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English Speaking Drive,

Well Driven or Not?

By: Alyssa Aviles

New Scholars Enter TIP TIP Applies for


By: Alyssa Aviles
ISO re-certification
WITH THE GOAL OF PRO- the program, one-time free By: Michelle Avelino
DUCA ION two sets of school uniform and ON SEPTEMBER 24-26, repre-
within reach of deserving but one set of PE uniform and free
financially unstable students, use of textbooks will also be sentatives from the International
TIP offered the newest schol- provided for the beneficiaries. Organization for Standardization
arships which are the Engr.ngr. For a student to take the
Demetrio A. Quirino Jr. and scholarship exam he/she must (ISO), an organization promul-
Dr. T
Teresita U. Quirino. These have a general average of at gating worldwide proprietary
scholarships will provide least 85% in fourth year high at the school, The
he top five TIP-
P- Kristine Garcia Aguirre-Que
Aguirre-Que- industrial and commercial stand-
intellectually deserving stu- school with no grade below QC applicants who passed the zon City Science HS; Danlor
dents with no fees all through 83% in any subject and have Engr. Demetrio A. Quirino, Jr. Panton Mayamot Alorsabes- ards, conducted a simultaneous
the duration of the program of not taken any course in col- scholarship examination were National
ational High School; Niño audit in both TIP QC and Ma-
study. In addition, a semestral lege prior to the examination. Gerry Laurio Abrabar Jr.-Roo- Paulo Fernandez- Bagong Si- nila campuses for its re-certifi-
stipend of P15000 throughout After the examination held sevelt College Rodriguez;
Scholars...|12 cation of quality management
systems implemented in the

institution in accordance with

international standards. The
said audit, ISO 9001:2000, is to
ensure the institutions compli-
ance to the requirements set by
them in all of its academic and
non-academic programs. The in-
spection wasbe led by Mr. Peter
Dombey, an auditor from DNV.
ISO 9001:2000 has a number
of requirements, which an or-
ganization needs to comply for
it to achieve customer satisfac-
tion through consistent prod-
ucts and services to consistently
meet customer expectations.
It includes the requirement for
the continual improvement in
Quality Management System.
In 1999, the institution re-

TIP: Ties up with MCWM Corp.

ceived its first certification on
By: Joemerlyn Cabug-os
ISO 9001 only for the maritime
Jerome Baguio
programs. After three years,

HE OLOGICAL agement and Planning, started (MOA), a discussion was made dure for waste dumping was also the certification should be re-
TU THE PHILI the program with an invocation regarding the theme “Waste Man- conferred. The step-by-step waste newed. In 2002, our institution
collaborated with the Metro and followed by the singing of the agement: Issues and Concerns.“ management processes were elab- was re-certified which included
Clark Waste Management Corpo- national anthem. Dr. Elizabeth Q. Mr. Alex C. Laguisma, Pollution orated precisely to educate the par- all of its program offerings un-
ration (MCWM) to make a joint ef- Lahoz, TIP-
P President and Mr. Ar-
P- Control Officer of MCWM Corpo- ticipants. Mr. Laguisma concluded der the updated standard ISO
fort concerning the proper waste mando G. Garcia, President and ration, presented the first part. He that, “Discipline is the key in solv- 9001:2000. The last re-certifica-
management system. The agree- Chief Executive Officer of MCWM tackled about waste disposal and ing our environmental dilemmas.” tion for TIP was granted in 2005.
ment took place on August 1 at the Corporation subsequently fol- its effects to the environment. He For the second part of the This year the certification is to
TIPQC Seminar Rooms A and B. lowed it with the opening remarks. also pointed out the consequences discussion, Dr. Herman D. Men- be renewed for the fourth time.
Engr. Jemuel Castillo, TIP Before the actual signing of of indecent waste dumping to hu- doza, TIP Research Consultant After this re-certification of
Vice-President for Quality Man- the Memorandum of Agreement man health. The standard proce- illustrated the research projects all the programs in TIP P, the cer-
TIP partners...|3 ISO re-certification...|12

IN Cost Beauty Pagkamulat Pro life or

of Exposed Poor life

Juan’s Eye
eatures News pp. 6-7 Opinion
p. 6 p. 8 p. 10

See Y
Yah in the Club!
bisyo, and to improve faith in God.” “Ang adhikain ng organisasyon ay
maibahagi ang natatangi at maipres-
English Club erba ang ating kakanyahan o kagalin-
By: Dan Arthur L. Calaycay “Our club is great” gan sa Wikang Filipino.” as stated by
Another school year has just be- It is an organization under the Ms. Jocelyn Cuchapin, the organiza-
gun. Basically, it is another chapter Humanities and Social Sciences tion’s adviser. “Ang Buklod Diwa ay
of school life, especially for fresh- Department. April Malinao, Eng- isang akademikong organisasyon.
men out there curious on what col- lish Club TTreasurer, expressed, “We Ito’y sumasaklaw sa mga mag-aaral
lege life is all about. College life is encourage students to speak up, na kumukuha ng Filipino 123 at 113.”
fun, only if you want to make it grati- [and] we listen even their grammar The organization conducts its day
fying. School activities, interschool is wrong.” Last student organiza- along with the celebration of Buwan
competitions and joining any school tions membership campaign held ng Wika every August 15 with various
organization of your choice are some last July, English Club is one of activities such as Jingle making, Essay
of the ways that can make your col- the organizations that recruited the Writing and Poster Making contests.
lege life exciting. It will not only en- most number of students. One of
rich your knowledge in certain areas the activities of this club is the ac- TIP Chorale Society
but will also help to develop your tal- tivity entitled “The Wise Speak”, “The official chorale society of the
ents and skills. Well, fret not boys and held every English Day, which gives TIP”
girls, here are some of the student or- head banging session entitled Kami the students a chance to speak up
ganizations in TIP you can check out. Kaze Muna wherein they will per- what’s on their minds on a certain
form songs of the band Kamikazee. topic. Also if you feel like you need
Talents Guild (TG) to boost up your English skill, you’ll
“Unity!” Young Educators Club (YEC) never go wrong with this group.
Exclaimed Melody Labadia, a sec- “Strong and will develop not only
ond year Commerce student and a camaraderie, but also enhances Lumbre en Teatro (LENTE)
member of TG for three semesters talents” “Just like family”
when asked about her organization’s YEC is a newly organized society, LENTE, the official theatre organi-
outstanding trait. If you feel like you formed last school year. The group zation of TIP was established in 2004.
can do the steps and ride on to the has been lively on several activities In contrast to the usual notion about
groove, if you feel like you’ve got the like seminars, literacy outreaches them, LENTE does not focus in acting
talent in dancing, then this is the right and tutorial classes. “We build our alone, but also in singing, dancing
group for you. See them perform- talents,” states Renalyn Maraya, YEC and stage plays. “It is for the whole
President, “we encourage students This organization is going to the
ing their latest moves in almost all entertainment,” says Ephraem Jeru-
to be exposed into community where next level under its new musical di-
the programs in the campus. Aside salem, one of the founding members,
English is a secondary language.” As rector Joel Aquino. The chorale aims
from school activities, TG is also “though we don’t get any material
a provisionary teacher with a major to join several national and interna-
competing on various dance con- benefits from it, it is the satisfaction
in English she emphasized to her tional competitions to promote tal-
tests outside such as the Fubu and of entertainment, the passion for the-
fellow students to engage in com- ents of TIP students to the world.
Sketchers Dance Competitions. But atre.” The organization is planning
municative approach. “In that way”, The organization is also planning to
as stated by Melody, “Di lang sayaw, for a culminating activity where it will
says Maraya, “it could enhance the conduct workshops in acting, danc-
more on samahan din, parang mag- test new members as they showcase
English vocabulary of the students”. ing and personal development to
kakapatid at bini-build up din yung their talents on stage. Last 2005, TIP help their members become overall
personalities [ng mga members].” Alumni Association awardted the
Youth for Christ (YFC), Bible performers. The group has been ac-
LENTE as the most outstanding or- tive in various engagements where
TIP Association of Bands Readers Society (BREAD ganization. You can visit their office at
Society) Campus Christian they showcased their singing tal-
(TABS) Arts and Cultural Affairs, Building 1.
Fellowship (CCF) ent, such as in Ateneo’s “Alay Kay
“Pinakamasayang org… no
“God is good, all the time” Maria” and also in their concert
discrimination, enjoy what you feel… Buklod Diwa
These religious organizations pro- in SM T Taytay together with some
democracy!” “Maaasahan at kapakipakinabang”
mote something other organizations members of TIP Chorale in Manila.
These are what one can expect as
don’t — that is the foundation of hu- Ok, there you go guys and gals,
Benedict F. Timajo, TA
T BS’s President,
man beings — faith in the Almighty. the list of some of TIP’s student or-
proudly describes their organization.
If you think you need someone to ganizations are now at your hand.
Aside from jamming, the group also
boost you up spiritually, then this is Joining such groups and just a cou-
emphasizes knowledge on music to
the right affiliation for you. Praise ple of explorations in our school
enhance the members’ talents on
fest, youth camps, school assem- surely would not make your stay
various musical instruments and ulti-
blies and international conferences here in TIP boring. Gather the guts
mately, to help them enjoy college life.
are the activities one can expect from and prepare yourself and who knows
“Kahit walang banda, along friend-
YFC. But of course, making someone you might be the next “hot and fa-
ship pwedeng makabuo!” stated Ben-
“holy” is not the sole purpose of this mous” personality here in TIP P. So
edict, “Tumutugtog din kami sa labas,
group. As stated by Randy Bangga, what are you waiting for? Scram!
sa 9 Miles sa may Kalayaan Ave.”
As of now, TA
T BS is still planning a YFC president: “para makilala si
Kristo, yun ay para maiwas sila sa

“Wika ng Mundo:Mahalaga!”
Mula sa pangunguna ng Pamunuan er na may temang, “ Wika mo, Wikang
ng Buklod Diwa, Kolehiyo ng Edukasyon Filipino, Wika ng Mundo: Mahalaga!”
at ng Kagawaran ng Humanidades at Ang programa ay pormal na binuk
Agham Panlipunan, matagumpay na nai- san ni Prop. Aldrin Jadaone, Guro sa
Buklod Diwa sa pagdaos ng Linggo ng Wika sakatuparan ang pagdidiriwang ng Ling-
go ng Wika noong Agosto 15 sa PE.
P. Cent-
Filipino at ng Dekana ng Kolehiyo ng
Edukasyon na si Dr. Epifania V. Tab T -
bada. Isang mensahe ukol sa tema ng
palatuntunan ang inihatid ng Panauhing
Pandangal na si Prop. Jayson D. Petras,

Dalubguro ng Kagawaran ng Filipino at

Panitikan sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas.
Upang bigyan ng kasiyahan ang
mga manonood, isang intermisyon
ang inihandog ng piling mag-aaral
ng IT21KB4 sa pamumuno ni Prop.
Ruby D, Toda.
T Matapos ito, isa-isang
Voice Issue 6.1

ipinakilala ni Prop. Constancia Martinez

ang mga hurado sa mga patimpalak.
Matapos ang paghihintay, isa-isa ng
sumalang ang mga kalahok sa natatang-
ing bilang ng mga Lakan at Lakambini at
tuluyang ipinakita ang kanilang galing

Stude Orgs enlist New CFS


Voice Issue 6.1
Oath to service


for Newbies
By: Michelle S. Avelino
officers take oath
By: Darwin D. Singh
Rowena F. Papa


