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August 21, 2012 Sr. Genoveva Dumay

Individual Reflection

How do you see your own individual image of Jesus in relation to the Popular Filipino Images of Jesus? In relation to the Popular Filipino Images of Jesus, I see Him most as the Suffering Servant. What reminds me to be strong every day since a very recent break up is the love Jesus had and still has for us, especially when He died for us on the cross. Jesus went through so much hardship just to liberate us from the burdens of our sins. He carried the weight of the world so that we could be free. I believe that since I have underwent many rock-bottom moments myself, I could somehow relate with the pain Jesus must have felt. He was denied by men and persecuted by them. In the same way, I think that I have done selfless acts myself just for the happiness of those I hold dearest to my heart. What is the challenge for you as a Christian/Catholic, as a Filipino, (or another nationality)? Be concrete in your discussion. The challenge for me as a Filipino-Chinese Christian is being in a family who have different beliefs. My father thinks he is a “three-in-one” (Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist—but these are just titles to him), my mom thinks she is a Catholic-Buddhist, and my brother is a Catholic. I would be the only real Protestant Christian who believes in the Bible and follows it as much as I can. It would be difficult for me when they would have to bring me to the temple and force me to pray to my deceased grandfather— especially when I do not believe in praying to the dead. I would end up just being respectful and lighting incense for him, but definitely would not pray to the many different buddhas as they all would. I would feel especially annoyed when they would have candies and coins blessed by the temple monk and later offer them to the Sto. Niño at home. However, I believe this is where the “kundiman” in the Filipino culture kicks in. Because I would like my family members to believe in the one and only God I believe in, I would have to show them how that God works inside me. Hence, even though it is difficult for me to respect their beliefs and do what they ask me to (which is definitely against my belief!), I still try to show them the goodness in me, while compromising some of the things I can do and definitely will not do. It is, I believe, the kind of goodness Jesus would have shown. At the same time, I try to bring them to the real Christ as well. I still pray that they will one day realize how much Jesus loves them and ultimately decides to love him back. I would love them to quit “religion” and start a relationship with God. (Words: 446)