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The Official School and Student Publication of

Technological Institute of
the Philippines–Quezon City



By Dan Arthur Calaycay

Spring in TIPQC steps

for excellence, the Technological
T Institute of the
hilippines-Q achieved its Level  reaccred-

2 Eng’g Programs
ited status in Computer Engineering and Civil
Engineering programs, formally granted by the
Philippine Association of Colleges and Universi-
ties Commissions on Accreditation () on

reach Level 3 Reacc

November 21. Th e Level Reaccredited Status
is good for five years (-).
Th e  accreditors headed by its
Chairman Dr. Rosita L. Navarro, together with
Dr. Loida Sta. Maria, Engr. Flordeliza Villasenor
and Ms. Loreto Garcia conducted a formal visit
on October 3-4 to asses the school based on set
standards. Th eir focus was on the school’s opera -
tions and processes.

Not An Ordinary Achievement

According to Dr. Cynthia Llanes, Vice
President for Academic Affairs, normally, it
takes more than ten years for an institution to
attain the Level  status. But  Quezon City
made it only in six years. FFor an institution to be
granted with such status, it should undergo the
Phases of Accreditation: Consultancy, Prelimi-
nary, and FFormal Visit, Level  First and Second
Reaccreditation Visit and the Level  Reac-
creditation Visit. “Before going to Level  , the
result may depend on the Level  Reaccredita-
tion Visit, which is considered as the critical part
of the accreditation, if the applying institution
failed to comply with the set standards, they may
even have third and fourth Level  Reaccredi-
tation Visits,” explains Dr. Llanes. On the part
of , Level  was achieved immediately after
Level  First Reaccreditation Visit.
As stated on the Policy Statements of Level
 Reaccreditation Visit. “A Level  Reaccredited
Status should be attained by the program, with a
general average of at least 4.0 and a numerical rat
ing of 4.0 in each area.” A total of nine areas were
evaluated: 1) Purposes and Objectives, 2) Faculty,
3) Instruction, 4) Library, 5) Laboratory, 6) Phys-
ical Plant and F Facilities, 7) Student Personnel
Services, 8) Social Orientation and Community
Involvement, and 9) Organization and Adminis-

Insti welcomes
Building 9
PPMO speaks on new dev’t
By Paul John Pederio

-Q ’S NEWEST constructed building
was formally opened to the students and school
staff after its inauguration last November 13
which took place right after the mass in com-
memoration with the celebration of the Feast F
of the Miraculous Medal.
Th e said event was attended by the Vice
Chairman Dr. Teresita
T U. Quirino, President
Elizabeth Q. Lahoz, Vice President for Admin-
istration and Student Services
ervices (() Severino
resident for Academic Affairs (()
Pader, Vice President
Cynthia Llanes, the deans and chairpersons from
different colleges and departments, the Offi ce of
BUILDING 9...|5 Two freshmen students enter the fi nished Building 9 after it was blessed and opened for use. VIRGILIO CAMORAL, JR.

IN For Better or Identity Strike while

For Worse Malfunction the Iron is
Gold Black


To heed
the unheard.

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Martin bandoles
Looking Forward
EDITORIAL gloomy year ahead. In addition, wa- citizens, how will its citizens stand? FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK
ter rates will be increasing, and it The nation’s growth is impeded
Tomorrow begins today. Our will entail increase in prices of other with political issues such as Joc Joc We stand proud as we continue to
future is determined by the actions commodities as well. Bolante and Fertilizer Fund Scam, struggle for change. We look forward
and decisions we make. With the coming of another year, Impeachment complaints and cor- to the advancement of our institution.
It started with Lehman Brothers many of us busy contemplating on ruption problems. This time, we However, we assure you that we are
declaration of bankruptcy, and eve- our past year and assess whether have to do our part. sincere in this collective endeavor.
tipVoice in its sixth year will strive
rything else followed, like a pile of our way of living has improved or We should think for tomorrow,
not for for our vain glory but to gain the
domino pieces. Actually, one can’t just turned worse. But much more do not live only for today. To be
confidence of our cherished readers.
easily conclude the real cause of important than just reviewing our prepared with possible outcomes
In so doing that we chose to be more
the global financial crisis that caught past is to learn from it. We all know of the crisis, New Year’s resolu- dynamic and ever-changing so as not
western countries unprepared, par- that the prices of commodities have tions regarding change in attitude is to come with surprise among members
ticularly US, but its drastic effects tremendously increased this year, not enough, change in perspective of our community. We sought more fre-
are certain: stock prices fell, invest- and many Filipino families fell below would fill the gap. Our future now is quent student contributions and cor-
ments decline, many companies the poverty threshold. But when the a big question if we fail to look for respondence. Also, we covered affairs
went bankrupt, and economies prices improved a little, spending solutions beginning today. Though beyond the secured confines of our
became unstable, and this is on also increased. This holiday season 2010 Presidential elections is still a campus. We sometimes even shifted
an international scale. We Filipinos is a witness on how Filipinos spend year ahead, we should start analyz- roles for more than a month of prepara-
should not act like were unaffected. luxuriously without thinking for the ing our possible choices. We have tion for this issue. We did despite our
coming year. The effect of global fi- to be smart. We have to be vigilant. own problematics of organization.
The horror of global financial crisis
nancial crisis is a big threat to our Begin assessing those who want to We join hands in this quest that we
might take us by surprise.
are not in any position to exclaim com-
We have always been updat- country yet we never prepare for it. be in the position. We shouldn’t fail
petence or to be placed in any plat-
ed with the broadcast and print We should always bear in mind that this time. With this, we would not form. Rather, we, student-journalists
media’s reports on OFWs going oil prices will not remain low forev- just spare ourselves from lots of po- are not above anyone for we are stu-
home, but not due to Christmas, er, and oil players will not always be litical and economic problems, but dents first; journalists, second. Moreso
but because the companies they willing to roll prices back. from criticisms of other countries are we driven by the sectors of our so-
were employed has turned bank- Supposedly, the government is as well. However, should we fail to ciety who lent us their voices unheard
rupt. With this, remittances eventu- our indispensable partner in this cri- choose the right leader for our na- to be heeded.
ally fell down. Should this mishap sis. But when the government itself tion, we would be sure that global These, contained in the following
continue, we should be having a is not strong enough to support its financial crisis would paralyze us. pages, we tried to fulfill.

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3 QC grads top eng’g licensures Reaccreditation.../p.1

Prexy gears on no.1 anew

tration. Fortunately, tip got above 4.00 in all
the said areas.
Because of the success of the previous ac-
creditations, the nine areas for evaluation were
cut down to four: 1) The high standards of
instruction, 2) Highly visible community out-
reach program, 3) A strong staff development
tradition and 4) Extensive and functional li-
brary and other learning resource facilities.

In Pursuit of Excellence
As stated by Engr. Cecille Venal, Depart-
ment Chair, Computer Engineering, “From
the time we received our Level I Status in 2002,
we compiled everything, we worked for this
until we received our Level iii.” Various prepa-
rations were made by the cpe Department to
conform with pacucoa standards. “We made
sure that we maintain a high quality of instruc-
tion by providing seminars and workshops to
the faculty members and staff to strengthen
their competency. As a result, there is a high
employability of the cpe graduates. We also
initiated computer literacy programs where our
department gives lectures about computers,
and we participated in Gawad Kalinga and Ipo
Dam projects as part of our visible community
outreach programs.”
While in the Civil Engineering De-

partment, “The preparation is a daily toil to-
r. Elizabeth Q. Lahoz (From top-left) Jorge Allen Adajar, Alvin John Balazue- wards attaining Level iii (Reaccreditation),
recognized three recent board Engr. Sanchez, la, Francis Diaz, John Michael Gonzales, Jesus meaning, do the tasks that impact the ar-
passers from different programs. Engr. Maestro Orlando Matamorosa, Jr., Michael Malanday, eas of accreditation to be surveyed” stated by
and Engr. Nav-
The President even challenged all Nhel Puspus, Jennifer Reyes, Resty Sajagon, Engr. Allan Benugsudan, Civil Engineering/
arro during the
departments to aim for the top spot in every li- program when Christian Angelo Santos, Merlito Taguse, Sanitary Engineering Department Chair. He
censure examination aside from the Institute’s they were Farrah Talaue, Jeffrey Uson, Elsa Liezl Onita, also stressed out the benefits of attaining the
goal of maintaining 100 percent passing rates. acknowledged Jayson Jacob, all passed the said exam. Level iii Status. According to him, the ben-
“You know you have to do it just like a as recent Faculty members and students applauded efits are anchored on the trifocal objectives of
habit,” she stressed during an awarding cer- topnotchers in after departments of sanitary engineering (se) education, namely; instructions, research and
emony to acknowledge the recent individual Passers all their respec- and marine engineering (mare) were also extension services. With these in mind, the
and collective achievers. tive board commended. MarE has achieved consistent
Meanwhile, Engr. Shear- students are at helm of these benefits.
Engr. Ferdinand M. Sanchez made an yl Arenas, Engr. Roberto dela passing percentage for both operational and As a whole, Computer Engineering and
Dr. Elizabeth
encore of his speech as he earlier delivered it Cruz, Mr. Angeles de Guzman Lahoz (below) managerial licensures. In May, the Institution- Civil Engineering students who will gradu-
in the Professional Regulations Commission and Ms. Gloria Reñen were calls for every al Passing Percentage (ipp) had outdone the ate from March 2009 to March 2013 will
(prc) oathtaking ceremonies. Sanchez ruled given credit following their program to 54.85 National Passing Percentage (npp) with have the seal of pacucoa Level iii on their
out in the electronics and communications passing the August licensure yield a top one a 60.71 mark. The program, headed by C/E diplomas. Meaning “the programs accredited
engineering (ece) October examinations with for teachers examinations. in every licen- Ramon Deseo, Jr. also attained a 5.7 difference (cpe and ce) meet the highest level of quality
a score of 91.10 (see related article on page Yielding 15 Cisco Cer- sure exam. against the npp of 56.46% in September. on the analysis of the merits of its educational
12). He shared his privilege on how he man- tified Networking Associates camoral, jr. SE, conversely, ranked third among all operations in attaining its objectives and its
aged to succeed “not by strength but by perse- (ccna), Engr. Ma. Cecilia engineering schools nationwide in the Sep- role in the community it serves” (Manual of
verance.” Sanchez is joined by 28 other board Venal led the Computer En- tember licensure exams. Under, Engr. Allan Accreditation, pacucoa)
passers out of the 89 examinees yielding the gineering (cpe) graduates of Benogsudan, se got nearly 7% more than the
ece department a 31% passing rate. 2008 in receiving their ac- npp of 60%. What’s Next?
In the electrical engineering (ee) licen- knowledgment. The three newly-licensed engineers “We have to maintain our status, now that
sure examinations, on the other hand, Engr. CCNA, which is an en- were awarded corresponding cash grants. All we achieved the Level iii Reaccreditation. But
Bryan Navarro finished fifth with 86.30%. try-level certification for the achievers also received certificate of recogni- we are looking forward for more improvements
The Institute clutches a double celebration Cisco professional course, tions from their respective department chairs and continuous upgrading for the succeeding
though with Engr. Jeffrey Cabigting of Ma- advances towards junior net- who also graced the event held in the freshly- accreditations.” explained Dr. Llanes. On the
nila copping the top in the September exams. work administration. furnished Building 9 Seminar room. part of ce/se department, fortifying the de-
Navarro, now a member of the engineer- partment’s strength in instructional delivery,

TG grooves, bags awards

ing faculty, conferred how he was supported publish undergraduate research output and be
by the ee department, which produced 10 keen on addressing the need of depressed com-
other engineers out of the 40 examinees. munity needing assistance are the next plans.

at Skechers street dance

Promptly off the results, Engr. Sydney Moreover, the tip Administration is again
P. Maestro made it fourth with 97.55% in preparing for the next accreditation of Batch
the civil engineering exams. He expressed 2 programs in March 2009. The programs for
confidence early on to not only meet the re- the next visit are Mechanical Engineering,
quirements but also clinch a place among the By Jessica Loraine Lopez Computer Science, Industrial Engineering,
topnotchers. Marine Engineering and Commerce, Major in
Huge crowd and loud screams occupied the Big Dome as Skechers set the stage again Management.
for the fourth time for its biggest, toughest and hottest street dance competition—The Skech-
“Bigas” na lahok ers Streetdance Battle held on November 23. The competition showcased the best dance cho-
“Congratulations and Thank you to eve-
ryone, we all made it happen.”

ng arki, wagi
reography, creativity, teamwork and coordination of various high school and collegiate hip
hop dance groups.
A production number by the Philippine
Namayani ang natatanging lahok ng mga All Stars (2008 World Hip Hop Champi-
mag-aaral ng Arkitektura sa pinakaunang ons) and the G-Force heated up the stage for
kompetisyon sa larangan ng computer-aided the participants. Prior to the competition,
design (cad) na inilunsad ng United Archi- eliminations were held at different SM Malls
tects of the Philippines (uap). wherein 12 high schools and 13 college dance
Binubuo nina Genevieve Cardenas, groups emerged to fight for supremacy. Mo
Rose Ann Ceñido, Michael Cerrero, Mark Twister, JC Cuadrado and Drinnie Aguilar
Joseph Macatong at pinangungunahan ni served as the host of the event.
Larry Bolaños, nasungkit ng grupo ang unang
pwesto upang patunayan ang kanilang galing Let the battle begin
bukod sa manwal na pagguhit laban sa Univer- For the high school street dance catego-
sity of Sto. Tomas at Far Eastern University. ry, Miriam College High School’s Sayawatha
Ang kanilang lahok na “Isang butil ng bagged the champion’s trophy, garnering an
bigas,” ayon sa mungkahi ni Macatong, ang average score of 90.7%. Next in line were the
nag-uwi ng unang gantimpala na pinagkaloob groups of School of the Holy Spirit’s Aglaia
sa pambansang opisina ng uap. Ang kanilang (89.8%) and Colegio de Sta. Rosa—Maka-
disenyo, na kinailangang banghayin sa cad sa ti’s Phat Gurlz Crew (88.1%). Other high

loob lang ng itinalagang oras, ay nagsasala- school finalists were Ateneo de Manila (In-
rawan sa pangunahing produktong pansaka- dak), Claret School (Hataw), Xavier School
han sa ating bansa at sa napapanahong krisis (Dance X), School of St. Anthony (Dan
virgilio Camoral, jr.
na kinahaharap nito. SSS), St. Mark’s Institute (Campus Image),
Sila ay pawang mga miyembro ng uap Hope Christian High School (Hope Dance versity-Manila (85.4%) brought home the ama Computer University-qc (ama Dance
Student Auxiliary (uapsa) sa gabay ng pa- Troup), La Salle Greenhills (Air Force), championship title, followed by Technological Troupe), Colegio de San Juan de Letran- Ma-
kultad ng Kagawaran ng Arkitektura na si Neptali Gonzales High School (B.M. Crew), Institute of the Philippines-qc’s Talents Guild nila (Letran Street Beat), Our Lady of Fatima
Arch. Rosauro Jamandri. and St. Paul Pasig (Terpsichore) (84.7%) and Ateneo de Manila’s Company University (Fatima Agalayaw Dance Compa-
Bahagi ng pagdaraos ng 2008 World Excitement grew intense when it was fi- of Dancers (83.9%). Other finalists include ny), La Consolacion College- Manila (Synku-
Architecture Day ang naturang patimpalak nally the college’s turn. In the end, La Salle University of the East (Extreme Squad), UP pado), Philippine Maritime Institute (Teatro
noong ika-1 ng Oktubre. Dance Company-Street of De La Salle Uni- Los Baños (Street Jazz Dance Company), TG GROOVES...|7

Admin reformats org structure

T ACA: still seeking director

he beginning of this se- F
Facilities and Computer Services
ervices of
mester proved to be a very ficer of -.  Chorale, the other organizations
significant mark in  his- Former chair of the Chemical
F By Jerome A. Baguio Th e clubs/organizations under working for the  are the Supreme
tory with the rise of the new build- Engineering Department and  of the  are the  -Chorale Society, Student Government (  ), Depart
ing. Another event set the constant the Chemistry and Physics Labora- FOR MORE E THAN three years Talents T Guild ),
uild ((), and the Lumbre ment Student Government (), 
redefinition of education for the tories of  -Manila, Engr. Cecilia now, the Arts and Cultural Affairs En T Teatro (
). According to and the Offi ce of Student Affairs
achievement of the Institute’s vision P General was appointed as Acting
P. (
)) organization is still on a state Ms. Charmaine Joy Añonuevo, Cho- ( ). In fact, the recently concluded
with the reorganization of the ad- Dean of the College of Engineer- of a “headless knight” as the school’s rale member, as the  Directorship Night of Lights and Carols competi-
ministration board. ing and Architecture for -. lone arts and cultural body is yet position is still vacant and no one yet tion was actually done through the
On November 3, Ms. Evan- Engr. Loraine A. Carillo, Chemi- to fill in the slot of its director. Th e to offi cially handle its leadership, it joint efforts of  , , , and the
geline P.
P Rodil is desginated as the cal Engineering Chair of - is last person who has taken this priced was temporarily filled with an acting  Chorale.
Officer-in-charge of the Guidance concurrently the director of the re- position was Mr. Leonyl T Torres who figurehead for the organization, Mr. Ms. Añonuevo shared that the
and Counseling Center of - cently-established Environmental left the organization three years ago. Jose Emanuel D. Aquino,  Cho-  Chorale and the other organiza-
and Engr. Armil S. Monsura of the Offi ce for both campuses. Th ey took Now, the department is still open for rale Society’s conductor and over-all tions under the  could still stand
 Department was appointed to their positions on December 1. applications for the  Director slot. director. She added that aside from tall in spite of the lack of general
be the Acting-Academic Computer Naty Jean Ebay leadership.