LENCE”, different student organizations AND SORORITIES (CFS) held its in-
participated in the 3rd Annual mem- duction of new set of officers in the
bership campaign held on July 1-4. TIPQC Chapel on August 1. It aims
The Congregating Area was filled
with the uniquely designed booths not only to determine if all the rep-
representing each organization. The resentatives of each fraternity de-
campaign aims to familiarize the stu- serve to handle the organization, but
dents with the organizations inside
also to foster tighter relationship be-
the campus as well as to give them a
four-day chance to become a mem- tween each fraternity and sorority.
ber of any organization of their choice. Sis. Mary A. T T. Lim, RGS, Campus
Aside from the previously recog- Minister formally initiated the event
nized organizations, newly student
organizations were also present like by giving an acknowledgment to all
the Young Educators Club (YEC) of the CFS officers as well as the others
the education students, the Bread who attended the event. Afterwards,
Society (BREAD), a religious organi-
zation, and the Robotics and Me- the new officers took oath and were The oath taking of the SSG officers led by Dean. Cynthia C. Llanes; L-R Marjorie I. Recto (Board
chatronics Society, an organization given certificates. The induction rite Member), Kristoffer E. Santos (President), Marilou A. Pitlo (Board Member), Melvin Adrin T. Perez
of ECE, COE, EE and CE students. was celebrated through a mass pre- (Board member), Erich Gil S. Lopez (V.President), Ma. Concepcion C. Cureg (Board Member), Ana Lea
During the campaign, presenta-
sided by Rev. Fr. Joey Evangelista. J. Olris (Secretary), Rosalinda N. Balbuena (Board Member), Peter John E. Eclevia (Treasurer), Bernard
tions from the T Talents Guild, ACE-Q,
T BS, and LENTE enlivened the crowd.
TA The new set of CFS officers includes Michel G. Bernardo (Chairman eof the Board), Dunhill Q. Lindayao (Auditor). -VIRGILIO CAMORAL
Games were also rendered, which Crisanto S. Bulido (APO – Chairman),
were participated by the students.
On the last day of the event, an Faustino M. Mallinlin Jr. (AKRHO – Vice
Chairman for Fraternity Affairs), Emilie
awarding ceremony for the best booth
was held in which the Organization of T. Orsilla (SV – Vice Chairman for So-
Industrial Engineering Students (ORI-
ENTS) bagged the best booth award.
Junior Philippine Institute of Architects
rority Affairs), Nico Paulo TT. Gariando
(BK – Seretary), Abelardo DC. Bacuyag
Good ways
(JrPIA) got the second place followed
by the Mountaineering Club (MC),
United Architecture of the Philippines
Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) and Lumbre
(GI – Treasurer),
T Ryan B. Lorenzo (SE-
PHIANS – Auditor), Darwin D. Singh
(Delta Sigma Xi – PR.O)
P. and Ignacio Jay
for Better Ways
Jessica Loraine H. Lopez
En TTeatro (LENTE) respectively. Cash Alimboyugen – (FBI – Historian). Fur- We often hear the word diet or dieting from bolic rate, which makes us digest our food
prizes were given to the top three and thermore, Leonard Ray S. Arenas (Tau T
Tau people and it seems we know all about it es- faster. Basically, spices improve digestion by
certificates of appreciation were given pecially those who are conscious on their increasing the hydrochloric secretion in the
to all the participants of the event. Gamma), Emmanuel F. Solis (PLU), and
body built and weight. Many people, par- stomach. Th e increase on metabolic rate will
According to the Office of Student Ronnel J. Vinarao (SI) landed on Com- utilize the foods you ate so almost nothing
ticularly teenagers, practice dieting for they
Affairs (OSA) report, this year’s mem- munity Involvement, Academic Affairs think it would help them achieve a sexy stays put! Ergo! You’ll lose weight!
bership campaign resulted to a 3.96%
and Sports Activities respectively. body. But hey! Dieting is not just for that;

decrease from last year’s total turnout.
it can also help you attain good health. A Prefer fi sh and vegetables
balanced diet will give you a strong immune than beef or pork.
New SSG/
SSG DSG Officers assume office system, which will help you fight diseases
such as diabetes, high blood pressure and
People who are on a diet avoid
calories, which are in great amounts in beef
By Jerome A. Baguio
JUNE 27 – Newly elected officers various heart problems. It can also help you and pork. Calories are not bad, indeed our
of the Supreme Student Government President of SSG Mr. Erich Gil S. do whatever you want without being ex- body needs it, but too much of calories should
(SSG) and the Department Student Lopez delivered an opening remark. hausted in just a short period of time. be avoided because excessive calories that are
Government (DSG) formally took oath During her speech, Dr. Eliza- Well, everybody wants to achieve good not used by our body will be converted into
of office during the Induction Ceremo- beth Q. Lahoz emphasized about health and that includes YOU! Try these fats. And you don’t want body fats right?
ny held at the Seminar Rooms A & B. the project “Think in English, Speak tips, there’s nothing to lose anyway!

in English”. She gave remarks on Cut down on cola and alco-

The event commenced with a
Add as many liters of water holic drinks!
mass held at the TIP-QCP-QC Chapel, at-
P how to implement the said project
on your diet. Instead of drinking colas and al-
tended by the elected students offic- and pointers on how to improve the coholic drinks, just prefer fruit juices or sim-
Water helps your metabolism
ers and school officials. Subsequent- English speaking skills of students. work more effi ciently. It can also help you ply water. Colas contain too much calories.
ly, they all trooped to the Seminar Afterwards, Engr. Severino Pader reduce appetite and makes you feel full. As As I’ve mention, too much calories is not
Rooms for the formal ceremony. TIP introduced the DSG Officers and Ad- a result, you’ll stop wanting for bunches of good for our body. You don’t want to continue
officials headed by the Dr. Elizabeth visers and the DSG Oath of Office led bread, handful of rice and others. gaining weight right? So avoid it!
Q. Lahoz, President, Mr. Angelo Q. by Mrs. Veronica Alfonso followed.

02 06
Lahoz, VP for Marketing Services, It was immediately succeeded by Eat at regular intervals. Do Don’t eat an “automatic pi-
Engr. Severino P. Pader, VP for Ad- the Introduction of SSG officers by not starve. lot”
ministration and Student Services Mrs. Alfonso and the SSG Oath of Some people skip meals for they Automatic pilot means tast-
think that it could help them on their diet, ing the food while you are cooking or prepar-
and Linkages, Dr. Cynthia C. Llanes, office led by Dr. Cynthia C. Llanes.
unaware of its effects. Study shows that if you ing the food. Doing this will destroy your diet
VP for Academic Affairs and Mrs. Ve- Ms. Theresa Bacolcol, former
skip your meal, you would tend to eat more because you had already eaten before you eat
ronica Alfonso, Director of Student SSG President, and her succes-
on your next meal because of your hunger. the meal proper.
Personnel Services. Former officers sor, Mr. Kristoffer E. Santos, deliv-

03 07
of the SSG/DSG were also present. ered their turnover and acceptance
Go Spicy! Consider whether you’re re-
speeches respectively. Engr. Ra-
The Corps of Midshipmen of Logically, when a meal is ally hungry.
mon M. de Leon (VPHR) concluded
the MarE Department led the En- spiced with pepper, we have a ten- Whenever you feel like eating,
the event with a closing remarks.
trance of Colors followed by the The complete list of the dency to eat less. However, spicy foods can look for physical signs of hunger. Eating will
singing of the national anthem. Af- newly appointed SSG and be of help on burning body fats. Th e idea is never satisfy your stomach if you’re not really
ter which, the newly elected Vice- DSG officers are listed below. that spicy foods increase our body’s meta- Good ways...|8
TIP partners...|1
OFFICERS Civil/ Sanitary Engineering Department Electrical Engineering Department
done by the institution in the on-going
President Kristoffer E. Santos President Jenielyn L. Cosio President Mon Eduard D. Espiritu development of the Waste Manage-
Vice-President Erich Gil S. Lopez Vice-President Mico P. Cruzado Vice-President Reymond S. Aglipay
Secretary Joan B. Begino ment and Control Projects in Clark,
Secretary Ana Lea J. OIvis Secretary Jun Jun D. Sabong
Treasurer Peter John E. Eclevia Treasurer Romel D. Ubalde Treasurer Darryl R. Malvar Pampanga that was structured by
Auditor Dunhill Q. Lindayao Auditor Jefferson M. Villaraza Auditor Jomar M. Fabian MCWM Corporation. Some TIP stu-
Chairman of the Board Bernard Micheal G. Bernardo PRO Annthony R. Pantaleon PRO Roelito S. Gilo
dents and professors have already
Board Members Rosalinda N. Balbuena
Ma. Concepcion C. College of Information Technology College of Education visited the site to conduct studies.
Cureg Education After the presentation an open
Melvin Aldrin T. Perez President Leah B. Estrelles President Fatima T. Dabac forum led by Dr. Jesusa N. Padilla, TIP
Marilou A. Pitlo Vice-President Karen Jill Z. Morales Vice-President Monica U. Santos
Jazzica G. Arquero
Research and Development Director
Marjorie I. Recto Secretary Sabrina D. Lajara Secretary
Treasurer Terence Eric P. Aleguiojo Treasurer Enerson P. Sespene followed. It was participated by TIP of-
DEPARTMENT STUDENT GOVERNMENTS Auditor Earl Jan P. Balajadia Auditor Jeremias C. Gaerlan ficers, faculty members and students.
(DSG) PRO Jay Manuel M. Bentoso PRO Celestina Nikko C. Diño
The MOA signing followed after
Architecture/Drafting Technology Computer Engineering Department Marine Engineering Department the open forum. Our school adminis-
Department tration officials led by the TIP President
President Giselle Ann M. Cruz President Christopher T. Cabunilas

President Ronniel Ferbin C. Andaya Vice-President Mary Joy L. Manalo Vice-President Rodrigo A. Blanca III Dr. Elizabeth Q. Lahoz and the MCWM
Vice-President Jenalyn B. Carrido Secretary Kclyn D. Benedicto Secretary Ma. Jennifer Jane C. Lorque Corporation President and CEO, Mr.
Secretary Afell T. Dizon Treasurer Mark John Louis G. Caingat Treasurer Johnjie P. Palacios
Rowee Andrew A. Apor
Armando G. Garcia spearheaded
Treasurer Auditor Christian Michael V. San Jose Auditor Marlon G. Lozano
Auditor Addie Boy Q. Fernandez PRO Jerrard Q. Gutierrez the signage of the said conformity.
PRO Bryan M. Manansala
PRO Erik Jason J. Magno Mrs. Angelita S. Soliven, Vice
Electronics and Communications Mechanical/Industrial Engineering President for Administration and
College of Business Education Engineering Department Department Student Services and Linkages for
President Jonnaliza M. Santos President Criselda L. Mendelebar TIP Manila, gave the closing re-
Vice-President Emmanuelito S. Cruz President Jelard H. Dela Torre Vice-President Ferdinand Z. Banaag marks. She expressed apprecia-
Secretary Roma Alyanna J. Cerillo Vice-President Arnie Jose N. Espanto Secretaryt Febelyn A. Satiada
Treasurer Reinel Norrel R. Rayos Secretary Mark Andrew A. Moncawe Treasurer Robert C. Boral tion to the guests for sharing their
Treasurer Roque P. Kaw ideas and expertise about waste
Auditor Jenny Rose V. Zorca Auditor Acey D. Patarata Auditor Jasy M. Bangayan
PRO James V. Montemayor PRO Christian D. Lleno PRO Mark S. Delos Reyes management issues and concerns.

