is poised to move vast
numbers of family and inde-
pendent farmers and ranchers
off their valuable and produc-
tive land. This Council which
will be used to perform acts of
domestic terrorism against US
citizens under the guise of “
natural security, land steward-
ship, conservation, best land
practices, best animal prac-
tices, beneficial use of water,
restoring agricultural
economies, for the greater
good, for all of mankind, sav-
ing the environment, and of
course the ever changing
“global warming/climate
change bs along with other in-
nocuous and non-threatening
sounding jingo’s, is the Trojan
horse rolling out of the United
What is about to take place
under the UN’s watchful eye is
an unlawful detainer: The Act
or judicial fact of withholding
from a person lawfully entitled
the possession of land or
goods: Or, the restraint of a
man’s personal liberty against
his will. This is a forced taking
of private property: an unlaw-
ful detainer. And, it is about to
happen with great frequency.
New Council or not, it would
be a relatively simple matter to
halt the coming terrorism by
corporate federal agencies
against agricultural property
owners. Our governors would
have only to refuse any con-
tracting with these federal cor-
porations which would deny
them access inside the geo-
graphical boundaries of the
states. In fact, revocation of
previous contracts with these
same federal corporations
which are in fact, foreign to the
states, could go a long way in
repairing the damage done
from decades of federal inter-
The time worn argument for
contracting with federal corpo-
rations, is funding. Governors
and legislators will claim that
the state will lose mountains of
federal funding that the state
needs if the contract is refused
or revoked. But….where does
that funding come from?
From the states via the taxpay-
ers and the funding money is
for corporate federal programs.
Get rid of the corporate federal
programs and agencies, and
there will be little need for
funding as the burden on the
citizens of the states to comply
in exchange for otherwise un-
needed funds diminishes expo-
The sad truth is that our gov-
ernors will throw the door
wide open to more encroach-
ment and most all legislators
will follow suit. Hard times
are coming for the heartland as
agricultural land is seized and
property rights are trashed.
The White House Rural
Council is in my estima-
tion…….a war council and
one which has declared its in-
tention to mount an attack on
property owners across the na-
tion. The most disdainful part
of this is that these attacks will
be the result of one American
turning on the other as lines are
drawn between the general
public and those who turned
their backs on everyone else
while they aligned them selves
with terrorists in our govern-
US Code & Title positive and
Clinton’s PCSD
In 1993 with Bill Clinton’s
President’s Council on Sus-
tainable Development (PCSD)
was established. Here is a list
of the major Executive Depart-
Executive Departments
Department of Agriculture
Department of Commerce
Department of Defense (DOD)
Department of Education (ED)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS)
Department of Homeland Se-
curity (DHS)
Department of Housing and
Urban Development (HUD)
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Department of Labor (DOL)
Department of State (DOS)
Department of the Interior
Department of the Treasury
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs
ALL of them have a Sustain-
able Development (SD) plan
as required by UN Agenda 21.
Editor: Read UN Agenda 21
at this link:
A Reminder About Agenda 21 and the Rural Council....signed last summer....
Executive Order # 13575:
The Theft of Rural and Agricultural Lands for UN Agenda 21
July 14, 2011 by Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All rights reservedOriginally published by the PPJ Gazette,
reprinted with permission.
excitement and joy of being
with other such patriots. I then
spoke of my writing Letters to
the Editor as little truth can
otherwise be found. I elabo-
rated some of the Trojan horse
nature of Obama and his com-
munist pursuits including un-
accountable czars and
implored that we were in the
12th hour with no time to con-
tinue playing milk toast poli-
tics as usual.
It was supposed to be a rub-
ber stamp election of the regu-
lar party workers’ pick, but,
instead, as if by a miracle, the
vote wound up a tie, 87-87.
This is where I saw the impact
of the Tea Party whose mem-
bers were brought along as
warm bodies by the party regu-
lars to vote for Romney out of
fear that otherwise Obama
would be reelected as Fox
News relates daily. I was ad-
vised not to mention my hero,
Ron Paul, but my Tea Party
emphasis swayed many who
were supposed to have dedi-
cated their votes to Obamalite,
M c C a i n - l i k e ,
RINO, Mitt Romney. After
marshaling their forces during
their chairman’s 30-minute
stall, the party regulars beat me
out of representing the 14th
congressional district in what I
promised to be “truth and pas-
The lesson to be learned is
that the party machinery does
not recognize the Tea Party and
conducts business as usual that
led to the nomination of unin-
spiring John McCain and sub-
sequently the election of the
president who conceals his
qualifications by sealing his
birth certificate, educational
records, passport records, etc.
and makes false promises in
order to win power that he uses
against our Constitution and a
formerly free people!
The Tea Party can ill-afford
to continue just meeting in
mass demonstrations to be
misinterpreted by the media as
opposed to the Occupy move-
ment. Writing Letters to the
Editor and other educational
efforts are a must still as it is
the only truth available these
days of a co-opted media, but
it is far from sufficient as well.
What is needed is a core of de-
voted and plugged in people to
a candidate they truly favor as
with Ron Paul. Such a candi-
date will always have a com-
mitted organization, not just a
paid for one, especially with
the youth who will be holding
the bag of endless debt and na-
tional bankruptcy if they don’t
get active now! Seeing these
kids gives me renewed hope
and the least I can do is get on
the band wagon of truth with
Dr. Tom Bailey
Lake Jackson, Texas
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper -7
The Texas Country Chef
by Penny Peavy
onions in butter (salt and pep-
per to taste) until the onions
become translucent. Add to the
egg and cheese mixture. Cook
up 6 slices of bacon. Dry on a
paper towel and crumble them.
Add this also to the mixture.
Spoon the mixture into the pre-
pared glass pan. Bake at 350*
for about 1/2 hour. Until the
top is a light brown and the
"Pie" is firm. Slice into 6 serv-
These refridgerate very well
and they re-heat well in the mi-
Great for breakfast. Also
makes's a great lunch or dinner
if you just add a salad.
Pre-heat oven to 350*
Spray an 8 X 8 Glass pan with
5 eggs
15 oz container of ricotta
2 cups of shredded cheddar
1/4 cup of grated parmensan
Small onion chopped and
cooked in butter
salt and pepper (add to the
onions as you cook in butter)
8 slices of cooked bacon
2 Tbs. of dried parsley flakes
Directions: Mix the eggs,
cheddar and parmesan, parsely
flakes and ricotta. Cook the
Ricotta Pie
Classified Ads:
Though we have offered free
classified ads for individuals
over much of the past six
years, we no longer do so, but
we feel that they are a bargain.
For 40 words or less, the
price is $10. Over 40 words,
$10 plus 25 cents per word
over forty. To have a box
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other $2. To add a photo, the
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ads for an additional $2 to
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ad into the publication.
Send to: jenell@thetexas-
Display Ads:
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Brazoria, Galveston, and
other counties to the south
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contact Tom Bailey
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North of Houston, Liberty
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For Live Oak, Jim Wells, San
Patricio, Nueces and other
counties in the Coastal Bend
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All other inquiries regarding dis-
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Exuberant Announcer on
Huge Stage:
“And now, ladies and gen-
tlemen, we present the pre-
sumptive finalists (nominated
by TV Channels, Cable and
Satellite TV, numerous popular
talk radio hosts and Faux
News, of course) in the new
Great American Puppet Con-
test, once erroneously referred
to as the fair and legal election
of a President of the United
The finals are going to be
tough, folks, with both candi-
dates absolutely loaded with
corporate money and personal
wealth (the likes of which none
of us will ever see) and both
with silver, forked tongues
rolling out what they believe
you want to hear (depending
on the audience, of course.)
There are those who believe
that Mitzy O’Ramy, the one
with great hair for a white
dude, should win. Others think
that Buffy Obamy, the one with
great hair for a mixed-race
dude, should win. Some are in
favor of the one with the
whitest skin which would be
(let’s hear it from the audience,
yeah, yeah) Mitzy! Others are
in favor of Buffy, the one with
the darker skin. Both have in-
credibly expensive white teeth.