AYLC gathers TIP

“Kita naman sa  (Night of

What’s in a name? Ask CpE Lights and Carols), di ba?” she com-

student leaders and admin

By Ysh Cabaña Actually, there’s not enough
reason for changing since the In-
DEPENDS ON HOW you ab- stitute had used the latter abbrevi-
breviate it, as a Level  accredited ation even before  when 
program found out. was used instead without much THE AYALA Young Leaders In line with its objective, a from the Offi ce ofStudent Aff airs
In the first semester the justification. And perhaps there Congress (), on its tenth year, focus group discussion called Ay- and other  offi ces.
Computer Engineering depart- were no other factor for the pro- has made a step to help address the ala Young Leaders Congress Ex- Youth Leadership Program
ment (which would have to spelled gram to abide by   but for its country’s need for committed and panded, held on November 12 at Manager Joseph Anthony Que-
out here first), had a name change acquiring a reaccreditation status, responsible leaders by conducting Seminar Room B, was sponsored sada, of Ayala Foundation
F Inc.
from  (pronounced kow-ee) to which is “higher than the agency’s research through gaining first hand by  as part of their research talked about the objectives of
 (each letter spoken.) standards.” insights from the student leaders for the project pre-titled  Ayala F Foundation through Ayala
Department chairperson Yet, these were reactions and administrators from various “”. It was attended by selected Young Leaders Congress which is
Engr. Ma. Cecilia Atienza-Venal drawn from the students. tertiary schools in the country. student-leaders from different de- on inspiring leaders through their
was browsing through a folder of “Medyo sa una, napaisip partments as well as staff members leadership programs. Th rough the
memorandum orders from   kami” “Sa’n galing ‘yung ‘p’?” Banned  , their vision of helping the
(Commission on Higher Educa- “Ano yun bagong course?” country through youth leaders will
tion) when TIPVoice asked the Questions were thrown back eventually be school-based with
reason for change. by Gilmer James Onato, Armie the help of their partner schools.
Meanwhile, fellow faculty Coratchia and Arnold Gasar After a brief orientation of
member Engr. Leah Belaya earlier Jr., all fifth-year students, to the their programs, a divided ses-
said that the  moniker was the query. sion took place. Questions such as
Institute’s compliance with the While to a graduating Com- concept of an ideal leader, oppor-
June  curriculum as given by merce student “It’s probably the tunities that help leaders in their
the agency mandated to govern department’s privilege to have endeavors, programs provided by
higher education institutions such their name changed, since they the school for leadership devel-
as . She, however, explained reached Level  .” opment and how these programs
that it was not directly stated for Still, until this semester, benefit the leaders were tackled. In
colleges to use the abbreviation as students ask the department the end, suggested leadership pro-
is written on the prospectus. Chair “ma’am, why do we have to grams were also discussed. Ideas
Belaya, who has been with change?” like leadership camps and continu-
the Institute for a relatively longer “As per the title given by ous leadership trainings not only
time, shared that other colleges  …Ganun lang,” Engr. Venal for the organization offi cers but
did not really follow the memo- would justify. also for freshmen were proposed.
randum. CHEd Memorandum Order Ms. Mildred Ople, Manag-
“Th ere’s a reason behind it 13 series of  constitutes the An anti-smoking streamer was posted along the entrance of the Quezon City campus ing Editor of Starfish Magazine,
but they did not explain why,” revised curriculum for Bachelor of on the second week of December. This, according to the Office of Vice President for accompanied Mr. Quesada during
Engr. Venal opined. Science in Computer Engineering Admistration and Student Affairs is in compliance with the city ordinance. the discussion. Martin Valen-
After all what’s in a name? or . zuela

Insti welcomes Bldg.9.../p.1
the Students Affairs () headed by members, Industry lecturers and ary or an open field full of cows and
Mrs. Veronica Alfonso, professors, visitors. cactus. Th e offi ce cleared that those
instructors and the other non-teach- According to the memo- designs are just temporary. Th e open
ing staff. randum noted by  Severino lot will serve as a space for the dump-
Pader, the following are the desig- ing of materials whenever there will
What’s on Bldg.9? nated parking spaces—the side of be a development inside the institu-
Th e building covers a total land Building 1 is allotted for the school tion or another development site in
area of ,. square meters. Th -ir executives, side of Building 8 is for the upcoming years. Right now, a
ty classrooms are constructed within the school vehicles. Th e front of stage is being installed in one of the
the four-storey building. F Four of the  Center leading to the roll- walls of the lot. Th e bell, hung right
these are drafting rooms having a ing store in front of the Study area in front of the Building 9 hallway is
capacity of 55 seats located in the is to be occupied by the school of of- not a design but a requirement from
third and fourth floors. Th e ground ficials, the space from the  Center the Fire Bureau.
floor is designed with two Instruc- to the chapel is for the visitors and
tional TTechnology rooms () for delivery. Th e parking space between Developments in QC
Wayfi nding the lectures and other purposes, Building 5 and 9 are for the canteen PPMO enumerated the
Seminar room with 84 seating ca- vehicles and the faculty members prepared developments for the
pacity for meetings, assembly and are assigned to park mobiles in front Quezon City campus in the next
seminars, Meeting room, Humani- months and semesters.
ties and Social Sciences Department
( ) FFaculty room, College of
Education F Faculty room, Math and
Physics Department F Faculty room,
Server room, Speech Laboratory,
Faculty lounge, Comfort rooms for
the Deans, students and disabled
and security quarters.
All the faculty staff formally
transferred to their new assigned
centers last November . A one-
week orientation for the students
(primarily first year students who The classroom numbering system differs from numbering system of all the other TIP-
will utilize the newest facilities) and QC buildings. INFOGRAPHICS BY PAUL JOHN PEDERIO
school staff was done for the famil-
iarization. of Building 9. Th e offi ce plans to start
Th e open lot has a total land working on the “Rigodon” this
Open and Parking Lot area of , square meter. It is set Christmas break. Th e department
In front of Building 9 is an open up with gravel and sand, and fenced centers will undergo renovations
and parking lot. Th e parking lot cov - with natureinspired enclosure. Th e and installation of air-con units.
ers a total land area of about , Physical Plant Management Offi ce Th eInformation T Technology ( )
square meters making a capacity of ( ), headed by Architect Edgar Edgar- Department, being chosen by the
22 parking slots. Due to the limited do Perez does not deny that the de- Commission on Higher Education
space inside the school premises, stu- signs they have installed in the entire ( ) as one of Center of Devel-
dents are still not allowed to utilize open lot earned a lot of speculations, opment () will be provided with
the said parking space. Th e privilege “why like this and like that”. Some bigger room for research purposes.
to park inside the campus is only say it is like a zoo or an extension Th e other department offi ces
given to the school offi cers, faculty of the Marikina riverbanks, an avi- belonging in the same College are
to be transferred and compressed in

Fil-Am educator
one building. Th e project is expected
Two students find their way on the location map posted on the wall in the lobby of
Building 9 after its inauguration on November 27 (top). to completely furnish early in the
first quarter of the year .

talks on values
Th e Center
enter is to be renovat
ed by constructing a wooden court—
Light in Slim causing one of the big  Halls to
By Marrah Lagang at the Everett Middle School for be used.   was not able to give
ten years. At present, he is teach- a precise and exact date regarding
A LECTURE ON Filipino cul- ing at James Logan High School the said renovation but Arch. Perez
ture, values and creative writing in Union City, California. He is made sure this would get in effect in
was attended by students from dif dif- the author of the “Seasons by the the upcoming years.
ferent departments on December 9 Bay,” a collection of short stories Also, part of the development
at the Bldg. 9 Seminar Room. and Full Deck, a book of poetry, is the construction of a better facility
Engr. Cecilia P. P General, both published in . for Maintenance and Storage Area.
the Acting Dean for the College Mr. Peñaranda discussed Early on,   installed a
of Engineering and Architec- about the misunderstood Fili- number of orange pipes along the
ture, commenced the program as pino values. He cited some of the hallways of the school premises. Th e
she welcomed  President, Dr. Filipino values, which are being offi ce stated that the installation is
Elizabeth Q. Lahoz, and the Vice misunderstood such as utang-na- due to the preparation of air-con-
President for Administration, Stu- loob, pakikisama, bahala na, and ditioning system of the buildings
dent Services and Linkages for also kapwa which is according and emergency power supply. Arch.
Quezon City, Engr. Severino P. P to him is one of our core values. Perez said that  can provide air
Pader and his counterpart in Ma- It was followed by the compari- condition equipment for each of the
nila, Ms. Angelita S. Soliven, the son of educational experiences classroom but it is the students’ sta-
 offi cers, faculty members and of students and teachers in the tus that they are considering.
the students. She also introduced United States and in the Philip- “Installing aircon in every
the topics that will be discussed pines and also the comparison of classroom would make big adjust adjust-
and was followed by the introduc- native traits of Filipinos born in ments, but the administration is re-
tion of the speaker, which was led the United States and Filipinos ally willing to make efforts on this
by Engr. Severino P. P Pader. born in the Philippines. Lastly, he matter especially that many [stu-
Th e resource speaker, Mr. tackled about creative writing. dents] are requesting for this, if they
Oscar Peñaranda, is the President After the lecture, an open fo- are willing to pay the energy fee.”
of the Filipino American National rum was facilitated to give chances Arch. Perez said in an interview.
Historical Society (  ) and to the participants to ask questions Th ey are also planning to change
Filipino American Educators As- from the speaker. Afterward, Dr. all the classroom numberings in all of
sociation of California (). Elizabeth Q. Lahoz presented the the - buildings. Th e room num -

He earned his .. in Literature certificate of appreciation to the bering system in Building 9 is also the
and M.A. in Creative W Writing at speaker. Th eHumanities and So- new system that they are planning to
Even lights in the new building were considered to be energy efficient. This T-8 lamp, the San Francisco
F State Univer- cial Sciences Department Chair, push through. Th e proposed plan may
as is the standard in the industry, is also planned be used in all the other buildings in
sity. He became a teacher in the Dr. Jocelyn T. Arcillas, was the take place on the early first semester of
same university for 12 years and master of ceremony. academic year .


ca. 1983

Interdept NLC highlights
NEWS Calling off

tree tilt talents, feats

amass P37-K By Joemerlyn Cabug-os Ms. Angela Chua, whose life
By Alyssa Aviles story was once featured in Magpa-
DIFFERENT ACADEMIC and kailanman of  -7, serenaded the
FROM LANTERNS TO non-academic departments of the TIPians with her warm voice to en-
CHRISTMAS TREES. Institute shared graces in the an- tertain and inspire the listeners.
Th eSupreme Student Gov- nual community gift-giving pro- After Ms. Chua’s special
ernment shifted from the tradi- gram held along with the Night number,  : of the Archi-
tional inter-department lantern- of Lights and Carols on Decem- tecture and Drafting Technology T
making contest to Christmas tree ber 5 at the Congregating Area Department sung “Dingdong Mer Mer-
competition but maintaining the with the theme ”Paskuhan na! rily On High” followed by Th e Me -
objectives: to expose creativity and Tara na! T
T Tulungan na!” Th e event chanical and Industrial Engineering
foster the spirit of giving. highlights the Christmas Chorale Split Singers presenting “Pasko na
Each department fashioned Competition with nine participat- Naman.” Next on the list was the
their respective Christmas trees to ing departments. Civil and Sanitary Engineering with
make it more exceptional than the Th e Chorale Society and “Diwa ng Pasko.” Electronics and
others. But the trees weren’t meant the Lumbre en TTeatro joined talents Communications Engineering Sing-
solely for competition but also to as the program commenced with ing Idols and the Olympian Singers
generate donations for each depart
depart- a doxology. Th e entrance of colors of the College of Education ren-
ment’s selected beneficiary, either in was led by the Corps of Midship- dered “O Come All Ye F Faithful” and
cash or in kind. men followed by the singing of the “Himig ng Hangin” respectively.
Christmas trees named Treed
T - National Anthem. Subsequently,
ucation (Education Department),  President Kristoffer Santos Winners announced
A Christmas T Tree of Delight ( / thanked the students for support
support- Before the chorale winners
 Department), Hues of Yuletide ing the said program. Student Per- were presented, President Elizabeth
eason (Architecture and Draft Draft- sonnel Services Director Veronica Q. Lahoz led the official lighting of
ing T Technology Department), Th e Alfonso presented the Christmas the  Christmas tree. She also an-
Christmas Metallica T Tree (Marine Trees of the different departments nounced the Institute’s accomplish-
Engineering Department), Th e Andrew Paul Franco, BS Arch, greets Olivarez College’s Rachel, eventual winner and their beneficiaries. ments, giving emphasis on the Level
through votes called in PLDT payphones. They are joined by the other finalists from  Reaccreditation Status received by
Styro T Tree for a Star of Hope ( different universities on the November 28 VJ hunt finale at Tiendesitas, Pasig.
Department), Christ’mais’ T Tree
ree ((
 Serenading the Crowd the Computer and Civil Engineering
Department), Christmas T Truss
russ ((
 Th e first batch of chorale departments as well as the Institute’s
Department), Christmas Glow of the first place. Th eir beneficiary is the were  presentation and  do- groups took center stage as their roster of board topnotchers. Th e
lee ((
 Department), and White Missionaries of Charity. Lastly, ’s nation, whether in cash or kinds. turns were announced. Singing in President also appreciated the efforts
Christmas (College of Business Edu- Styro T Tree for a Star of Hope with Th e judges were Mr. Angelo La - the melody of “Joy to the World,”
W exerted by the organizers and the
cation) were displayed along with Good Shepherd Feeding
F Program as hoz, Vice-President Engr. Severino the  Chorale of the Computer participants as well of the event.
donation boxes in front of the Study beneficiary garnered the second place. Pader, Prof. Jocelyn T T. Arcillas, and Engineering Department started For the awarding of winners,
Area since November . Th e winning departments received Dra. Maydelene Ancheta, Medical the series of Christmas Carols. Mr. Angelo Lahoz handed the cash
Among all the department P
P, P and P  respec- and Dental Services Head. It was followed by the two-time prizes to the following best per-
Christmas trees, the best Christmas tively. Non-winning participants also To sum up all donations, the champion  Singing Executives formers. Garnering the 3rd spot was
tree award was given to Marine Engi- received P
P consolation prize.  gathered P, . “Th ank you of the College of Business Educa-  : followed by  Chorale.
neering’s Christmas Metallica. Th eir Winners were awarded during  Community! W
W We are looking tion with their piece “Jingle Bells.” Outstandingly, the  Singing
collected donations will go to the the celebration of Night of Lights forward in doing this kind of project Representing the Information Executives, garnering a total score
Dumagat children. Also, Education and Carols on December 5 and were again next year,” Kristoffer Santos, T Technology Department, the  of ., dominated the whole
Department’s T Treeducation received judged based on the criteria, which  President exclaimed. Chorale with their rendition of competition for the third time, with
Tuloy-tuloy pa rin Ako” followed. their rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

Educ Day: The Next Level Th e Marine EngineeringChorale Th e event was organized under
entertained the crowd with their by the joint efforts of the Offi ce of
piece “Oh Holy Night.” Student Affairs,  and .
ON ITS SECOND celebration as cucumber, red bell pepper, squash rial and Rachel Elaine Andal as the
a College of Education (), stu- seeds and bread were some of the Teacher T Resemblance awardee.
dents trooped the PE Center on No- delicacies for the game. Ms. Educ pageant served as Walang Iwanan
vember 26 for Education day bearing A sing in duet contest enter enter- the highlight of the day. Th e panel of
the theme “Empowering Pre-service tained the audience at the start. April judges was composed of Dr. Epifa-
Teachers through Social Justice and
T Joy PPorras and Jenny T Taan () nia T Tabbada, Ms. Maricris Azul and
Charity.”  dean, Dr. Epifania grabbed the third place for the duets Mr. Brandon Gloria (  faculty
V. TTabbada, delivered the opening with their song ‘Zombie’. Krishialyn members).
message. Shehe accentuated the impor
impor- Torres and Anna Marie Alcantara
T Five beautiful pre-service
tance of empowering the pre-service () got the second place by teachers competed for the elusive ti-
for the development of education in singing ‘I’ll Be’. First place was tle, but only one was crowned as Ms.
the country. awarded to Kris Battinah Necolita Educ. Karen Atienza () who
Th e day started with the cham - and Natyaty Jean Ebay with their per per- also won the Best in T Teacher Attire
pionship battle of basketbelles and formance of the song ‘Beautiful’. All award was crowned as the Ms. Educ
followed by the exhibition game be- the winners received certificates and 08-09. The 1st runner-up and Best
tween the men’s basketball team of cash prizes. in Long Gown was sashed to Rachel
the department and guidance coun- Mary Grace Verallo () Elaine Andal (). Lea Ortega
selors. Th e merriment leveled up was recognized as the Best Demo () proved the gleam of her
during the program where a game, Teacher for the first Demo Festival
T F smile as the best by being hailed Ms.
initiated by the Young Educator’s held a day before the celebration. Photogenic. Best in T Talent went to
lub ((
)) offi cers, took place. Th e
 She also won the Command of the Ma. F Francesca Dominica Trinidad
game was called “pick-eat” where Language award for the same con- Estrada (). Jemarjo San Jose Nagsama-sama ang mga TIPoy mula sa iba’t ibang kurso sa Martsa ng mga Bayani na
the participants were asked to pick test. Special awards were also given () received the Ms. Congeni- kabilang sa pagdaraos ng Gawad Kalinga World Expo noong ika-11 ng Oktubre sa The
something from a big plastic bag and to Anele Biscarra () for be- ality award for her warm and charm- Fort, Lungsod ng Taguig. KUHA NG OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
eat whatever it was. F Fresh carrots, ing the Best in Instructional Mate- ing personality. Naty Jean Ebay

Arki Day dubs Project Genesis
DECEMBER 3-Inspired from a showcased talents as they joined the Philip Pines with his Card Tricks
reality TV show Survivor,
urvivor, the Ar
Ar- faculty duets. Th e members of the and the Design and Glamour Com-
chitecture and Drafting Technology
T  served as judges. Department mittee’s rendition of Dream Girls
 /) Department celebrated Chair Arch. Ma. Antonia Jennifer were also featured.
their day with the theme Arkifest: Nardo also rendered a performance Winners were announced
Project Genesis. Th e event was held to entertain the crowd. before the final ramp of the par-
through the joint efforts of Junior In- Subsequently, different bands ticipants for the pageant. FFor the
stitute of Architects (. ), United from the department exhibited their Design Competition, Jessy Chris-
Architects of the Philippines-Stu- respective performances. Among tian Ladia bagged the first place
dent Auxiliary ((), Rendu them were Shokkrifard, Firewall, followed by Denson Puente and
Circle, Architecture Students Asso- Banda ni Lacaba, Master Bath, Joey Catherine Jezelle Mancenido in
ciation of the Philippines (
 ) Balderas,  and Stellate. Th e second and third place respectively.
and the arch/ Department. guest band  with Arch. Dennis Glodo was proclaimed first
Th e program formally started Mon De Jesus on vocals also rocked placer with Christine Mae Adami
with an invocation and opening the audience with their music. and Joseph Papa for the second
remarks from Addie Boy Fernan F - Cheers and yells surrounded and third place respectively for the
dez–  Auditor and Jenalyn Car- ar
ar- the  Center as the contestants for Rendering Competition. Th e bas -
Pinamunuan ni Gng. Veronica Alfonso ang pamamahagi ng mga handog na gamit
rido–Vice President. Human Soul the  /’s Next top model year ketball team Atelier grabbed the
pang-eskwela at pantahanan kasabay ng pagdiriwang ng pista ng Our Lady of Rock Band entertained the students 3 went through. Th e participants championship tilt for the basket-
Miraculous Medal sa Batangay Mangga noong ika-28 ng Nobyembre. Nakiambag ang as they rendered an opening per per- ramped with their Shirt Outfits, ball leaving the Arkings and Pinta
buong komunidad ng TIP sa Council of Fraternities and Sororities sa pagpapasinaya ng formance for the event. Candy and Mardigrah Outfits. In- in second and third place. FFor the
pagdiriwang. KUHA NG OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Th e  / faculty also termission numbers by the Magician ARKII DA

TIP inks neat prodn MOA TG grooves.../p.3 Pens down

By Naty Jean Ebay used to examine industries, produc- Marino), St. Scholastica College (Danz Edge), Lyceum
tion processes, raw materials as well of the Philippines-Laguna (Lyceum Spartans Dance
TIP SUPPORTED the Industrial as products, in order to evaluate envi- Varsity) and Mapua Institute of Technology-Makati
Technology Development Institute
T ronmental improvements that could (Mapua Makati Dance Com).
() and the Department of Science be made. Winners were announced based on choreography,
and T Technology (-)) for the
 This 5-year project aims to en- creativity and teamwork among the dance groups.
implementation of the Green FrameF - courage the industries to have more AF Freestyle clash and a Street Style F
Fashion com-
work Innovative Strategy on Sustain- environmental awareness. Th e objec - petition was also set on the Big Dome as minor contests.
able Consumption and Productivity tives of this project are as follows; (1) Two participants from each school gave their best on in-
(( ) by signing a Memorandum of develop training modules on Cleaner tricate freestyle break dancing. It was Talents
T Guild who
Agreement last October 20. The Production, energy effi ciency and won on the collegiate freestyle face-off.
event was held at the Freedom
F Park, environmental management systems
Sta. Elena, Marikina City. Th e  ( ) for  ; (2) Conduct trainings Highest achievement
signing was participated by President and workshops, CP assessment, and/ After competing for the last two years on this
Elizabeth Q. Lahoz, Dr. Teresita
T C. or assist establishments of  ; (3) Street dance Battle, this could be Talents
T Guild’s high-
Fortuna, (Regional Director, -
F Document tangible visual improve- est achievement.
), Dr. Nuna Almanzor (Direc-
 ments of both economic and environ- Katrina Loi Clarin,  President, said that their
tor, ) and Marikina City Mayor mental performance and; (4) Develop experience was fun and exciting because they had show-
Marides Fernando.
F policy recommendations. cased their dancing talent in front of thousands of peo-
Cleaner Production Assess- Several trainings were already ple. Asked how the group prepared, “After winning at
ment for Small- Medium Enterpris- held last September , , ,  and the elims, we got one month and a week to prepare, but
es ( ) is a consultancy program 17 in both - and Manila cam- because of some diffi culties, the rehearsal proper hap-
involving the identification of all puses as well as in several  . 16 pened only for three weeks before the competition and
waste sources, causes and appropriate participants, all faculty members and [we were] able to complete it five days before the finals,”
Cleaner Production
roduction ((
)) options to
 chairs, were trained to be assessors. says Clarin. “It was Rabby Dayrit, Izzan Sabello and
address the identified waste sources. Th e names of the participants are as Leandro dela Cruz who choreographed the steps and
Th ese options are opportunities follows: Danilo Vidal, Bismarck dela stunts, but all of us did contribute also.”
that will help the company reduce R
Rosa, Nelson Abarrintos, Winifredo
W Th e other members of includes Marsha Ali-
waste generation thereby increas- Gonzales, Armie Cruz, Allan Be- son, Ray Gabriel Austria, Mary Jane Camangian, Carla
ing productivity. CP Assessment is nogsudan, Rosalia
R Gabuya, Pedro
P Doros, Joel Galang, Mark Harmon Guzman, Andronel
Kaakbay Entre-pinoy Cooperative officers sign a Memorandum
an integral component of a program Cabungcag, Rosario
R Sanchez, Va- Hibo, Mark Angelo Pimentel, Hanzel Quilona, Ben-
of Agreement (MOA) with the College of Information Technol-
that may eventually serve as the nessa Bacolcol, Nicanor Serrano, Ma. edict Ramos and Irizz Sabello. ogy Education (CITE) for a database system to be developed by
foundation for the establishment of T
Teodora Gutierrez, Nahum Brovo, “We
We would like to thank all the TIPians who
W the college for the livelihood organization. The MOA signing was
an environmental management sys- Jaypy T Tenerife, Jesusa Padilla and screamed and supported us at the Big Dome, it was you done on November 24 in line with the Institute’s pursuance of
tem within a facility. It is a procedure Hadji Aranda. all who made us go this far,” ends Clarin. linkages with strategic industry partners.