FEATURES Krisis sa Bayan ni Juan:
Hanggang Saan,Hanggang Kailan?
PATULOY ANG PAGHIHIRAP ng mga Pilipino. Pasadlak, ang antas ng ating kung hindi man mapagaan, ang ating napakahirap na kalagayan.
pamumuhay dulot ng iba’t-iba at namamalaging suliranin na nakakaapekto sa ekonomiya Subalit hanggang kailan nga ba natin dadanasin ang mga krisis na ito? Sapat na ba
ng ating banssa. ang mga paraang ginagawa at tulong na ibinibigay ng ating pamahalaan upang matugu-
Ang biglaang pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas sa merkado, ang pagtaas ng halaga ng singil nan at mapagtagumpayan ang mga krisis na ito? Ano naman kaya ang magagawa natin
sa kuryente at ang walang habas na pagsirit ng presyo ng langis ay iilan lamang sa mga upang matulungan ang ating mga sarili ukol dito?
suliraning sinisikap solusyunan ng ating pamahalaan upang kahit papaano ay maibsan,

Bukas…May Isasaing pa Kaya? Ni Paul John G. Pederio


MULUBI – Iyan ang mga bagay na
nararanasan sa ngayon ng milyun-mi-
lyong Pilipino. Ang dating masaga-
nang hapag-kainan ay mapapansing hindi na
tulad ng dati. Partikular na pagdating sa kanin
– ang itinuturing na pangunahing pagkain ng
kanin ay naging 7php na ngayon. Para sa kat-
ulad nilang may ganitong uri ng negosyo ng
kainan, ang pagkonsumo ng 45 kilo ng bigas
kada araw ay maituturing nga namang isang
kalbaryo kung hindi sila magtaatas ng presyo
ng kanin. Ayon sa may-ari nitong si Rodolfo
Elchico, (isang TIP Graduate, BSA, batch
Ang Kalbaryo ng Pamilyang Pinoy
Si Joey, hindi tunay na pangalan, ay hindi nagkakai-
lang malaki talaga ang naidulot na problema sa kani-
lang pamilya ng biglang pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas
ngayon sa merkado. Ang dating limang gatang
nilang sinasaing noon ay ginawa na lamang
nilang dalawa o tatlong gatang. Nagpa-
mga Pilipino na maihahalintulad sa pasta ng 2005), tanging ang pagdadagdag ng dalawang pasalamat pa nga raw ang pamilya
mga Italyano. piso sa presyo ng kada order ng kanin ang gi- nila sapagkat hanggang ngayon tion is environmentally
Sabi nga nila, hindi mabubuo ang kainan ng nagawa nilang istratehiya maibsan lamang ang ay hindi pa naman nawawa- sustainable. We work
isang pamilyang Pilipino kung hindi masasa- epekto ng krisis sa bigas. lan ng laman ang kanilang closely with most
mahan ng kanin ang ulam, maging ito man ay Ang pagbenta ng “half rice” hapag dahil sa NFA rice na r ic e -p r o du c i n g
gulay, karne o isda. Sa ngayon, ang presyo ng Upang makatulong na rin sa pag-ahon mula ibinebenta ng pamahalaan and -consum-
bawat kilo ng bigas ay umaabot na sa 30php sa krisis na kinakaharap ng bansa, nagdesisyon sa halagang 18.25php at ing countries
hanggang sa 45php mula sa humigit-kumulang na ang mga pamunuan ng McDonald’s, Jol- 25php kada kilo. Pumipila and their
20php. Sa dami ng problemang kinakaharap libee at ang Chinese food unit nitong Chowk
Chowk- ang kanyang nanay sa ila- nationa l
ngayon ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino, isang ing sa panukala na maaari na silang magbenta lim ng initan tatlong beses ag r icu l-
malaking dagok ang pasanin pa ang patuloy na ng kalahating order ng kanin. Nagsimula ang sa isang linggo makabili tural re-
pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas sa merkado. implementasyon ng panukalang ito sa 376 out- lamang ng apat na kilong search and
Ngunit hindi lamang sa Pilipinas. Ang mga lets ng Chowking noong Abril 1 at sinundan bigas. Hindi rin naman daw extension sys-
rice exporting nations tulad ng Th ailand at Vi
- naman ng 600 outlets ng Jollibee. Gayundin kasi sasapat ang kinikita ng kanilang ama tems as well as farming communi-
etnam ay nakararanas din ng biglang pagbaba naman ang ginawang hakbang ng McDon- na ipinagkakasya lamang sa baon nilang apat ties and a range of international, regional, and
sa bilang ng kanilang ani na nagiging sanhi ald’s noong ika-17 ng parehong buwan. Baga- na magkakapatid sa araw-araw. local organizations. In partnerships with these
kakulangan ng bigas sa mas marami pang mat maaaring kalahati na lamang ang dami ng Sa kabila ng mga rally, mga panawagan at national systems, we conduct research and
panig ng mundo. Upang maibsan ng marami kanin na maaaring mabili sa McDonald’s, buo walang hanggang pakiusap na isinasagawa sa provide training and education for those help-
ang krisis na ito, maraming uri na ng pagtitip- pa rin ang presyo na kailangang bayaran ng ngayon ng masang Pilipino upang ibaba ang ing rice farmers by disseminating information
id ang isinasagawa ng iba’t-ibang sektor ng li- kustomer. Ang bahagi ng presyo sa half rice na presyo ng bigas, nananatili pa rin ang pama- and proven, sustainable technologies.”
punan – ang mga may negosyo, ang gobyerno ito, ayon sa pamunuan, ay mapupunta sa foun- halaan sa paggigiit na walang nagaganap na Ang kalbaryong kinakaharap ngayon ng
at ang pamilya. dation projects ng nasabing food chain. rice shortage sa bansa. sambayanan ay hindi isang mumunting dagok
“No, there is no shortage because there are na maaaring maisantabi. Ilang buwan pa ang
Ang istratehiya ng mga karendirya Ang Pilipino, sa Pagkonsumo ng Bigas ample supplies of rice in the country. What lilipas at kung hindi pa matututo ang ba-
Isa ang Alyssa Gabrielle Canteen sa mga su- Ayon sa National Statistical Coordination we have, we are told, is a problem of rising wat isa sa pagtitipid ay tiyak na pare-pareho
king karinderya ng TIPians. Talaga namang Board, magpahanggang ngayon ay ang la- rice prices, not of insuffi cient supplies. As tayong malulugmok sa gutom. Hindi sapat
patok na patok sa bawat estudyante ang bawat lawigan pa rin ng Nueva Ecija ang nananatil- if to prove the point, the President is con- na aasa lamang ang bawat Pilipino sa tulong
putahe na kanilang inihahanda. Subalit sa ka- ing sentro ng anihan ng palay sa ating bansa. stantly shown on TV making the rounds of na ibinibigay ng gobyerno. Ang kailangan ng
bila ng malaking bilang ng mga parokyano na Umaabot sa 1,356,161 metro tonelada ng palay well-stocked rice warehouses of the National bawat isa ay ang magkaroon ng sapat na kaala-
tumatangkilik sa negosyo nila ay hindi pa rin o 8% ng kabuuang produksyon ng Pilipinas Food Authority (NFA) and those belonging man upang makaahon sa krisis na ito. Hindi
nito kayang tumbasan ang epekto ng patuloy ang inaaning palay sa lalawigang ito. Sa ka- to private traders.” Ito ang pahayag ng pama- na dapat tayong maghintay pang dumating
na pagtaas sa presyo ng bigas. bila nito, hindi pa rin maiwasan ng Pilipinas halaan. ang panahon na makakatulad natin ang kala-
Ang kanilang student meal na dating nag- na umangkat ng halos 2.2 milyon toneladang Hindi pa nga ba isang malaking pruweba gayan ng mga bansa sa Africa- ang kontinen-
kakahalaga ng 28php ay umabot na ngayon bigas mula sa ibang bansa ang pagkahaba-habang pila ng mga kababay- teng lugmok ngayon sa hirap at gutom.
sa 30php. Ang dating isang order ng kanin ay Umaabot sa 646,000 sako ng bigas ang na- an natin makabili lamang ng bigas ng NFA? Gayunpaman, ang pamahalaan ay hindi
nagkakahalaga ng sais, ngayon ay pitong piso kokonsumo ng mga Pilipino araw-araw at Bakit nga ba kailangan pang magkulang ang nagsasawa sa pag kontrol ng galaw ng sulay ng
na. Ayon sa pamunuan, upang kahit papaano mula dito, humigit kumulang 25,000 sako suplay ng bansa ng bigas gayong dito sa ating bigas sa bansa. Kung nakaaalpas ang Pilipinas
ay makabawi sila sa taas ng presyo ng bigas ay naman ang nasasayang dahil na rin sa mal- bansa nakabase ang International Rice Re- mula sa mga epekto ng bagyong nagdadaan,
kailangan din nilang itaas ang presyo ng kani- ing kasanayan sa paggamit at pagkonsumo ng search Institute (IRRI), ang pinakamalaking ay tiyak na malalampasan din natin maging
lang mga paninda. bigas. Katumbas ito ng isang kutsarang kan- agricultural research institute sa Asya? ang problema sa bigas.
Isa pang karinderya, ang Nanay Virgie ing nawawaldas ng bawat isang Pilipino. Sa Ang mga sumusunod ay ang pahayag ng
Eatery na matatagpuan naman sa Potsdam mga nasasayang na ito, sapat na sana upang IRRI na mababasa sa kanilang website: Pinagkunan:
Street, isang kalye sa tapat ng TIP ay lubhang makakain ang buong populasyon ng Pilipinas “Our mission is to reduce poverty and
apektado rin ng pagbabago sa presyo ng bigas. sa loob ng 14 na araw. hunger, improve the health of rice farmers
Ang dating 5php na presyo na bawat order ng and consumers, and ensure that rice produc-

Ang Nakakukuryteng
Krisis sa Pinas Ni Marrah O. Lagang



Voice Issue 6.1
a kabila ng malawakang panawa-
gan ng mamamayan sa pabagu-bagong kalakaran
sa merkado, patuloy pa rin ang pagpapahirap lalo na sa
mga mamimili sa pamamagitan ng walang habas na pagtaas ng
presyo ng mga bilihin. Kaya naman kabi-kabila ang pambabatikos
ng ibat-ibang grupo ng mamamayan upang maipaabot sa pama-
haalan ang suliranin ukol sa walang tigil na pagsirit sa presyo ng
mga bilihin partikular na ang langis.

Pagsasamantala sa sitwasyon
Hindi pa nangangalahati ang taon ay lagpas P15.00 na ang
itinaas ng presyo ng gasolina, krudo at gaas. Dahil dito walang
naksisiguro kung mananatiling P8.50 ang halaga ng pasahe sa
mga pampasaherong sasakyan. Ang pagtataas na ito sa presyo ng
pertolyo at langis at itinuturing na pang labing-anim na beses sa
kasalukuyang taon.
Ayon sa ginawang pagsusuri ng Leauge of Filipino Students
(LFS), isang grupo ng mga estudyante mula sa iba’t-ibang uniber-
sidad dito sa Pilipinas, umabot na sa12.5% noong Mayo ang tan-
tos ng implasyon ng pangkalahatang pagtaas ng presyo ng bigas at
langis. Ilang mga ekonomista naman ang nagsabi na maaaring mas
mapabilis pa ang pagtaas ng presyo nito sa mga darating na buwan
dahil sa pagtaas ng presyo nito sa pandaigdigang merkado.
Ayon din kay Angelo Reyes, Kalihim ng Kagawaran ng Ener-
hiya (DOE), ipinalagay ng mga eksperto sa ekonomiya na magpa-
patuloy ang pagtaas ng presyo ng langis mula $150 hanggang $200
bawat bariles sa kasalukuyan hanggang sa taong 2010. Dagdag
pa ng DOE, sa kasalukuyan ang halaga ng diesel ay umabot na
sa P41.67 hanggang P43.97. Umakyat naman sa P51.57 mula sa
P49.33 ang presyo ng unleaded gasoline at P49.30 mula sa P46.15
presyo ng kerosene. Samantala, tumaas din ang halaga ng liquefied
petrolium gas (LPG) sa P62.25 mula sa P575.50 bawat 11 kilo.
Taliwas naman ang paniniwala ni dating Budget Sec. Ben-
jamin Diokno at kasalukuyang propesor ng Economics sa UP-
Diliman na maaari pang mapbaba ang presyo nito sa merkado.
“Let’s not keep false hopes, kasi yan ang problema ng gobyerno.
Ngayon ‘wag kayong mag-worry, bababa yan, babalik din yan sa
$70. Kaya nagkakaron ng under-recovery e,” idinagdag ni Dio-
kno sa panayam niya sa isang TV Network.