Both Mitzy and Buffy have
followers who will text their
votes based on hair and skin
color, good looks and voice
tones. They want the winner to
have the same color skin they
have. The hard part here is to
make sure that some of the tex-
ters are not dead. Dead texters
tend to favor Buffy, so our
pollsters say. Some say that
many texters will vote multiple
“Both presumptive finalists
wear nice clothes, definitely
not off the rack from a discount
store. After all, if one is an
‘empty suit,’ the suit had better
be expensive and well-tailored.
Both avoid speaking in venues
where they might be booed off
the stage, and both carefully
select audiences who will ap-
plaud wildly, preferably in
front of TV cameras. Both
have dark inscrutable eyes.
Both are in favor of govern-
ment-controlled medical care
for all of us stupid people. Both
are in favor of gun control to
make us more safe.
“Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
this will be a tight contest.
When you have not one, but
two, yessiree, two nearly iden-
tical candidates vying for first
place and a guaranteed lifetime
of power, fame, glory and
Coming Soon to the Internet,
Cable and Satellite TV:
fiction by Jill McClellan
riches, who both seem to have
golden tongues and gobs of
money, who knows what will
happen? And, now, while we
await the presumptive finalists
for their next competitive per-
formance, I’ll take questions
from the audience.”
Q: (woman from Detroit)
“Buffy promised me mo’ food
stamps, mo’ money, and I ain’t
seen none of it yet. I thought he
had a huge stash o’ money to
give to poor people like me.
Where’s my money?”
A: “Ahem. Uh, uh. Well the
guys who print the money for
Buffy’s stash just can’t print it
up fast enough. He says when
the presses get the money
printed, social justice will pre-
vail, that is, if you vote for him.
He says that ‘poor Benny’ is
cranking out money as fast as
he can.”
Q: (a nerdy-looking young
guy wearing glasses) “How
come Mitzy is presumed to the
be the finalist against Buffy?”
A: “Because the finalists were
chosen by the mainstream
media, not by the people of
America. Everyone knows
that, you stupid kid!”
Q: (older woman, pointing
at the young man) “I think
that young man is wondering
about Dr. Pal, so I am wonder-
ing who bosses the media
around so much that they re-
fuse to consider Dr. Pal?”
A: “Ahem. Uh, uh. Well, the
guys that own the media.”
Q: “And who are they?”
A: “Ahem. Uh, uh. That’s all
the time we have right now, uh,
for questions from the audi-
ence, uh.....
(Loudly) NOW, let’s give a
huge hand to Mitzy and Buffy
as they enter from stage LEFT.
One of these like-minded citi-
zens, (uh, oops,) residents of
America will be the new Great
American Puppet!. Let’s Give
it up for them!”
(Resounding applause for
giving up all liberty, freedom,
property rights, religious free-
dom, gun rights, state’s
rights,....R.I.P, all in the name
of the next Great American
Puppet.) ----Segue to ad for the
famous “blue pill.”---
Editor’s Note: The preceding
is entirely fictitional, and the
characters do not necessarily
represent any persons, living
or dead.
“The Great American
Puppet Contest!”
Presented by ...
“The Global Puppeteers”
Submission Guidelines
Gift Subscriptions to
The Texas Free Press
With the expansion of this
publication into other areas of
the state, it seems like a really
good time to remind everyone
of our submissions guidelines.
You may wish to cut this arti-
cle out and save it.
Letters to Editor:
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We have no size limit at this
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nitely qualifies. If in doubt,
contact the editor at
prior to submission.
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"The moment the idea is
admitted into society that
property is not as sacred as the
law of God, and that there is not
a force of law and public justice
to protect it, anarchy and
tyranny commence."
John Adams
(1735-1826) Founding Father,
2nd US President
Defence of the Constitutions of the
Government of the United States
"It does not require a majority to
prevail, but rather an irate, tireless
minority keen to set brush fires in
people's minds."
Samuel Adams
(1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the
American Revolution."
Did You Go To School
In Lagarto?
submitted by Deotta Meyer
In April a woman came to
visit during the annual rum-
mage sale held by the Lagarto
Community Club at the Old
Lagarto School in Lagarto,
Texas, long regarded as a
“ghost town.” Her name was
Margie Stewart George of Go-
liad and she told us that she
used to attend school in our
building. Club members were
delighted to talk with her as
she pointed out that at one end
of the building there was once
a stage (instead of our kitchen)
and that the bathrooms were
outside (and not tucked neatly
in a front corner as they are
A few weeks after her visit,
Mrs. George sent the club a
small package which contained
a photo of the Stewart family,
which had been taken about
1935, and a map which had
been drawn many years ago by
her father, Luther Hampton
Stewart, of the Lagarto area.
With these items, Mrs. George
included a written history of
the Stewart family.
The information provided by
Mrs. George revived an old in-
terest in knowing the history of
Lagarto. And, while we have
the book, “Lagarto. A collec-
tion of Rememberances (sic)”
which was compiled by Hattie
Mae Hinnant New, the new
club President Cheri McGuire,
has suggested that there are
more stories out there. Initially
the club would like to dedicate
a wall in the school to pictures
and stories from those who
used to attend school in The
Lagarto School building.
Then, if the response is heavy
enough, we would consider
putting out another book which
would contain these stories and
The Old Lagarto School
“was built in 1925 on the site
of the Old Lagarto College.”
After the George West School
District annexed Lagarto in
1949, the building was vacated.
In 1969/1970 “a group of
ranchers realizing the need for
a community meeting place
purchased the School Building
from the George West School
District.” The Lagarto Com-
munity Club was formed in
1970 and this old building was
turned over to them to restore
and renovate. Today, the Club
continues to care for the old
You are invited to come and
visit us at the Lagarto School
on FM 534 any Thursday. The
Lagarto Community Club is al-
ways looking for new members
and we have our cookbooks for
sale as well as Hattie Mae’s
history book. Now that the
club has a new history project
under way, we will be looking
forward to visiting with more
of you who can share your his-
tories about the old school and
It’s Rattlesnake Season
from Penny Peavy
CHRISTI, Pernitas Point
On June 25, while attend-
ing to gardening, Jenell
found the shed skin of a
snake. She brought it into
the office to identify it by
comparing it to photos on
her computer. She asked
me what I thought. I said
I thought it was definitely
a diamond-back rat-
tlesnake, a juvenile
(which deliver the most
venomous bites.) She
found the skin near some
rocks right off the car-
The next day, when she
poked around in the area
where she found the skin,
she found the snake, sure
enough a young rattler.
Quick thinking and afraid
of nothing, she grabbed a
pair of loppers and
hollered for me to come
out and help her. She
grabbed the snake firmly
in the loppers but could
not cut through it. I
grabbed a hoe. She took
the snake, held firmly in
the loppers, to the drive-
way, and I whacked his
head off with the hoe,
watching the rest of snake
squirm around on the as-
phalt. Being terrified of
snakes, it took nearly 15
minutes for my pulse rate
to normalize.
The important thing is
that the snakes are crawl-
ing, so be very wary, no
matter how close you are
to the front door of your
home. This snake was
within about a foot of the
driver side of a vehicle
parked in the carport and
within twenty feet of the
front door.
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one client at a time!”
SIG Live Oak
• Orange Grove •
(361) 384-9240….203 Cnty. Rd. 351 S.
• George West •
(361) 449-1733….200 Bowie, Ste. A
• Three Rivers •
(361) 786-2533….115 W. Alexander
Live Oak Title
and Abstract
P. O. Drawer 578 • 300 Houston
George West, TX 78022
361-449-2488 FAX
• Title Insurance
• Title/Lien Searches
8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Closed for lunch 12:00 - 1:00 weekdays.
On Lakeview Drive, Lake City, TX
Call for direcons: 361-537-0503
Ask about our Farm Tours
Fiber, Fashion and More!
4 C
“Down Right
Home Cooking!”