Gutom–ramdam ni Juan Ligalig na tiyan at isip

Talamak ngayon ang dum-
noong Nobyembre 4 sa 58,000
katao sa 55 bansa, pumang-lima
makatipid. Ayon pa sa sarbey ng
Millenium Development Goals,
dela Cruz sa tuwing hindi adaming bilang ng mga Pilipi- ang Pilipinas sa Cameron (55%), 13.8% ng populasyon ang nabubu-
sapat o walang makain at nong nagugutom—bata man o Pakistan (53%) Nigeria (48%) at hay ng mababa pa sa “food thresh-
Ni Jessica Loraine Lopez
matanda. Sa ngayon, apat sa bawat Peru (42%) na may krisis sa pag- old” na P3, 389.00 kada buwan para

karaniwan ay nagbubunsod sa
sampung Pilipino ang kakaunti o kain. Pumatak sa 40 porsyento ng sa pamilyang may ilang miyembro.
malnutrisyon. walang sapat na pagkain sa hapag mga Pilipino ang nagsasabing ma-
sa loob ng 12 buwan. Sa kasaluku- dalas o paminsan-minsang wala o Gobyerno at si Juan
Malnutrisyon–isang yan ay hindi na sapat ang perang kulang sa pagkain nitong nakara- Tulad ng inaasahan, si Pangu-

or no
mayroon ang mga Pilipino para ang 12 buwan. Mas malala pa ito long GGloria Macapagal-Arroyo ang
palasak na kataga na lumalag- ipambili ng kanilang maihahanda kesa sa sarbey na inilabas ng So- pinagbatuhan ng problemang ki-
om sa kakulangan sa pagkain. sa hapag-kainan. Ang resulta, cial Weather
W Station (
 ) noong nakaharap na ito ng bansa. Bago pa
Lumalagom din sa labis na nagkakasya na lamang sa pagkain Oktubre na nagsasabing 18.4% na man ilabas ng Gallup ang naturang
ng tuyo, noodles, bagoong o asin. ang bilang ng nagugutom sa Pili- sarbey, base sa mga estadistika ng

nutrisyon na bunga naman ng Ito na ngang tuyo at noodles ma- pinas, katumbas ng 3.3 milyon na   ay nagbitiw na si Gng, Arroyo
sobrang pagkain. Ngunit, ano rahil ang tinuturing na panguna- siyang pinakamataas na naitala sa na ang dapat daw na ginagawa ng
ba ang higit na isyu dito sa hing pagkain ng mga mahihirap kasaysayan ng bansa at malayo sa mga Pilipino
ilipino ay ang magtipid at una
na Pilipino. At kahit anong dis- 2.9 milyon noong 2007. hin ang mga batayang pangangailan-
perlas ng silangan? Hindi ba’t Kahit ang Metro Manila na gan kaysa sa
karte ay kaya na ring gawin para
ang kawalan ng sapat na sus-
Edisyon ni
lang may mailagay sa kumakalam pambansang kabisera ng Pinas ay luho. Hindi mai-
tansya sa katawan dahil na rin na tiyan mapa-galing sa mabuti o ‘di makaligtas sa istatistika. Ito
masama. ang may pinakamataas na tantos tatagong mabigat
sa walang sapat na makain?

Kung tutuusin, malawak

Juan dela Cruz: 50-50
Isa ang Pilipinas sa sampung
Juan dela ng “hunger rate” na apektado
ang mahigit kalahating
milyong pamilyang
ang suliraning kinaka-
harap ng bansa sa pagkain.
ang sakop ng isyung bumabalot
sa kumakalam na tiyan ni Juan
pangunahing bansa sa mundo na
dumaranas ngayon ng matinding Cruz Pilipino o 23 porsyento sa loob ng
kalahating taon.
Sinisi naman ng mga kongre-
sista ang lumolobong populasyon
gutom. Ayon sa latest World
Food kaya lumalaki ang insidente ng kagu-
dela Cruz. Isa ito sa patuloy na Day survey na isinagawa ng Gal- Hindi kataka-taka tuman na isang pandaigdigang isyu.
tinatalakay ng administrasyon lup International—Voice Hindi katakataka na nabibi- Ang batikos ay sa pangunguna ni
upang malutasan at maibsan. of the People lang tayo sa mga bansang gutom da- Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman na kilala
hil ang Asya sa pangkalahatan ang sa nangungunang tagapagtaguyod
ikalawa sa naitala ng Gallup na may ng kontrobersyal na Reproduc-
pinaka-nagugutom na kontinente tive Health Bill. Malaking pamilya
sunod sa Aprika na hindi naman ta- ta umano ang dahilan kaya hindi sapat
laga maitatago ang kahirapan. Hu- ang makain ng mga Pilipino.
makot ng 20 porsyento ang Asya na Sa kabilang banda, parehong
nagpapatunay na malala na ang kri- kri sinabi nina Sen. Loren Legarda
sis na bumabalot sa bawat bansa sa at  party-list Rep. Joel Villa-
kontinenteng ito. Sa lagay ng Pinas, nueva na ang dahilan nito ay ang
ang kagutuman ay bunga ng hindi matinding kora
korapsyong nangyayari
umano magandang “economic poli- poli sa gobyerno. Ayon din kay Legarda,
cies” na ipinapatupad ng gobyerno. ang pagdami ng bilang ng Pinoy
Ayon kay Bayan Muna Rep. Satur na nagugutom ay kumbinasyon ng
campo, dapat nang resolbahin ng pagpapabaya ng gobyerno sa ma-
gobyerno ang “economic policies” hihirap at sa bigong pagsawata sa
upang masolusyunan na ang prob- prob korapsyon sa gobyerno.
lema. Hindi maitatagong mabigat
indi rin katakataka ang re- re ang suliraning kinakaharap ng bansa
sulta ng sarbey dahil na rin sa sunod- sa pagkain. Magpapatuloy ito kung
sunod na pagtaas ng bilihin sa loob hindi masosolusyunan ng pama-
ng mahigit kalahating taon ngayon. halaan. Ang mga Pilipino naman
Ang mataas na bilihin ay nakiki-
nakiki ay hindi maikakailang puspusan

tang dahilan ni Sen. Loren Legarda na din ang pagtitipid na ginagawa.

para magbawas ng mabibil-
mabibil Lahat ng paraan ay sinusubukan
ing pagkain ang mga para mabuhay sa nalulugmok nat nat-
Pilipino para ing bayan.
Nasaan na ba si Pangulong
Gloria na ang pangunahing layunin
“daw” ay maiangat ang kabu-
hayan ng bawat mamamayan?
Oh, paano na Madam
SANGGUNIAN Gloria? “Is it a Meal or No; Meal?”

news For better or for worse?
By Alyssa Aviles Paul John Pederio

partment Head.
On the Speak English Policy (second part) ing it all the time “I am encouraging all the profes-
because there is sors to converse with the students in
The English Speaking create more activities not only for no strict imple- English language and refrain from
Policy with the theme “Thinking the students but for everyone in mentation of discussing lectures in Filipino (ex-
in English, Speaking in English” the community to boost their con- the campaign. cept Filipino subject). For the non-
was started to be implemented in fidence in using the English lan- They also added teaching staffs, just continue to
TIP last semester. Wherein eve- guage,” English Room Facilitator that even the speak English in transacting with
ryone is encourage to use English Lorna Dimatatac said after know- employees and the students. For the students,
as the medium of communication ing the result. faculty mem- help yourself in coping up in
anywhere inside the campus. The A whole semester passed and bers speak in the global trend. Technical
campaign is one way of preparing the school publication conducted vernacular. knowledge is not enough.
the students to be globally com- once more an investigation regard- On the If it is really hard to speak
petitive and a mean of reaching ing the same matter. 100 TIP- other hand, in English, you can start talk-
the tip’s vision and mission to be a ians and 50 non- teaching staffs 100% of the non- ing in English by chunk,” advises
center of development. were interviewed. A big progress teaching staff mem- Dimatatac.
Last issue, tipVOICE sur- that from 63% twisted to 92% of bers were aware Some activities are being
veyed 100 TIPians concerning the the students were alert regarding about the English done by the English Room Facili-
Illustration by naty jean ebay
said policy. It was shown that 14% it. While a stable percentage for Speaking Policy. tator like workshops for scholars,
of the students were uninformed those who followed it only when 23% follows it strictly, 24% at amit yung kaunting napag- ara- organizations, newly-hired faculty
while 63% were aware but supports required, 17% follows it all the times, and 3% do not follow. Even lan.” “We really are trying our best members, and graduating stu-
the policy only when required by time, and 30% doesn’t pursue the the security guards are trying their to implement the policy. Though dents. She even plans continue the
professors. policy at all. Many respondents best in complying with the policy. it’s hard for them, they still strive,” film showing project for professors
“I think I need to develop/ also said that they are not follow- One quipped, “para naman mag- says Arch. Atienza, Security De- initiated by the vpassl.

After years of depressed wages NPC powers up

Siopao resto workers urge on anniv talk
By Rolly Nuñez

backpay, adjustments By Ysh Cabaña
DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY—Pushing on the Congress
the need to re-open the $2.3–billion Bataan Nuclear Power
may have been the easier part. Getting sustainable ways on how
to dispose the waste materials may prove the tougher task.
WEST AVE. QUEZON CITY—Kowloon House, which is renowned for its steamed buns and other The National Power Corporation (npc) sparked interests
Chinese cuisine, has never been more popular among mass gatherings for the past three months. Since among TIPians invited in the technical forum for future engi-
September 19, the restaurant’s workers picketed around the establishment to demand for the effecting neers in electrical power industry on November 13.
of the statutory minimum wage and denounce the hasty termination of 73 of their co-workers. Electrical (ee), Electronics and Communications (ece),
and Mechanical (me) students from the College of Engi-
Statutory minimum wage is the rate fixed by the ment’s move to pay half of the payment ordered by the rt-
neering and Architecture were invited by Acting Manager
rtwpb (Regional Tripartite Wage and Productiv- wpb. In exchange, the management suddenly prevented the
Armando Diaz alongside npc’s 72nd celebration dubbed
ity Board) as defined by the Department of Labor and workers entry to the establishment. Since then, the laid-off
“Sustainability through Resiliency.”
Employment (dole). The rtwpb determines the lowest workers, along with other progressive groups, stood on the
Senior Vice President Pio Benavidez and Vice President
wage earnings, an amount pegged on the basis of the picket line.
for Geothermal energy Danilo Sedilla paired to set the in-
needs of the workers and the capability of the employers
quisitive ambience of the discussion. The three-part discourse
to pay, in different regions. Business (un)usual
included trends and technological development of renewable
Php382 is the current daily minimum rate in the The management reasons that the company
energy resources in the Philippines, effects of Epira (Electric-
National Capital Region based on latest wage hike. Katipunan Food Services Inc. is on the brink of bank-
ity Power Industry Reform Act) in electrical power utility and
ruptcy that the increase could not be fulfilled. The union
consumers, and advancement of electronics and communica-
Chronicles of wage suspects that the management seemingly evades its obli-
tions system in power generation and distribution.
Despite this, Kowloon’s management pays 30 per gation in furnishing employees’ basic and fringe benefits.
“We learned (that) there are many sources we can use to
cent less than the minimum rate as provided by Wage Most of the laid-off workers have been of service
generate energy like hydro, geothermal coal, wind and solar,”
Order 14, dated June 2008. to the restaurant for more than 10 years in a contractual
said Charlene Cuario, Electrical Engineering Network Pres-
“We are just claiming for our rightful salaries,” said basis. Each receives their P250 daily rate, which would
ident. “(T)he latest source of energy in other countries (from
union president Edmond Navarosa. hardly compensate to the actual living wage of P871 per
which we can learn from) is the Ocean Thermal power.”
However, the diminution of salaries treads its line day for a family of six, as estimated by dole.
The forum was also attended by department heads Engr.
when, in 2004, the workers’ P50 emergency cost of living Kowloon, meanwhile, still serves to customers mi-
Ferdinand Milan, ee, Engr. Shearyl Arenas, ece, and Engr.
allowance (ecola) as stated in Wage Order 10 was denied nus the same taste it was known for.
Ruben Bongat, me.
by the company, recounts Navarosa. According to Navarosa, Kowloon House is just
In the meantime, npc proposed for the local utilization
The following year as per Wage Orders 11 and 12, representative of the many establishments in the Phil-
of electric power through wind turbines. The state-owned
instead of the P25 increase, the workers’ were limited to ippines employing below minimum wage and unfair
company also renewed interests in nuclear energy through
P12. And in 2007, after the approval of Wage Order 13 labor practices. While wage rates are determined by
the country’s sole nuclear plant in Morong, Bataan.
with a P12 wage hike, the union insisted and was rejected the same schemes, the fulfilment of a P125 across-the-
The 630-megawatt plant built under the Marcos regime
again of their remuneration. That order also provided for board increase is still on hold through the wage boards,
was continued to be maintained until the Aquino adminis-
the inclusion of ecola in the basic pay. he concluded.
tration but was never commissioned over safety concerns.
This year, the workers decided to hold a protest on For the time being, Kowloon workers appealed to the
Early this year, the Philippine government forecasted a
August out of their breaktime in response to the manage- public to boycott the restaurant.
power shortage by 2009.

Arki day.../p.6 ledo. Gazelle Calaoagan and Von

Medina were hailed Most Photo- ORIENTS spearheads DecisionIEring 101
faculty duets, Arch. Julius Umali genic. Gazelle Calaoagan and Al-
won the first place while Arch. Leo bert Teves were both awarded The By Marrah O. Lagang Michelle N. Tuyay, orients Dr. Raymundo P. Arcega
Manuel and Arch. Barbie Pornea Darling of the Crowd. Lastly, Neil President, formally commenced the shared his experiences as the Vice-
placed second and third. John de Vera and Gazelle Calaoa- November 24–The Organi- program with her opening remarks. President of Administration of the
Special awards were also gan were hailed as this year’s arch/ zation of Industrial Engineering She welcomed the participants University of Makati (umak). He
given to the arch/dt Next Top dt Next Top Model. Albert Teves Students (orients) conducted the and discussed some points in Op- also tackled the situation of umak
Model search participants. Leon- and Von Medina, and Mia Raquel second series of its technical fo- erations Research and Management before and its continuous improve-
ardo Ronwaldo and Gessalyn Vil- Toledo and Mitzi Morela De Leon rum DecisionIEring 101: Infinity Science. Afterwards, a workshop ment now. According to him, umak
lanueva won the Best in Depart- got the second and third place re- is our Limit entitled “Management was conducted with the participants before had limited courses, lacked
ment Shirt while the Best in Candy spectively. Science and Quantitative Man- to test their knowledge and abilities facilities, had a bureaucratic form of
Outfit was received by Neil John The event was closed with agement, Global Focus, Global in the application of Operations Re- enrollment, with excessive collec-
de Vera and Mia Raquel Toledo. arch/dt dsg President Ron- Impact! Innovate Leadership in search and Management Science. tions and had a big rate of absentee-
The best in Mardigrah Outfit were niel Ferbin Andaya’s remarks. Management Research, Education Engr. Jaypy T. Tenerife, a fac- ism and tardiness. Now, they were
Zuelig Acosta and Mia Raquel To- Rowena Papa and Practice.” ulty from the Industrial Engineer- able to overcome these problems
ing Department discussed the vari- by having hands-on management

CITE initials a MOA with RUNNEX

ous fields of Operations Research. through management commitment,
According to him, Operations reinvention of benefits and resourc-
Research, which is also known as es and through the improvement of
By Naty Jean Ebay Department will collaborate on the runnex Vice-President for Management Science, is as scientific education and training.
researches and shall share person- Special Events, Mr. Rene Villarta approach to decision making and Lastly, Engr. Cielo A. Bueno
To broaden their connec- nel, facilities and libraries. The and tip-qc VP for Student Serv- characterized by its use of math- discussed her experiences for being
tion in the market, the College department developed a working ices and Linkages Engr. Severino ematical modeling and it is also the General Manager of Kaakbay
of Information Technology Ed- website based on the identified Pader, VP for Academic Affairs concerned with optimization. He Entre-Worker Cooperative. She
ucation (cite) enters a Memo- specifications by the firm. The Dr. Cynthia Llanes, VP for Qual- discussed the different natural op- talked about the different objectives
randum of Agreement with the event included the discussion of ity and Management Planning timizers such as honeybees, which of Kaakbay, which is to create jobs
Executive Runners of the Phil- Mr. Edson Talla (cite Faculty Engr. Jemuel Castillo and cite make hexagonally shaped honey- for the Filipinos, to provide per-
ippines Inc. (runnex) last Octo- member) of the website design fol- Dean Bartolome Tanguilig. comb to use a least amount of wax manent employment, and to have
ber 31, 2008 at the hrd Training lowed by the signing. The moa is a part of the com- and to maximize the space, and also economic sustainability for total
Room (tip-qc.) The moa signing was partici- mercialization project of the de- the ants and geese, which apply the human and social development of
RUNNEX and the cite pated by Atty. Rodolfo Fernandez, partment. critical path and least cost method. an individual.