Pagsagip sa interes
Sa ilalim ng RA (Republic Act) 8479 na batayan ng de-
regulasyon sa downstream oil industry, ang taripa sa inaang-
kat na krudo at petrolyo ay nasa tatlong porsyento. Tinatawag

Politika sa Petrolyo
itong ad valorem tax dahil ang pagsisingil ay ayon sa bahagdan
ng bolyum ng mga inaangkat. Sa administrasyon nina Estrada at
Arroyo, pansamantalalng tinanggal o binawasan ang buwis na
ito para makatulong sa pagpapababa sa presyo ng mga produk- Ni Darwin D. Singh
tong pertolyo.
mula 1996 hanggang ngayon ay hindi sa patakarang deregulasyon sinasabing dahilan ay ang mataas na demand ng langis ng mga
Sa kabilang banda, isinusulong ang pagsususpindi o pagba- bansang tulad ng Japan at Estados Unidos upang mamintina ang
kundi ang nangyayari sa pandaigdigang pamilihan kung saan wala
bawas sa ad valorem tax samantalng ang VAT (Value Added Tax) kalakaran ng negosyo.
tayong magagawa.
ay iminumungkahi naman ng mga nasa kapangyarihan. Kung su- Malinaw na ang patuloy na pagtaas ng bilihin ay isa sa nag-
sumahin, ayon sa opinyon ni Danilo Araña Arao, isang manunulat papalala ng krisis panlipunan. At dahil wala namang pagtaas ng
Anomalya sa produksyon
sa Pinoyweekly Online, ang suspension sa ad valorem tax ay da- sahod, mas dumarami rin ang bilang ng maralita sa bansa. Um-
Maraming teorya ang naging batayan ng mga eksperto ukol
pat mag resulta sa ilang sentimong pagbaba sa presyo ng petrolyo. abot na ngayon sa P871 ang pangangailangan ng isang pamilya
sa mabilis na pagtaas ng langis, kabilang na ang Peak Oil Theory.
Dagdag pa rito, mas magiging substansyal naman ang pagtatang- habang P382.00 ang minimum na sahod ng bawat empleyado
Isinasaad dito na ang mga reserba (na langis) ay madaling nau-
gal ng 12% VAT sa presyo nito. ubos dahil ito ay isang uri ng non-renewable na resors. Sa kabilang sa Kamaynilaan kada araw. Kaya naman higit pa sa 2.3 milyong
Ayon pa kay Arao, isang malaking dahilan ng pamahalaan ang banda, maging ang Exon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell at BP, tatlong Pilipino ang nalulugmok sa lebel ng karalitaan sa bawat 10% na
pagsasawalang-bahala nito sa deregulasyon ng langis. Isinaad din malalaking produsyer ng langis ay nagpahayag din ng pagkalugi sa pagtaas sa presyo ng bilihin.
niya na mula nang ipatupad ang deregulasyon noong 1996 sa ila- pagpapanatili ng produksyon nito sa iba’t-ibang-bansa sa mundo.
lim ng RA 8180 (Na ibinasura ng Korte Suprema noong 1997), Mga Pinagkunan:
Ang isa pang teorya ay ukol sa kakulangan ng produk-

sinabi ng mga nasa kapangyarihan na dapat daw na bigyan ito ng syon ng mga kasapi ng Organization of Petroleum Exporting 2005 data by IBON Foundation
tiyansa dahil magbubunga ito ng mababang presyo ng langis Countries (OPEC). Isinaad ni OPEC Secretary-General Ab- Philippine Daily Inquirer
Labindalawang taon na ang nakaraan at ito pa rin ang pana- LFS pamphlets
dalla Salem El Badri na ang mga bansang kasapi ng OPEC ay
wagan ng mga opisyal ng pamahalaan. Ang problema di umano walang kakayahang magbigay ng 100% suplay ng petrolyo. Ang

Pil pinas?
caused corruption. Perhaps, though it is really hard to accept, hit it. Unless we begin working
corruption runs through the veins of most Filipinos. with the right attitude, we can
However, we can never put the blame solely on the govern- never move forward.
ment. There is still one big reason. Now, are we left behind?
If you’re thinking from the
Pessimism or practicality? beginning that we’re left be-
Martin M. Valenzuela Nick Joaquin, in his Heritage of Smallness, pictures how hind, you’re definitely wrong.
Filipinos looks at things too differently than the other nationali- We’re the most corrupt coun-
If you think our country is Last year, the Philippines ties. He tells what most astonishes foreigners in the Philippines
is that this is a country, perhaps the only one in the world, where
try, the most dangerous place
for journalists, pollution in the
also lorded over the list with a
being left behind, think again. score of 9.40. This was a sharp
decline from its grade of 7.80
people buy and sell one stick of cigarette, half a head of garlic, a
dab of pomade, part of the contents of a can or bottle, one single
Philippines is prevalent, edu-
cation system is getting worse,
in 2006, when Indonesia was egg, one single banana. To foreigners used to buying things by the domicile of the notorious

deemed Asia’s most corrupt the carton or the dozen or pound and in the large economy Abu Sayyaf and other terrorists,
country. sizes, the exquisite transactions of Philippine tingi cannot but prices of commodities increase
robably, unless you’re too special to be exempted, Corruption is the most seem Lilliputian. So much effort by so many for so little. Like tremendously… in the pila of
even before you were born, you were destined to experience obvious reason for our failure all those children risking neck and limb in the traffic to sell one countries around the globe,
to grow in various aspects. In stick of cigarette at a time. Or those grown-up men hunting we’re not left behind, we’re just
seemingly endless waiting lines even once in your lifetime. spite of anti-corruption meas- the sidewalks all day to sell a puppy or a lantern or a pair of socks. losing control.
That’s a fact for almost all Filipinos. Waiting lines, or pila, ures initiated by the govern- The amount of effort they spend seems out of all proportion to the Pila is not a problem, it is
as it is vernacularly known, is something a typical Filipino ment, we are still in the flurry returns. Such folks are, obviously, not enough. Laboriousness just a result of the problems. Unless
of corrupt individuals. Causes can never be the equal of labor as skill, labor as audacity, labor as we Filipinos become aware of

can’t live without. From jeepney stations, to basic services of

the government, paying for your bills (as well as tuition fees), of corruption are found in the enterprise. the problems around us and try
purchasing NFA rice, eating in a turo-turo, glancing on the context of culture, the political This is a saddening truth we have to admit. When a prov- to cooperate with one another,
economy and incentives, or all ince or region gets too populous and begins to be uncontrollable, there would be a remarkable
remains of a late showbiz personality, … the list seems to be three. Although corruption it naturally disintegrates. Just like in the case of Region IV, which change in our system. Let’s not
endless. I just can’t imagine if there are still waiting lines in scholarship today tends to veer was divided into Region IV-A and B. The excuse offered for divi- allow foreign countries to bring
heaven (or in hell), just like certain TV commercials depict. away from cultural explana- sions is always the alleged difficulty of administering so huge an unity for us, just like what hap-
Pila is not just a petty issue. It manifests a bigger problem we tions, it has been argued that entity. But Philippine provinces are microscopic compared to an pened during the revolution
have to act upon. It tells us that in spite of major technological ad- Filipino traits, such as balato (a American state like, Texas, where the local government isn’t heard period where the war brought
vancements of countries around us, we Filipinos choose to remain portion of cash earnings that is complaining it can’t efficiently handle so vast an area. We, on the unity for the Filipinos. Instead,
in the lead, heading backwards. given by someone who wins in other hand, make a confession of character whenever we split up a lets try building bridges for
Wag ku-Corrupt gambling as goodwill money town or province to avoid having of cope, admitting that, on that advancement, not walls to be
According to a recent survey conducted by Political and Eco- to friends or as a tip), the pala- scale, we can’t be efficient; we are capable only of the small. We, hindered upon.
nomic Risk Consultancy (PERC), a Hong Kong-based consulting kasan system (use of patronage Filipinos don’t grow like a seed; we split like amoeba. Sources:
National Integrity Systems Country Study 2006
firm specializing in strategic business information and analysis for networks), barkada (loyal gang We are intimidated in the idea of growth and advancement.
load/15149/162858 -
companies doing business in the countries in East and Southeast members) and alalay (support- We think of it as something too ideal and though some people A closer look at the 2008 PERC survey
Asia, Philippines ranks as the most corrupt country in Asia, now ers or sycophants) have led to try to break such thinking, the majority remains passive. When Alecks P. Pabico
for two consecutive years. Out of ten points for the worst possible nepotism and cronyism, influ- scientists and inventors have discovered something that would put Heritage of Smallness
score (under a grading system that considers zero as the best pos- ence peddling and collusion. us in the limelight, Philippine government remains silent, or worse, Nick Joaquin
sible score), the country tallied 9.00, topping 12 other economies in Flawed structures in the po- doesn’t even notice. gr/17-4-smallness.html
Asia (excluding countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh that have litical economy perpetuated Why don’t we aim for something beneficial for the whole Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd.-
gained notoriety for corruption). by colonial powers have also country? As the saying goes, if you aim at nothing, you will surely



Voice Issue 6.1
LITERARY Cost ofBy:living
Prices soar, debts are high
Got nothing to do, but to

Terrorist attacks
Suicide bomber on the
War on the other side
Civilian killings create
Unemployment rate, jobless
Government promises, what
would be our fate?
Food crisis and disaster
Another issue on the
Recurring nightmare about
to come true
Reality of poverty
swallowing you.