211 N. Eugenia, Orange Grove
(361) 384-2302
“Best Chicken Fried
"A patriot must always be
ready to
defend his country
against his government."
Edward Abbey
(1927-1989) American author and essayist
Imagine an
As voting time once again
nears, I ask you to imagine a
once free America. Imagine an
America which promoted indi-
vidual liberty and personal re-
sponsibility, not a welfare state.
Imagine a government re-
strained by the Constitution,
due process and the rule of law.
Imagine an America where the
Constitution applied to every
person and every case, no mat-
ter how bad the crime or crim-
inal at suspect. Imagine an
America devoid of secret watch
lists, secret prisons and secret
Imagine a moral society
which only engaged in just war
and only as a last resort. Imag-
ine an America, where the de-
cision to go to war, was always
one declared by congress.
Imagine an America which
never endorsed the use of pre-
ventive wars to promote peace.
Imagine an America where tor-
ture was never acceptable, even
if called "enhanced" interroga-
tion techniques. Imagine an
America in which a warrant
was always required to search
or seize persons or property.
Imagine an America which re-
spected the writ of habeas cor-
pus and condemned
indefinitely detaining individu-
als. Imagine America no longer
safeguarded liberty, but only
the security and secrecy of the
Imagine an America where
prosperity wasn't derived from
private printing presses, but
from true wealth. Imagine an
America not ravished by con-
tinual debt and the deceit that
surrounded its creation. Imag-
ine an America which didn't en-
dorse endlessly printing its
currency in the pursuit of con-
tinual economic growth. Imag-
ine the act of printing money
promoted the welfare and war-
fare state. Imagine an America
which encouraged savings.
Imagine the possibility of sav-
ings being completely de-
stroyed by the inherent
devaluing of currency caused
by monetary inflation. Imag-
ine an America where coins
were still worth their weight.
Imagine an American in which
gold and silver were actually
legal tender.
Imagine an America where
children are not arrested for
flatulence or front yard lemon-
ade stands. Imagine an Amer-
ica where you couldn't be
jailed for gardening on your
property. Imagine an America
without checkpoints where
blood could be drawn against
one's will, and without war-
rant. I ask you to imagine if
citizens could make the simple
decision to drink raw milk.
Imagine an America which
valued personal choice and re-
sponsibility above dictating
morality through law. Imagine
an America which allowed
companies to actually protect
their property and customers.
Imagine an America where in-
dividuals actually had the right
to their life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness as long as
they didn't endanger others.
Imagine if rights are actu-
ally derived from creation, and
not from government.
Imagine an America where
ignorance isn't sold as wis-
dom; and tolerance not deliv-
ered by force. Imagine an
America where politicians
stood behind American princi-
ples. Imagine an America
where oath to the Constitution
was taken seriously and al-
ways upheld. Imagine an
America of resounding liberty;
not one of ever incrementally
increasing tyranny. Imagine
America as she once was: free
and prosperous.
Now try to imagine an idea.
Imagine an idea so powerful,
so strong in its conviction, no
army or government could
stop it. Imagine a return of the
respect of the Constitution.
Imagine a return to due
process and the rule of law in
all cases. Imagine a return to
sound currency and sound
monetary policy. Imagine the
abolishment of partaking
down the dangerous path of
legislating morality. Imagine a
return to a foreign policy of
freedom and not of preemptive
wars and nation building.
Imagine the return to the
ideals of extending friendship
24 Hour Wrecker Available
Insurance Estimates
Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship
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Valvoline Express Care
Lube and Repair 24 Hr Towing Available
DOT State Inspection Site
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IH 37 Exit # 34 (361) 547-5823
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“The Front Porch”
Fine Southern Cooking
547-9944 Located @ 309 FM 534
Sandia, Texas
Hours: Thurs., Fri., & Sat. - 11AM - 9 PM
Sunday 10AM - 8 PM
800-861-1291 or 547-7500
Lake Corpus Christi Storage
@ FM 534 & Cty Rd 369
Next to Power Play Sports
Large Rv’s, Closed Storage, & More
Fenced, Gated, Security Lighting
Store Your Boat, RV
to all, and having entangling
alliances with no one. Above
all else, Imagine Liberty and
understand the responsibility
having it would demand from
each of us. Imagine America
not as your Empire but as a Re-
Freedom is a relatively new
idea, liberty a young experi-
ment. Imagine this youthful
ideal, liberty, lost to simple ap-
athy and content. Imagine we
had a chance to restore this
ideal. Imagine if we had the
chance to Restore America
Imagine a Revolution. A Ron
Paul r3VOLution. In Liberty.
For Liberty, Peace and
Richard Johns
South Texas
Editor’s Note: This wonder-
ful letter was sent to me sev-
eral months ago, and I
regret that I had filed it
away in a place I forgot
about simply because it was
too late for the February
issue. My apologies to Mr.
Johns for waiting so long to
be published, but I believe it
is just as appropriate today
as it was six months ago.
Have a safe
Indepdence Day
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Helping unite the many °IreeJom Movement¨ organitations anJ
VitaI resources Irom The GeneraI`s Store at
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StuJy the constitution, it's your lamily's only source ol sellprotection
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May God BIess America!
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Hey, Rand Paul ...
Welcome to the Internet
Saturday, June 09, 2012 – by Anthony Wile, Editor of The Daily Bell
"A year, year and a half ago, I
was a physician in a small
town," Paul, the junior Repub-
lican senator from Kentucky,
told CNN's Don Lemon. "And
it would be a great honor to be
considered as a vice president
for the Republican Party. I
think that would be something
that anybody who said other-
wise would not be being truth-
ful." – CNN
Rand Paul keeps making news
– bombshell after bombshell.
Just yesterday, CNN ran an
article quoting Rand Paul as
saying, "it would be a great
honor to be considered as a
vice president for the Republi-
can Party. I think that would be
something that anybody who
said otherwise would not be
So Rand Paul is open to be-
coming Mitt Romney's run-
ning mate?
This comes on the heels of
Rand Paul's badly received
statement of support for Mitt
Romney on the Sean Hannity
Many in the libertarian com-
munity believe that the kind of
pragmatism that Rand Paul is
exhibiting is downright de-
structive. He is setting back the
"freedom movement," in their
eyes, because he is promoting
the viewpoint that it is better to
change the system from
But perhaps people are not
looking at the larger picture.
This article will deal with that
First, a book recommenda-
tion: We recommend the
"Claudius" books written by
Robert Graves, possibly the
greatest historical fiction ever
written. Not only did he bring
crippled, yearning Claudius to
life; Graves also provides us
with the reality that Claudius's
hope the Republic could return
to Rome wasn't realistic.
For hundreds of glorious
pages we read about Claudius's
struggles and the reality of his
impossible quest. The books
end with Claudius basically
reigning as emperor without at-
tempting to reignite the Roman
He's resigned himself to the
course and flow of history.
Empires are made up of
PEOPLE – and the people in
charge do evil things to gain
power. Then they have vested
interest in the system as it is
and will protect its fundamen-
tals to their dying breath be-
cause they are afraid of being
People cannot understand
how the power elite can logi-
cally want world government.
In fact, there is no other choice
for them. If the environment
they have seemingly estab-
lished and expanded at the cost
(last century) of 150 million
lives were to be deconstructed,
their fortunes and, more im-
portantly, their lives would
likely be forfeit.
So they continue. It is like a
mafia. It doesn't stop because
people within a mafia begin to
have guilty consciences. It
stops when the larger environ-
ment is not conducive to
mafia-like activity.
That time, to some degree, is
probably coming.
It is coming because of what
we call the Internet Reforma-
tion, a change that is surely as
profound as the one initiated by
the Gutenberg Press. The ram-
ifications are unstoppable, in
our view, and continue to ex-
We're comfortable with our
paradigm. We anticipated and
predicted that the dominant so-
cial themes of the elites would
begin to self-destruct as the In-
ternet continually spread
knowledge about the Way the
World Really Worked.