Silang hindi nagsasalita



Beside the



By Jessica Loraine Lopez

Kaakibat ng lahat ng bagay Once again, I woke up in the middle of the night… awaken by the sound that tentatively stopped my dark
ang pagbabago— dreams (nightmares as they call it). But deep in me, I was hoping I would never wake up ---‘coz I’m afraid to see
things that for others are untrue and is worse than the things I see in my dreams. Th is makes people think thatI
mula sa pagkakalikha ng mundo, am not just different but so INDIFFERENT. But what can I do?
I then stopped from thinking. I stood up hoping not to see anything. Hoping my “other eye” is still sleepy. But
pagkakalimbag sa unang Bibliya, eventually I realized I was wrong again … always wrong… I can see them… those creatures ordinary people cannot
pagkakabigkas ng mga salita,

even see. Th ey look as if they want to eat me.When my eyes met theirs I can see anger (is that because they are now
dead and I am not?). But I think the real reason is that they are disturbed by me living here at their territory. Still,
pagkakaimbento ng mga kagamitan, I know I’m nowhere to go; this is the place where my whole family lies after they left me - after they made me feel
at pagkakatupad ng bawat pangyayari. alone… I then walked… slowly at top of these graves… Yes graves... graves of dead people who are now surround-
ing me. I thought I’m used to this but until now… I’m still afraid of them as they look at me with piercing eyes.
Ang pagbabago ay patuloy, Long moment passed, I was shocked because they began to appear plenty. Walking slowly…and looking at

at ang lahat ng pagkakataon, pagbabago rin me with deadly smiles! Oh, dead people smiling at me?! Beheaded creatures, walking torso and decaying bodies
are watching me. Why? I started to shiver and awakened by the deadly truth. Th at’s it!I can feel that they want
ang natatakda me dead now so that they wont be annoyed anymore. I wanted to turn back and ran because they were just inches
from me.
sa kahihinatnan I started to cry as they reached me… growling in happiness as if they are all preparing to witness a feast that
emvhie03 ng lahat. will soon start. A decaying hand then grabbed me. And as I see, all of them were staring at me. I screamed but no
sound escaped. I don’t want this! I don’t want to die.
Waiting for the sun to shine I tried to think of what to do. My brain said, “move” and ‘’run’’ but my body could not follow… What will I do?
For its glorious warmth I can see their faces near me… Th eir decaying and bleeding faces are ready to attack.I’m not ready for an onslaught.
Brought by its golden rays What will happen to me? To this person that is never understood, to the indifferent one. I’ve thought of praying
Oh, how I long for the sun
To ease my worries
To take away my longingness
yari ka
By Labs
believing that it would really help… But as I tried, I realized that I forgot to do it … I forgot how to pray, no words
were escaping from my mouth.
Darkness filled my eyes. Suddenly a white figure saved me... He pulled me out from this hell and put me where
Renew my strength I should belonged…a paradise where I live together with my family. I would always cherish this moment as I cher-
Like an eagle once again Bago umalis ng iyong bahay ay mag-isip-isip na muna, ish the name of that figure… Lauviah… my angel…
Ready to soar high At baka kung “anong meron” sa iyong bag na makikita.
For many days I feel exhausted Si Manong guard nasa gate nakabantay,
Lack of sleep consumes me
Bring back the energy
unmotivated Kung mag-inspek, alikabok lang ang walang latay.
the farewell trip
Taken away from me I want to rest but I cannot Ang mga tsinelas ay itago niyo na, By Jerome Baguio
So I will be ready Even to be relaxed I’m not allowed Pagkat bawal sa TIP ang nakalabas ang paa.
For the next graveyard shift Else I would be blamed Kahit ang tinidor sa iyong baon ay kalimutan na, It was in UP-Diliman campus where a group of students decided to
Else safety’s compromised At baka ang nangangapa ay matusok mo pa. have a walk in the cold night to have a little of chatting and bonding. It was
Be vigilant. Be alert. right after they celebrated their school club’s farewell party for the graduat-
Take heed on almost everything ‘Wag mong kalimutang ilawit ang iyong ID ing members of the batch. Th e group was too jolly and excited, as if they are
Life’s in inevitable danger Na kung baga sa diyosa, ‘yan ay brilyante. be having their last bonding moments together.
But I’m often taken for granted Iwasan ring magkamali sa pagsuot ng sapatos, Perhaps, they know that it was members also noticed the noxious
And often judged as corrupt Pagkat kung di ‘yan itim, tiyak may babatikos. not quite a good idea of having a look of that man. But they just con-
By society and people’s narrow philosophy night-out together in a cold, open, tinued trudging along that pathway.
But I’ve no choice Kung wala kang klase ay ‘wag kang tumambay sa may hagdan, and somewhat goose bumping venue When some members of the group
Dahil masisita ka’t magmukha pang batugan.

It’s my sworn duty to oversee like that of UP campus. became tired, they decided to go
Sa Study area ka na lamang maupo,
At doon, kahit tumungo, tumayo ay puwede, kahit maglaro. pananabik jca03
Th ey took a long walkway for back to the same walkway where
the main entrance leading to the they first entered.
main campus. Th e grass fields were As they tramped the way back,
Ang buhok mo kuya, matagal nang panukala yan, too prominent. And you could just they’ve seen again the cabin of the
Standing proud to stand out Ilabas ang batok, ang tenga dapat nasisilayan, Magdamag na akong naghihintay sa’yo;
But deep inside I’m broken clearly see the stars because of its mysterious man. Suddenly, a contor-
Pati ikaw ate buhok mo ri’y huwag pakulayan, Maga na ang mga mata, naghihintay na datnan mo.
Keeping the tears within openness. As what anybody knows tion of eerie feeling mingled on the
Saka na lamang yan ‘pag oras ng galaan. Dating sigla ko’y di na halos bumalik
So patrons won’t recognize about the Diliman campus, it some- ambiance when they’ve noticed a
Umaasang sa gabing ito’y magwawakas na ang pananabik.
And I won’t be criticized
Baring it all
Walking in the dark streets unnoticed
Ang mga butas sa pantalon, kuya ay takpan mo na,
Lalo na pag malaki at natatastas pa. Lahat na yata ng posisyo’y akin nang nagawa:
how resembles a primitive province black ferocious dog roaming around
with trees standing gracefully in the the cabin. But they ignored that feel-
Giving everything generously Patayo, paluhod, patuwad at padapa; forest and unsophisticated surround- ing. When they arrived at the road-
Looking for prey to devour Ang damit mo ate ay medyo pansinin rin, ings. Not to mention the huge old- side, they started talking about what
For the sake of little money Humiga na ako at sa sahig nagpatirapa
Running from authority At baka daig pa niyan ang “daring” na napapanuod natin. style buildings. they have experienced about their
Who benefits not only me Ngunit walang saysay pala kung ika’y wala.
Labeled as delinquent by society Th e group brought cameras not “dreadful walk” inside the campus
My body is for sale One thing I can’t escape Ang makapangyarihang “registration card’ ay palagi mong
But the proceeds aren’t all mine Kailan ka ba babalik upang punan aking pangangailangan? only to take picture of the scenic sur- (things they didn’t even cared to talk
Triggered by hatred and greed ibulsa, Bawat gabi ko’y kulang nang ako’y iyong lisan. roundings, but also to have pictures about when they were still walking).
Th is is not my desire Dahil kahit saan ‘yan ay ipapasa. Ayoko namang sa yosi’t alak ay pumisan. of them for remembrance. Th ey kept Th ey first talked about the pictures
To ruin people’s lives Magbabayad ka man, o kahit ano pa, Oh antok, ikaw ba’y nasan? Insomnia, ako’y iyo nang iwan! on taking pictures as they walked that they took inside the campus. As
To bring disorder to community O anong bias tila agimat yata. along the walkway, not minding of they observed each pictures, they no-
But this is what poverty made me any nuisance they can do. ticed that it has full of small patches
My life’s hell’s epitome Lagi mong tandaan ang canteen ay kinakainan, Inside the campus, there were and white spots that were scattered
At hindi tinayo upang doon magdaldalan. already tenants residing near the in the shots. It is believed to be the
Library ang lugar ng mapag-aaralan, peaceful meadows. As the group “orbs” or those “energies” of ghostly
At hindi ng mga nagsisitulugan.

Ang cellphone charger ay bawal rin,

Kaya sa bahay pa lang ang baterya’y punuin.
pearl of
the orient
walked along the roadside, they could elements where they took the pic-
notice the occupants in their respec- tures. Horror-struck, they believed
tive houses on the ample grasslands; that ghosts really joined them on
including a not-so-old man who was their trip inside the campus! Th ey
Maging ang pag-upo sa desk ay tigil-tigilan mo na, scouring his grass space at that time. were all petrified. But the bigger
Si Manong at Manang guard ayan paparating na. By Mabisyo He was looking madly and intensely horror was when they can’t find the
to them as they passed along his way out. But they just kept on mov-
‘Wag mo nang tangkain pang ipakita ‘Tis land of my birth had suffered so much place from a distance. Some of the ing forward until they recognized
ang iyong “mainit” na pagmamahal, From the tyranny and greed of past conquerors the same ferocious dog approach-

sa iyong kasintahan,at baka sa OSA ikaw ay magtagal. To whom thy beauty, brutally abused ing them. Horrified about what was
Sapagkat ang PDA ay talagang bawal, Why fate brought this to my beloved country? happening, they ran as fast as they
Kung ayaw mong sumunod baka sa TIP ay matanggal. can until they reached the end of
Bloodshed throughout the history of my land the road without knowing it. Not
A whole day of raining curses Kabi-kabila man ang ipinagbabawal sa atin, Can be read, even pass from a hand another hand even a single word came out from
Bunch of customer complain Ay hnidi natin dapat babalewalain, So much tears, so much agony felt by her civilization any of them when they reached the
I swallowed my pride Ang gusto lang ng pamunuan, tayo’y maging handa. From its early days, till the present generation safe zone. Th ey couldn’t even believe
Instilling in my mind Sa tamang pagporma, pagkilos at paggawa. that all those things happened to
Words can’t hurt me O my land why art thou suffered so much? them. With that, they would never
But it breaks my heart, I say What went wrong? ‘Tis torment can be felt every touch ever forget that “farewell trip” they
It belittles me, bringing me down Worse are your children, now the ones abusing you once had celebrated inside that eerie
It makes me wonder Of their lust for power and greed campus.
How people have changed
Getting too rude and inconsiderate Still, your love had never ceased
Demanding and unconcerned In your tender loving arms, life is sweet

Paradise to here, home for every man
Nothing can be greater to live here from birth to death
Who’s Who
FEATURES those students who would also take the

TIP Achievers board examination, “Ang maipapayo

ko para sa inyo, habang nag-aaral pa

Higher than the Peak! lang, magreview na kayo.”

Now, Navarro entered  once
again, not as a student, but as a profes-
By Marrah Lagang, Alyssa Aviles sor who is willing to share his knowl
By Jessica Loraine Lopez and Rowena Papa
edge and become an inspiration to his
THE INSTITUTE E INDEED has lots of things to be proud of and among them students and the whole  Commu-
THERE’S NO DOUBT that people of all ages are using the Internet.
are its achievers, which serve as inspirations to their fellow students to be persever
persever- nity as well. He is currently teaching
Almost everybody knows about it and how to use it. Its user-friendly
ing and be more motivated in fulfilling their dreams in spite of diffi culties in life. Circuits II, Physics I and II and Elec- functions enable people to access the world with just a “key type”
Let’s now take a closer look to our young achievers who give pride for the tro-Magnetic Subjects. away. Internet, as a global data communications system, makes it
whole TIP community. Asked if he has any other plan easy for us to connect to other people with the use of electronic
in the near future, the humble Nav- av
av- mail, online chat and social networks. Also, it carries various infor-
Engr. Ferdinand M. Sanchez Engr. Bryan B. Navarro arro replied, “A happy life, I guess!” mation, resources and interlinked documents available where you
1st Place 5th Place just have to surf and dig in the World Wide Web.
October 2008 ECE Board Exam October 2008 EE Board Exam Engr. Sydney P. Maestro No wonder Internet can make our life convenient, but having
Engr. FFerdinand M. Sanchez Bryan Basila Navarro is a guy who 4th Place its advantages never exempts it from having its disadvantages. It
was born December 12, 1986. He loves playing the guitar, an obedient Nov 2008 CE Board Exam can be a good tool but it also has its “evil” side. Check out this list
is the only child in their family and son to his parents and good brother to of Internet features and dangers so you’ll know why it is said that
Maestro served as auditor of
is fond of reading books, playing his sibling. At the age of 24, he started Internet is not always the best hang-out.
Philippine Institute of Civil Engi-
online games and going to mall to be the breadwinner of their fam- neers. He was also a frequent quizz-
and in Divisoria. He finished his ily. Graduatng from Marikina Science Threatening websites
er, representing the school in various Websites are collection of electronic pages created and main-
secondary education at the New High School (formerly known as  ), competitions. Aside from his active tained by the organizations, educational institutions, businesses
Era University as one of the Ka- Navarro found it hard to go into college participation in his department’s and individuals for public use. It can be used as a place to shop
gawaran ng Huwarang Kabataan due to financial problems. But being events, he was also a tutor of Analyt
Analyt- or research, to connect or to download anything under the sun.
Awardee. granted with the Elpidio Quirino schol- ic Geometry for the Math and Phys- However, there are so called “fake websites” which contain viruses
When he enrolled in college, arship, he entered  and took Electri- ics Department on . While in and worms that replicate so fast. Viruses and worms are computer
he first took the Bachelor of Science cal Engineering though it was not his , he is a Sec. Guillermo de Vega programs that can cause damage in your computer such as erasing
in Industrial Engineering at the preferred course. “Napadaan lang talaga scholar. His favorite subjects were files and eventually totally destroying your computer. In addition,
Institute but decided to shift to BS ako sa , hanggang sa nakita ko ngang Math, Structural Analysis, and many websites containing pornographic themes pose another se-
Electronics and Communications nagbibigay sila ng scholarship. Kaya Steel Design. rious threat. Many of such kind of websites would just pop out on
Engineering when he was in his 3rd yun! Sinubukan ko.” His choices were your screen and bring virus to your computer unit. This is danger-
During an interview by
year. As an  student, Sanchez Fine Arts and Architecture but having a ous especially to the youth because pornography is highly forbid-
VOICE, he related how he felt ex ex- den by law. So, if it seems that the site is already malicious, then do
became part of their department’s family business in connection with elec- tremely anxious while he was taking not try to go further. If it pops out, just close it immediately.
quizzers, which they called Jedi tronics, he learned to love and appreciate the exam. “Pero syempre, dapat fo-
Council. According to him, he re- his course. cus pa rin!” he reverts. He enrolled E-mail Jam!
ally enjoys solving math problems Like any other learner, Navarro in a review center and gave his best E-mail or electronic mail is a fast way of communicating to
and being one of the quizzers re- also find college as the hardest stage in effort in the assessment. He told friends and families. It is a store-and-forward method of writing,
ally helped him a lot in preparing studying. Th ere is a tight competition himself that he has to pass the exam sending and receiving and saving messages. But there are so-
for the board examination because between the students, examinations, and be a licensed engineer. called Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) or simply Spam. Chain
it served as his training even while thesis works to be passed and discover
discover- After taking the exam, because letters, pyramids schemes, pornographic site and quack health
he was in college. He was also the ing the true meaning of life. “Circuits of the efforts he gave in the review and products are some of the most common forms of this. It is annoy-
auditor of their graduating class and II and Advanced Mathematics were my support of the people around him, ing because it comes in bulk and causes the readers to miss impor-
sometimes hosted some their de- favorite subjects before. My professors in Maestro knew beforehand that he tant messages because of the time spent erasing the unimportant
partment’s programs. those subjects are my inspirations even ones. So just do not subscribe to a site that is unfamiliar and totally
will be included in the top five board
Last October  Electron- until now,” he said. But despite the hin- looks suspicious.
passers. “Maniwala lang sa sarili at
ics and Communications Engi- drances in his study, he still found him- dapat positive ang mentality!” he said.
neering Licensure Examination, self marching at the stage wearing his On-line gaming or…gambling?
For students who will take the
F Online gaming is very common to teens nowadays. It is a way
Sanchez ranked number one with toga and receiving his diploma with the board exam in any field, he simply to entertain one’s self during leisure time. However, online gam-
the rate of .. F For him, his title as an Electrical Engineer. advised that while still studying, one ing is now a “gateway” platform to gambling problems. They do
family and the  Department’s Enrolling in a review center and with must already give his best. “Yung betting in which online gamers competes using their gaming char-
faculty members inspired him and the support of his family and friends, Na-a
a- tipong nag aaral ka palang eh parang acters and most of the time the loser pays money to the winner.
gave him strength to be more per- varro ranked number five with the average nagbo-board exam ka na,” says People who get hooked on online gaming eventually will also be
severing and determined during score of . in the September  Maestro faithfully. “Oh! And one indulging in online gambling.
the board exam. Electrical Engineering Licensure Ex Ex- more samahan mo na rin ng dasal..
For the students, he said,
F amination. Asking if he expected to be on promise ko sa’yo.. Effective yun!,” he Self- Expression
“Just focus on what you do. Con- the top ten, he humbly answered, “Huh? H
Huh? adds. Maestro ranked fourth on the Weblogs or simply Blogs, are getting more and more popu-
front fear and self-doubt. A simple Hindi ah. Sa hirap ng exam, pumasa nga November  Civil Engineering lar nowadays. These are online journal tool that are used to record
prayer is important.” lang ako okay na!” he also added that for individual or group experiences, observations, reflections, impres-
Licensure Examination with an av av-
sions, opinions, questions and research notes among various sub-
erage score of . percent. jects. You
Y can make your own homepage and introduce yourself
For Your Health Only with it. But divulging lots of information about you is not a good

Things to Know about FAD Die-ts

idea. It endangers your privacy by revealing personal details, such
as your name and address. Since you are posting something about
yourself through your blogs, people can make pranks on you and
By Naty Jean Ebay selection, protein diets can be extraordinarily high in fat do harm your reputation. So do not offer lots of information about
and cholesterol that may lead to heart disease. yourself since it might be used against you.
HAVING PROBLEMS with your rapidly increasing
weight? Pile of clothes that used to fit you? People gawking Unbalanced Nutrition Friendship with strangers
at your bulges in belly? Well,
W I guess you have included High-protein diets exclude fruits, veggies and Social networking has created new ways to communicate
--- in your vocabulary. But I know very well that the whole grains that make carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and share information. Social networking websites are being used
regularly by millions of people, and now it seems that checking of
phrase, “I’m on a diet,” is easier said than done… for I am and minerals unavailable for the body’s use.
social networking sites is a part of everyone’s lifestyle. The most
having a hard time doing the same thing. So I made a popular of these sites are Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. The
small research about the infamous weight lost procedure; Too Little Variety problem is, these sites can be an avenue for crimes, pornography
their pros and cons. Fad diets omit hundreds of foods and several food
F and pranks. People who are fond of posting their pictures are those
groups and it lacks variety. Th at’s why some people lose who are commonly victimized. Who knows, you might be one of
The Rise of FAD Diets interest in eating, which further reduce energy intake. those whose identity is being imitated by someone? So, goggle
In this fast altering world, people developed a new yourself. Avoid
A posting so much pictures, especially those obvi-
lifestyle… a sedentary lifestyle that often leads to different Side Effects of Low-Carbo Diets ously has to remain private.
illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart attack, obesity and If a person is physically active, fatigue may be a
many more. Right then and there, people invented antidotes side effect because of unavailable reserve of energy in Identity Crisis
to this lifestyle and one of those are the F
Fad Diets. the body. Other effects are nausea, constipation, low Online games and social networks that most youth patronize
Year after year, new and improved diets appear on blood pressure and bad breath. could have a negative effect since it makes people act in certain
ways and say certain things that they otherwise wouldn’t do in real
bookstore shelves and circulate among friends. P People of all
life. Because the Internet offers so much freedom, you can find your
sizes eagerly try the best diets in the market, hoping that this Identify Fad Diets and Other Weight Loss Scams
“ideal self” much easier, but it’s not the same as your “real self”. The
one really works. Sometimes it seems to work for a while but Fad Diets often promise dramatic, rapid weight
F bottom line is, you tend to be someone you really are not through
more often than not, its success is short-lived. loss where proper diet offers gradual weight loss with the use of the Internet because you can easily portray. As a result,
Th e ninth edition ofUnderstanding Nutrition book 2 lbs. per week. W
Weight loss scams also promote nutri- it can cause conflict between your virtual self and your social self.
by Eleanor Noss Whitney and Sharon Rady Rolfes, names tionally unbalanced or extremely low-calorie diets. They This is due to “you talking to a computer screen” and “you talking
the seven common F FAD Diets: the Atkins New Diet Rev- use liquid formulas rather than food. Th ey attempt to a real person.” Solution: limit your usage. It may not only have
olution, the Calories Don’t Count Diet, the Protein Power to make clients dependent on special food or devices. negative impact on your social relationship, it can also affect your
Diet, the Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet, the Lo-Carbo Diet, Th ey fail to encourage permanent and realistic lifestyle studies. More importantly, have in mind that the true enjoyment in
the Healthy for Life Diet, the Zone Diet. changes. Th ey misrepresent salesperson as nutrition life can be found in the real world.
These diets make people believe their low-fat, high-pro- counselors. Th ey collect large amount of money. Most Internet is just a result of man’s knowledge and of a fast grow-
ing technology. We should be responsible with it. Though, it can
tein diets. But the truth is that none of their solutions would importantly, they fail to inform clients the risks associ-
make our life convenient, we must also know its restrictions. We
give people permanent answers to their weight problems. ated with weight loss in general.
should not spoil ourselves with it too much. Just remember, we,
Now that you have this tiny bit of information people are the ones who made this. Let us not be controlled by our
THE DIET’S SHORTCOMINGS about weight loss scams, do not be misled. As Wil W - own creation.
liam Shakespeare said, “A fad diet by any other name
Too Much Fat would still be a fad diet.” If your still decided to lose SOURCE:
Fad diets intently promote protein and curbing
F those extra bulges there is nothing better than a healthy,
carbohydrates that they fail to account for the fat that lifestyle together with proper  !!! Until our next
accompanies many high-protein foods. W Without careful chit-chat… tata for now!!! A
Awake! Magazine

