Mon xx/xx/20xx 11:47 AM Dear Inspector General Cunha: My name is Craig Shibley and I am a resident of Barre.

For the record I want to make your Office aware of a systemic problem in this small Central MA community with regards to state and federal grants as it pertains to procurement. Specifically, I would request investigators closely examine the $1.2 million MassWorks Grant the Town received last year from EOHED for the Dick’s Brook Culvert Improvement Project. The entire process, from application and award to subsequent fulfillment must be scrutinized. I would submit that various forms of fraud and collusion involving local and state entities as well as Senator Stephen Brewer occurred to make it happen. Furthermore, I’d ask investigators to look into a recently awarded Accelerated Bridge Program contract to David Roach and Sons out of Hardwick ($1.4 million). It’s MassDOT Project #605084. Records show DOT, in its legal public notice posted in Sept. 2010, neglected to mention the need for extensive environmental remediation with respect to an already known, historical petroleum release that was tied to the contract. This, too, is tantamount to fraud and collusion and again points to the complicity of local and state entities as well as Senator Stephen Brewer. In the end this “clean-up” will end up costing taxpayers several million dollars though the public was conveniently excluded from its right to fully know the scope of this bridge project. These are but two examples. I know more violations have transpired. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this complaint. Sincerely, Craig

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