The fear-based promotions
that the power elite uses to
frighten people into giving up
wealth and power to interna-
tionalist facilities like the UN
are no longer so compelling.
Many active and intelligent
people – especially young ones
– understand where they are
coming from and the reason for
their doomsday-like presenta-
Regardless of their success in
the 20th century, the 21st has
been most unkind to the elites.
Continued on Page 15
Roland Alaniz
Service Manager
Crossword Puzzle
Solutions on page 14
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper -10
Monday- Friday
8:00 - 5:00
2120 FM 534
Sandia, Texas
Sudoku Puzzle
Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that
every row, every column and every 3x3
box contains the digits 1-9, without repeat-
ing any numbers.
Hercules and
Hercules and
the Waggoner
Western Auto / Ace Hardware
10605 Leopard, Corpus Christi
1. Back tooth
6. Ship part
10. Contributes
14. Ancient Roman
15. Covet
16. He writes in verse
17. Instigator
19. Leer at
20. Imply
21. Fury
22. Give as an example
23. Small bulblet
25. Slang for money
26. Adriatic resort
30. Sacristy
32. Resistance to
35. Coureur de bois
39. Picturesque
40. For some time
41. Ideal
43. The junction be-
tween two neurons
44. Threaten
46. Scallion
47. Wrath
50. What we pay to the
53. Brought into exis-
54. A large open vessel
55. Silicon dioxide
60. Adjoin
61. A type of judge
63. Parasitic insect
64. A female domestic
65. What's happening
66. Express in words
67. Urgent request
68. What we are called
1. No more than
2. Norse god
3. Fluff
4. Aquatic plant
5. Museum piece
6. New Zealand parrot
7. Witloof
8. Tallest mountain
9. Stringed instrument
10. Being of question-
able authenticity
11. Motherless calf
12. Greek letter
13. Horse
18. L
24. Egg cells
25. Muscle
26. Speech disorder
27. Ancient Peruvian
28. Bambi was one
29. Decorative
31. Found in a cafeteria
33. Striped feline
34. Computer symbol
36. A hollow cylindrical
37. If not
38. Stink
42. Instinctive
43. Gender
45. Taxi driver
47. To the rear
48. Chivalrous
49. A thin porridge
51. Eastern Standard
52. Femme fatale
54. Pack down
56. Magma
57. Bit of gossip
58. Ice cream holder
59. The products of
human creativity
62. Actress Lupino
Hercules, once journeying
along a narrow roadway, came
across a strange-looking ani-
mal that reared its head and
threatened him. Nothing
daunted, the hero gave him a
few lusty blows with his club,
and thought to have gone on
his way. The monster, how-
ever, much to the astonishment
of Hercules, was now three
times as big as it was before,
and of a still more threatening
aspect. He thereupon redou-
bled his blows and laid about
him fast and furiously; but the
harder and quicker the strokes
of the club, the bigger and
more frightful grew the mon-
ster, and now completely filled
up the road. Pallas then ap-
peared upon the scene. "Stop,
Hercules," said she. "Cease
your blows. The monster's
name is Strife. Let it alone, and
it will soon become as little as
it was at first."
Moral: "Strife feeds on con-
Friendly Oil Field
South Texas
and Beyond.
A Full Service
Environmental & Recycling Company
A Waggoner was once driv-
ing a heavy load along a very
muddy way. At last he came to
a part of the road where the
wheels sank half-way into the
mire, and the more the horses
pulled, the deeper sank the
wheels. So the Waggoner
threw down his whip, and knelt
down and prayed to Hercules
the Strong. "O Hercules, help
me in this my hour of distress,"
quoth he. But Hercules ap-
peared to him, and said:
"Tut, man, don't sprawl there.
Get up and put your shoulder
to the wheel."
Moral: “The gods help them
that help themselves.”
favors the
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Hwy 181
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“I love Dr.
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Its Your Life,
Your Money,
Your Freedom
by V. J. Alford
Does your garden look a lit-
tle like the dust bowl from
“way back when?” Well, mine
does! So I have been thinking
what the devil can I do to still
have fresh vegetables. I real-
ized that the dry heat and winds
would not let my leaves on the
plant hold any moisture. Yes, I
have watered the roots as well
as needed and lately that has
been twice a day once in the
AM and in the PM. So my
roots cannot drink enough
water to help out the leaves
even with two “waterings”
daily. I have a plan.
My next plan is to set up
planter boxes inside my home
by my windows. If this plan
works, I will take a picture and
try to get it in this paper. My
thoughts on how to do this is
that if I want greens then I need
to start three planters inside and
then the timing becomes im-
portant. So I just felt start one
on June 16th and the next on
June 25th and the last one on
July 4th. Then I believe that I
should start on my recycling of
Welcome to The Texas Free
Press! This is new for all our
loyal readers for over the past
six years in this publication
called until now The Lake
Country Shopper. You have
grown with us and now we
hope that we will continue to
grow with all of our new Texas
and surrounding areas.
Today I was thinking back to
a time when my Democrat
family was great friends with
several Republican families.
My self I chose the more con-
servative road voting the Re-
publican way. The point being
we were united in many ways.
Played poker together, took
care of each others kids,
shared chores and every child
had their work cut out for
them, because we all worked
together as friends for each
other not for any government.
The last thought was not ,well,
if you voted Republican I will
be damned if we will have
anything to do with you or
your family. It was never
thought of like that, in our
So sometime around WWI
some kinds of secret societies
were started. I believe the sole
purpose was to divide and con-
quer all of the Americas and
make us a One World Govern-
ment. Now those who started
it in the United States were
both of the Democrat and Re-
publican political leanings.
But they were involved unwit-
You see long before WWI
some evil people who are now
dead and gone left to their off-
spring the goals of tyrannous
dictatorship of the entire
world. We can see this in our
time with different countries
bailing out other members of
the EU. But it has been very
subtle coming upon all of us.
Look at the Big Pharma, Big
Chemical and Big Govern-
ment. I have lived almost three
quarters of a century, and it
was only in the early ninety’s
that I realized that theirs was a
group that was hell-bent on de-
stroying my United States of
America. I called them
“They.” And I was trying to
the pot planting’s. So I will
clean out the greens of pot one
and start it over calling it the
first recycling of pot one on
July 14th and will continue on
every ten days from then on.
I am going to use a high
grade potting soil, do not know
yet what kind. I will do a little
research on good soil and pot-
ting soil mix. Nothing with a
fertilizer in it as I want to know
what should be coming up from
the soil.
After that I am cleaning and
sanitizing my pots from the old
dirt/potting mix so any bad mi-
cros will be eliminated. You do
that by mixing into a one gallon
jug of water two tablespoons
Since the only bleach I can
find without being made from
copper is Clorox, use that one
only even thought big chemical
owns it, still the best. Then
rinse well, drain and dry (the
pots) and fill with your soil mix
and be sure it is moist (most
important). A side note if you
do not have drain plates for
those pots be sure you have
something to keep water drip-
pings from your flooring. You
will need a watering bucket.
Give those plants lots of love
and they will reward you with
delicious greens for salads and
sandwiches and more. You can
even saute’ them with onions
mighty good! Also since most
of the greens like it a little
cooler and do not need our blis-
tering sun I really believe I will
have greens during our hot
windy summer days.
Do any of you know of a bet-
ter way to have those lettuce
type (mixed greens, arugula,
mesclun, etc.) grow? Really
would like some of your ideas
for the organic type tricks for a
better nutrient dense plant or
any other ideas you can come
up with, I am waiting to hear
from you at jenell@thetexas- So, send in your
Now when it comes to a
tomato plant I will plant that
inside but set it so that the
morning sun really gets it and
when the location of that
morning sun changes and it
will, I to will change the loca-
tion of the plant. On a not-so-
windy day I will roll it outside
for even more sunshine. Sure
hope this is a workable thing
with a tomato plant.