Copy Cat

SALIN Sapagkat mabilis na ang pagkakaroon ng sariling kopya

ng kanta sa panahon ng digital, tila mas naging personal din
ang pagkonsumo ng musika sa makabagong panahon. Kanya-
kanya ang pasak sa tenga ng instrumento kabit sa paboritong
console o computer. Dagdag pa riyan ang samu’t-saring
Bahay Pinoy Bamboo Competition
United Architects of the Philippines and
Rotary Makati Central invite you to join the

national design competition for community
website at software na maaaring magproseso ng himig sa hilig housing. The project shall be to design low-
ng gumagamit/makikinig. cost single-detached dwelling with a 20sq.
Bagaman bagong tunog na pamilyar sa tenga, tahimik m floor area with no particular lot utilizing
ang pagpapatupad sa umiiral na batas sa karapatang-sipi na bamboo as the major building material for
both structural and architectural compo-
kung irerekord ang pagmamanipula sa kanta, nakatakdang
Ni Yshmael Cabaña nents.
may karampatang pahintulot mula sa orihinal na may-akda. The competition is open to Registered
Ang pagsunod sa naturang batas, lalo na sa tradisyong hip- Filipino architects and Architecture students
indi na lamang sa mga patok na dyip mapakiking- hop, ang sinasagka ng nosyon ng interaktibo. or graduates. Deadline for registration is on

H gan ang ganitong uri ng kanta. Abot-dinig na ang

mga dayuhang musika na linapatan ng mas madal-
ing-matantong mga titik.
Sabay sa kumpas na lakas ng tambol, tiyak na tumata-
tak sa isip at alaala ng nakararami ang ritmo ng mga ito.
Novelty ang kinalabasan ng paglalapat ng melodiya ng
tand By” na orihinal ni Ben E. King sa pilyong pagkukwento
ni Andrew E. sa “Banyo Queen.” Binalik pa ng Salbakuta ang
“Evergreen” ni Barbra Streisand sa bersyon nila ng pag-ibig.
Pagsa-sample ang naging paraan upang ipresenta
January 20, 2009.
Visit for
other details.

1st Philippine Engineering Summit ‘09

Organized by the Philippine Technologi-
Bagaman hindi agad maunawaan ang liriko, ang mga tulad ang mga lumaon na. Kung para sa mga konserbatibo ay cal Council (PTC), the umbrella organization
nito ang umaabot sa Internet
nternet tulad sa You
Tube at Imeem, of engineering organizations Philip-
pambababoy (o pusa sa literal na salin mula Inggles ng taling-
pines, the Summit will be held SMX
mga programa sa telebisyon at radyo liban pa yung mga nasa haga para sa gaya-gaya) ito sa orihinal, naging tungtungan ito Convention Center, Pasay City anuary
pampublikong sasakyan, kaya unti-unting natatanggap ng upang makagawa muli ng bagong karanasan para sa makiki- 29-31, 2009 with the theme “Challenges in
kulturang popular. nig—tumatangkilik man o hindi. Engineering Education, Practice, Govern-
Low, Umbrella, Beautiful Girls, Crank Th at,Clumsy
lumsy— ance and Environment.”
ilan lang ang mga ito sa palasak na traduksiyon sa larangan Visit
Tunog Tao or look for Engr. Ferdinand Milan for more
ngayon ng rekording sa musika. Ngayon sa paglabas ng kompilasyong Hip Rap, kabilang details.
ang mga bersyon ni Miss Ganda at Sundalong Bata sa mga
LSS kasalukuyang hit, bumulahaw ang pagsasalin ng kanta sa Cell Groups on going!!!
Gayon na lamang ang pagkahilig ng mga Pilipino sa globalisadong merkado. Naging “Lawlaw” ang Low, na kahit Let us know our Lord and Savior more.
musika. Bago pa man bansagan ni Danny Javier ng APO go on our fellowship and grow to-
malinis ang pagsunod sa tunog, ay naiba’t patungkol na sa with him.
Hiking Society ang mga likha ng mga taal na Pilipinong matatandang mahilig sa mga menor de edad; ang Don’t Stop eet friends...Learn truths...Be a living
kompositor bilang OPM, ibinida na ng mga prodyuser ang the Music ay natapos bilang “WWag Mong Pipigilan
ipigilan” na may testimony...Glorify God...and explore with
lokal na bersyon ng mga sikat na dayuhang kanta. Gayon din paalala sa sexual harrasment. Dagdag pa rito ang mga bersyon Campus Christian Fellowship
ang pagkaaliw ng mga makikinig sa mga kilalang tugtugin sa sa Bisaya na kahit hindi kabilang sa album ay umiikot din Contact Rachelle [0920] 468.3655/
Marielle [0909] 590.6988/ Kuya Rein [0915]
indayog ng ibang bansa. ang pagpapatugtog: ang “Butete” ang sanhi sa aksidenteng 943.8524 or Ate Jelai [0916] 251.7582
Ang “Hindi
indi Ako si Darna” ay umere pagkalason na madalas mangyari sa mga handaan sa bertdey,
sa pamamagitan ni Janine Desiderio mula sa Itinatala ng mga o bertdi ayon sa liriko.
uperwoman” ni Karyn White. Unang na- Sa halaw ng ganitong mga dayuhang kanta naisalulugar
pinalitang salita
mang itinanghal ni Michael V ang “Ang Puso ang konteksto ng musika. Bukod sa kakatwang mga pagsa-
Tutuloy” mula sa theme song ng Titanic. ang kulturang
Ko’y Tutuloy lin ng wika, mas malinaw na naiparirinig ng mga lokal na
Sa segment na MTB, tampok sa kanilang
programa ang literal na pagsasalin ng mga
angkop sa masa bersyon ang tereyn ng lipunang Pilipino.
Si Sundalong Bata, halimbawa, ay imahe ng mga paslit
salita upang maging midyum sa pagpapatawa.
Sa marami-raming pang taon, muling ibinulalas
na tumatangan ng sariling armas bilang panangga sa pagkitil
ng kanilang buhay. Sa kanyang binibitawang mga linya,
We’re looking for critical-minded
sa mga makikinig ang mga tagalized na soundtrack ng mga ibinabahagi niya ang karanasan ng mga batang nasasangkot sa writers, illustrators,
pinaketeng Asianovela. Pawang mga inangkat na serye kung pakikipagbakbakan sa mga militar. photographers and layout artists
saan ang mga tauhan ay animo’y matatas din magsalita sa Fili- ung tumatalakay sa makauring kaisipan ng pinagmulan ang for immediate hiring.
pino. Mula sa paglapag ng Meteor Garden hanggang Endless
Love at Princess Hours, nakipag-duwet ang mga manonood
mga komposisyon, napupunan ng pagsasalin ang pagsasalamin
ng mga totoong nangyayari sa sarili nating bayan. Hindi ito kaman-
Applicants for researchers and web
developers are also welcome.
kina Dao Ming Si, San Cai, atbp. gha-manghang pagbabago (sapagkat hindi rin naman sing husay Just visit our offi ce at the G/F
Ayon kay Rolando T Tolentino, kilalang dalubhasa sa ang mga orihinal) ngunit sapat itong dahilan upang pakinggan na- Student Personnel Services Bldg.
between Jan. 12-16, 2009 for the
kulturang popular, ang pagsasalin ay ginagawa upang ipres- tin ang mga liriko. Itinatala ng mga pinalitang salita ang kulturang
erba ang buhay ng pinagparisang produkto. Gayundin aniya angkop sa masang Pilipinong makikinig nito. Ito, sa aking palagay, Unleash the demon artist in you!
nagiging mahalaga ang kanta sa pag-uulit pa nilang muli. ang mas mahalaga sa mga salinawit.


of personal ambition and may endure more
than his share of problems.”
Drugs, both legal and illegal, alcoholic
drinks and liquors are some of the factors
that can worsen neurotic persons. “Because
A RVEY DENT is a famous and straightforward lawyer who

H relentlessly fights criminals and law-breakers in Gotham City. When

an accident happened which was the cause of the grotesque
half of his face and the death of his ever-beloved girlfriend,
achel, he fell to insanity and became a hot-tempered freak
According to the Humanistic Th eory,
a person “has to make a decision.” It’s just a
matter of free will if a person chooses to use
his alter ego, as a source of strength, depend-
ing on a situation.
of these may nagagawa ang tao na hindi niya
kayang ilabas sa normal na buhay, pag palagi
niyang ginagawa, halimbawa, ang paginom
ng alak, then dun niya nailalabas yung
unconscious thoughts niya, then if it starts to
who is determined to wreck vengeance upon those people While with a split personality, a person hamper that person’s daily living, nauuwi na
whom he thought responsible for his girflriend’s death. He is unaware of himself while the change occurs. ito sa schizophrenia,” Cabural explained.
eventually became one of Batman’s nemeses. Once the “other character” transpires, the oth- If a person suffering from neurosis can
Hisis story, taken from the movie “Th e Dark Knight”, is ers are unconscious or “asleep” inside the brain. no longer endure, one may take drugs or
a bad case of a split personality. “Actually, its hard to differentiate alter- drink alcoholic beverages just as a form of
ego from split,” says Cabural, “Until one has escape from anxiety. When split personality
A natural thing displayed apparent irascibility. Th at is medyo develops and becomes uncontrollable, it leads
plit personality is sometimes malala na pala. Th at is where split personal - to schizophrenia.
misjudged as a simple mood swing, ity emerge if the person cannot control it With schizophrenia, a person starts
especially among women. But anymore.” to have delusions and hallucinations and is
psychologically, it is a state of mind, On the other side, stress, uncontrollable unable to control it anymore. His capability to
which creates “other person/s” inside anxiety and traumatic incidences cause split distinguish reality is weak. He can no longer
you. Itt is a defense mechanism of the brain. personality. Whenhen a person tries to constant
constant- recognize the people around him and start
As discussed by Psychology
sychology Instructor Ma. Joan ly suppress an “unpleasant memory” with to have his own world and if not treated, will
abural, our brain naturally creates this temporary which the defense mechanism of the brain is progress into a cuckoo! However, aside from
consciousness to help a person adjust to his sur sur- abused, it becomes a mental disorder which, therapy and counseling, medicine interven-
roundings, to ease down stress and to have more when remained untreated or uncontrolled, tion is needed in the form of anti-depressant.
time to think of the solutions to his problems, will eventually lead to a bigger problem. Once the brain is totally damaged, it’s
or mostly, to relieve a person from a bad a total game over. Unlike other organs in

Down with the sickness the human body, the brain is, what we call,
n most cases, it could comprise mul
mul- Th e worse thing for split or multiple “irreplaceable.” Th e person suffering from a
tiple personalities wherewith a person personality is if it turns out to be habitual, nervous breakdown cannot be cured anymore.
might have several characters inside him. becomes maladjusted, and starts to distract According to Cabural “WalaWala na silang
Each personality created has its own purpose, his everyday life. One becomes more irritable, pagasa. Yung iba nagwawala na, nakahubo’t
depending on each case. Each one has its own tends to exaggerate simple problems and takes hubad, total absence [from] reality. Th e only
identity, strength and skills. Cabural also it to extreme anxiousness, and even worries thing that makes them calm is by the injec-
added that having another “someone” too much about something that shouldn’t be tion of tranquilizer.”
inside a person helps him face dif
dif- worried about.
ferent tasks and situations. Another is hypochondria, with which A couple of talks a day,
a person demonstrates extreme concern keeps the sickness away
V. Alter ego regarding his body and becomes very health Mental disorder cannot be cured, but can
Most often, alter ego is the conscious. People undergoing cases like these be prevented. Th erapy and counseling are of
starting point of a split personality. can lead to a mental disorder called neurosis. big help for those who suffer from near-men-
W ith an alter ego, an individual may According to, a tal disorder. Everyone can help, and it won’t
be aware of what is happening. It is the neurotic person is “one whose misery is real cost even a single peso, just a couple of min-
hidden emotion the person that he tends and not imaginary. He is a person who is utes. All we have to do is to listen, just make
to let out. Itt is used as a form of adaptation, faced with irritability, restlessness and inabil- one release the burden inside. “Kaibigan, usap
and can be controlled. ity to sleep. He may have distaste for life, lack tayo!” (“Deaf not included.” Peace out!!!)

OPINION Artibista By Ysh

Pieces of me
Naty Jean Ebay
the melting pot

These first few weeks of the semester seemed with him.

to be very hectic and tiresome. Pressure was on Behind his smiles, behind his laughter, behind his
for the kill… countless disturbing ideas and memories cheerfulness was a monster that devoured his life. As said
seemed to flood my mind… Oh!!! I’m really confused in a story written by Jack Finney, “I will never forget.”
on the things that I should prioritize first for everything *****
seemed to fall on me all at once! But at least, I still have I am so glad that the celebration of our college day
this tiny amount of strength to move on. was a big success. All of us were able to cooperate and
***** collaborate on our ideas. The basket belle (the basketball
I lost a dear friend recently. He died at the age of 19. for women) was a very successful project and I was really
He was a diligent civil engineering student in a university happy that many TIPians seemed to be amused in watch-
in Manila, a loving son and a faithful friend. He was the ing that historical event; historical because it was the first
math genius when we were in high school. He has these women’s basketball in the history of the institution. A job
big eyes that seemed to express all the truthfulness and well done pre-service teachers!!!
honesty inside him. It’s just a sad reality that he lost his *****
whole future with the unexpected occurrence that took Letting go doesn’t mean giving up... it means moving
his dreams away. He had leukemia and his situation was on. It is one of the hardest things a person can do. Starting
at its worst stage when it was diagnosed. Nothing can at birth, we grasp on to anything we can get our hands on,
be done to save him for his body could fight no more. and hold on as if we will cease to exist when we let go. We
I could only surmise that he felt something wrong long feel that letting go is giving up, quitting, and that as we all
before his death but kept his silence for fear that his fam- know is cowardly. But as we grow older we are forced to
ily would suffer too. I can only say that he had touched change our way of thinking. We are forced to realize that
many lives for many came to see him for the last time. letting go means accepting things that cannot be. It means
His memories will be forever etched in my mind for I was maturing and moving on, no matter how hard you have to
also one of those people who shared a piece of my life fight yourself to do so.” ~unknown

Darwin Singh

Mistakes & Lessons... postscript

Improvements Marrah Lagang

maximax W
Words in
a nutshell

As a student, I know I have lots of responsibilities for my studies. I need to do my assignments,

I need to review my past lessons and prepare for my know that doing these things will somehow help me to be a Working as a fulltime employee in a call center
upcoming quizzes and examinations. And also, as part of more matured individual (hopefully…) because I will also be and having overload subjects in your last se-
some organizations, I know that there are lots of respon- the one who will benefit from it in the end.
sibilities that I should fulfill for me to consider myself as *****
mester at the same time is really a suicide.
Our class in Energy Management had a visit at the Nes- These things are the hardest ones that I am facing right
an effective part of it. But thinking of these things some-
tle Ice Cream Plant along Aurora Boulevard last December now. They always make me feel tired and deprived all the
times frets me and even give me nuisances because I am
9. I was almost 30 minutes late! Our call time was 10:15 in time. But I think my life is set for this. I have to work and I
finding it hard to know the things that I should do first and
the morning in front of TIP, since our visit hours will start at have to study at least 15 hours a day, which is quite labori-
which is much more important to prioritize since all of these
10:30. I already know the way to the plant, since I was able ous and exasperating. And honestly, every end of a fren-
are important to me. I do not have a proper time manage-
to visit there before so I decided not to go to school anymore zied workday, I often feel like an over-wound string. Music
ment, that is my problem. Yes, Y I know that I really have to
and just meet my classmates at the lobby of the plant. But usually works as magic on my frazzled nerves, so I usually
learn on how to manage my time properly and I should also
unfortunately, I was not able to leave our house at 9 o’clock turn on the radio to become balance again. But sometimes,
learn to balance my daily schedules. But I find it really hard
as I planned because of some matters. And also when I was even this fails because any sound simply increases the
to do despite of the fact that I daily set goals or targets for
already in Cubao, I rode a wrong jeepney (to Quiapo instead “noise” of my life. I need a quiet place. But silence fails to
the stuff that I have to finish.
of Stop and Shop) so I had to go back again in front of the help me too. And at the end of the day, each stress-induc-
I once talked to my classmate, Jasy about this matter
Gateway Mall to get the right jeepney. Anyway, I learned ing circumstance always keeps on coming back and makes
and I remember what she told me, “alam mo Marrah, we
from this experience. I’ll always stay with the group and I me falter too.
really have to be disciplined when it comes to that matter.”
promise, I’ll be punctual next time! When I listen to the still, small voice inside me calls
Y she’s right. Discipline is indeed important. Even if I plan
***** me to a prayer; my spirit quiets in the peace of God’s
to do things everyday but I am not disciplined enough to
The Organization of Industrial Engineering Students presence. Cares are given over to God; tears swallowed
accomplish it, nothing will happened. I should always see
(ORIENTS) just successfully conducted the second series of by assurance that He loves me; circumstances aren’t
to it that I am able to do my responsibilities. Aside from it,
its technical forum entitled ‘DecisionIEring 101: Infinity is Our threatening when I claim His power for my situation. In
dedication is also needed. I should be dedicated in what I
Limit’ last November 24. Despite of some problems during prayer I find peace.
am doing. Meaning, I really have to involve myself in it. I
the preparations, its success still proved that unity, coopera- * * *
should not only do it just because I have to do it or just be-
tion and sense of responsibility among members are really Last Friday, November 28, something terrible hap-
cause I am required to finish it. Rather, I should always do
essential to an organization. Congratulations to all ORIENTS pened to me. It was when I almost got home and was
my tasks sincerely and of course, though it’s quite hard, I
people, to our advisers and to the officers! Aja
A IE! trying to fish-out a bill from my wallet when I noticed I
can’t pullout anything. Even my AT A M card was not in my
pocket anymore. Then it became clear to me that my wal-
let was snatched while I’m having my catnap. Confused
to what had happened, I almost asked all the passengers
on the same bus if they’ve seen my wallet–except for one
lady. When she noticed that I am nearby approaching her,
she then initiated to get off hurriedly from the bus. When