‘Di Nyo Lang Alam


Akala ng iba
Ang krisis ay problema lamang ng matatanda.
Na sila lang ang may karapatan
Kumunot ang noo at magpangalumbaba
Sa mga nagtataasang presyo
At ‘di maabut-abot na bayarin;
Sa mga ‘di mabiling pagkain
At di makaing kanin.
Ngunit ang ‘di nila alam
Kahit kaming kabataa’y nadadarang
Sa mga di matapus-tapos na problemang bayan
At ‘di maresolbang krisis ni Juan.
Kami ri’y apektado ni Don Crisis
‘di nyo lang alam.
Kitang-kita din ng aming mga mata
Presyo ng bilihi’y sobrang nag-iiba.
Ang dating bente-benteng karinderya

That s Magic!
Ngayo’y umaabot na ng kuwarenta.
Ang dati naming pamasaheng barya-barya
Ngayo’y mas malaki pa sa aming pang-internet
Maya’s response and for a second shop.
she answered, “ Its three of dia- Ang dating isandaang panglakwatsa
mond.” We were amazed. After the Ngayo’y ‘di na makaabot ni Divisoria.
first test, another card was shown; Apektado rin kami ng krisis
it was a five of spade. Again, Maya ‘di nyo lang alam.
responded correctly until the magi-
cian’s last question. The magician

went back to stage and Maya bid
Kahit sa ‘ming mga sariling bulsa
goodbye. Maya never told us of
‘di na pareho ang ‘yong makikita.
what had really happened and she Ang dating ‘sandaang nadadala
kept that as her little secret. ngayo’y halos kumalahati, may utang ka pa!
That was before when she hadn’t One day when I visited Maya, I Dahil ‘yan sa katipiran
asked her again about that intriguing ng aming mga magulang na nahihirapan.
We were only 14 when she was en- night. It was so hard to convince her ‘Yan ba ang ‘yong masasabing
gaged in a vehicular accident. The to tell me the truth. But finally I won ‘di kami apektado ng krisis ni Juan
name of my friend is Maya. and persuaded her to divulge what
had happened. “The truth is I don’t Bata ka man o matanda,
failed. The doctors told us that she really know what was the number or may ngipin ka man o wala,
could never see again. Maya be- color of the cards because I can’t re- Estudyante ka man o kumikita,
lieved that God had reasons why ally see them. All I know is that I am kahit tambay lamang na pagala-gala
she was involved in that mishap. We very grateful because I was chosen Basta’t ika’y Pinoy, sa isip at kaluluwa,
became closer since that misfortune to perform together with the magi- Apektado lahat tayo ng krisis,
happened. I gave her guidance and cian. When we sat on the chair he ‘di nyo lang nalalaman.
savored happy memories together. instructed me of what should I do
while performing the tricks. He said
ing in one of the finest resorts in our that I should listen first to his foot

place. stomp. The first stomp will be the
number of the cards. It will be fol-
was performing his card tricks on lowed by a moment of silence so I
stage for a night show. The magi- will be able to know the color of the
cian saw Maya and he said, “ come card. In order to verify the color of
the cards, the second stomp will be
executed. If there is only one stomp
of his feet, the color is red, two

stomps will be diamond while flower

the audience. The performer is equal to three stomps and four for
the spade.”
After telling the whole story, I
was very thankful to the magician
and color of this because of giving Maya another
Voice Issue 6.1

chance of seeing the world at least

for a fancy moment.

magising sa katotohanan
6 7
tingnan ang mga bagay na nasa paligid mo
maging isang ehemplo ng pagbabago...
Review Better - Gain More!
Good ways...|3
NEWS in crave for foods. Supposed you had already
eaten you have to feel better- not stuffed,
bloated or tired.If you feel such, then look
for something that can make you busyy — no
eating of course.

“O ne is never prepared to take ble questions that might be asked in EA

EAT WELL. Studies show that

an exam” is a cliché that the exam and make a group effort to you need good nutrition to con- Brush your teeth after eat-
you usually hear among test tak-tak find the answers for these questions. centrate and perform your best. ing.
AT PRE- Brushing your teeth after
ers. But is it true? Or can we de- If your stomach is empty, it will be meal will give you a “done” feeling. You will
vise a way to better prepare and REQUISITES.Review all the technicali- hard for your brain to function well. feel that you don’t like to eat more foods
equip ourselves for an upcoming ties of the exam as well as the date, BRING THE RIGHT SUPPLIES. Bring your again! Isn’t it right that when your mouth is
exam? Well, test takers have their location, materials, fees, and the pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, com- clean, you’ll feel regretful with your effort of
examination rules if provided. Ar- Ar brushing your teeth when you eat again? So,
different ways of reviewing when ex-
ex pass, calculator and extra paper or brush your teeth to avoid craving for foods
amination comes. Here are tips that range your transportation, keep all whatever else you’ll need on test day. again!
you may find useful when taking it. the receipts and necessary docu- REVIEW

ments that might be asked from you YOU STA
TA See how many sections Begin your daily exercise!
A week before the exam on the day of the exam, prepare the and what types of questions are Exercising is really important
This because activities burn
FOCUS ON YOUR STUDIES. specified materials to be used, e.g., on the test. Consider how much fats. Even simple running or walking out-
means that all you will ever think pen, paper, calculator, your test per-
per time to allow for each section, side, biking for at least an hour can con-
about and do during this preparation mit etc., ahead of time so you will basing your decision on the point tribute to your diet. Being active everyday
period is to study and review all your not cram the day before the exam. value of each. You don’t want to will keep your body strong and maintain a
past lessons. Stay focused - no un- healthy weight.
QUATE REST. At least a week
QUA spend too much time on a question

necessary text messages, no parties, before the actual day of the exam, that counts for only a few points. Be Optimistic
no time for stargazing. You can bet- start to relax and lie low on your JOT
OT Optimism will help you have
ter understand what you are studying review. It is important that you are From your first look at the test, take a positive attitude towards what
and retain more information that you you are doing. Th is would give you the idea
physically and mentally well when quick notes or write the mathemati- that you can achieve your goal. Do not lose
read if you refrain from distractions. you take the exam so you can adapt cal equations that you might forget. hope easily. What you’re doing now will
NE-PAG SUMMARY surely have benefits for you. Just believe on
to the environmental conditions of For example, you may want to outline
sheet of the key ideas, equations, the venue and be able to focus and yourself.
your answers to written response
formula and procedures that you think clearly while answering. Take and essay questions right away. Dieting takes one step at a time. Ap-
might need to know for the test. some vitamins and eat right. Set plying these tips will not just help in losing
If the test is closed book, know your alarm clock to the time you PRAY
RAYY.. Among all the tips
RAY weight, but will also improve the health of
what’s on the sheet. If it’s open-
book, bring the sheet with you.
need to wake up the following day. given, this is the most effec- every person. Just remember that dieting to
achieve good health should not be in a hurry.
P. But be sure Before the Actual Test
tive one. Ask the guidance Th e first days would be diffi cult, but it’s just
that when you do, you already have DON’T STAY
UDY- of our Creator and surely He a matter of habit. Next days… You’re off of
it! Ciao!
understood most of the topics so Try to get a reasonable amount
ING. will be at your side.
you will not get confused all the more of sleep the night before the Sources:
day of the exam. If that’s not Above all the reviewing tips giv-
when the group discussions begin.
possible, at least a short rest. en, you must believe in yourself that
Do your part, study extensively, and secrets
SET UP A BACKUP SYSTEM FOR YOUR you can answer all the questions and
take the opportunity to ask the group http?
ALARM CLOCK. Set a second alarm, or ar-
ar give your best shot. Good luck!
those topics that you cannot under-
range for a wake-up call from a friend. Allysa Aviles Spicy-Food&id=730875
stand. Also, try to anticipate possi-

Extent of Service On CBE Day:“We Are the Assets!”- Santos

By: Jessica Lopez, Rowena Papa
& Dan Arthur L. Calaycay



B A -
of College of Busi-
ness Education (CBE)
in cooperation with the
Department Student Gov-
ernment and CBE Faculties
commemorate their day on
August 8 at the PE Center with
the theme “T “The Pride of T omor-
row’s Business”. Academic organi- remarks of Mr. Agapito Leyson, CBE
PHOTO BY: VIRGILIO CAMORAL JR. zations such as JIFM, JIME, JMEO, Faculty. The fun kicked off started by
JPIA and PJILE also had their partici- the Amazing Race, which played by
pation in organizing the event. the first and second year students
The celebration started with a as team rivals. On the later part of
mass at the TIP Chapel of Miracu- the event, parlor games such Bring
lous Medal followed by the opening CBE Day...|11
Voice Issue 6.1

The new set of officers was presented by Dean. Severino Pader at the end of the thanksgiving mass held last July 4, 2008 at OLMM; from left: Lynie C Ramos (Executive
Asst.), Gino Lahoz (Manager, Cantina Escolar), Shearyl U. Arenas (Chair, ECE), Jesusa Padilla (Dir., R & D Office), Cynthia C Llanes (VPAA), Lorraine A. Carrillo (Chair, ChE/ Chem lab Head / Environmental Of-
ficer), Sonia P. Peñano (Student Dev. Coordinator), Carol R. Andres (Scholarship Coordinator), Ma Cecillia A, Venal, (Chair, CpE), Angeles A. de Guzman (Coordinator HRDM, Mrktng Mgt. Entr.), Ma. Antonia
Jennifer E. Nardo (Chair, Arch/DT), Arlene F. Paraiso (Practicum Coordinator), Ariel H. Magat (Chair, Math/Physics), Evelita E. Celis (Dean, CBE), Veronica C. Alfonso (Head, OSA/Director, SPS), Bartolome
T. Tanguilig III. (Dean, ITE/Chair), Yolanda V. Lim (Head, Student Acctg. office), Remella A. Cabreros (Registrar), Adelina A. Ranga (Coordiator, SOCIP Mla. & QC), Dr. Maydelene A. Ancheta (Head, Medi-
cal/Dental Services), Arturo O. Sudlon Jr. (Admissin & Mktng Officer / Coordinator, CWTS / Extension Services Coordinator), Kristoffer E. Santos (SSG President) -Source HRD
(NOTE: Names and Positions are based only on their presence in the picture ) -V.C.J.

Looking at the World
Marrah O. Lagang Through Rosy Colored Naty Jean Ebay
Piece of gratitude maximax Glasses the melting pot

I started writing this column right after I is not a life in this room that you have not
I remember one day when I was on my SPONSIBLE. In every topic assigned to me
have finished watching a very inspiring and touched, and each of us is a better person
way to Divisoria together with my friends Iza in each issue, I know I have to submit a worth
touching movie. The movie is entitled Mr. because of you. We are your symphony Mr.
and Michelle, a bare-footed dirty boy (who reading article and comply with the dead-

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Holland’s Opus. The story is about the life of Holland. We are the melodies and the notes
is more or less 9 years old) rode in the jeep- lines given to us by our seniors or else… I a professional musician who would like to of your opus. We are the music of your life.”
ney we were riding. He gave us envelopes should face the consequence… MEMO! But spend more time composing but ended up Our whole class started to cry
with notes saying, “Konting tulong lang it is not always about that; I also learned as a music teacher in a secondary school to when it ended. Two thumbs up!!!
po para pangkain. Maraming salamat po”. that if we really want to achieve something, teach music appreciation.
I pitied the kid because for me, he doesn’t we really have to work hard for it. At first, teaching doesn’t have any ap- *****
deserve what he is experiencing now and At first, I thought that it would be easy peal on him but he just entered teaching to This English-speaking project re-
I know that you would agree with me. He is to apply as TIP VOICE staff. But after taking find some time to write his own composi- ally excites me. This project is, in fact, very
supposed to be in school, studying his les- a long competitive examination and going tion. But then he found teaching very fulfill- beneficial for us. It will not only enhance our
sons and mingling with his classmates and through series of interviews with the edi- ing and satisfying, so he devoted most of his English communication skills but also our
friends enjoying his childhood instead of tors and some school officers, I realized that time in teaching. confidence to speak the English language in
roaming around the busy streets and beg- it was not easy. But still, I did my best as an He was able to help several students to whatever situation we are into.
ging for alms from unknown people. Then applicant because I know that it is my goal excel on the field of music and all of his ef- I am proud to say that we, students
I asked myself, where are his parents? Why and I want to achieve it. forts paid off in the end. It inspired me a lot from the Education Department, started to
do they allow their children to work instead With this experience, I learned that to because Mr. Holland, in every sense of the put into action the English-speaking project
of sending them to school? I felt bad against attain our goals, we should always strive word, is an epitome of a dedicated teacher. because we believe that unless we take a
the parents of this kid. They are so irrespon- hard and be dedicated in doing it. We can- The best part was when his students step, we really can’t move forward.
sible! As parents (though I am not yet a not get things in just a snap. We will never gathered together, from past to present, to
parent), I believe that, they should already be successful in our life if we will just wait pay respect on his retirement. The line that I *****
know their primary responsibilities. They for the so-called chances or opportunities like best in the movie was delivered by Ger- Letting go doesn’t mean giving up... it
trude, the student that Mr. Holland taught on means moving on. It is one of the hardest
should know that it is their job and obliga- to come without doing anything. And of
his first year of teaching to play the clarinet things a person can do. Starting at birth, we
tion to work in order to provide the needs course, once we started doing it, let’s just
with intense feeling. She said, “Mr. Holland grasp on to anything we can get our hands
of their child. continue and never get tired. We should al-
had a profound influence on my life and on on, and hold on as if we will cease to exist
Anyway, you might ask, what is ways be responsible in every tasks and ob-
a lot of lives I know. But I have a feeling that when we let go. We feel that letting go is
this girl saying? I just actually want to em- ligations regardless of how hard they seem he considers a great part of his own life mis- giving up, quitting, and that as we all know
phasize to my fellow students that through to be because we will also be the ones who spent. Rumor had it he was always work- is cowardly. But as we grow older we are
this example, we are so blessed because are going to benefit from all the things we ing on this symphony of his. And this was forced to change our way of thinking. We
we are all given the opportunities that not do. going to make him famous, rich, probably are forced to realize that letting go means ac-
all people have. We have chances to study Aside from that, being a part of this both. But Mr. Holland isn’t rich and he isn’t cepting things that cannot be. It means ma-
and be educated for our future. Let us take organization also gave me a chance to famous, at least not outside of our little town. turing and moving on, no matter how hard
advantage and not waste these opportuni- gain more friends. I would like to show So it might be easy for him to think himself you have to fight yourself to do so.
ties being offered to us. Right now, we are my appreciation to all of the VOICE staff a failure. But he would be wrong, because I
all aware that our country is currently and who warmly accepted me when I was still think that he’s achieved a success far beyond
continuously experiencing different crises a trainee. I never felt indifference since I riches and fame. Look around you. There -Unknown-
and EDUCATION is one of the best bequests was a new staff. They guided me in all of
our parents can give to us to cope from it. the things that I have to do and they treated
Let us be grateful that we have responsible me nicely as if we’re really a family. For that,
and loving parents who are so supportive in THANK YOU. I am so grateful to be a part of