I have noticed when grow-
ing pepper plants that when
they get a lot of water, they
grow a lot of leaves. But when
I water for two days in a row
then let them kinda dry out I
get the flowers and then I get
peppers. It doesn’t matter what
type of pepper plant that I
have grown they all tend to be
that way. Yes, I am still going
to try growing a pepper plant
inside my house. Just need to
know what growth pattern
they will develop.
So when it is so hot and dry
in July hopefully I will have
some greens and tomatoes and
maybe a pepper growing hap-
pily inside my home. Will let
you know in August how my
mid-June plants have made it.
Have a great summer. Enjoy!
Hoowee! I don’t like this hot
weather, I tell you. I had a re-
ally interesting little vacation a
few weeks ago where I got to
stay in an air conditioned room
all day and all night. There
were a few other dogs there
and we had a lot of “happy
hour” going on. I was the
biggest dog there, of course,
and I got my way when it
came to all those little guys.
They were so yappy it was a
little annoying, but I would
play with them, tire them out
and they would go to sleep.
The bad part of this vacation
is that I was caged up a great
deal of the time. I’m used to
having my own yard and
garage all to myself every day.
I did not like my freedom
being hampered. Then there
were these rules like having to
go outdoors on a leash to do
my bidness. Goodness, can’t a
girl have a little privacy?
Even though I had lots of
fun, I was sure glad to see Lit-
tle Mom when she came to
pick me up. Hey, I tell you, a
change of scenery and activity
can be fun, but there’s no place
like home.
It’s tough do the night shift
around here.There are those
pesky cats, always on the
prowl, wanting in my yard, so
I have to bark and growl to
keep them out. They are afraid
of me. Ain’t that grand! Then
there is that pesky armadillo
who comes to visit right up to
my fence. He has mean look-
ing red eyes. Oh yes, and then
the possum that drops by now
and then. I can’t get any sleep
for all these critters. Whine!
Whine! But, at least I have a
And now I get a visit weekly
from a lady who does the yard
work. I really like her ‘cuz she
smells like she’s been around
other dogs a lot. Her shoes
smell terrific, and she talks to
me now and then and pats my
head. I love that. I just roll
right over, begging for a belly
rub. I’m such a sucker.
It’s time to go lay down in
the shade now, so off I go. My
dog’s life is pretty darn swell.
Woof, woof to all my friends
out there.
It’s a Dog’s
by “Miss Daisy Duke”
write a book about it and just
did not understand the internet
enough at the time to figure it
out. Well, I have to my satis-
faction figured it out.
Big Pharma is determined to
give us vaccines that will con-
trol our lives. Yes, I am right
and not a weirdo. It is true. Just
think for yourself! Why in the
world would we have so many
ads telling us what we can tell
the doctor so we can get some
Big Pharma drug, which leads
to many other drugs simply to
cover-up the side effects of the
original drug. Men can die of a
heart attack while taking the in-
famous blue pill, but they go to
their doctor and get them with-
out any checkup just to have
the great sex. This doesn’t
make sense to me. You guys
have been victimized by Big
Pharma. And women why in
the world do you want to look
so young? New one-day sur-
gery for a face lift? What do
you get later on, if you get to
have a later on? You just need
more surgery as it doesn’t last a
lifetime. You earned each beau-
tiful scar and wrinkle on your
body? It actually shows your
character. If you have gained
weight, take the time to learn
how to eat correctly and it will
come off. Do not judge your-
self by somebody on TV. But
“They” know it is a great
smoke screen and mirrors
game to keep you focused else-
where while they use their pup-
pets (our leaders from the
outhouse to the white house) to
help degenerate our great coun-
You are not a fool, and nei-
ther am I, but whether you are
Republican or Democrat, we
must stand together arm in arm
and protect this country. De-
mocrats are fine and dandy and
so are Republicans, we must
get over the games the power
elites have been playing on us
for more than fifty years that I
know of and now realize that
they were doing this since the
beginning of the country.
We must control the spend-
ing and to do that we must take
back our statehood meaning
our State sovereignty where
“WE” not “they” make the
rules and apply the taxes. We
are still friends and need to
start showing it. Because we
know who the bad apples are in
our groups: the “leaders” who
are nothing more than one of
the puppets. They want to con-
trol everything. Even what you
wear, how you raise your kids,
when and what you can eat
even the size of what you buy.
And then it really doesn’t
matter after the age (I believe
right now around 65 and up)
for they decide you are trash
and need to be dead. As for as
I can figure out, I am a non-
person and they might just
want me dead. Guess they can
do it so long as God wants me
dead. You see they cannot hurt
me or you. Just stand up for
God and not what “they” tell us
is right but what you have dis-
covered for yourself is right.
God Bless America. As a sec-
ond thought, try saying Hello,
to someone that might be sup-
porting a different ideology
than yourself or belong to a dif-
ferent political party. To help
save this country, I will!
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Continued from Page 6
See “Quack”
Continued on Page 14
As the article so eloquently
points out, none of these argu-
ments hold up, and most are
based on medical and pharma-
ceutical industry propaganda.
If they were TRULY con-
cerned about patient care and
safety, they would not be tar-
geting natural medicine, which
has an incredibly low inci-
dence of adverse consequences
and proven successes, but in-
stead going after their own al-
lopathic medical practices that
are leaving a trail of death and
Other medical associations
whose claims that they exist
for the betterment of public
health are entirely questionable
include the following:
American Dental Associ-
ation (ADA): Continues to
support the use of mercury fill-
ings and demonizes biological
dentists who oppose the use of
mercury in dentistry; continues
to support fluoridation, in spite
of the evidence it does more
harm than good.
American Cancer Society
(ACS): This charity has close
ties to the mammography in-
dustry, the cancer drug indus-
try, and the pesticide industry;
has rampant conflicts of inter-
est; consistently promotes
drugs and screening proce-
dures while ignoring environ-
mental causes of cancer.
National Cancer Institute
(NCI): Has spent billions of
taxpayer dollars promoting
treatments while ignoring
strategies for preventing can-
cer; abundant ties to the cancer
drug industry (for more infor-
mation, read Samuel Epstein's
new book, National Cancer In-
stitute and American Cancer
Society: Criminal Indifference
to Cancer Prevention and Con-
flicts of Interest)xi
American Academy of Pe-
diatrics (AAP): Claiming to be
protecting your children, the
AAP is largely funded by vac-
cine manufacturers but refuses
to disclose just how much
money it gets from them; part-
ners with Congress to protect
pediatricians and drug compa-
nies from liability for vaccine
injuries, while preventing you
from getting truthful vaccine
However, even the govern-
ment is not at the top of the
totem pole when it comes to
this attack on your ability to ac-
cess natural therapies and ob-
tain optimal health. continues:
"Although the American
Medical Association (AMA)
and the Food and Drug Admin-
istration (FDA) behave as if
they are at the top of this pyra-
mid of power relations, they
serve far lower on the hierar-
chy. While the government of
the United States and Ameri-
can corporate lobbying groups
may appear to be behind the
FDA's shameless pandering to
the interests of the drug com-
panies, transnational corpora-
tions and organizations -- and a
hand full of elite governing
them -- are in fact pulling the
Natural Therapies are In-
creasingly Under Attack, or
Intentionally Suppressed
Did you know a cream con-
taining eggplant extract,
known as BEC and BEC5, ap-
pears to eliminate most non-
melanoma skin cancers in
several weeks time? Or that
studies conducted so far show
significant potential for the use
of cannabis in the prevention
and treatment of a wide range
of health conditions, including
Have you heard about Dr.
Nick Gonzalez, who has had
remarkable success treating
patients with some of the most
lethal forms of cancer that con-
ventional medicine cannot ef-
fectively address using a
three-pronged nutritional ap-
There's a good chance you
answered "no" to these ques-
tions, and that's not a coinci-
dence. Information like this is
not easy to come by in the
mainstream press or from most
conventional health care au-
thorities, which is one of the
primary reasons why I started
this site. Alternatives to drugs
and surgery are out there, but
unless there is a profit to be
had, you aren't likely to hear
about them. In fact, the system
is set up to make sure that you
One of the prime examples
of this is vitamin D.