Dan Arthur Calaycay I was on her seat (where I was also seated), I saw my bus
excalibur ticket as well as my school ID underneath her chair. It was
only then I accepted that my wallet was snatched! And for
that let me say “Shame on you!”
* * *
“My past only holds pain and loss. your daily survival. At first, it was exciting: an adventure Life sometimes is not fair. I believe that It entails a
I will conquer it by creating the perfect future.” of being the one providing for my own necessities. But as lot of hardships and sacrifices. But I also know that is not
—Ixidor time went on, it gets gruelling. Nevertheless, I didn’t give all about that. Because no matter what happens, as what
Who would have thought that there would come a up, until I became a member of TIPVoice. It’s hard. Working Robert Frost once said “ life goes on”
time for me to have this privilege of sharing my opinions to both inside and outside the school. But I have to. Not only * * *
the public? It was so very unexpected that I was only told the benefits I am getting from my work as a service crew Y
Yuletide season is one of my favorite celebrations in
a day before the last day of our paper’s lay outing. And at and a staff of the publication, but also the intangible things a year. Garland of lights twinkle on the Christmas tree and
this very moment I am typing this one just a couple of hours I acquire from them: personal development, knowledge, in all my neighbors’ windows. The scent of pine mingles
before the time we should finish our paper’s layout. And experiences and confidence. with the scent of freshly baked bread. Hopeful carols and
since time is a big factor right now, I decided to tell little Sacrifice and patience are the keywords I should always hymns ring through the air.
something about myself and make it simple. I guess I have bear in your mind because along the way when things may I love our family tradition of setting the “belen” near
no other choice. I’ve got to type down what’s inside my seem nice, some undesirable events might happen, some the living room and lighting scented candles. I am also
mind before it escapes me. will cause pain, some will pull me down. While each obsta- fond of patiently wrapping the gifts for our godsons and
There are a lot of things that seems can be easily done cles gets harder and harder. Definitely, these occurrences daughters and to all our loved ones. I am aware that be-
but still undone. The pace is so fast and I can’t cope up will result to two things: giving up, or becoming stronger. yond all these hustles and bustles, the true spirit of Christ-
with it. It’s really hard when things seems to overrun you For now, I haven’t attained, yet, the “power” I wanted. But mas is sharing and loving. But now, I feel that this be-
and you don’t know where, when and what to start. And time will come that will achieve the power I always dreamt loved family of mine seemed far removed from this truth
just by analyzing things on how to put them in order, you’ll of, I would dominate those who will try to suppress me and of Christmas. I then stopped for a while and meditated for
never notice that you’ve spent so much time doing stuff challenge those who will be on my way. The power that I this “odd” thing. While I am alone, in silence and solitude,
and everything, and the worst thing about it is you’re still am wielding is to compete with everyone in everywhere. I realized that we were lacking of one thing: appreciation
in that same place. And what pisses me most is the more This may sound ridiculous, but this is me. for simple things we have in our family. We always look
you make things flow smoothly, mother nature has its own I am serious, really. However, most people think other- for larger things that have larger surprises. Why don’t
way of devastating your carefully-laid plans. Somewhere wise, especially to my studies. I just find it hard to balance we try to renounce from the bohemian type of looking
in between a crack emerges and definitely will grow into a my time, my emotions and my reality. It’s like I’m always at things?
catastrophe to further compliment your suffering. I’ve been chasing things in my head. I want to make things simple as Now I know that it is not just my family who some-
like this for years. And I’m still in this battle for survival to much as possible, but I simply can’t. times lacks understanding on zthe essence of “Christ-
achieve that perfect “ME.” It’s really hard. But the percep- mas.” But it is not too late! This coming Yuletide,
Y do not
tion of what I want to be in the future is the thing that keeps To my Honey Koy: I dedicate this article to the person I bother if you don’t have sumptuous food or expensive
me going. value most. You
Y are the one sent to me when I’m about to gifts; or much penny in your synthetic wallet. What is
I was a working student since first year (well, not en- give up. And kept me to continue this fight. You
Y change my important is that you are with your family and you don’t
tirely because I am an irregular student). Being such is a perception in life, serve as my life’s foundation. I love you forget that loving and sharing is the real core of Christmas
pretty tough job. It requires a tremendous endurance for so much honey koy! day. So let me say Feliz Navidad to all of us!

Change Martin Valenzuela How do you assess
the country in terms
rhetorical questions of the outgoing year?
The economic status of our country is getting
poorer and poorer. —mirage, bsed english, 0610231
I joined TIP Voice when I was still a freshman and I have witnessed how many things have changed: Ang dami pong nabuntis na mga kabataan ngay-
on! STOP PMS! hahahah =)
—anonymous, bsed, 0611879
from the transmogrification of the publica- source of pictures to cut out for your scrap- for change. It really was people at the grass- The outgoing year was very memorable for us as
tion’s masthead, specs of the paper, as well books nor your alternative for tissue paper roots level who carried their campaign finan- a 4th yr. students stressful yet exciting and fun. Stressful
as the figures presented in every registration when the need arises. Though sometimes we cially, who carried it organizationally, and it’s because we did so many things during the 1st semester
like thesis, feasib, etc. And now our OJT that we have to
form. Aside from these, I’ve noticed how fail to tickle your thoughts and imaginations a thing that shouldn’t be dissipated. With this, finish forus to pass the 2nd semester.
TIPians behave in every in different situa- with our topics, I still believe that we have I just can’t help but compare ourselves with —mary ann mendoza, bsc mktg, 0510425
tions, how the administration work things always been giving you information of much the Americans. I believe we have the same The progress and succes of TIP community will
become the succes of students in their future
out (for the students and for itself), and how value than you expect. TIP Voice is not just desire for change, but the difference lies in —virtud, bsece, 0410270
the institution tries to change its appearance the editors’ paper, but every TIPian’s paper, our actions. Many tragic events happened like the MV Prin-
by providing state-of-the-art building for its and it has value. I will reiterate: it has value. It Leaders have a great impact in our pur- cess of the Stars. —aby, bsed english, 0612183
employees and students, as well as joining is not just useful in fly swatting but in knowing suit of change, but we do have the power to
NCRAA, and these are not just for marketing things that concerns our institution. The top- choose our leaders. Simply put, there would Cite a suggestion for the name of the
purposes, I believe. ics we present affect every TIPian, otherwise be no leaders if there would be no people to park in the middle of the campus.
TIF (in short for Technological Institute Farm)
As of press time, I am already on my we would not include those in paper. Maybe bring them to their respective positions. The —the great azor!, educ, 0310489
third year as a staff of Voice, and I am privi- the reason why students label Voice as non- Americans supported the leader whom they “Kanlungan ni Tatay” kase para sya bakahan sa
province. — kean, arki, 0212452
leged to be part of its leadership. While it’s sense is because they limit their concept of a think would help them improve their way of Sna trees and bench nalang yung nilagay instead
too fulfilling on my part to see most of TIPians student publication (in our case, school and life, but in our case, during elections, some of baka at may cactus pa! What’s the essence?
enjoying what we have worked for, it’s doubly student publication), to articles that pleases opt to remain in their homes rather than go- — seifer, arki, 0611135
TIP Cowctus Park: enjoy the freshest air, ever…
hurting, on the other hand, to see copies of them; articles that makes them laugh. Should ing to election precincts to vote, while others — pol, ce, 0712***
Voice on the trash bins around the campus. a TIPian laugh when tuition fees increase? just choose candidates that are more popular Teletubbies extension (Nature’s tub) wahehe ob-
As per an officer of SSG shared, “ang mga es- Should he be glad to hear that certain mem- than the others, more good looking, richer, vious naman e…☺ — mami-jo, arki, 0311371
Batibot–because my teletubbies na so batibot na-
tudyante, kumukuha ng kopya hindi para ba- bers of rival fraternities were sent to police and many other petty reasons. For others man. —jer, cpe, 0811***
sahin, kundi para ipamalo sa langaw.” Though station just last night? Should he be happy to those who buy votes have the edge for their Brewrats Land because for me cows represents
it’s quite exaggerated, it still makes sense. I hear that a certain policy or event sponsored precious vote. Like America, change is what illiteracy. —asim, cpe, 0811105
Grava land “hehehehe” Di ko kasi mawari if what
know we can never please everyone, but rest by school or any academic organization we need, and the change should start with ba un ehehe park ba kahit puro grava ehehe saka may
assured, we’re doing our part as mouthpiece wasn’t even noticed? (you might laugh for the us. We should not remain passive forever: kinalaman ba dun ung baka!! — chaedz, arki, 0311261
of the students. last question, as I might too). Probably not. I our nation needs us. “ACS in a jungle” (ACS is a name of the lot & com-
bine with a jungle (animals)) —jhezz, arki, 04*****
Having the uniqueness of a school and would like to emphasize that the articles we Change for the better. Have a change of Pines & Wheels. It sounds a bit inviting because
student publication, we are in a dilemma on write are not meant for the detriment of the perspective. Have a change of heart. As Alex- of the ‘pines’ idea, and the wheels, for parking rel-
weighing articles so as not to compromise ei- school; it’s our way of call for improvement. ander Solzhenitsyn puts it, “The line separat- evance, of course. —valdez, educ, 0811825
Bakit yung cactus galit? Dahil ba kakainin sila ng
ther the students’ or admin’s interest. Instead, We would not improve if all we know were ing good and evil passes not through states, mga baka? Anung silbi ng mga Airfreshener? eh amoy
we try to resort to the premise that, primarily, the latest jokes or DoTA characters, know- nor between classes, nor between parties ei- san miguel beer padin naman!. —albuquerque, fma,
whatever the TIP community needs to know, ing such won’t help us either. We also don’t ther – but right through the human heart”
we give it to them. But what do TIPians really want to put in subversive type of articles in This Christmas, my wish is there would Others
want? Since I became a part of Voice, we’ve our paper. We still remain as a partner of the really be change, and not just for America but Ansarap nang pumasok kasi maraming hala-
man...Maganda yung front ng Bldg.9 Spacious ang
been asked for jokes section, horoscope, school in accomplishment of its academic also for every government. Merry Christmas! parking lot. Sana maipasok ko na ang karlalu q ever!
blind items, and green stories so as to add goals. If anyone’s not convinced of it, it’s not *** —kilabot lady, fma, 0411205
aesthetics to our masterpiece. I believe we our problem anymore. This would be my second to the last col- Sana i-allow nila mga fastfoods to rent sa vacant
lot, at hindi mga baka ang nakikita —yatap motug, *******
can create such kind of paper but we’d rather *** umn (hopefully) for TIP Voice, and I promise Sana bigyan mga 4th year ng chance para mak-
leave those to the tabloids. Voice is your pub- I was amazed on how US President-elect to give my best until I bid farewell to my dear agamit ng ITR sa bldg.9 —kembothee, *******
lication, not your official scratch paper, pock- Barack Obama climbed his way to victory. He Institution. So guys, expect for more exciting Does the English speaking drive really work??
Sana may yearbook na para sa mga graduating stu-
etbook or diary. Voice is neither your official won because the American people mobilized issues. dents. Remembrance sana..hehe.. —trixie, fma, *******
To Kilabot Lady Guard, gusto mo mategi?!
—xing jarwin, fma, 0510993

Change Topic Elaine Mendenilla

rough draft erratum and as a nation. There is always someone, who will
rock the conscience to live this life selflessly, dedicat-
ing it to the upliftment and empowerment of those
In the July-September 2008 Issue the who have no voice in our society.
Valedictory Address on page 11 should have In the light of what we have learned these past
Maturity, acceptance and beauty— We never notice that almost half of our
two years at the Academy, I urge each of my class-
they are the simple yet genuine meaning of lives are made by the people who surround been written like this:
It has been several weeks since I first learned mates: do not let those years pass and be forgotten.
change. It would always be the highlight of the us. Certain people inspire us. Some hurt us Rather, pursue the vision of learning that we have
that I would have the honor of speaking here to-
game called life. None of us stays the same, and, believe it or not, some of them are the here begun. Take control of and seize all opportuni-
day. After the initial ecstatic mix of excitement and
and none of us stays changed. Should a per- ones who make the choice for us. They make gratitude, suddenly a sensation gripped my being ties that will appear our way where we, as an indi-
son battle it or just let it be? It is the appalling us take the paths we never imagined taking. until now: FEAR. This is not the fear of speaking in vidual or together with our team, make a difference
But as we look back to where we were once, for the better in the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Our
truth that the more we become vulnerable front of a crowd; after more than two decades of
it is all different. Those people present in our being in the academe, I have mastered the delicate culture will encourage us to engage in mediocrity,
to change, the more we likely to reject it. We pwede na yan; the modern university will tempt us
should not find ways to avoid change. Instead, lives, they’re there because we need them. art of being called to speak impromptu in count-
less supposedly intellectual fora. No, the root of to treat learning as the accumulation of unrelated
we should find ways on how to accept it. We need them because they’ll help us grow facts to be crammed, regurgitated, and forgotten…
this fear is far more disturbing; I have to convince
One must be able to keep up with the cun- which basically means they are to change us. walang kwenta. Do not give in to these. Let us re-
myself and all of you present here this afternoon
ning world. It would not always be the fairytale They are responsible for almost half of our de- that the five minutes or so that you’ll be spending member the example of our dear professors, men
story we want, but it the story worth reading, cisions in life. with me at this very moment will be of “quality” and women who for a small token judged it neces-
The emotions let us feel affected and lead sary to pass on the wisdom that God and experience
watching and remembering—a story in which and far more valuable than spending it elsewhere.
us to change. A person could have his emo- The opportunity cost is so overwhelming. Yet I will has granted them.
we are the hero, the villain, the maiden and the Dear classmates, let us dedicate ourselves
magical creature. We pour our blood, sweat tions hanging by a thread if change comes be honest and tell you that even as I sat in front of
my laptop at four o’clock this morning, I am still anew! As the eminent English scientist Thomas Hen-
and tears for the birth of such story. unexpectedly or if he is pushed to change. He ry Huxley said and I quote,… “the great end of life is
uncertain of where my address is headed. So I de-
Just like flicking a coin, we change to dis- could respond violently or might even refuse not knowledge, but action.”
cided to just allow where my heart leads me.
cover the well too-hidden sides of our beings; through the aid of death. To the members of the Board of Trustees, the I will be remiss if I fail to mention that the success
whether those are the dark ones or great. We Yes, change could all be overwhelming, President, and all the other officers of Development of this pioneering efforts of DAP towards the fulfillment
but stop and try to think of it, it is the climax of a graduate program in P&Q, as well as the relevance
may come across things we curse but it is the Academy of the Philippines, our distinguished guest
of our story. It would be the best thing that a speaker, our dear professors present here this after- of the honor bestowed upon me as Primus Inter Pares
world telling us that it is still out there, the very was made possible because of the involvement,
thing we’re looking for. The one thing that human being could ever endure, to see his noon, parents, wives, husbands and otherwise, my
dear fellow graduates, ladies and gentlemen, good physically and in spirit, of all my batchmates. To Arlene
would make it all clear: change. To cut it short, transition. It is very rewarding because none and Neth, Bong, Erwin, Jarvis, Mard and Mel, … I am
no matter how drenched we are in wine, we of it is easy. There are times in which we feel absolutely certain that your respective institutions will
I am absolutely certain that all the members of
know we’ll become sober eventually. that we are not yet ready to take our old paints the Master in Productivity and Quality Management tremendously benefit from the personal leadership
Life is an art, a masterpiece. But even off, but when we peel off, we realize, we were graduating class will agree with me that the past each of you will assume as your organization moves
ready all along. forward forwards the achievement of its strategic ob-
masterpieces started as an empty canvass two years were both joyful, yet dotted with grief,…
Innocence once reigned in our lives, if it victorious, yet along the way filled with the reality of jectives and goals. To Japoks and Kat, I am positive
with a dab of paint. There are certain things that you too, will finish the program although the odds
we should do before we appreciate and un- were not for the experiences we have in life, humbling setbacks. Ours is a pioneering academic
program here at the Academy, so they say. And you may seem insurmountable. There is no mountain so
derstand art. If one must step away from it, if then we’d had nothing to push us to the new high to a resolute hiker.
will hear constantly being echoed throughout the
in that way the real picture would show, then chapter; a new page of the book which we On behalf of the pioneer class of the MPQM
program something to do with Productivity and Qual-
step away. When it is no longer ambiguous, need to fill with the most exceptional meas- ity or P&Q, and the challenge that will be set before Program, let me also humbly articulate our collec-
it would speak through the silence of its raw ures a human has. You’ll see the unexplored us that we are supposed to be catalysts of positive tive thank you to all who supported us prayerfully
face of adventure waving, waiting to be un- and financially through all these years. Foremost, to
beauty what would make it an untouchable change in this dear country of ours. But P&Q, we
leashed through the power of change. If we were taught, does not happen overnight. It is sup- the honorable Senator Ramon B. Magsaysay, Jr. for
masterpiece. Whatever it lets out, it all boils his confidence that it is worthy to support the pas-
down to one idea; an art should always be are to observe, innocence would be the cul- posed to be a continuous spiraling PDCA cycle–Plan,
Do, Check, and Act–supported with all the different sion of the Filipino to rise above his scholarship as-
open for change. prit of a man’s downfall. Wrong turns, tragic sistance with which majority of us are able to enter
strategies like benchmarking, change management,
There are many stories behind one pic- events and traumatic experiences are not and finish the MPQM program. It is also my distinct
knowledge management and others, which should
ture, but all of it would depend on angle you’d there to scare us alone, but they are there to ensure all our efforts to be productive and will result honor to pay tribute to all the husbands, the wives,

be looking at. It could only come to life if it strengthen us, our hearts. This things let us to outputs with excellent quality. the parents, and the significant others who lovingly
see what went wrong and teach us what are and dedicatedly made this milestone possible for all
is appreciated by the one who looks at it. It History tells us that at various times, our country
the things we should repair it and the things has been subjected to unceasing political, social, and of us this afternoon. May we express also our grati-
should not only focus on its charismatic flare tude and appreciation to our respective employers,
but also on the feeling it would trade with the we shouldn’t do to avoid repeating it. And it is economic upheavals, both in the past and in the not-
so-distant past. Quite sadly, we see the ever widening both in government and the private sector for their
looker. It’s all too similar to life. It is the unend- all because of change. support and encouragement. I like to mention with
gap between the haves and the have-nots, and the
ing flow of change that puts each one of us to We should learn to change our position the same intensity that Jonathan expressed his grati-
value of integrity is almost likely becoming an intoler-
the road of the unknown. to open up another direction and therefore able norm in a political or even personal sense, and tude towards his David my deep personal apprecia-
If we keep in mind that change always face another experience. It is such a pointless where our people are seemingly becoming socially tion to Mr. Marlon A. Sicat, my former boss, mentor
journey to not have met change. Every battle, and friend with whom I had the privilege of working
has its reason, then, that’s the time when we and culturally disoriented. In the past few months, we
every step, we change. Princesses become have been held captive by reports of alleged large- together at the Technological Institute of the Philip-
accept life for what it really is. We create the pines. Had God willed it otherwise, he might be the
ghost that scares us, we make the poison that queens, princes become kings, by choice or by scale corruption in the government implicating some
of our high-ranking bureaucrats, the web of which one speaking here today.
kills us, and definitely form the cuffs that fetter rules. We should learn to embrace the things
allegedly points to the top echelon of our nation’s Also, we failed to acknowledge Engr.
us. It is not always necessary to be strong. It’s we never did, and see it it fits our arms.
governance. It is as though we cannot go beyond the Jemuel Castillo who delivered the message
always necessary to be prepared. Let out your own definition of life. periphery of a doomed historical template. Yet every
for his Master in Prductivity and Quality Man-
Change is an inevitable event in one’s life. Rough Draft is a column open to all student contributors. time that history repeats itself, all is not lost in the gement Program during the commencement
It would never be over, not could cease it. Email us at process. Significant personalities emerge to redeem
exercises at the Development Academy of
It is our choice to change but change doesn’t the moment and save what would have been a total
Elaine Mendenilla is a fourth-year Industrial Engineer-
lost of dignity for the Filipino, both as an individual the Philippines on May 16.
have a choice but to choose us. ing student, a member of Orients and Genuine Ilocano. We apologize for the mistakes.


