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R e g u l a r i t y a n d P u n c t u a l i t y

n , S y n o p s e s o f l e c t u r e r s a n d r e a d i n g L i s t s s u p p l i e d t o s t


D e t a i l s o f c o u r s e t e a c h i n g p l a

u d e n t s ( 0 d )I ) n t D e e r t n a a il l s E o v f a p l a u r a ti ti c o i n p a i ti )P o a n p i e n r S t e h t e ti n f g o ll A o ii) w ss i es n s g m : e nt i) of H o m e As si g n .

.m en tsC e iii) n on dt uc r ta of l Ex a mi E na x ti t on se r n iv) va a lul ati on ofV Dia ssl er u ta a tio nt i o n a t U n i v e r s i t y . M .

A p e . n c q e u r e n s e t d i o p n a p p e a . c A o . r s I n i n t t e e r r n n a a l l a p n d a p e e x r t e s r n a a r l e a r v e a s l e u t e d o n F o t r h e M .

r t s h e o f c f o e u r r s e e d . p a p e r I s n t a e n r d n a p l r e a s n e d n t E a x t t i e o r n n s a l a s e x p a a m r s t a o s f w . w A o l r l k s e m i n a r i s a s s e s s e d .

y A l . e Mv o e l.e n l o l g r a a s p c h l s a a s r s e e t v e a s t l u a a r t e e d c a o t n U d u n c i t v e e d r . C. Det ails of Inn ova tion s/C ontr ibut ion s in Tea chi ng duri ng . si Mt .

the yea r: Des ign of curr icul um Syll abu s revi sio n for P.G . cou rse. . Tea chi ng Met hod s Mor e inter actio n bet wee n the stud ent and facul tyby pro vidi ng fea sibl e issu e for deb ate.

A . semi nar pap er for prop er asse ssm ent of the stud ent .Lab ora tor y exp eri me nts NIL Eval uati on met hod s Two facul ty parti cipat ion in stud ent (M. midt erm.) pres enta tions .

Symposia etc. Ph.D. Orientation attended. participation in Summer schools. workshops.g) An y ot he r To ok cla ss es on Gr a m m ar an d Lin gui stic s of Malayalam for students for preparing UGC JRF Exams.Phil. Seminars. D. Imp rov em ent of Pro fes sio nal co mp ete nce a) Details regarding refresher course. Participated Seminar on Comparative Literature organized by Thapazam . including Open University courses M.

b) Positions held/Leadership role played in organizations linked with Extension: Work and National Service Scheme Programme Officer.D. Symposia organized Thuravoor. small family norms etc Alappuzha.S.U. (iii) Resource Person. Alappuzha Municipality. S.Phil. . Indian History Congress. of Research papers published (enclose List) One paper aybcOG)aa 6)zJ01kQ)0d zJ(b1) C JU JO cn(%ojcxxim croocn3o(o camao Registered during the Year Completed during the year copicb1 . ('r. Kendra.S. peace. flood or draught Blood Donation Forum. humanism. b)No.mmi4+ KI II ./Ph. a) Parents taken.Phil. 17— 18 February. Member.S. socialism. National Literacy Mission. Alappuzha. Comparitive Literature Society. N. democracy.M08-42004. Family Welfare. RIO. 0) R e e s c e t a r c h Title of the ProjectName of the P r o j funding Agency s : Duration 0) Details of Seminars Conferences : Organized 2 days seminar at Regional Centre. Thuravoor.S. ICDS Projects etc.(ii) National Literacy Mission E..) At the beginning of the Year M.D. if any. 2004. Dedicated and spend more time to community works such as: (I) Involved National Integration programmes conducted by Nehru Yuva scientific temoer. Co-ordinator. (ii) Active member ofrelief. Kerala. F. Research Contributions a) Number of students (M.krtrt. give a brief description 0)Membership of Professional Bodies Editorship of Journals etc. Extension W o r k / C o m m u n i t y Service a) Give a short account of your contributions to: Member. Ph. L1cmkcr A.

A. Games.A. B. Organized various debates for M. RJC Thuravoor. There was shortage of reference materials in the library. . students. Participation in Corporate Life Give a short a'ccount of your contributions to: a)College/University/Institution b)Co-curricular activities c)Enrichment of Campus Life (Hostels.General Data State brief assessment of your performance indicating (a) achievements. Member ASSUT. (b) difficulties faced and (c) suggestions for improvement. RIC Thuravoor.. Convener. Teacher in Charge of Students' Union. ) Professional Organization of Teachers H. Discipline Committee. Cultural Activities) Unit Secretary of Teachers Organization. Signature of the Teacher : At the end of the Semester Feed Backs are collected from students and changes are made accordingly. And also the career development in the form of attending seminar. Sports. 0)More of academic participation for academic development. d)Students Welfare and Discipline e) Membership/Participation in Bodies/Cornmjees on Education Member.G. Alleppey District School Youth Festival and National Development Judging Committee.Assessment a) Steps taken by you for the evaluation of the course programme taught I. i) ii) Being able to help the students with the course work and create aptitude towards research.

J. Remarks of the Campus Director . Verification of Factual Data by Head of Department a) General Information b) Teaching c) Details of Innovations/Contributions in Teaching during the year d) Improvement of Professional Competence e) Research Contributions f) g) h) Extension Work/Community Service Participation in Corporate Life Whether there is any Disciplinary action pending against the teacherl any punishment awarded Remarks of the Head of the Department: (I) Signature of the Head of the Department K.