Over 800 studies already
show that vitamin D could
have cancer-prevention and/or
treatment possibilities. But the
problem is that it's a natural
substance that can't be patented
as a simple supplement, mean-
ing there's no real revenue in it,
compared to a prescription
brand drug. That's why many
drug studies involving vita-
mins of any kind hinge on how
the FDA defines drugs and
A drug is defined as a prod-
uct meant for the diagnosis,
cure, mitigation, treatment, or
prevention of a disease.. A sup-
plement is defined as a product
that is meant to simply "sup-
plement" or "enhance" a nor-
mal diet within the daily
allowances recommended by
the FDA.. Retailers who sell
supplements are not allowed to
tell you that vitamin D can
possibly "prevent, mitigate or
cure" cancer without having
the FDA accuse them of selling
a drug that hasn't been ap-
proved through the proper
FDA process.
That process of getting a
drug to market costs an aver-
age $359 million and takes
nearly 10 years – with a good
portion of the money going di-
rectly to the FDA through user
fees. Over the years these fees
have become a major funding
source for the FDA. What drug
companies get in return is
faster FDA reviews and drug
As a result, a kind of you-
yours scenario has ensued,
with drug companies maintain-
ing major leverage over the
FDA when it comes to protect-
ing their revenue sources, in-
cluding making sure the $60
billion-a-year supplement
business doesn't get in the way
of drug sales. The history of
FDA laws and regulations on
file at Harvard Law School,
explains how years ago an
FDA task force long ago estab-
lished this policy...
"… to ensure that the pres-
ence of dietary supplements on
the market does not act as a
disincentive to drug develop-
What Can You do to Support
Real Health and Healing?
For starters, recognize that
health does not come from a
pill … and no disease is caused
by a "drug or vaccine defi-
ciency." As written on Green-
" … is there any greater
absurdity than a medical model
that treats the symptoms of dis-
ease with sub-lethal dosages of
toxic chemicals and in which
there is no attempt to uncover,
understand or remove the
causes of those imbalances?
After all, what disease has
ever been found to be caused
by a lack of a drug?
Is acid reflux caused by a
lack of proton-pump in-
Is heart disease caused by
a lack of statin drugs?
Is osteoporosis caused by
a lack of Fosamax?
Is cancer caused by a lack
of chemotherapy?
Is depression caused by a
lack of Paxil?
Absolutely not! Then why
would anyone consider it
sound practice to use poten-
tially toxic chemicals as a first-
line treatment for conditions
that are not caused by a lack of
a chemical? To the contrary
many diseases are caused ex-
actly by cumulative exposures
to chemicals that not unlike
drugs are biologically alien to
the body, i.e we are treating
poisoning with poisons! Can
we dignify this approach by
calling it medicine? Or, is it
more accurately described as a
form of sorcery?"
Until real systemic change
takes place, your best health
strategy is quite simply to em-
ploy and maintain a naturally
healthy lifestyle that will opti-
mize your body's innate heal-
ing abilities and minimize your
need for the drug companies'
latest concoctions. We are,
however, working hard to
change the system and help
protect your health freedoms
from corrupt influences like
the drug industry; you can
learn more about our newest
initiative toward this end,
Health Liberty, now.
It is, of course, of paramount
importance to take control of
your health so you can stay
well naturally, without the use
of drugs or even frequent con-
ventional medical care. If you
adhere to a healthy lifestyle,
you most likely will not need
medications in the first place.
This encompasses several
principles, including:
Proper Food Choices
For a comprehensive guide
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the porch from the living room for entertaining family and friends.
There is a lrg chefs kitchen with island and lots of storage, lrg
bedrms, lrg laundry rm with plenty of room for freezers. To many
things to mention! A must see! Only $198,000
106 White Hill Trl- Gorgeous lakeview home in Pernitas
Point! Nice open floorplan, and is move-in ready! The home
has been completely remodeled, and some of the features include:
granite counters, carpet, refinished cabinets, insulation, neutral
paint colors, & lots more! Invite family and friends over because
it's a great place to enjoy the waterview while entertaining. Sits
on 2 large lots completely fenced, small poll barn, workshop in
garage, and more! A must see! Make an offer! Only $ 164,900
7 Gorgeous Lots in Pernitas Point Subdivision! Lots are
all together with a panoramic view of the lake. Build your
dream home, or set up trailers, with lots of room for boat stor-
age, Party room, and much more! Only $60,000!
1304 Dakota, Robstown-Cute 2/2 starter, retirement or investor home!
This home has been completely remodeled including: new plumbing,
wiring, windows, tiled shower, sinks, kitchen cabinets, laminate floor-
ing, carpet, closet, fresh paint, inside and out, and much more! This is
a great price for a home like this! A must see! The home is vacant, so
windows are boarded to prevent vandalism. They have wonderful neigh-
bors! Make an offer! Only $40,000
723 N Aransas St. - Cute home! This 3/1.5 with 1056 sq ft
would be a great starter home, with nice size back yard that is
completely fenced, great yard for the little one to play. This
home would be a good investment for someone who wants to
do some minor repairs/updating and flip it or could be good
rental income! Lots of possibilities! Don't pass this one by!
Only $33,440
Puzzle Solutions
Solution to This Month’s
Solution to This Month’s
303 Carmel Dr- Beautiful waterfront home in Carmel Hills
Subd.! The home has lrg bdrms, lrg kitchen with buffet, lrg
laundry rm with sink, and enclosed a/c patio. The home also
has a nice cement bulkhead, boat house, boat launch, pier and
cabana. Only $190,000.00
205 S Lee, Mathis- Nice Home, corner lot and conveniently
located! This 3/2/1 has 1222 sq ft and located across the street
from schools plus walking distance to restaurants, grocery store,
and more! The house has hardwood floors and lrg trees. Great
starter or retirement home! Only $88,000.00
Waterview lots in Lakeshore Subdivision! 47 Lots to choose
from. Beautiful large lots with great views. If you don't care
about being on the water, but want water access these are the lots
for you! There is a homeowners park with boat launch! Re-
stricted Subdivision, and reduced to $15,000 each!! Call for more
t S
To Advertise:
Corpus Christi and Other Coastal
Bend Areas,
Call Jenell @ 361-547-9062
Brazoria County Area
Call Tom @ 979-482-6974
Liberty County, North Houston Areas
Call Frank @ 832-423-4183
on which foods to eat and
which to avoid, see my nutri-
tion plan. Generally speaking,
you should be looking to focus
your diet on whole, un-
processed foods (vegetables,
meats, raw dairy, nuts, and so
forth) that come from healthy,
sustainable, local sources, such
as a small organic farm not far
from your home.
For the best nutrition and
health benefits, you will want
to have raw food as a good por-
tion of your diet. Personally, I
aim to eat about 80-85 percent
of my food raw, including raw
eggs and humanely raised or-
ganic animal products that
have not been raised on a
CAFO (confined animal feed-
ing operation).
Nearly as important as
knowing which foods to eat
more of is knowing which
foods to avoid, and topping the
list is fructose. Sugar, and fruc-
tose in particular, contributes
to multiple disease processes in
your body, not the least of
which is insulin resistance, a
major cause of accelerated
Comprehensive Exercise
Program, including High-In-
tensity Exercise like Peak Fit-
Even if you're eating the
healthiest diet in the world,
you still need to exercise to
reach the highest levels of
health, and you need to be ex-
ercising effectively, which
means including not only core-
strengthening exercises,
strength training, and stretch-
ing but also high-intensity ac-
tivities into your rotation.
High-intensity, interval-type
training boosts human growth
hormone (HGH) production,
which is essential for optimal
health, strength and vigor.he
Japanese are the longest lived
people on the planet.