& Kris D’Original Lampoon Pampulutan op

Tamang Inom Pa
Sa Illinois Yeah (TIPsy)

Talk KAibigan mgs. SHAW Unlicall GLOBE NA ME

10 usap tayo 250 ANG WINNER 20 TALAGA

Strike while the iron is gold black

erfect talaga ang label sa mga <friend from Tate.> Barack Hussein Obama’s going to be Change ang naging agenda ni Pareng Barack
kumpanya ng langis: oil players. Mapa- a good president that he started gathering his economic team sa kanyang campaign. Being an “outsider”
Big 3 man o small independent pare- outside of the White House. (no, he’s not related with Saddam Hussein!),
pareho silang players. Read: mga mang- <JDC.> Yeah. super-ultra-mega-bonggang-bonggang tall order
gagamit! Kumbaga sa kanilang nagdidistribute <friend.> He’s anticipating resolutions for the current capital biggie-upsized-with-vanilla-float-on-top nga
ng main source of energy natin eh paglalaro lang crisis and climate change by… [babbling] ang pagkapanalo niya. But to tell you honestly,
lahat. Kumbaga tayong mga consumer eh saling <JDC.> Ow, reli? I doubt there’s much change in this side of our
ketket naman. It’s a free market, mahn. To give <friend.> Anything else you want to say about that? mundong ibabaw. May mga obvious na limits
you an illustration (hindi na tayo lalayo) the group <JDC.> Will the White House be called Black House now? ang kanyang platforms within their same ol’
of oil players, or what we call cartel, take part in xxXxx brand of politics. Hindi naman siya dictator na
the game while there are no rules. Kasi nga, dahil susundin kung anuman kanyang sabihin or even
sa deregulation ng industriyang ito. Well, that is superhero na sagot sa mga suliranin. Mahirap
stated in the law. To give an opportunity for small talagang mag-expect tapos hindi naman matu-
companies to enter the competition daw. San tupad. Lessons are learned. Remember na their
sports channel ka naman nakapanood ng com- institutional policies were made in their favor,
petition na walang rules? (Maybe, sa mga under- siyempre not ours, long before an African-Amer-
ground fights na hindi nate-televise except yun ican will be president out of the blue…and red.
sa Imbestigador huh.) Even nga sa mixed martial Pero somehow, ang kanyang win was led by a
arts na super gory na, pag inawat na ng technical movement of the burgis saying “Sobra na, tama
committee, perish na ang lahat. So what? Kitams na,” siyempre ulet in American twang, against sa
ha. Sky’s the langit na ang pag-hike ng presyo mga nagaganap with Bush and his vicious, well,
ng diesel, gas, gaas at lpg nitong nakaraang bushes. Back to our own bushy motherland, yon
taon. Syempre matic na yon. Everything follows. perhaps ang hamon (without the glaze) sa’tin
Pamasahe. Kuryente. Rice. Value meal. Extra rice. mga kapwa kong Noypi. Yes, wikentoo!
Sauce ko. E-ve-ry-thing. As in. Salt. BUT NO! *now playing Durugin ang Namamagitan
Minsan in a blue moon ang pagdive ng prices. by The Eighteens*
Kahit ang players aminado na hindi nila mababa- As long na kikilos tayo nang todo bigay
baba ang presyo immediately dahil sa kung to shape the country we live in—and could die
anu-anong reasons, while ang crude to the lower for—feeling ko matitigil na ang heart-rending
level na sa world market, dude. Kung gusto may na mga pagpapatawa ni Jocjoc, matitigil na ang
paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan, diba? Si Energy pag-wander ng mga euro generals, matitigil na
Sec. Reyes nga naiinis lately sa mabagal na pag- ang pag-stay sa 2010 Almanac ng one of the
rollback. At ang masaklap, wala siyang magawa. most malaking nunal, ang Mole of Asia. <Du-
Karmahin sana sila. What goes up ought to come reza.> Amen!
down eh. That’s physics for you folks! Sometimes, pwede namang maging
Ang bumaba lang ata ng presyo ngayon, choosy eh, choosy sa mga gusto nating tun-
sim card. Php10 na lang. Te-te-te-te-te-texting! guhin nang sama-sama-sama-sama-sa...
xxXxx *fade*
Dutriv & Marts

how you say ‘engine’ + ‘eer,’ 11 hamburger (hahm-ber-ger it ironic dat in every election
get that some kinda? <Ispiker vs. hahm-ber-jer) wihebdows old nyoo-sans
By yshtambay of the Congre> Congratuma Add the ‘j’ of aji-no-moto in your candidates?
lations to our stchoodents, dis- favorite ground beef patty to

nbikoswiarkanporming tudaSPEEKINGGLISHpahalisi wihebdesayded tractors and mowst ispayshali experience the rich and savory 15 theater (THEE-uh-ter vs.
datchorlongweheytbiowber. Watwimintuseyis, yorpeheybowreet tipTongue ishbak. to our instidute for da latest goodness of Umami, the fifth CHE-ter) With the advent of
Didyunowdat yukudakshuli mindipherent baypranahwnsingtu werdsdiperentlee? yields op injineers. basic taste. Also, an all-purpose digital technology, movies are
sandwich in celebrating one’s now experienced in a more
Sowmeyknowmisteyk, disistu teetchyuhaw tuprahnawnswel
9 firm (ferm vs. feeeerm) achievement. <Jun Lozada> personal way that you watch
yorwerdsindiprentsitweyshans owlrayt? Same as confirmed, but Haha buti nga sa’yo <Ben Aba- them in smaller venues like
the second diction denotes los> Okay lang basta pa-burjer how you read the second pro-
1 bluetooth longer, whatevur, loser. <Dora situation but the second is a hardness—or the lack thereof ka, burjer, burjer, burjer…. nunciation. <Teacher> Indeed,
(bloo-toot vs. bu-lu-tut) la Cuachera> Mi amigo, graver, terrorist plot according ondasekantot. <Machoday1> che-ters abound here usually
As in other loan words, the Diego, awer next cha-leeeynj to the gospel of Mel Tiangco. Paweh, aywana werk ina 12 lip synch during exams, aren’t you?
suffix –an is added over the isss.….uh... [to be contin- <Mike E> Ehekskyusmi poww! konstraksyon ferm dami kasing (lip-sing vs. lip-singk)
penultimate syllable to give ued…] <Mel T> Direk, mayroon ba di- feeeerm ang body dun. <Ma- Just because most often done 16 theory
it a verb feel. In such cases, tong destaybilizayshon, ano ha? choday2> Talaga? Gumorla na during singing pageants, the (thee-yo-ri vs. chOO-ree)
the borrowing becomes 4 confirmed (kahn-fermd vs. tayo paweh. original pronunciation was Originally, a statement tenta-
naturalized similar to Kodak, kon-feeeeermd) 7 diabetes omitted with the k sound. tively accepted. From the kin-
which evolved to mean “to Where the first means “sure” (da-yuh-bee-tiz vs. jah-beh-tis) 10 haha, hehe, hihi (hah-hah Unbeknownst to most of us, the folk of Mahal and/or the Tour-
take a picture.” <Gid in the the latter is used to say “most The faster you say this sugar- vs. he-he vs. hee-hee) spelling explains the synchro- ism secretary, an idea about
cellphone> Ga, bluetooth-an definite” in the superlative induced disorder suggests that True enough, there are incisive nized movement of the lips the science/art…of apology.
nga nimo ng bagong kanta sense—opcors, you have to it’s already in its critical level, differences among this text with the sound. <Coach> Be <Ace D.> Eureka! May choo-
ng Cueshe. <Ga reply> Wag say it with gigil in the middle. otherwise it still is at an early laughs: haha is boisterous; ready to lip sing when you can ree ish tchrue! Mishmo, may
dito, dun tayo sa walang tao. <Tipoy> How bonggang- stage. ......<Diego> Arriba, hehe could range from being only dance. Ganyan ang variety chrabaho sha tchurishmo!!
bongga our bagong-bagong could we go through these modest to erotic while hihi show ng Pinoy puro kapal ng
2 bowl (bowl vs. bahwl) building noh? <Tipay> With challenges? If we can’t, d’ya hints a thrilling amusement. mukha para daw versatile. Well, 17 waiting shed
Be careful with this one. You its kahnteynervahn aesthetic. bet kiss my pet.<Dora> Watch Hoho, however, implies bad publicity is still publicity. (wey-ting shed vs.
don’t go ordering a bahwl of <Tipey> Confeeermd! me, nag-flanax este, ampalaya, Santa Claus’s and huhu, a wey-ting sheyd)
soup, someone might give yata to…Delicioso! cry. Moreover jeje is the more 13 margarine Since most of these street
you a mouthful of pudding 5 departmental explicit hehe then harhar (mar-Jah-rin vs. mar-Gah-rin) structure do not function in pro-
and ionized water—poop and (de-part-men-tal vs. 8 engineer belongs to the Secosana gang How to correctly ask for this is viding shelter from our tropical
whizz that is. It can be associ- de-par-taH-men-tal) (EN-juh-nir vs. IN-ji-neer) (see waiting shed) or simply to say it with the ‘j’ not the ‘g.’ sun, it is pronounced with the
ated with bowel as used in There are no implications for From Spanish ‘ingeniero’ sounds from a whore (need I Akshuli, this butter substitute is eh. Or else you might think you
LBM so, in these times, speak another meaning by uttering transliteration to Filipino Eng- say more). LOL is used much naturally white; it is colored as saw a waiting shade. <Alagads
of a bowl instead. <Cooking either way for this word. Impak, lish, the pronunciation practi- as an online guffaw. such to imitate the yellow-ness of Kris-slash-Ruffa-slash-Tessa
In a More Host> For our next departamental is talamak even cally remained ‘in’-correct. of butter. <Cooking in a More and the rest of the Secosana
menu, I’ll serve these in your with instrak-tors. <Review- Congruously, it’s sorda like Host after a few commercials> gang> OMG, its sowper-init
bowls. <Guest> Oh chef, ers> … <Proctor & Gamble> Let’s put some marjarin over here…can I just say, we make
these are the best eggs I’ve Eyniweys, bring out your 1/36th your burjer <Ben A> …burjer, totally silong ‘neath the waiting
ever tasted. short whole bum paper for burjer… <JLo> Jerjer, jerjer shade? <Beggar on the pave-
your departamental test. the new tipian’s dictionary ment> Harhar!
3 challenge 14 nuisance (NYOO-suhns vs.
(cha-lInj vs. cha-leynj) 6 destabilization NOOY-sahns) Batweytdersmor!
The long ‘a’ perhaps describes (de-sta-bi-li-zey-shon vs. Wala lang. That, at least, is Prepeyr­poranader lafftripwid-
the duration of the game or de-stey-buh-lay-zey-shuhn) the meaning of the word. dakaming opawerneksedishun
contest. Thus, the ey-er, the Both mean the same for a coup Nakakainis. <Manong> Isn’t Pissawtenrakenrowl.
Jeep Stories v.2 By Boy Butiki

t was already four years ago
when I have first read the article
bearing the same title in this same
publication. Since then, responses regard-
ing the article reverberate until now. And
this inspired me to revive the undying Jeep
Stories I, myself have experienced. Actu-
ally wala akong balak gawin to sa English,
napilitan lang maglagay kahit kaunti dahil
sa English Speaking Policy ni President. By
the way, bago pa dumanak ang dugo sa
buong sangka-TIP-han dahil sa polisiyang
ito, sisimulan ko na ang kwentuhan.

Manong Driver and his Cronies

Nakakainis talaga, lalo na kapag nagma-
madali ka, kapag ang driver biglang liliko sa
gasoline station para kamustahin ang mga
pangga niyang gasoline boys. Okey lang
sana, kaso minsan ang tagal ng usapan nila
na parang walang pasaherong naiinip sa loob
ng jeep. Lahat na yata ng pwedeng topic
pinag-uusapan nila, pati epekto ng national
inflation rate sa ekonomiya ng Pilipinas, kung
kamusta na ba si David Cook pagkatapos ng
season ng American Idol, at kung ano na ang
nangayayari sa stock market. Kaloko lang
talaga ang mga driver na ito. Buti na lang
talaga may mga babaeng pwedeng tunawin
sa tingin…
“Agree” Brothers Satanas, are you there?
Ms. Pakiskis and Bukangking Hindi ko mapigilan ang sarili ko na matawa kapag Automatic na mapapakumpisal ka ng mga kasalanan mo at hihingi ka na
Ms. Pakiskis ang pwedeng itawag sa nakakakita ako ng mga taong miyembro ng “agree brothers”. ng tawad sa mga pangungupit na ginawa mo sa mga magulang mo kapag
mga babaeng napakasarap titigan dahil sa Sila yung mga taong palagi na lang tumatango, uma-agree nasakay ka sa jeep na ganito. Sila yung mga patok na jeep na parang nabili na
suot nilang super micro mini-skirt na kapag sa bawat pangyayari sa loob ng jeep. Yung iba, habang nila yung kalsada kung magpatakbo. Di mo mapipigilang mag-isip kung buhay
nakita mo ang pinakatago-tago nila, ikaw na natutulog, with matching tulo ng laway pa. Yung iba naman, ka pa bang aabot sa bahay niyo. Tapos bubuga ng usok mula sa sigarilyo ang
naman ang bida sa kwentuhan sa class- habang suot ang ipod o mp3 nila, napapasabay sa saliw ng kunduktor sabay busina ng halakhak ni Satanas na tila ba nag-aanyaya na
room. Yun nga lang, kapag nakita mo. Paano musikang sila lang ang nakakarinig. Samantalang yung iba, sundan mo na siya sa kaharian niya. Grabe, pakiramdam mo ikaw ang bida sa
ba naman kasi, kung umupo sila, sobra sa habang nagre-review, mine-meditate ang napag-aralan nila, 2Fast 2Furious.
pagkakalihis na tila gusto nang humiga sa sabay mura pagdaan sa lubak. Instantly, wala na ang kanilang
tabi mo. Ni hindi nila naiisip na ang mga napag-aralan.
katabi nila ay nagkikiskisan na ng mukha para
mapagbigyan lang siya sa hilig niya. Sino nga Wakin Bordado at Manang Lobo
ba naman ang magagalit sa mga babaeng Ewan ko na lang kapag di ka nanginig sa takot kapag
ganito, eh libreng sine nga naman, R-18, nakatabi mo ang isa sa kanila. Hindi holdaper si Wakin, pero
kaso pahirapan sa panonood. At may leading parang ninanakawan ka na niya ng hininga dahil sa matinding
man sila! Bukangking, mga lalaking sobra sa kapangyarihang dulot ng amoy niya. Katakot talaga lalo na ka-
pagkakabukaka. Ewan nga ba, parang ayaw pag biglang preno, tapos mapapasubsob ka sa muscles o sa
nilang mainitan ang mga alaga nila. kili-kili niyang may pangalan pa ng asawa niya na ewan kung
henna ba o pinagsama-samang alikabok lang. Pero di lang
School Service ba ito? siya ang dapat katakutan, dahil nandyan din sa Manang Lobo.
Masaya kang naghihintay ng masasa- Siya yung tipo ng pasahero na ayaw madikitan at literally,
kyan isang araw, sasakay pagdating ng jeep, nanghahawi talaga siya. Walang pakialam kung nakakasakit
uupo at bigla na lang, pagdating ng ulirat mo, na siya basta ayaw niya lang madikitan. Sana lang sumabit na
magugulat ka na ang lahat ng mga katabi lang siya sa gulong o sumakay sa bubong kung ayaw niyang
mo ay ka-eskwela mo. Okay lang naman, madikitan. Or better, bumili na lang siya ng sariling sasakyan.
walang masama, kaso nga lang di mo alam
kung mahihiya ka ba sa ibang pasahero para Human Conveyor
sa mga schoolmates mo dahil sa mga litanya Sila naman yung mga tipo ng pasaherong nakakaawa.
nilang: “tol, bagay ba sina Lich at Naix?”, “oi Wala naman siyang komisyon sa pag-abot ng mga bayad
mare, napanood mo ba yung sayaw ng Tee- pero parang nagkaroon siya ng obligasyon na hawakan ang
Gee?”, “nakita mu ba Cher Prits kanina? Ang kamay ng lahat ng pasahero sa pag-abot ng mga bayad at
gwapo niyaaa!” sabay tili na tila ba sarili nila sukli. Minsan naging ganito rin ako, at kung intensyonal kong
ang mundo. Minsan tuloy, parang gusto ko hindi abutin ang bayad ng isang pasahero, sangkatutak na
na lang umalis ng jeep o di kaya, pag di ako ismid at mura inabot ko. Pakialam ko ba? Bumili kayo ng
makapagpigil, pagtatatampalin o di kaya’y conveyor niyo!
pagbubusalan ko ang mga bunganga ng mga
taong ganito. Istorbo kasi sila sa mga ito… Marami pang ibang kwen-
tong jeep, at alam kong
meron din kayong sariling
version. Malas niyo lang,
na-publish yung version ko
samantalang version niyo
hanggang kwento lang
muna. Kaya kung ako sa
inyo, ipadala niyo na lang sa
publikasyong ito at magya-
bang din kayo. So long!