Rounds of Applause
providing us our needs. the VOICE family.
Do I make sense with what I am saying? To Ma’am Joy, thank you for being a
Martin Valenzuela
If yes, then go to your parents, hug them very supportive adviser and a friend to us.
and express your thanks! Thank you so much for believing in me. rhetorical questions
***** *****
Being a VOICE staff taught me a lot of For my parents, Papa and Mama, thank
things. Aside from developing my skills, it you so much for the love and support. I love It seems that since I first entered the to because his supposed to be refuge and
also taught me the importance of being RE- you po. premises of this institution, I always hear from helper, the government, couldn’t manage to
my colleagues here in VOICE that most of the support him.
TIPians are being more and more passive, In her recent State of the Nation Address,
meaning they opt not to involve themselves PGMA said that she would never remove the
in any activities that are primarily intended VAT on oil and power. I cannot comment on
for them. Well, undoubtedly it’s true. I once that because I am neither an economist nor
joined an essay-writing contest sponsored an expert in taxation to foresee the lasting
Darwin D. Singh by one organization under our department. effects of such an act. However, it’s too dis-

A simple tribute postscript
The contest is open for all courses under the
department so I did not let the opportunity
gusting to know from a report, based on gov-
ernment data, that it is the poor who pays 90
pass. But guess what? No one else mind to percent of the VAT on oil and power, as op-
join the competition except me! Not even posed to PGMA’s claim that it is the rich who
An excerpt of Herman Melville’s novel, emn perimeter of hopelessness. the members of that sponsoring organiza- pay the 84 to 90 percent. (Read: Poor Pays
“Moby Dick” gave me a good topic to write **** tion cared to participate in the contest. What 90% of VAT on Power, Oil - Expert by Rona-
for this column. The passage says: “We The morning before I wrote this, I was a waste of time, effort and resources for lyn B. Olea,, Volume VIII,
people who don’t even pay attention. Pag- Number 26, August 3-9, 2008.) Should this
were made for Thee, and our hearts are greeted by lots of pending paper works
katapos ipaglaban ng mga officers ang line account be factual, we Filipinos should be
restless until they rest in Thee.” It some- to be submitted to my instructors and to up ng activities nila sa OSA, ganun lang? [As very alarmed and vigilant, because we don’t
how made me realize that nothing exists this publication. But I was caught between a matter of fact, as I write this column, I am know what are the other things our present
eternally; that nothing is permanent – all cleaning my room and coming up to a also waiting for students who are to join the government doesn’t disclose to us. Yun na
are ephemeral; and all people are frantic “credible” excuse letter for my absence in tutorial I’ve scheduled today, pero ni anino nga lang tungkol sa P0.50/text kuno, ang
ng isa man lang wala pa, at mukhang wala labu-labo na, paano pa kaya sa mga govern-
throughout their living until they are al- my classes. Good thing I have a multi-task-
nang dadating.] And this problem is evident ment deals na hindi na natin maintindihan?
ready with God. ing and jack-of-all trade- wanna-be friend not just in a specific department or organiza- A lot of things can still happen in a span of
**** who helped me in my tasks. (You know tion, but also for the whole institution. The two years left in her term, so we have to be
I now appreciate all that I have. Appre- who you are, next week nalang yung bayad result of the membership campaign this July doubly watchful.
ciation makes me feel things are valuable ah!) But in a split second, a minute of reali- is a frowning no.% decrease in number of Former House Speaker Jose de Venecia
members. Most organizations suffered sig- commented that the SONA is 50% factual,
than ever. Having good friends and a sup- zation went across my thought: That I am
nificant decline in number of members ex- 50% exaggerated.
portive family are some of the reasons for so blessed because God permitted me to cept for academic organizations, particularly Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago gave
me to be grateful. They made me whole live on the face of the earth. However, a ve- under the HSSD, whose advisers promise in- President Arroyo’s SONA a grade of 1.5.
and taught me how to be me. I love them hement denial tapped my face and pushed centives in grades. Paano naman yung mga Former president Joseph Estrada gave
even better as time goes by. But every me to think on my abstruse apprehensions non-academic organizations na walang mai- her 30 out of a perfect score of 100.
ooffer na incentive sa grades kundi yung Environment secretary Lito Atienza gave
time I ponder on Melville’s conviction that about life.
mga activities lang nila? her 8 out of 10.
all shall come to an end, regret surges in **** For this, TIPians deserve earsplitting Benjamin Abalos, Romulo Neri and the
my mind. There are many “what if’s?” that It is true that our hearts are restless round of applause from organization offic- ZTE execs gave her a 13 under par/59 on a
hover and augment my desire to bring until we find rest in Thee. And as I was do- ers as well as from people whose resources, par 72.
back the time and change it into something ing this article, I am at ease that my cousin time and effort were wasted. For me, grades aren’t enough. She de-
[CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! With matching serves thunderous clapping from the starv-
worthy for Him. Such questions like: What is with Him right now. I offer this writing
tears of joy.] ing Filipinos and deafening commendation
if I made my life more meaningful? Should to him for his leaving – unwanted leaving. *** from various militant groups. As bonus, she
I be presently living in contentment? May you bring with you our love and care In one of his books, Gary Lising said, is privileged to watch a special performance
I was devoured by multitude of missed forever together with Him. He will make “the only way to curtail the high cost of liv- from a cheering squad composed of angry

opportunities and hampered by the imper- you rest and tranquilize your spirit (since ing seems to be to stop living”. Though it is individuals whose lives have been miserable
tinent words I have said. the day you left us.) May you rest in peace just a humorous idea from a recognized per- under her term.
sonality, it still makes sense. It appears that [CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Standing ovation.]
I am on the verge of graduating but I kuya Buboy. the chances for us to impede the continuous ***
am also on the loose of giving up and re- **** increase in cost of living have totally van- I’m beginning to feel the pressure of
ceding the trials that come along my way. And so I would like to thank TIP VOICE ished. Unfortunate Juan has nowhere to run
Rhetorical Question...|12
Though some harbor undoubtedly that for giving me a chance of becoming a staff
these “short-lived” hardships could be writer of this publication. If not being a
surpassed naturally, I still dare myself to member, this writing is impossible to be
prove these as nothing but ingenious sup- published. I believe that I was able to give
position. I am not being cynical anyway. a “little” contribution to it, yet I am receiv-
Nevertheless, many of my colleagues treat ing multitude of blessings in return.
me as one. I just find it hard to believe in All I can say is thanks to everyone…
the immensity of things. For the most part, and to Him.
such serious fact as “death” reminds me of
my limitations, which confines me in a sol-



Growing population, this was the most demanding issue
and impending national crisis of the Philippines today, accord-
ing to the National Statistics Office (NSO) the projected popula-
tion of 2008 was about 90.7 million. On the other hand accord-
ing to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Fact book,
during the first quarter of this year, the country has a total of
92,681,453 with an estimated growth rate of 1.76%. These fig-
ures shows that the Philippines is facing a scenario where birth
rate is uncontrollable and the sustainability to feed the people
will decrease rapidly. As a result, the government will have to
increase budget just to create programs that will help the people
prop up to earn a living and have food to eat at least three times
a day. Moreover, with the kind of situation where prices are high
and basic commodities are affected by unpredictable inflation
the crisis on poverty will eventually rise.
The House Bill 5034 or the Reproductive Health Act of 2008,
is still in the midst of a battle zone, now it is being admonish and
later it will face ABOLITION? During the 9th SONA of PGMA she
emphasized the importance of life and she preferred to have a
policy of natural family planning. The Catholic church together
with other PRO-life advocates strongly affirmed on the proper
planning of family in accordance with the teachings of the
Bible, they even conducted signature campaigns to support the
rescindment of the bill. They feared the constant usage of artificial
birth control which may lead into a critical choice of couples to
have an abortion and not preserving the values of humane family
living. According to the article of Dahli Aspillera of Malaya, “This
bill does not allow abortion. It’s about contraception, no murder; no fetus killed.” In
same way Rep. Edcel Lagman one of the major proponents, said
that the bill is not about condoms or pills and niether it is religion. It is primarily
health and rights, adding also that reproductive health as a basic human
right that the government should promote and protect.
The issues on reproductive health might have been resolved
earlier if the country is not in the situation where religion is the
dominant constitution and the government is the submissive in-
stitution. Otherwise, proponents of the Bill need to work double
time in order to gain numbers in the Congress to pursue for a
proper deliberation.
It is a challenge now for either PROS and CONS and the
President to have an initiative to create action plans that will
answer our problems on poverty and population. Atleast be
ILLUSTRATION: Donnie Teodoro united for the growing poor Filipinos and not by using them for
numbers of your vote.