Find this article at Dr. Mer-
cola’s website to see his many
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July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 13
tion just because they thought
they were right must wonder
whether it was worth the ef-
They fought for freedom,
liberty and prosperity for their
families and future unborn
generations of Americans and
millions have given their lives
for this nation. And all for
what? So we could let the
helpless be molested and
frightened of their own gov-
ernment officials at our air-
ports? So our young people
could fight and die in foreign
wars of aggression and occu-
pation to make profits for a
few big conglomerates and a
wealthy power elite? Or so the
geeks among us can play video
games outside Las Vegas and
fly drones and kill mostly in-
nocent civilians in the Islamic
world sitting safely behind
video screens?
The boot stamping on
human faces around the world
is sadly mostly American and
you are seeing just the begin-
ning of what we have done to
the cities, towns and rural
areas in far-off lands come full
circle back to America. So yes,
I'm very pessimistic about the
long-term future of our nation
unless free people stand up
and say, "No more!", and fol-
low through with not just
words but actions.
America has become a na-
tion of eunuchs, getting fat and
lazy, existing only to do the
bidding of the state and beg-
ging for crumbs in return for
our servitude. Not a pretty pic-
ture. So man up, America.
Stop the empty rhetoric and
start taking individual human
action to again become free,
prosperous and independent of
those who rule over us.
For A Return To Freedom &
Ron Holland,
Concerned American
Daily Bell: Thanks, Ron, for
your time in providing these
thorough written answers to
our questions. Best of success
in Canada!
cree. This is basically what a
once great republic has been
reduced to. Still, this illegal
immigrant executive order is a
minor issue compared to how
an executive order could be
used in a real or contrived cri-
Any president could easily
impose a total financial lock-
down against productive
America that would confiscate
nearly 100 percent of their
wealth and destroy any re-
maining liberties. I fear the re-
action by opposition
politicians would be just as
cowardly as Romney's.
Your first response might be,
"Ron, this rhetoric is just too
extreme for me. This will
never happen." Well, who
would have thought back in
2006 that the average net
worth per family would fall by
40 percent from 2007 to 2010
but these statistics were just
verified by the Washington
Post last week. I fear what I've
described will happen and
The spark could be a Euro-
pean bank run, sovereign debt
collapse or capital controls
contagion crossing the Atlantic
and reaching the already bank-
rupt United States. It could be
a real military or oil crisis in
the Middle East, terrorist at-
tack or contrived black flag
operation designed to provide
the justification for a presiden-
tial executive order that could
take the rest of your net worth
over a single night.
The few remnants of the
original republic of our Found-
ing Fathers, plus our remain-
ing wealth and liberties, will
be destroyed overnight by a
pre-planned presidential exec-
utive order during a future real
or contrived crisis. Forget the
two-party propaganda of how
either establishment presiden-
tial candidate or party will
save or destroy our nation, as
there is no real difference be-
tween Romney and Obama.
Daily Bell: Are you optimistic
or pessimistic about the future
of freedom in America?
Ron Holland: Obviously, I'm
very concerned because I don't
see where the American peo-
ple have the will to resist and
stand up to tyranny any more.
Although the Internet now
gives any American the oppor-
tunity to get an unbiased free-
market view of politics,
history and what is really hap-
pening to our nation, the will
to resist appears to be dying
before our very eyes.
I don't mean to sound sexist
here but any nation or people
made up of fathers, husbands
or lovers who are willing to
stand aside and allow thugs
and perverts to grope, feel up
and intimidate their children,
spouses or elderly parents
without wholesale rebellion
and resort to outrage and de-
fense does not deserve to live
free any longer.
Jerry Sandusky has been
justly convicted of child sex-
ual abuse while tens of thou-
sands of unemployable,
make-work federal govern-
ment employees do the same
every day to our children,
wives and the elderly and only
a few people voice their out-
rage while most just submit.
Now, there is reason for
proper security procedures
even if most of the "so-called"
terrorism and the threat have
been fabricated, faked or insti-
gated for funding and control
reasons. It can be done profes-
sionally and without intimida-
tion like in Europe or here in
Canada but in the US, all of
this is just conditioning for the
I fear George Orwell saw the
future of the US when he
wrote, "If you want a vision of
the future, imagine a boot
stamping on a human face –
forever." This is what America
has become, in my humble
I'm a Christian and a be-
liever, although probably a lit-
tle unconventional. But I truly
believe if there is a God in
heaven and a hereafter that our
forefathers are looking down
on us today as Americans and
shedding tears not of fear but
of sadness and revulsion for
what spineless wimps we have
become. Men like Washington
and Jefferson, Lee and Jack-
son, who fought against im-
possible odds and resisted
tyranny, invasion and occupa-
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 14
Classified Ads
July 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 15
381 Carmel Drive
Sandia, TX 78383
Lloyd and JaNelle Barnes
Linda Sue Barnes
(361) 343-7400
(361) 547-0505 Fax
Richard Rowe
available ranging in size and prices. Call 361-343-7400 for more information!
Farm & Ranch
128 3rd St, Lake City - 2008 custom Palm Harbor home with 12' x 12'
shop w/electricity situated on two lots with hurricane fence. Live near Lake
CC with access to boat ramp. FOR LEASE @ $1,000./mo or Sale @ $65,000.
1525 FM 534 - Dinero Country Store Great location very close to
IH 37 and not too far from HWY 281 perfect for a general store or
Eagle Ford Oil Field office space! Sits on 1 acre corner lot on well
traveled roads. Additional acreage available. Offered at $79,900.
1200 E. Wilson, Mathis-5.05 Ac - Very close to IH 37 and great
location for a commercial yard! 3/2 Rustic ranch home complete with
horse barns, pens, arena, workshop, stable & support structure. Updated
bathrooms. Located close to town. REDUCED $174,000. $189,000.
560 CR 372 - Original Barbon Subd 3 BD/2 BA home with 2 car garage
situated on 2 spacious waterfront lots (over 1/2 acre). 2 open patios and
deck make it nice to sit ouside and watch the kids swim and play. Fish from
your private pier or launch your boat from your own launch! $262,500.
One Team | One Goal
Real Estate with Real Results
Keep up with LBRET and area
lake happenings at
NEW LISTING - 124 E. Lakeview Trail - Enjoy the lake life at a
fraction of the cost of waterfront in this 3BR/2BA waterview home
that sports an updated kitchen w/granite counter tops and island.
Partially furnished, wood burning fireplace, ceiling fans through-
out, covered deck that overlooks Lake CC, all make this home an
attractive buy. Lots of storage below home. Offered at$149,400!
Vista Dr - Unique1 acre lot with a large (52' across), clover leaf shaped pool, 2 bath, conces-
sion & a large covered area. Adjacent lot available - Endless Possibilities!REDUCED $37,500.
139 Cenesia Dr - Carmel Hills WATERVIEW - Perfect weekend getaway or home that has
been remodeled inside & out! Spacious 2 BD/1 BA with living open to dining & kitchen.
Enjoy the lake view from a 12’x30’ covered deck or bask in the sun on the 8’x40’ side deck.
Property owners have access to boat launches and waterfront parks. Offered at $97,900.
NEW LISTING - Approximately 5 Acres, Arrowhead - Secluded, undeveloped acreage with heavy
brush located on private, cul-de-sac road. Call 361-343-7400 for more details.
126.22 Acres, River Frontage - FM 1540 - Property situated on a mile of Nueces River
frontage (below the dam). What a great place to hunt, fish, relax and spend quality time with
family and friends! 1/4 of minerals owned to convey to buyer. Offered at $350,260.
24894 Lakeshore DR (CR 350) - Located across the street from Lake CC, this
3BR/3BA home on nearly half an acre,features a split bedroom floorplan with 2
large living areas and 2 septic systems. Large pear and pecan trees! $69,900.
900 E. Lewis, Sinton - Just a stone's throw from Sinton’s schools,
this 3BR/2BA home, situated on a corner lot, is ideally located.
Two spacious living areas, of which one is wired for surround
sound and could be used as a home theatre. 3 car carport,
separate garage, covered patio and workshop area! $143,200.
NEW LISTING - 1.25 Acres, Barbon Harbor Estates - Great building site! Offered at $40,000.
