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Introduction Once there was a king who had a pear tree which bore four and twenty golden pears. Everyday, he went into the garden and counted them to see that none were missing. But one morning, he found that a pear had been taken during the night and there he was troubled, for the pear tree was a dear to him as the apple of his eye. 1. Title The Swan Maiden 2. Author Katherine Mansfield was born in Wellington, New Zealand to a middle-class colonial family. After she finished school in England, she went home to New Zealand and began writing short stories. Her first collection of short stories is entitled “In a German Pension”. She was widely considered one of the best short story writers of her period and her works are frequently included in anthologies of short stories. She died of tuberculosis in France on January 1923. 3. Characters A. King – very demanding, he had a pear tree which bore four and twenty golden pears B. Eldest Prince – King’s Son who first experienced the challenge in his life. - he was asleep and snoring until the little leaves shook upon. C. Second Son – King’s Son who also experienced it, but he fared no better than the first. D. Young Prince – smart & brave;He was more clever than his brothers (for he stuffed his ears with wax) at the same time he was the prince who catched the thief E. Swan Maiden – the one who draws the water and builds the fire, loving & caring, fearful F. Witch – arrogant; she is the one who gives three tasks for the prince to fulfill before he would release the maiden. B. Who do the character remind me of? Character 1. Swan Maiden 2. Youngest Prince 4. Setting Soon they – the prince and the Swan Maiden found the pear tree in the orchard. Body Conflict The prince was able to get the three eggs of the crow and to hide these till they escape from the witch. Solution The Swan Maiden helped him get the eggs. Reminds me myself my bestfriend Why Because I learned how to choose right decisions. Because he is loving and caring.


he heard none of it and stayed wide awake. there came the prettiest music that his ears had ever heard and before he knew what that about he asleep and snoring until the little leaves shook upon the tree. the king’s son stepped down to the ground. tied it to the branches. and the seven wide rivers until they came near the princes home again. When morning came and the prince awoke. Then the prince climbed the hair and so reached the nest. and he could tell no more about it than his brother. This time the prince see the gray sky and the dark earth and ever yonder is a glass hill and on the hill is a house that shine like fire. The prince broke open the first egg.” That night. he was challenged of it. he heard the music. and there. “That maybe as may be. he fell fast asleep so during his task. another pear was gone. Next morning. but if he spare her life. He called the eldest prince and said. body and bones. and in a little while. There were the three eggs. He knocked at the door and the old with herself came and opened it. he asked if she will promise to be his sweetheart and to marry him. “If you will watch my pear tree tonight and catch the thief who stole the pear. he need first to clean the stables of the witch. he should be torn to pieces. It began pecking at one of the pears. The prince want the one who draws the water and builds the fire. the eldest prince sat down beside the tree with his gun across his knees to wait for the coming of the thief. he never did it and there was his savior and that is the Swan Maiden. The prince said he will not shoot the Swan Maiden. The Swan Maiden alighted in a great wide field. “said the Swan Maiden. When morning came. and the swan flew over the roof. I he could tell no more about it than the man in the moon. They came to the top of the hill of glass. When midnight passed and the music had ended.PLOT Now the king had three sons. and there. The third night it was the turn of the youngest prince. the second son set to watch the pear tree but he feared no better than the first about midnight. But the prince was not to be scared instead. When the prince looked along the barrel of the gun. but the prettiest maiden that he had ever looked upon The Maiden cried saying “Don’t shoot me. ”for I serve the witch with three eyes. she told the prince to break open the crow’s egg. he was snoring until the stones rattled. For that was the last task that the witch gave him and now he succeed. The next night. She told him plainly that if he fail the doing. He waited and waited and still he saw not so much as a thread or a hair. As for the Swan Maiden and the prince. the wind began to blow and catching up the maiden’s hair. He was clever than his brothers for he stuffed his ears with wax so that when the music came. King’s Son! “ But the prince had no thought of shooting her for he had seen anyone as beautiful in all of his days. But about midnight. it was not a swan that he saw. you shall have half of my kingdom now and the whole of it when 1 am gone. he took the wax out of his ears so that he might listen for the coming of the thief there was a loud clapping and ratting and a white swan flew overhead and alit in the pear tree. carried it to the top of the fir tree. the seven deep valleys. Every time that the prince laid his head on the top of the Swan Maiden as she combed his hair with a golden comb. They flew over the seven high mountains. another pear was gone. out of it came a splendid castle of silver . But before he got it.

Glossary / Vocabulary Words Pear Thief Scowled Stuffed Task Thatch Pronunciation pār thef scoul stuf task thach Parts of Speech noun noun noun verd noun noun Meaning tree and its edible fruit a robber frown. 2. the prince tried and tried until he succeed in his own life. I learned how to got what I want are the steps to do before we have the things we need in our life. the prince and the Swan Maiden were married. we just need to have trust. and a grand wedding it was. Here. stacks barley or other gain prepared by water and heat for fermentation and breeving to step on with force. to travel on foot. and plenty to eat and to drink. He become a good leader for his to brothers because there are many things that he can unlike them both of them. out of it came more than a hundred servants dressed in silver and gold. I observed what are the things that the prince did to own the swan and on what way did the swan helped the prince. angry look to overfill. 3. Despite our problems and troubles in life. At this moment. I learned such things I know who was the thief and how was she handled by the prince. reeds. In this story. self-confidence and patience in ourselves.IV. Conclusion 1. And when he broke open the third egg. used or covering roof’s of cottages. V. Comment May this story encourage many students to read this. Moral Lesson In this short story . with music of fiddles and kettledrums . to wonder Malt mawlt noun Tramp tramp verb . to pack an assignment of work straw. and gold. When he broke open the second egg. Rating I rate the story 10 because it is so interesting and beautiful. out of it came such great herds of cows and sheep that they covered the meadow far and near. etc.