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Amy Ling - Professional ePortfolio Scenario

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To access the accompanying mindmap click here. Amy's background
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Education Institution NZ's (EINZ) newest lecturer is Amy Ling, PhD She is Chinese and immigrated to New Zealand in the early 1990's. Amy completed her Bachelor's degree at the University of Auckland, Masters at University of Melbourne and PhD at London University. Amy worked in the finance division of ING for 10 years. She has recently published a book on Hedge Funds Analysis (the subject of her PhD) Amy has worked as a teaching assistant while completing her studies. She has no formal teaching qualification. Amy wishes to be a Professor within 10 years. She is seeking advice from the EINZ Learning and Teaching Support Centre on how to advance her career.

Areas of expertise
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Group and Organizational Dynamics Budgeting, cost analysis, and allocation Financial accounting and reporting Personal finance Tax Planning and preparation

What does a teaching ePortfolio offer Amy?
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A place to focus on performance outcomes in teaching, professional learning and development, and research and leadership A tool to enable her to share easily with her teaching team, mentor, and community of practice A place to record and reflect on her performance and on feedback A place to record research, professional learning and development, and leadership activity A repository to collect (and later select from) evidence of competency in design, facilitation, assessment and evaluation

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A place to develop and a tool to adapt to a showcase portfolio for promotion purposes A tool that may be used as part of her progress towards her teaching qualification

What does Amy need to be able to demonstrate?
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Design, Facilitation, Assessment and Evaluation in teaching Self management of professional learning and development Research activity and outputs Achievements in leadership roles Professionalism in all aspects of her work

Amy's Barriers / Challenges
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English as a second language (students /colleagues sometimes find it difficult to understand her) No course design or lesson planning experience. No formal teaching qualification or experience as a lecturer Basic ICT literacy - has only just started to use Blackboard in her teaching A full teaching load & is trying to publish further research papers around her PhD topic Involved in programme review for the department, and is anxious as she is unsure what to / how to contribute to this process

EINZ Learning and Teaching Support Centre - advice Be able to
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Define, fully understand and be able to demonstrate competencies as a lecturer Evidence achievements and competencies at key points e.g. Performance management reviews, application for promotion ● Plan and sustain performance over time ● Have clear goals and plan for the next progression What support needs to be in place?
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Mentoring by those who are senior lecturers and have advanced ePortfolios Clear processes for promotion and performance management A supportive teaching team A Community of Practice in her discipline / ePortfolios Regular feedback from manager on her performance Institutional support Professional learning and development from outside sources as appropriate Progress towards a teaching qualification (if desired / required)


The portfolio is... ● targeted to the key teacher competencies and performance outcomes ● updated regularly from existing activity ● developmental but has the capacity to be easily turned into a showcase portfolio ● shared in the teaching teams ● encourages evaluation and reflection ● primarily focused on the student learning experience ● evidence of commitment to the learning community ● a collection of examples of innovation, design and planning - teaching and research ● a place to reflect on and hone a personal learning and teaching philosophy ● inclusive of a highly tuned and specific professional learning and development plan Some suggestions of what Amy could include in an ePortfolio
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Professional blog - refining of discipline ideas / theories - global feedback - become a name in your field Programme blog - keeps a blog throughout the programme each year. Encourages students to add thoughts, ideas and comments Has an aggregator - follows other experts blogs and contributes regularly (keeps current with theories and practice) In Scribd - publishes papers written (research, reviews, commentary) In Slideshare - shares PowerPoints presentations - records audio of presentation at the conference, and adds to Slideshare presentation to make a Slidecast PB wiki - reflections (tagged) Twitter - professional network - sharing resources / ideas Raw data - accesses discipline specific data freely available - uses Gapminder to represent own data logitudianlly in dynamic diagrams Online community - finance specific Podcasts - discussions around finance with experts, students, postgrads Webinar - attends / runs sessions around the world Twine - uses a social bookmarking tool when researching subjects. Shares the Twine with peers at Unitec NZ as well as with other practitioners around the world Flickr - images / diagrams of theories

Videos and tutorial to help educators use ePortfolios
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ePortfolios for Faculty Tenure Review - 1 min 25 sec ePortfolios can help students get jobs - 2 min 12 sec ePortfolios for Demonstrating Competencies in Credential Programs - 3 min 17 sec

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