NEW LISTING - Pernitas Point, Unit 3 Waterfront lot - Saddle Trail Offered at $40,000.
All great locations within the Eagle Ford Shale area! Come enjoy the good life - the lake life!!
New Listing
Send ad text to The Texas
Free Press, 111 Pack Trail.,
Sandia, TX 78383, or send
ad copy by e-mail to
Deadline: 20th of each
month for both ad copy and
payment. All ads will be
deleted the following month
unless we receive payment to
run the ad for an additional
All classified ads with text
only, up to 40 words, $10.
Added photo, $10.
For Sale
Estate Sale
For Sale,
Call Jim
@ 361 547-6474
Ladies Black Leather Mo-
torcycle Jacket, approxi-
mately size 16-18. Zip out
lining. Good Looking. Rarely
worn. Too big for me these
days. $50 or make an offer.
Call Penny at 361-547-9062.
JULY 13, 14, 15
8 am to 5 pm
315 CR 175
Turn Left @ Lagarto
Green Store
Lagarto, Texas
129 Zenna - REDUCED! in
Point Loma 2BR/2BA w/bonus
loft room on .377 acres. Huge
kitchen, lots of cabinets, open
living room w/fp.
MLS 172809 $109,500
Lot 4 Zenna, Waterfront lot
for $50,000. Additional 1/2
acre lots for $10,000.
335 Hwy. 359 Commercial
lot, 2.9 acres, 313 ft. Hwy
frontage, $89,500
167 Carmel Dr.
Waterfront- 4/4.5/2 on 1
acre. 3 lr, fp, updated
kitchen. Bunk house w/ac.
MLS 168493 $405,500
Donna Shambo-Voyles
Associate Broker
Keller Williams Realty Rockport
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Coming To You For
Something to think about....
if you went out today and spent one dollar
every second, you could spend a million
dollars in twelve days.
At the same rate, it would take you about
32 years to spend a billion dollars.
But to spend a trillion dollars would take a
lot longer.
If you went out and spent one dollar every
single second, it would take you more than
31,000 years to spend a trillion dollars.
115 E. Lakeview Trail
Fabulous view of lake. 3 Bed. 2 bath, Custom
built with high effieiency & wind storm rated.
9 ft. ceilings.. Oak cabinets with sliders in
kit/baths. Granit-look counters with island.
Sits on 3 lots with extra lot adjoining. 20x24
metal shop, 1000 gal. septic and 500 gal. addi-
tional tank. RV hook-up $264,600
376 Ranger Dr. -5 acres for boat storage,
RV storage, fish ponds with catfish and
lots of open spaces. Gorgeous manicured 5
acres. 30 x 60 tractor barn. Kunzite hut
workshop 30 x 50 on slab. 3 bedroom, 2
bath with all new stainless appliances. Gas
oven, double door stainless refrigerator com-
mercial size. 2 Flat-screen TV and new
washer/dryer to stay with property. 12 x 60
covered back porch. $249,900
"...[W]e insist on the principle
that no danger or crisis, foreign
or domestic, will be solved by
Americans surrendering more
of their constitutional liberties,
in the foolish hope that a bigger
government will provide greater
Larry P. Arnn
(1952- ) President of Hillsdale College, MI
Pelican Canoe. Cost $299 plus
tax new, plus cost of paddles.
Will sell canoe, paddles and
one boat cushion for $150.
About 11-12 feet long. Perfect
for one or two adults. Call
Electric/ Acoustic
Mandolin. New strings. Great
for beginner or for practice in-
strument! Will let go for $50
or best offer over $35. Call
Penny at 361-547-9062.
Having ignored the advent of
the Internet in their hubris and
arrogance, the powers-that-be
are now stuck with tens of mil-
lions of bright, energetic peo-
ple who understand what is
going on and reject it.
The elites rely on central
banking to bankroll their des-
perate grab for world power.
But even central banking is
coming under withering fire.
Rand Paul, for instance, has
adopted part of his father's per-
spective when it comes to cen-
tral banking. In his stated
platform he wants to audit the
Fed .
This is a start but no matter
what Rand Paul finds – or
were to find – those involved
in the central banking promo-
tion will defend it because they
literally have no other choice.
They are not going to be rea-
sonable about it. It's not a de-
bate but the grimmest of
The elites use Hegelian di-
alectic means to control their
world and so it is possible they
might wish to move toward a
controlled gold standard. But a
free-market money supply
(versus "their" vision of a con-
trolled gold standard) is not
something they will ever toler-
ate or seek to implement. Too
Rand Paul and his father
(whom we admire) may prom-
ise change but ultimately, as
Graves knew, change is imple-
mented by the erosive action of
historical tides, not by sand
sculptures on the beach. We
may have free-money, but only
after their schemes founder
and gradualiy fail.
Of course, personally, I don't
approve of what Rand Paul is
doing. His statement regarding
the possibility of being Rom-
ney's running mate is some-
what ill advised.
I admire Ron Paul and think
the "revolution" is worth fight-
ing for. There is much to be
said for Ron Paul's uncompro-
mising positions (thus far any-
The Daily Bell could have a
larger readership but through-
out our tenure we've tried to
tell the truth as we see it,
though many readers find it at
least somewhat unpalatable.
On the other hand, we've had a
significant impact, with many
in the alternative media adopt-
ing at least portions of our
We've chosen to educate
rather than compromise. That's
what thought publications do.
When you compromise your
basic message, you sometimes
get into trouble. Rand Paul is a
good example. In one stroke,
he's anticipated the destruction
that accepting the VP spot
from Mitt Romney would en-
At least, had Romney offered
the spot to Rand Paul, the pos-
sibility of being VP might to
some extent have balanced the
scales. But this way, Rand Paul
has acquired a burdensome
legacy without ascertaining the
extent of the opportunity.
Now, it is true that there was
a meeting held recently be-
tween Rand Paul and Mitt
Romney. Perhaps this was the
secret quid pro quo. Rand Paul
endorses Romney and then
speaks out favorably regarding
the possibility of becoming
At this point, perhaps, Rom-
ney begins to actuate the
process that makes it so.
We ran an analysis yester-
day of Rand Paul's endorse-
ment of Mitt Romney –
concluding the father was an
educator and the son was a
Our larger point was that no
matter Ron Paul's personal
foibles and difficulties, history
had chosen him to be the
bearer of a message about
freedom. You can choose to
listen to the message or criti-
cize the bearer. Up to you.
I know where I stand. We've
made a point, after all, of com-
paring the evolution of the In-
ternet to the Protestant
Reformation. The Reforma-
tion (planned by the elites
though it may have been) was
in fact a big deal with lots of
consequences, many of them
rather good for freedom.
The bearer of that message,
Martin Luther, was certainly
flawed. A virulent anti-Semite,
he encouraged violence to-
wards the Jewish peoples in
his book, On the Jews and
Their Lies.
"We are at fault in not slay-
ing them" for avenging the
death of Jesus Christ ...
There are some, of course,
(even within the freedom
movement) who would likely
defend Luther's arguments and
his wholesale excoriations.
But to damn an entire group of
people for certain individuals'
activities is surely not the
height of wisdom.
To damn Ron Paul for want-
ing the best for his family and
for his son is likewise unfair or
at least naïve. Ron Paul, de-
spite his grandfatherly ap-
proach, is an immensely
intelligent man with a blazing
internal passion.
The message he has spread
will have consequences far be-
yond the efficiency of his cam-
paigns – or even the intentions
with which he carried them
The Rand Paul apostasy
(that's how people are treating
it) is seen by many as the end
of an era. But really, the era is
only beginning.
Ron Paul is a messenger, not
the message. Were the Renais-
sance or Reformation derailed
by the statements or actions of
its leaders, or were they bigger
than that?
"One of the best ways to get yourself
a reputation as a dangerous citizen
these days is to go about repeating
the very phrases which our founding
fathers used in the great struggle for
Charles Austin Beard
(1874-1948) Professor at Columbia University
Date: 1935
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Have a safe and
Independence Day
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Christian Bar of Soap
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