What do you think

Buklod diwa...|2 is the best way to
win an Olympic gold
sa pagsasagutan sa “Balagtasan” Mga medal?
estudyanteng may angking galing
sa pagsayaw ang siya namang nag-
tunggali sa “Malikhaing Pagsayaw”.
Critical times... Ephraem Jerusalem
Do your best pa
rin. Have faith in God,
Ang mga nagwagi sa “Malikhaing
Pagsayaw” ay ang CE11KAI-ikatlong
A Review white shadow
be discipline, and fo-
cus!-YC Baki
pwesto, ES11KA2-ikalawang pwes- First, dapat pursigido, responsible, deter-
to at CE11KA2 sa unang pwesto. The recent political, social and eco- stage during electoral campaigns? Well, minado yung mismong athlete at syempre
Sa sumunod na mga oras, tuloy nomic status of our country is merely the pity for us Pinoys who once fought for inde- dapat may mga good facilities kung saan
pa din ang programa ng mag-umpisa reflection of what type of leaders we have pendence and fled from bondage. pwede magpractice.-G-ryoma
na ang “Dramatic Monologue”. Iba’t- today. It is a call of urge for people to prove Of the number of policies, we have I think the best way to win an Olympic
ibang emosyon ang makikita sa kani- their worth to govern responsibly and not heard from our leaders, larger percentages gold medal is to be an American Citizen and
lang paghahatid ng monologo. Ang to marry Micheal Phelps and have a son
to earn easily. I remember an interview in became mocked or when implemented,
mga nagwagi sa “Dramatic Mono- with him. And also have a hard training, ses-
a news program with an eight-year old boy popularity – not service comes first. In view sions, and practices.-Conioticz
logue ay sila Jasmin Socorro Ortiz
in an exclusive school. The boy was asked of this, we Filipinos sometimes have been
(ikatlong pwesto), Azor Paladin (ikal- What can you say about the English
awang pwesto) at Alein Panganiban about our government leaders and he an- in the culture of “ningas-kugon”, a collo-
swered, “Shame on you, you betray me and quial phrase-turned-policy that emphasizes Speaking Policy?
(unang pwesto). Samantala isang The best memorandum that the school
balagtasan naman ang pinangunahan my generation.” Obviously at young age, doing good first at first terms but losing at
has! Keep it up!-Bolang25
nila Nic Antonio Erlandez- Lakan at he knows how to respond articulately and the end. We do hope that this will not dis- For me, it’s good for the students for them
Irene Cercado-Lakambibi sa “Tanong burst his opinion, that in reality change is mantle others by taking into consideration to be competitive in the future.-0610810
at Sagot” sa punto ng “Kasuotan needed. Anyway, before I became exhaust- that people are for the common good. It’s a Well, it’s good for us students in en-
ng Dalaga at Binatang Pilipino.” ed with this topic it is a pleasure to share choice, we are about 92 million in the archi- hancing ourselves in speaking in English.-
Ang huling mga kontest na idi- 0610224
thoughts, sights and opinions about our ex- pelago: large enough to set our ideal gov-
naos ay ang kontest ng “Jingle” All I can say in this policy that it is a good
acerbating country. ernment and embark our cultivated policies
kung saan sila’y umindak at ku- idea but most of the students are not partici-
manta sa lirikong may kinalaman For years, I’ve been dreaming of a sta- without obstruction, but with conviction. pating in it. -Anonymous
sa tema ng programa. “Makaba- ble life that all resources are within grasp On the other hand, however, such word, Hindi nasusunod.-Naruto
gong tugtugin sa Makalumang in a matter of short terms. In that span of as IDEAL cannot be achieved in ages. It can
Sayaw/Indak” naman ang nagpakita time nothing happened, still it worsens. Fili- be possible if there is an amalgam of relia- What do you expect to happen in the
ng kakaibang galing ng mga es- pinos had gone to changing phases led by ble policies and manly personalities. Going Philippines for the last quarter of the
tudyante sa pagsayaw ng “hiphop” year?
14 Presidents who promulgated trademark back to the young boy, if we can only create
mula sa mga awiting makaluma. All out war.
policies. However, were these promises re- a good government and instill the responsi- I expect to have peace and order in the
Ang pagtatapos ng palatuntunan
ally brought to people and meant for peo- bility of public service, that maybe an hon- Philippines.-0711550
ay ginawa sa pagbabanggit ng mga
nanalo, sila Leah Ortega at Gerald ple. It seems we were being fooled by dif- est appraisal, he will sound bound for true The memorandum of agreement in Mind-

Rivero para sa Lakan at Lakambini, ferent black propaganda, mud slinging and leadership. Nevertheless, not all of us are in anao will not be signed, thus, making more
pinangunahan naman ng ED21FA1 throwing of various accusations between the crossroads. conflict there.-0711666
ang “Makabagong Tugtugin sa Maka- and wrong politicians. They warp the focus I expect that the economic changes will
lumang Sayaw/Indak” at ES11KA1 sa be positive.-0710218
of our political system, that sudden rattles ***
“Jingle”. Nagbigay din ng pangwakas Siguro yung mga tao naglalakad na lang
the economy and split the vision of the sa sobrang taas ng pamasahe, kamote na
na panalita si Prop. Corazon Valdez.
Voice Issue 6.1

society. For further implication: poverty, As of now, TIP is looking for a Director lang kinakain ng mga tao kasi wala na ring
Bago pa ang programa ay may
unemployment and other national prob- of the Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA), the NFA rice, and lastly, piso na lang ang ibibi-
pauna ng mga kontest na “Paggawa
ng Es say”, “Paglikha ng Poster” lems serve as burdens for many Filipinos. organization is designated to nurture and gay na aguinaldo sa Christmas!-G-Ryoma
na napanalunan nila Rehn S. San- These cases are sometimes the headline of promote homegrown talents that will serve Patay na tayong lahat!-CN: Blackout
Philippines will increase its population.
tos (“Paggawa ng Essay”) at Aviane the news everyday! What we need are the as ground for cultural awareness and ac-
Bernardino (“Paglikha ng Poster”). guarantees of those politicians’ promises. tivity. Since its establishment last 2004, it
We will be buried in poverty six feet un-
Ni: Jessica Loraine Lopez Where is then the personality we saw on
White Shadows...|12 der the ground! :c-Bolang25

Voice Issue 6.1
“Thinking in English, Speaking in English”
Do not be worried about the subject-
verb agreement whether you should
use “is” or you should use “are.” As you
really get serious about learning how to
We all understand English. All of us our teachers to speak in English, to de- speak in English and as you listen to oth-
here in TIP, without any exception, un- liver lectures in English. er people speaking in English, take note
derstand English. Your admission to TIP We also enjoin our employees to about how things are said, how things
for a college degree means you know speak in English. All in an effort to pro- are phrased. Learn idiomatic expres-
enough English. vide an atmosphere conducive for all of sions. The more you listen, the more you
You sit in your class and you listen to us to speak in English. will learn. When you finally learn how to
your professor lecturing in English and But you have to help yourselves. My speak in English, English will naturally
you actually understand him. suggestion is that you group yourselves come to you. You will know by ear that
You hear other people conversing in into groups of 5 or 6 friends or class- what you are saying is correct because
English and you can understand them. mates and agree to speak among your- it sounds right.
You watch TV shows in English selves in English. Do not laugh at your To summarize, think English. Speak
and you enjoy the jokes and the songs. group mates as they comamit mistakes. in English. Continue to watch English
You watch English movies and you are As you keep on striving, you will get bet- movies and English TV Shows. Read
moved to tears and you enjoy the ac- ter at it. English newspapers and magazines.
tion. You read English newspapers. You Agree among yourselves as a group Listen how English is spoken. And just
read application forms in English and that you have to teach yourselves about keep on trying to speak in English. Let us
you can answer them. We can all write the technique I am sharing with you.
in English. All of us actually understand Dr. Elizabeth Q. Lahoz And what is that? Think in English. What
all help each other so we can all speak
in English.
English. Companies that are recruiting here at you could otherwise say in Filipino when I am leaving this “speak English
But how come when we want to TIP from among our graduates such as you are hanging out by yourselves, you project” to the Supreme Student Gov-
speak English, we cannot? We have Aboitiz, Accenture and IBM Daksh have just phrase in English. “Magdaldalan ernment and the Department Organiza-
difficulty reciting in English in class. specifically told us that what is needed Kayo” in English. If the group is very un- tions to implement. I would like you to
We have a hard time answering simple by our graduates is the ability to speak derstanding of each other, you should lead by example. Convert your Filipino
questions in English in conversations in good English. be able to feel free to speak in English. speaking barkada or officer grouping to
with our teachers and our school ad- Other schools are emphasizing the And remove the element of “hiya” or be- an English-speaking group. Start with
ministrators. need to speak in English. The CHED en- ing ashamed about making a mistake or you, the officers, in your day-to-day
The problem, I think, is because we joins all schools to improve the quality being labeled as “an Inglisero,” So what? dealings and in your meetings. If eve-
do not think in English. One has to think of the English used. You will land the good attractive jobs in ryone is already speaking in English, it
in English so that it is just a matter of So if you yourself are convinced the future. becomes so natural that no one will feel
expressing those English thoughts into about the importance of English, then These little groups of 5 can merge ashamed to speak the language. Start
spoken English words. you have to commit yourself to it. There with other groups later on to a point with your own group or barkada.
You cannot think in Filipino then ex- is only so much the school can do. where no one in TIP community will Find your voice. In the ultimate
pect yourself to translate instantly the We have tried to encourage all of you even feel conscious or feel different analysis, mastering any language needs
Filipino ideas in your mind into English to speak in English. We have provided when speaking in English. practice.
speech. you the Speech Labs. We have provided We all understand English so let us I think you are ready. You all under-
The good jobs out there in the work- you the English room where the main bring that knowledge one more step for- stand English. All you have to do now is
place require that you can speak English. condition is everyone speaks in English, ward by actually speaking English. Do to speak English.
If not fluently, at least passably. rightly or wrongly. We have reminded not be concerned about the grammar.

CBE Day...|8
Me, Trip to Jerusalem, Banana Eating
VALEDICTORY ADDRESS lay were conducted to further enter-
tain the crowd.
16 May 2008 After the said activities, CBE stu-
It has been several weeks since I times when our country has been sub- where we, as an individual or together dents proved their intellectual busi-
first learned that I would have the honor jected to ostensibly unceasing political, with our team, make a difference for the ness capacity as they battle with the
of speaking here today. After the initial social, and economic arrests, both in the better in the lives of our fellow Filipinos. CBE Faculty in a quiz bee conducted
at the PE Center. The intensity in-
euphoric rush of joy and gratitude, only past and in the not-so-distant past. It is as Our culture will encourage us to engage creased as the dance and singing
one emotion remained until now: PANIC. though we cannot go beyond the tales of in mediocrity, pwede na yan; the modern contests started. Four teams and four
This is not the fear of speaking in front of our past. And yet, at another time in our university will tempt us to treat learning as contestants that emerged victorious
a crowd; after more than two decades of nation’s flow of history, we have reached the accumulation of unrelated facts to be from the elimination round competed
being in the academe, I have mastered this juncture of tumultuous global trade in the finals, followed by the continu-
crammed, regurgitated, and forgotten… ation of the Amazing Race, for third
the delicate art of being called to speak which paradoxically created – with much walang kwenta. Do not give in to these. and fourth year students.
impromptu in countless supposedly in- disparity – a widening gap between the Let us remember the example of our dear For the highlight of the event,
tellectual fora. No, the root of this panic haves and the have-nots, where the value professors, men and women who for a contestants romp off the court for
the much awaited Mr. and Ms. CBE.
is far more disturbing; I have to convince of integrity is almost likely becoming an small token judged it necessary to pass Loud cheers and applause from the
myself and all of you present this after- intolerable norm in a political sense, and on the wisdom that God and experience crowd filled the PE Center as their
noon that the five minutes or so that you’ll where our people are seemingly becom- has granted them. bet displayed their confidence as
be spending with me at this very moment ing socially and culturally dislocated. In they walked on their formal attire and
will be of “quality” and far more valuable the past few months, we have been held evening dresses. Also, last year’s Ms.
Dear classmates, let us dedicate CBE, Honey Angeli Olimpo together
than spending it elsewhere. The oppor- captive by reports of alleged large-scale ourselves anew! As the imminent Eng- with Ms. CBE runner-ups, flounced at
tunity cost should be worth it. Yet I will corruption in the government implicating lish scientist Thomas Henry Huxley said the party showcasing their beauties
be honest and tell you that even as I sat some of our high-ranking bureaucrats, and I quote,… “the great end of life is not thru their lovely gowns. For the finale,
in front of my laptop at three o’clock this the web of which points to the top ech- knowledge, but action.” question and answer portion took
morning, I am still uncertain of where my elon of our nation’s governance. Whether part where each candidate proved
the brains they got behind their good
address is headed. So I decided to just or not the extent of the truth paraded be- Yet we are one in paying tribute to looks. But the winners of the said
let my thoughts flow through in the hope fore our consciousness implicates those that old man with a funny hand gesture contest were not declared yet.
that it will all make sense in the end. who are the perpetrators of this impasse and a distinct voice who humanized and According to Jonnaliza Santos,
(based upon the testimonies of certain set in perspective that ultimately, if one DSG-CBE President “The showcase
To the members of the Board of Trus- bold individuals who have chosen to was just 50%, the other half will be
is not able to apply personally what you from the students, and this will be in
tees, the President, and all the other of- walk from their shadows), we have been intend to do with your own organization, form of voting”. She also said that this
ficers of DAP, our distinguished guest taken aghast by the reality of deeply-en- it will al be meaningless. was the idea of Dr. Evelita Celis, Dean
speaker, our dear professors present trenched corruption lurking behind the of CBE. This is to have interactions
here this afternoon, parents and friends, boulders of our system. We need not I will be remiss if I fail to mention that from the CBE students. Ballot forms
my dear fellow graduates, ladies and gen- look for a more contextual example than are available at the Commerce Office
the success of this pioneering efforts of and Mac Office, just ask the secretary.
tlemen, good afternoon. the case of the much talked-about NBN- DAP towards the fulfillment of a gradu- Voting is until August 20. The corona-
ZTE mess. The conspicuous fact, for in- ate program in P&Q, as well as the rel- tion of the winners will be on Septem-
I am absolutely certain that all the stance, is now a matter of public knowl- evance of the honor bestowed upon me ber 25.
members of the MPQM graduating class edge, in which 20 percent overprice for a as Primus Inter Pares was made possible For this year’s theme, the credit
will agree with me that the past two years government contract would qualify as ac- goes to Jonnaliza Santos. “I was
because of the presence, physically and walking in the footbridge along Au-
was both joyful, yet dotted with grief,… ceptable or moderate greed. To put this in spirit, of all my batchmates. To Arlene rora, on my way to school, when I
victorious, yet along the way filled with in another term, kickbacks of 20 percent and Neth, Bong, Erwin, Jarvis, Mard and noticed the billboard of Business Mir-
the reality of humbling setbacks. Ours are the “norms” in government transac- Mel, … I am very certain that all of you ror”. She stated, “ the billboard says:
is a pioneering academic program here tions. This, indeed, is a flagrant case of will … ‘A Broader Look at Today’s business’,
at Development Academy of the Philip- dysfunctional procurement system. As in then I thought to myself, they are to-
In behalf of the pioneer class of the day, we will conquer tomorrow. And

