June 28 2012

Team Information Management

Team Information Management . With the file repository. The current state of our data management is that of individual storage. What does it do? An organizational file repository would enable its members to easily access and store past files. Files stored in the cloud are easily editable and controllable by TLs and/or board members. Only creators and users of materials are able to use these files directly. This would come in handy for storage of promotional materials for future use and the storage of data for future data processing and analyses. The need for hardware file transfers (via USB) are no longer needed. Why do we need it? We need a file repository for backups and archiving of our organizational materials. Forms of file repositories are seen in file servers or even Dropbox or Google Drive. A file repository would keep backups of files in a centralized location thus eliminating the need to ask every member of the organization for the location of a needed file. data would be accessible to org members anytime they want.June 28 2012 File Repository What is a File Repository? A file repository is just another term for a folder or location wherein all general purpose files are stored for easy access among an organization’s members and archiving.

Team Information Management . Aside from this. The support for Google Docs will enable easy file sharing thus eliminating the need for setting user/admin permissions for each spreadsheet/doc/form. This will eliminate the need to send each version of a file to your head every time it is edited. a feature AIESEC uses heavily.June 28 2012 Google Drive Why use Google Drive? Google Drive has 5 GB of free storage to begin with and it has native support for Google Docs. Similar to dropbox. files can be stored here for sharing among other Google Drive users. Photoshop files are natively able to be viewed even w/o Photoshop installed (perks for Promo Matls).

49 $4. I propose that we do a trial for the 5GB free subscription on one of the departments that utilize heavy file sharing to test the effectiveness of using cloud based file repositories and sharing for AIESEC AdMU.99 Expanded storage rates are 2. The usage of a file repository available on the cloud will facilitate ease of use in file sharing and transfer. Possible candidates for the cloud trial are MAC (promo materials and newsletters) and ICX/OGX (matching files and resumes).99 USD for 100GB.bautista@aiesec.49 USD for 25GB and 4. version control for files and documents. and storage and 09175035916 . Team Information Management Francis Bautista Director for Information Management E: francis.June 28 2012 Google Drive as Cloud Storage Storage expansion rates are as follows: Storage 25 GB 100 GB Monthly Rate $2.

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