Sidwal Refrigeration Industries Ltd

Sidwal is an ISO 9001 certified company promoted by NRI technocrat Mr S S Sidhu, a mechnical engineer from the University of Michigan. Sidwal entered the air conditioning and refrigeration industry in 1974. Through extensive inhouse research and development, Sidwal has become known for the excellent performance and quality of its products. In 1991, Sidwal pioneered the all-indigenous development of roof mounted package air conditioners for passenger rail coaches. Since then Sidwal has supplied more than 6000 air conditioners – duly tested and approved by the Research and Standards Organisation (RDSO) – to the Indian rail coach factories. The famous Indian luxury tourist trains such as the 'Palace on Wheels', 'Royal Rajasthan on Wheels' or the 'Maharaja's Express' are all air conditioned by Sidwal. Sidwal was the first company to have developed Roof Mounted HVAC for diesel and electric loco driver's cabin. Sidwal is the only company to have exported HVAC units and has converted 4 Non-AC coaches into AC coaches. The entire project involved replacing the windows with sealed ones, providing new interiors including seats and wall panels, providing ducting and modification of the coach roof for mounting the AC units. The Project was done jointly with RITES. Sidwal provided 4 year operation and maintenance of these coaches in Bangladesh and trained staff of Bangladesh Railways to finally take over. SIDWAL has service centres in Metropolitan cities rendering services to airconditioning system of the Railway coaches under AMC since 1997. SIDWAL has more than 315 technicians and staff to provide maintenance to the air-conditioning units a round-the-clock in the rail coaches during on-line

These are in successful service since January 2007 fitted in Rotem Coaches made by MRM at Bangalore. . After successful service trials. Sidwal has manufactured and supplied 248 Metro Saloon Car Air-conditioners under a manufacturing contract from Air International Transit. Sidwal designed and supplied its own Saloon air conditioner Model SID-3300 developed under a developmental order from DMRC and supplied two prototype HVACs which were tested in revenue service for more than one year. Australia for Phase I coaches. DMRC had desired to increase the cooling capacity of HVAC system and also to add Heating for winter and De-humidification for rainy season. SIDWAL undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts for Preventive as well as Corrective Maintenance with all Railways.operation. DMRC placed additional order for 32 HVACs for 4 Trainsets.

approved by ISI and RDSO. Training and skill upgradation of key personnel . So Sidwal exercises total control over each and every stage of production right from concept to carried out regularly. The result? A product quality that's precision perfect. For Sidwal. These benchmarks are constantly being reviewed and upgraded to keep pace with changing needs. Each product has been designed and engineered inhouse. quality is a prime objective and is built into a product meticulously.QUALITY All of Sidwal's products are type tested and verified by rigorous testing in-house in the temperature and humidity controlled test chambers. One of Sidwal's key strengths is its complete self reliance in manufacturing technologies. . At Sidwal. A special quality assurance team has set standards and benchmarks and monitors their implementation – at each and every stage of manufacture and testing. stringent testing requirements are met through specially designed ambient controlled test chambers in which even the harshest climatic conditions can be stimulated in order to evaluate the performance of the finished products.vital adjunct of Sidwal's quality promotion drive . What's more a majority of the components are produced in house. All this ensures that Sidwal products conform to world standards.

suppliers and staff with care and respect and strive for excellence and continual improvement in all our products and services. and their accessories are our Customers.We. aim for total customer satisfaction. Sh. at SIDWAL. S. All those who buy our products viz. Air conditioners. S. SIDHU Managing Director . We treat our customers. Water Coolers etc.

Light Weight.High Efficiency Forced ventilation systems for commuter rail coaches 1991 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 2007 . Eco Friendly (5.All indigenous Loco driver cab air conditioners Roof-mounted AC for LHB coaches MIL grade air conditioning units – Slip On Metro saloon and driver's cab HVAC unit.MILESTONE 1975 1975 1978 1981 1983 1985 1986 1988 Began manufacturing evaporative coolers Fan coil units Heat convectors Water coolers for domestic and export sales Window mounted room air conditioners FHP electric motors as per Indian standards Split air conditioners Packaged air conditioners for telecom applications > 95% Sensible heat removal with micron air filtration. Roof mounted air conditioners for rail coaches – Compact. all indigenous.8 kg Vs. 35 kg OZONE friendly refrigerant. Bus air conditioners and cold rooms .