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All that I am is the result of all that I have thought - Buddha. 1. Illness or wellness, a manifestation of thoughts
Every single experience we are having is coming from our thoughts, hence the only person responsible for any suffering you may experience is you. Whilst this may sound unsympathetic, it is actually the most liberating reality to embrace. Every single disease and illness comes from the thoughts we choose to attach to. Cancer, sphizophrenia, diabetes, the common cold, digestive abnormalities, headaches and every possible physical and behavioural condition we can think of, comes from the individual's choice to experience themselves in a way that they have determined in their minds. Thereafter every relationship, event, person and even meal affirms what the person thinks about him or herself.

2. Observing our thoughts, healing our minds and bodies

When we observe the instant effect our thoughts are having on our physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual health, it becomes increasingly easy to detach from limiting thought forms, heal oneself and release oneself from the illusion of suffering. Every single person has the ability to heal him or herself and equally others. Healing is not limited to a workshop. Rather a workshop is an invitation to the ongoing self-healing and simultaneous co-healing process.

3. The self as energy. Separation or Oneness

By observing the self as a flow of energy, it becomes very easy to let go of limiting thought forms that create illness. Most conventional medicine treats the symptoms of illness or even the stress that causes the illness. Yet it is only when the actual point of creation of the stress and hence the illness is observed, that the illness can be sustainably cured. Through the Inner Word process, the observation of the energy flow allows the limiting thoughts to be recognized and cleared. By listening deep within and observing the points of tension in the body, it becomes very clear how our thoughts create an instant experience of either wellness or illness, Oneness or separation. We choose.

4. Energy fields, ego and conversion of darkness into light

Its simple, if you believe that you are lovable, you will experience love. If you think you are deserving of compassion, you will receive it. If you think of abundance, you will be wealthy. Our thoughts emanate from us and form our energy field as well as record themselves within our bones, our DNA, our chakras and become our karma, creating our future lives we will choose to clear this karma to remember our Oneness. Our choice here on this planet is to surrender our ego to our innate consciousness. A simple understanding of the inner energy flow allows for the detached observation of the essence of all events, people and places. Hence all situations, however perceivably painful become gifts, opportunities to convert darkness into light, not in judgement of the darkness, yet in gratitude for it.

5. Healing the mind, treating dependence and disease

The body is like a computer. Every thought is a command function that the body responds to. By observing our deepest thoughts we can delete the memories that are no longer serving. Dependence and disease happens when thoughts stagnate, drawing the inner energy into a state of stuckness. By addressing the limiting thoughts that have created the lack of power and worth, we are able to revive the bodys inner energy source, redirecting the flow into an experience of wellness. The workshop process includes practical techniques that include: breath control, movement to music to reduce stress and to release tension and limiting thought forms; understanding how the body and mind emanate information through simple electro-magnetic energy awareness and brain wave activity; visualising the self as a source of limitless.

6. Seeing perfection, experiencing Oneness

Everything is already perfect and in balance and it is the human challenge to let go of its limiting perceptions of imperfections. Whether we call the journey Inner Dance, Christ Consciousness, Art of Living, a temple, an eco-village, a car or whatever we want to call it, it matters not. Everything is vibration. When all returns to its essential formless nature, we will be, as we always are and always have been, simply vibration. Whether we call it divine or scientific, in that space of formlessness, our awareness of Who We Really Are, allows us to re-birth an entire, more evolved planet.

7. The workshops: Practical information for participants

What to bring: Journal, writing materials, any drawing or art materials, yoga mat, light foods for lunch, a USB if you would like to get a copy of the music that is used during the workshop. What to wear: Loose, comfortable, stretchable clothes that you can lie down in. Bring an extra jumper as the energy work leads to temperature spikes and descents too. What to expect: Nothing. Come empty, in surrender.

Workshop process: The process is formless. It is simply about being present with everything that comes up. We are experiencing the stages of personal transformation and awakening every single moment of every single day. Here are some possible intentions participants can set to experience as part of the process: release of stored tension, trauma from past/current experiences and previous lives observation and understanding of symptoms of a kundalini rising as indicators of transformation energy awareness, how to observe, manage as well as self and co-heal the body, mind and energy as electricity and magnetism, the Inner Dance energy wave. the stages of awakening as ways to observe the process of self actualization and transcendence the ego death, what does it mean and why is it integral to the evolutionary process the Birth Vision, what is it and how does one remember it. The Inner Word process-listening to the inner dialogue and distinguishing between our ego and consciousness Earthing essence guided inquiry, how do questions unblock trapped trauma, how does attachment to answers lead to stagnation. the Inner Mandala, observing the body as energy centres and expanding this knowledge and application of energy awareness to relationships, families, communities.

Observing the inner consciousness

The Inner Word inquiry process

8. Energy Exchange: Investing in healing:

When we experience the value of a shared experience of Oneness, we find that money could never amount. It is for this reason why I don't charge specific fees for my work and have lived in this trust and space of surrender for the past year. An energy exchange (donations) based on personal inner economics are most welcome as all contributions are being used to build the Indigo School at Maia Earth Village, Philippines,

of which I am a co-founder. When one compares the costs of medical bills and therapy, it is only through experience that one comes into a sense of immeasurable value for spiritual healing. I am as equally committed to supporting the healing and awakening processes through my sessions, workshops and even informal, ongoing consultations as I am to the building of my Maia Earth Village and the Indigo School. Your contributions are deeply valued. Gratitude for your presence My single intention is to support your journey and equally the entire Earth's awakening process. In truth we are simply just remembering the ongoing process of awakening, that happens within each person who surrenders their ego and equally the ego of the earth as we shift into the next stage of planetary evolution, experiencing our Oneness with the Universe. Love, light and gratitude Juanita

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