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The wing of an aircraft in flight, powered by engines located under the wing, is subjected to a bending moment due to thrust and drag. The loading on the front spar of the torsion box from the wing root to the wing tip is: a. compression. b. tension, and then compression. c. tension. d. compression, and then tension. 2. For a turbine engine, the term self -sustaining speed relates to the speed at which the engine: a. is designed to idle after starting. b. will run without any external assistance. c. operates most efficiently in the cruise. d. will enable the generators to supply bus-bar voltage. 3. The advantages of alternating current on board an aircraft are: 1. simple connection 2. high starting torque 3. flexibility in use 4. lighter weight of equipment 5. easy to convert into direct current 6. easy maintenance of machines The combination of correct statements is: a. 3, 4, 5, 6 b. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 c. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 d. 1, 4, 6 4. When two DC generators are operating in parallel, control of load sharing is achieved by: a. the synchronous bus-bar. b. an equalising circuit which, in turn, controls the speed of the generators. c. carrying out systematic load -shedding procedures. d. an equalizing circuit which, in conjunction with the voltage regulators, varies the field excitation current of the generators. 5. In an aeroplane fitted with a constant frequency AC power supply, DC power is obtained from a: a. 3 phase current transformer unit. b. static inverter. c. transformer rectifier unit (TRU). d. rotary converter. 6. The most common extinguishing agent used in gas turbine engine fire protection system is: a. Water. b. Halon. c. CO2. d. Powder. 7. If engine compressor air is bled off for engine anti-icing or a similar system, the turbine temperature: a. will fall. b. will be unchanged. c. may rise or fall depending on which stage of the compressor is used for the bleed and the rpm of the engine at the moment of selection. d. will rise. 8. An AC generator driven by a constant speed drive (CSD): a. does not need a voltage controller since an AC generator voltage cannot alter under load. b. does not need a voltage controller since the CSD will ensure constant voltage. c. requires a voltage controller to maintain constant voltage under load. d. requires a voltage controller to maintain constant frequency. 9. Which statement is correct for a gas turbine engine with a constant speed propeller and free power turbine, when the power setting is increased? I. The gas generator speed increases. II. The EGT decreases.; a. I is correct , II is incorrect b. I is incorrect, II is incorrect c. I is correct, II is correct d. I is incorrect, II is correct. 10. A constant speed drive (CSD) that has been disconnected in flight a. can be reset in flight using the reset mechanism.
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b. can be reset only on the ground after engine shut-down. c. automatically resets in flight providing engine rpm is below a given value. d. automatically resets on engine shut-down. 11. The by -pass air in a by-pass type gas turbine engine promotes lower specific fuel consumption by causing an overall: a. decrease in combustion chamber temperature and higher thermal efficiency. b. decrease in exhaust gas flow average velocity and higher propulsive efficiency. c. increase in exhaust gas flow average velocity thus increasing engine pressure ratio. d. increase in the mean jet temperature and increase in thermal efficiency. 12. Dual ignition provides a factor of reliability and a. improves combustion efficiency. b. provides more voltage. c. improves starting. d. saves wear caused by using one magneto constantly. 13. The slipstream effect of a propeller is most prominent at: a. high airspeeds with high power setting. b. high airspeeds with low power setting. c. low airspeeds with high power setting. d. low airspeeds with low power setting. 14. A relay is: a. An electrical security switch. b. An electromagnetically operated switch. c. A switch specially designed for AC circuits. d. An electrical energy conversion unit. 15. If an engine detonates during climb -out, the normal corrective action would be to: a. apply carburettor heat. b. increase the rate of climb. c. lean the mixture. d. retard the throttle. 16. What may happen during a continuous climb with a mixture setting fully rich? a. Increase of the power available. b. Fouling of spark plugs. c. The engine will operate smoother even though fuel consumption is increased. d. The engine will overheat. 17. The main purpose of a Constant Speed Drive unit is to: a. maintain a constant frequency. b. take part in the balancing of reactive loads. c. mechanically protect the alternator drive shaft during coupling. d. take part in the voltage regulation. 18. The wavelength of a radio transmitted on frequency 121.95 MHz is: a. 24.60 cm b. 2.46 m c. 2.46 cm d. 24.60 m 19. The application of carburettor heating reduces the: a. volume of air entering the carburettor, thus enriching the mixture.. b. volume of air entering the carburettor, thus leaning the mixture. c. density of air entering the carburettor, thus leaning the mixture. d. density of air entering the carburettor, thus enriching the mixture 20. If the ground wire between the magneto and the ignition switch becomes disconnected, the most noticeable result will be that the engine a. will not operate at the right magneto b. will not operate at the left magneto c. cannot be shut down by turning the switch to the OFF position. d. cannot be started with the switch in the ON position

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