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Dear Parents, The senior class is off to a great start this year.

We won class scramble, which meant seniors made the most of the useless junk they had lying around. It is a privilege for us to be sponsoring such an academically driven, spiritually minded, and fun loving class. The first major event of senior year is coming up on Friday September 7th through Sunday the 9th. We will be traveling by bus to Moqui Group Campground in Happy Jack, AZ. This group campground is approximately 40 miles SW of Winslow, 50 miles NE of Payson and 70 miles SE of Flagstaff. Please feel free to check out the campground website: During senior survival there will be several activities that will involve team building, bonding and worship. Along with these activities we will be cooking together and for each other as a class. The class has been split into groups of their own choice with senior class officers heading up each group. A menu has been planned with the essential ingredients to prepare the meal. It is the responsibly of the group to buy, prepare, and clean up one assigned meal during senior survival. It is at the discretion of the group to decide if they would like to purchase more than the minimum required amount of food needed to feed up to 45 people. Below is a bulleted itinerary of the general flow of Senior Survival 2012. We thank you in advance for helping your student’s group to purchase and contribute food to the meal. Food will be collected, labeled, and packed Thursday night September 6th in the Student Center to enable us to have a speedy departure the next day. Friday September 7 8am: Meet at TAA chapel parking lot 11am: Stop for lunch, students bring money for lunch 12-2pm: Recreation before campground check in 2pm: Check into Moqui Group Campground -Set up camp -Free time -Dinner -Worship Sabbath September 8 9am: Breakfast 11am: Worship/Team building activities 1pm: Lunch Free Time -Hike AZ Trail -Team Building/Games 5pm: Dinner 7pm: Sundown Worship Sunday September 9 8am: Breakfast 9-11am: Clean up camp 11am: Check out 2pm: Lunch @ Wet n Wild -Lunch provided students may bring more money for additional food 2-7pm: Wet n Wild Phoenix, AZ

We are here to help and make this a great experience for the students of the Senior Class.8pm: Arrive at TAA Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns that you might have. please lift us up in your prayers for safety and a unity that lasts the entire year and beyond. Dennis Anderson Arlene Morada Oliver Morada . Blessings. Your Sponsors Jill Linthwaite Robbie Parrish Chaperones. Finally.