pines, so the emcee said. And you will the words of the Senate’s star witness, in MPQM Program, let me also humbly ar- so I came up with that theme.” Prior
hear constantly being echoed through- its inquiry into the controversial NBN-ZTE ticulate our collective thank you to all who to the occasion, the CBE student of-
out the program something to do with deal, the government’s procurement sys- supported us prayerfully and financially ficers conducted a meeting with the
productivity and quality or (P&Q), and the tem is really a trap because institutionally through all these years. It is my distinct academic organizations. Dissemina-
challenge set before us that we are sup- the process is supply-driven rather than tion of tasks and monitoring had been
honor to pay tribute to all the husbands, discussed. Great involvement from
posed to be catalysts of positive change driven by need, where projects land in the wives, the parents, and the signifi- the whole department was also one
in this dear country of ours. But P&Q, we the hands of suppliers who have ties with cant others who lovingly and dedicatedly of the keys that made the celebration
were taught, does not happen overnight. those who are in power. made this milestone possible for all of us a success. “Lahat gumalaw, from the
It is supposed to be a continuous spiral- this afternoon. Finally, we thank our Sav- academic ogrs, hanggang faculty, la-
ing PDCA cycle – Plan, Do, Check, and In the light of what we have learned hat nag-contribute” says Santos. “
ior, Jesus Christ, who redeems our intel- I hope that after graduation, we will
Act – with all the different strategies like these past two years at the Academy, lects as well as our souls and calls upon prove it, being the pride and asset
benchmarking, change management, I urge each of my classmates: do not all of us to be given unto His reasonable of a company, not only on back draft
knowledge management and others, let those years pass and be forgotten. service. and t-shirt.”
which will ensure all our efforts to be pro- Rather, pursue the vision of learning that The affair ended with a nightlong
ductive and of excellent quality. we have here begun. Take control of all rave party at the PE Center.
Thank you again and a pleasant
History tells us about the multifarious opportunities that will appear our way afternoon to all!

From Top:
SPORTS SPEAR-UP, UP Defensive strike to block a spike. the
intense of the game between 3rd yr VS. 4th yr. teams
from CBE Volleyball League, CBE Day August 8,
2008 at PE Center.
Paul John Pederio
Hopeful adaugeo REBOUND FLIGHT, Fly-up to get the
rebound, Cascaded efforts from ME
and IE teams for the triumph of the
Is a multimillion reward enough for the Filipino athletes to “kabet”) the advisers’ and Dean Severino Pader’s interview, ME/IE Sportsfest, July 29, 2008 at
strive harder to bring home the very first Olympic gold medal all I knew then was that I am already obliged to write articles,
of the Philippines?
congregating area.
to conduct interviews and submit all the necessary stuff that
According to the reports obtained from an Internet source, the editors order me to do so. And it had been two semesters
the reward for the Filipino who will win the very first Olym- also being a trainee that I used to pass articles to my superiors.
pic gold medal for the Philippines has reached for about 9.5 And now, in my third semester of tenancy, I can’t believe that
million pesos or 214,000 US Dollars. Sports apparel No Fear, I was appointed to be the new sports editor of this publica-
the Microsoft Philippines, Chevron, Filipino-Chinese busi- tion. It might be a shame on my part to tell this, but I still can’t
ness tycoon Lucio T Tan, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and imagine that I was chosen to hold the vacant position, when in
the Philippine government, through the Incentives Act, alto- fact I committed several mistakes before in every news article
gether promised to reward the first local athlete who can end I submit - giving my editors hard time in making a good revi-
the 80-year gold-medal hunt in the said quadrennial games. sion. Never in my mind that I dreamt of becoming an editor in
However, before the athletes went to Beijing, President Gloria Voice, but now, after this new appointment, I know I am not
Macapagal-Arroyo raised the Olympic incentive to 15 million just obligated to edit articles, but also to assign sports article
pesos. to each of the TIP P Voice writer so we can produce a worthy
But at this very moment, An Olympic gold medal has been sports page.
very aloof for the Philippines. Since we first joined the Olympic
Games in 1924, only nine medals, specifically two silver and ** ** ** **
seven bronze, are seized by the Filipino athletes. I am starting to feel now how hard it is to be a college
When will be the time that we can earn first Olympic gold student. Everything comes complicated especially when my
medal? However, the Filipino athletes in Beijing do not lose professors set examination dates all at once. Another prob-
hope in digging up one, competing about 10,700 players from lem is the adjustment on how a professor teaches the class.
different countries around the world. There are some who just go on with the time saying just “blah
Way back during the Atlanta Olympics, bronze medallist in blah blah”, like there are clocks behind them telling the last
Boxing Onyok Velasco was also promised incentives by some
minute in their lives is fast approaching. On the lighter side, I PHOTO BY:JOEMERLYN CABUG-OS.
politicians, but until now, this Ilonggo boxer is not receiving
also have thoughts in my mind that it is up to me on what will
any promised amount. It seems that the politicians just used
him for publicity. And now, there are a lot of offers given to happen during my college life. As what my friends say, “Kaya
whoever the first Filipino to bag the very first gold medal. What mo ‘yan!”, it’s just a matter of time management and control
might happen next? on everything.
** ** ** **
** ** ** ** Beware of the new disciplinary measures and policies of
I can still remember the days when I registered to be a the school. My classmates’ fork (from her baon) and stick on
writer for TIP
P Voice. Until the day that I was informed that I banana cue were confiscated at the gate. Check out all your
passed the editors’ questions, staff’s requests (particularly hairstyles and your plunging shirts. Yippee!! This is my very
performing in a talent portion – singing the phenomenal song first column in the TIPP Voice-QC. God bless us all!!!

Scholars|1 Rhetorical Question|9 White Shadows|10

lang High - Caloocan being a senior, both in aca- showcased many talents of the students of TIP. They began
City; and Archie demic, co-curricular and ex- to realize that there is a place for sharing their God-given
Cristobal Frencillo- tra-curricular activities. I have
craft. Without an ACA Director will keep the organizations
Lagro High School. no intentions of giving up but
people who think that I’m not instability and will create queries from several members of
They are benefited to
doing what I ought to do adds different talent groups. Realizing also that TIP collects Cul-
take up any course of to the burden I’m already car-
their choice under the tural and Activity fee worth Php 22.55 in the total miscel-
rying. Don’t worry, I know laneous fees making it more competitive to prove that the
College of Engineer- what are my responsibilities
ing & Architecture. office will stand and support programs. It is also enough to
and never I have thought of
The Dr. TTeresita U. running away from these re- financially work developmental programs that will aid each
Quirino scholarship sponsibilities. For those who member organizations. Through this budget, TIP can pro-
grant on the other think they are the ones I am vide scholarships to deserving and yet talented students,
hand is for the col- referring to, I guess you know provide leadership and teambuilding programs, arrange
lege of Education and what I am saying here. Just
workshops for various field of art and mandate long term
Accountancy. The be considerate, I am just a
student. plans that will continuously promote TIP’s talented indi-
students who got the
For those who face hard- viduals. These could be the major responsibilities of the in-
scholarship were Karen
ships in life caused by peo- stitution as well as the person that will work for the growth
Grace Atienza- Brenal ple who are either passive,
Christ the Foundation of ACA.
enigmatic or inconsiderate
Christian Academy TIP has been the forefront for educational advancement
(like those I’ve cited above),
and Camille Emiko you are the ones worthy to it has no reasons for it to remain inactive beyond quality
Valdez- San Jose Na- receive heartfelt tremendous education, moreover EQUALITY must be emphasized.
tional High School. praise.
scholars to continu-
ously enjoy the ben-
efits they shall main-
tain a Grade Point Tira-Tira
Recorded with facts
Raised without fear
Average (GPA)PA) of at
least 1.75 with no
grade in any subject
below 2.25 every se-
mester. Aside from Editorial Board
this, a student who Editor-in-Chief phraem Jerusalem
also committed any Associate artin Valenzuela
infraction of the Gen- Managing aty Jean Ebay
eral Rules of Conduct Section Editors
and Discipline will lose Fetures
his/her scholarship. Literary
Sports Editor Paul J ederio
ISO re-certification...|1 Creative
tifying body will visit Libre Head Photographer Virgilio
Head Artist Donnie
again next year to con-
Head Layout Artist Dan scresa
duct a surveillance audit Web Erickson
to verify if the institu- Assistant Photographer eodoro
tion is implementing the Artist Jeffrey
systems in the quality Jess G
manual and to monitor Assistant Layout Artist abaña
its processes in compli-
Circulations Dan Arthur alaycay
ance with the standards. Assistant Circulations andoles
The surveillance auditing Support Staff [writers]
is being done annually. Joemerlyn Cabug-os, viles,
ISO is the world’s Jessicca L

largest developer and

Michelle Avelino, R apa,
publisher of Internation-
Jerome baguio, Rommel
ommel Malicdem
al Standards. According TA-I-PA [Artist]
to Engineer Jemuel C. Jason Fernando
Castillo, Vice president Adviser
for Quality Assurance Dr. Jocelyn Tolio
T Arcillas
Voice Issue 6.1

Management and Plan-

ning, “ The good thing
about certification is
that, it drives the organi-
zation’s continuing effort For your comments and suggestions,
for improvements”. please mail us at