SPORTS Interdept sportsfest
Paul John Pederio
takes off
iving up
for the better
How happy it is to know that TIP is re-
ally making its way in reaching its goals.
There are lots of “fresh” stuff which really bring pride
from each of the students, especially me, inside our in-
stitution now. There are newly reaccredited courses [the
Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering are now
on its Level III Reaccredited Status by PA
P CUCOA], newly
constructed building [Building 9], larger parking lot, new
and better facilities [classrooms and centers], board
topnotchers [in different Engineering board exams], TIP
achievers from various competitions and many more.
What’s more interesting to know is that, the Institu-
tion is still not setting aside the chances to build and es-
tablish stronger varsity teams. The Athletics department
headed by Mr. Angelo Lahoz, concurrently Assistant
Vice-President for Administration, decided to withdraw
TIP Engineers Men’s Basketball Team from Colleges and
Universities Sports Association [CUSA] and enjoin the
team in the National Capital Region Athletic Association By Jerome Baguio GAMES SCHEDULE
[NCRAA]. This decision gave the team a bigger opportu-
nity to extend its arm, to give more power and let more THE INTERDEPA P RTMENT SPORTSFEST HAS
people know that there is a team such as TIP Engineers Game 1 EE vs. Arch
Th is year’s most exciting groundbreak -   Department bagged the Best Uniform Game 2 CE/SE vs. CPE
which can show strength smashing the hard courts.
Another team of late is the TIP Engineers Women’s Vol- ing sports competition took its place in the bagged the Best Uniform award. Game 3 MarE vs. ME/IE
leyball Team. Right now, they are having matches from hardcourt on November 19. Th e annual  President Kristoffer Santos led the Game 4 CITE vs. ECE
sports event joined by different departments Oath of Sportsmanship which signals the for- Game 5 Educ vs. CBE
different colleges and universities.
Players are lucky enough to be part of either team, aims to induce camaraderie and to help de- mal start of the court-smashing games.
January 6
I should say. They are given the most comfortable facili- velop the athletic skills and sportsmanship of Bernard Michael Bernardo, a Marine Game 1 CITE vs. Arch
ties while residing inside the dormitories (except for the every players. Engineering student and Maria Concepcion Game 2 EE vs. CE/SE
TIP Engineers Women’s Volleyball Team), sufficient sup- Cureg, an Education student, were the Mas- Game 3 Educ vs. ECE
plies of materials for practices, scholarship grants and Game 4 CBE vs. ME/IE
On the court uprising ters of the Ceremony.
many more. Game 5 MarE vs. CPE
I once personally watched the game of the TIP En- Th e opening program started with aPa-
gineers Men’s Basketball Team in the opening of the 16th rade of Players followed by the lighting of the ECE, MarE keep the bid January 7
season of NCRAA. They had a good fight with the Emilio torch led by Dean Villalobos, an  student. Th e first set of basketball games ignited Game 1 MarE vs. Arch
Aguinaldo College. Although they were not able to win, To acknowledge the participating teams, Engr. the Hardcourt.  made it to the roster of
T Game 2 Educ vs. CE/SE
still, I can say that the team really has the “plus points” Jemuel Castillo,  for Quality Planning and leaders as they outscored , - and  /, Game 3 EE vs. CPE
in performing inside the court. That was the team’s first Game 4 CITE vs. CBE
Management delivered his opening remark -. / brought disappointment to the
game and what can be counted most from that event Game 5 ECE vs. ME/IE
followed by the presentation of players by Mr. teams of  and  by  and 10 points
was the experience of the players.
Erich Gil. S. Lopez,  Vice President. respectively.  bagged the last spot for January 8
There will be more semesters to come and we are
still in the long way of reaching MORE in TIP. All of us are Th e presentation of special awards teams with two winning streaks by outwit- Game 1 CBE vs. CPE
served as the highlight of the opening cer- ting  /, - and , -. Game 2 CITE vs. MarE
waiting for the next news to arrive. A number of students Game 3 EE vs. ECE
always ask whether there will be a PEP Squad for TIP? emonies. Among different representatives, On the other hand,  ,  /, ,
Game 4 Educ vs. Arch
What will be its official name? Lea Ann Ortega, representing the College and  all notched 1 win 1 lose record, while Game 5 CE/SE vs. ME/IE
Who knows… the answers might just be steps of Education was crowned Best Muse, fol- ,  /and Educ all have 0-2 record.
away. So better watch out. lowed by Dannie Lyn S. Chiombon, for Th is year, all eyes are set on and January 9
*****  and Joan Pariton, for CpE won as 1st  as both made it to the finals once more no line-up yet
My friends and I once attended a meeting of the
and 2nd runners up respectively. Th e / just like last year.
elders in our Parish last November and there, they shared
interesting and exciting stories on how God saved us,

Educ sportsfest unleashes girl power

how He give us strength and the like. Part also of their
convention was the giving of advice to the adolescents
like us. I won’t forget what one of them said, “Before
starting to quit on the thing that you really want to do and
to be done, why won’t you bestow first your full effort to By Alyssa Aviles Ianne FFalcutila, April Joy Poras, Rona Almazan, Jenilyn
know whether you can do it or not?” Kurasig, Anele Biscara, Queeny Esteban, Jemarjo San Jose,
For the second time in my life, [my friends will again BASKETBELLE–the title given by the College of Edu- Rosalinda Balbuena, and Rhalyn Maraya.
ask me when and what was the first] a simple statement cation () students for their three-day basketball tour- Awarding of winners took place on November 26,
really touched my heart and mind. There had been a
ney held at the Congregating Area on November -. during the celebration of Education Day. Rosalinda Bal-
lot of paper works given to me for the past weeks. And
sometimes I just can’t look for the answer that what I do Th e venue was filled with enthusiasm and deafen - buena (Eclipse), Rodelyn Malabanan (Brain Twizzers),T
is just lie on the bed until I reach my most favorite part ing cheers as four teams namely Eclipse, Brain Twizzers,
T Rachel Elaine Andal (Math and Physical Science Team), T
of the day… the time to sleep. It hasn’t been that easy to , and Math and Physical Science T Team heated up Queeny Esteban (Eclipse), and Maria Jana Alo ()
carry multiple responsibilities. But then I thought of one the hardcourt. Professors and staff even yelled for their own were hailed mythical five. W
With the highest score contribu-
thing: that I am committed to do those stuffs. And so I bets. tion, Balbuena snatched the Most Valuable Player title. Th e
should. Th e four teams followed a round robin system. After  bagged the Best in Costume Award.
We, teenagers are very sensitive enough especial- series of humorous hardcourt actions, Eclipse and Math and Th e set up the all-girl sportsfest due to the bigger
ly in these times. We keep on complaining on the bits
Physical Science clinched in the finals. In the end, Eclipse number of female Education students than the male. How-
and pieces that are assigned to us without even think-
ing deep that we, ourselves can really do it. We always outplayed the opponent with a two-point lead, -. ever, the teams, showing their own strategies still proved
complain in doing things, we always think that they give Eclipse is composed of Jenalyn Cayayan, Erika Liwag, that even girls are ready to shake the hardcourt.
us nuisance in life and then become hindrances on the
things that we want to do.
Let us try to give our best part before complaining.
And when we do things successfully, there we can say, Engrs ramps.../p.20 Th e match between the Engineers and Chiefs on
December 3 instilled the Engineers athletic spirits. Coach
that nothing is impossible, especially when dedicated perfect picture, we started the game -.” Bong said, “Kung matatalo man sa Arellano, atleast luma-
with much effort. During the game, the team missed 20 shameful free- ban man lang.”  Chiefs also became the rival team of
throws that really made the coach worried. “Surprisingly,  Engineers during the Father Martin’s Cup. He insist-
You will really laugh out the loudest when you
watch noontime shows. And this is true. But once when I we missed 20 freethrows in our own home court, nakaka- ed that the Chiefs has an outstanding gameplay. Th ough
watched the Kapamilya show Wowowee, I did not laugh. pikon ‘yun, home court niyo na nga e, and it’s a free throw, Engineers had an advantage of score during the first and
I was very flabbergasted on what one of the players said, everybody stops and nobody is allowed to guard you”, coach second quarters, the  cagers still swept the game, blow-
“Ito talaga ang pangarap ko…ang makapaglaro dito” Re- Bong said. The team could have made a 31-point lead rather ing away the Engineers with -point lead.
member? Before, when a child is asked “A “ nong panga- than 11. However, the Engineers maintained to pound the However, the game gave them inspiration to dedicate
rap mo?” He’ll answer “Gusto ko maging Doctor, o kaya Sea Horses during the last three minutes of the game. more time for their practices to acquire new techniques.
Engineer, para makatulong ako sa bayan”. Well, I don’t “Hindi naman sa hindi handa, [actually] we have the
question them that much, what I am just trying to utter
Chiefs, Sea Horses put up boundaries tools, what you need is just the discipline”. he added.
and share is that, what do you think children would say
if they will be asked the same question… ten years from on Engineers’ Victory TIP Engineers have already introduced itself to the
now? “I don’t have any illusions that we can win these games,  ’s big three:  Chiefs,  Generals and the ,
**** our competitors are proven to be strong teams”. and for their succeeding matches, they plan to make a
How does it feel to have a classroom in Building After having two successive victories over - straight win for their next matches, especially that they
9? How does it feel to sit in spacious and well-ventilated and , the Universal College of Nursing () ended are vying to be included in the semi-finals berth.
classrooms? Freshmen are really lucky enough to utilize the Engineers winning streak with a 6-point lead in their ***
the said building. They are not experiencing anymore match on December 1. Th e team had almost beaten, Th e interview with theTeam
T Coach Bong Arroyo
what the students in the senior years like me experience
nicking up two points in the first quarter, four points in was conducted the day after their fight with the  Chiefs.
in the old buildings of TIP. On the other hand, it is not
about the rooms, it is about the knowledge we acquire in the second and eight in the third quarter. But in the end, As of press time, the Engineers has five more games to
every minute that we spend in these hot classrooms.☺ the newbie team was lambasted by its opponent. play.

Jonalyn DG. Garfin Katrina Mae R. Galado Michelle P. Ignacio Maria Francia E. Demerin Cyrine G. Chavez
2nd year BS ECE TIP-QC 1st year BS CS TIP-M 1st year BS ChE TIP-M 1st year BS CS TIP-M 3rd year BS CS TIP-QC
[Open Spiker] [Open Spiker/Quicker] [Open Spiker] [Open Spiker] [Setter]
This very jolly and cute mem- KM, as she is fondly calledis Their coach and her team- “Fanny is the name” that “Tiyaga lang...sacrifice.” That
ber of the team believes that “Old also known by her friends as a mates used to call her “bunso” is what she always hear from is what she believes everyone
habits die hard” that is why playing happy and naughty person. Hail- though she is not the youngest her friends and teammates. But should do. Maybe you have
volleyball is irresistible to her. ing from Mindoro, she first hated in the team maybe because she behind her smiles, one could already seen this wacky girl in
Jona is what others call her. She is volleyball so much and didn’t is cute and petite. She is only 17 see a girl longing for her family. the campus. She is only 18 from
now 18 years of age and currently realize then that she’d be enjoying years old and is from Cavite . Boarding with one of her team- Pasig City. Cy is a vey hardwork-
residing at Marikina City. She it. In their province, she became She started playing volleyball mates, she finds it so hard ing student and is a veteran player
started to love volleyball when she a varsity player in volleyball since grade school wherein to live her everyday life in in volleyball. She was player for
was in grade four. During her high during second year high school. she joined different the city away from from Rangers before and now on
school, their team is a consistent She even joined Palarong barangay leagues. She her family. Though she her secong year as varsity of
champion in volleyball leagues. Pambansa but unfortunately, loves to play volleyball had experienced a lot TIP. She was working before
She even took part of the Marikina she was not able to play the with the gays because they of struggles in life and but decided to just leave
Volleyball team wherein they game because she got sick. are fun to be with. There are problems are coming and pursue her volleyball
compete with the near cities. Jona She was also into soccer by lot of thiings she loves doing on her way, it didn’t stop career. She even played in
keeps on joining volleyball leagues that time. Until she went to the most during her free time and her from achieving what she the varsity during her high
until she was injured in her high city, enrolled in TIP. She didn’t they are to window shop with really wanted from the start. That school. As the heart and soul of
school. From then, she stopped expected that she will be part her friends. When she is at home is to play her sport with many the team, she must be strong and
playing volleyball and told herself of the team that is why she just she enjoys texting.. Their last people who support her. Her love brave enough for her team mates.
to leave the sport. But her love in takes it as a blessing from God. game with PSBA last Nov.27 gave in volleyball started during her That is why despite the stress and
volleyball never died. When she KM admitted that during their first her the motivation to perform elementary days. From Zambales pressure her studies and the sport
was encouraged by her profes- battle with PSBA last Nov. 27, she much better for their next games. she went to Manila for her stud- is giving her, she can still man-
sor to join the TIP Engineers, she was so nervous but she thinks Despite having busy schedules ies. She was invited to try out age to balance both of them. In
grabbed the chance and accept they did a good performance. and an energy consuming training for the varsity and did it. She is fact, she is a regular student and
the challenge. For their upcoming And when asked what school she everyday, she still never forgets to indeed a strong person because maintaining her good grades. She
games with the different schools in ever dreamt to fight with, she said be good at her studies. She make despite her loneliness, she is still believes that the team will win
NCRAA, she is confident enough she want to beat EAC because for it sure that she maintains her happy, approachable and an open their every game if only they will
that they can beat them. they are a tough act to beat. good grades. minded person. do all their best.

TIP Women’s Volleyball Team

Text Michelle Avelino Photo Virgilio Camoral, Jr.

Lena C. Abales Maricris D. San Jose Decie Ann D. Montero Lilibeth Jayne V. Acaya Jernilyn V. Victorino
4th year BS CpE TIP-M 2nd year BS CE TIP-M 1st year BSIT TIP-M 3rd year BS COE TIP-M 1st year BS CS TIP-M
[Open Spiker] [Libero] [Open Spiker/Quicker] [Open Spiker] [Setter]
“Di masamang mangarap, never Our ball retriever is the This tall and firm lady is 20 Commonly known as “Beth” Jernie was a former volley-
stop dreaming” according to this 20- youngest in the team being years of age. She was already and the captain ball of the team. ball varsity for National University
year old player from San Andres, Ma- only 16 years of age. She hails in her third year college as HRM She is 20 years old and currently (NU). She transferred in TIP when
nila. Lena is a former TIP Rangers and from Sta. Maria, Bulacan. She student at Ramon Magsaysay residing in Sampaloc, Manila. she got sick. She started playing
Yellow & Black
is also a varsity player during high started playing volleyball during Technological University She was a player for the volleyball since grade four. This
school. In her many years playing her elementary and became a (RMTU) in Zambales but be- TIP Rangers before but girl is a very shy type but one
volleyball, she said that last semes- varsity in her high school. When cause of some circumstances stopped when she started can see that she always smiles.
ter she almost cried out loud. She she heard about the tryouts for she transferred here in Manila working in a company. When she has free time, she
thought of giving up because of TIP engineers, she didn’t let and shifted to a new course. She went back with the spends it much with her
exhaustion from academics and another minute pass by Whenever she had a game, she TIP Engineers as the friends and by texting. She
volleyball but still decided not and grabbed the chance had rituals that she will have to new name of the TIP dreams of competing and
to quit dreaming. Now she is offered to her. She can do such as touching the court Rangers. Aside from beating the volleyball team of
very happy of her achieve- say that this is the hardest and whispering the words, “uy... volleyball, she also UST.
ment as one of TIP’s represent- part of her life as a volleyball ingatan mo ko.” She is also board- enjoys reading
ative. She is currently living with varsity player. But she always ing near the campus with one of books, playing guitar
her grandmother and aunt whom tells herself that her teammates. She is dreaming and watching movies.
she is helping of taking charge of she must die for the ball. to fight with the volleyball team of She believes that “Serv-
their small store whenever she San Sebastian and UST. ing God is the best way
has free time. During their last to spend time” that is why
game, she was so nervous yet she never forgets God in her
satisfied with their performance. every game. She believed that
They, for her, are the real winner. they were prepared enough to
She explains that winning could compete for NCRAA.
not be achieved using power only
but requires tough thinking and
mental alertness.


SPORTS The Official Student Publication of

Technological Institute of
the Philippines–Quezon City

The Technological Institute of
the Philippines Athletics Department has fi-
nally fueled up its varsity teams and equipped
Lady Engrs
its best among the best players with better gears
for more breath-taking clashes in the hard-
court. Joining the Opening rites of the ncraa
goes in the
on November 21 at the Emilio Aguinaldo Col-
lege Sports Gym in Manila, the campus distin-
guished for its official colors Yellow and Black
Open Doors for NCRAA
The tip Athletic Department decided to
Asian College of Science and Technology (ac-
sat Lightings), patts School of Aeronotics
dominated the program with yells and cheers to enroll the team in the league, which opens eve- (patts Sea Horses), Philippine School of Busi- By Paul John Pederio
support their cagers. ry second semester from November to Febru- ness Administration (psba Jaguars) National
Last school year, the Institute dropped out ary. ncraa was founded in 1993 where basket- College of Business and Arts (ncba Wildcats), Clashing with psba, the TIP Engineers
from the Colleges and Universities Sports Asso- ball and volleyball are the centerpiece sports. Olivarez College (Olivarez Sea Lions), De La Women’s Volleyball Team received their first de-
ciation (cusa) and established a new team—the Welcoming the Engineers in the league Salle University-Dasma (dlsu-d Patriots), City feat in the ncraa on November 27 at Arellano
tip Engineers. The tip Engineers Men’s Basket- are the varsity teams of Arellano University (au Colleges of Manila (ccm Merlions) and Rizal University, Manila.
ball and Women’s Volleyball Team are now part Chiefs), St. Francis of Assisi (sfa Doves), Emilio Technological University (rtu Blue Thunders). Lady Engineer’s Coach Gerardo “Gerry”
of the National Capital Region Athletic Associa- Aguinaldo College (eac Generals), Philippine Jessica Loraine Lopez Certidoza, former coach of Siena College—
tion (ncraa). Merchant Marine School (pmms Mariners), Taytay, said he is expecting for the outcome of
the game since the tip Engineers Women’s Vol-

Engineers Ramps on the Hardcourt leyball Team has been in the field for just five
months only. However, he was surprised on how
the team performed on their very first game. “It
was beyond my expectation”, he said. The Lady
By Paul John Pederio Engineers managed to remain in the court, giv-
ing and receiving service and blocks for five sets,
As the TIP Engineers which is good enough for a start-up team. Some
of the players in the team were rookies, and the
stepped on the courts of team was established only last semester. He can
say that he is contented enough with their play
the 16th NCRAA, it introduced with the psba Jaguars, a team headed by Tisha
itself as a promising team Abundo, psba Athletic Director and also a mem-
ber of the Philippine Team and ncraa.
to the other participating schools “Of course, she [Tisha Abundo] won’t let
her team to be dominated”, Coach Gerry com-
in the league. mented in an interview.

Scouting the BEST players

In an interview with Mr. Certidoza, he re-
vealed how he, and the whole Athletic Depart-
ment chose who will become part of the Lady
Generals Rules Over Engineers the players really affected the ‘must-be” actions Engineers line up.
“Ang dami talagang distractions”, stated of the players. They must have been prepared “We don’t need the players just for court, we
Coach Emil “Bong” Arroyo of the Men’s Bas- for the very first game but the distractions re- also need those who excel good in their studies,
ketball Team, describing the opening rites of the ally ruptured out their plans. Aside from these, kung gusto milang makasali, they must maintain
ncraa on November 21 at the Emilio Aguinaldo there are only few “much-experienced” players their grades.” He also said that his players play
College Sports Gym in Manila. The Engineers left in the team. They are Raphael Louie Gar- heartily that’s why the Lady Engineers now is
faced eac Generals for their first game in the cia (Power Forward), Kent Lamique (Point/Off gaining respect from other schools. He added that
tourney. Guard), Greg Aguilar (Small Forward) and one of the personnel in their very first fight in the
In the early quarters, The Engineers domi- Prolan de Guzman (Off Guard). ongoing season of ncraa commented that tip-
nated the Generals. “The play was really a good ians play like veterans. They know how to play the
start, we scored first”, Coach Bong said. How- Engineers nails Patriots and Sea Horses hardcourt although they are still taking up their
ever, everything went wrong for the Engineers as The team’s second game was with the De initial year in the league.
the Generals started to rumble all their get-up- La Salle University-Dasmariñas Patriots held The tip Engineers Women’s Volleyball
and-go forces tapping a 20-point lead over Engi- at tip Gym. It was a good fight according to Team is having 2 ½ hours of training in tip Gym
neers at the end of the third quarter. Engineers’ Coach Bong. They made a 12-point lead during everyday. Coach Gerry has the biggest trust to all
Small Forward Greg Aguilar and Center Jeff the last three minutes of the game. Jeth Troy the players. He said that everyone has weakness-
Richard Montemayor, tried to notch points for Rosario, one of the team’s rookies, made the es but what he does is he let the players express
the team, yielding 3-point shots but their efforts biggest contibution, earning 20 points, which themselves inside the court while playing, at least
weren’t enough for the offensive and defensive lead to the team’s victory. Coach Bong, know- to lessen their worries. “Decision and experience
prowess of eac cagers. The opening game ended ing the capability of all his players, was still are their keys to success,” he said. He is planning
with the Generals’ victory, 86-70. surprised to see Rosario’s gameplay. The other to set another try-out probably at the start of the
As Coach Bong saw it, the problem was the teammates, he added, had the credits of passing first semester of 2009.
“much-experienced” cagers of the engineers, who ball to him.
were expected to bring up the game were the first The coach said he was not that happy Support
who commited mistakes. He then concluded that enough in this winning but however added up Meanwhile, the office of the Athletics De-
they cannot bag the victory for their first game into his faith that the upcoming fights will be partment appreciated the support of tipians and
because their rival team has been in the league for better ones. Mr. Angelo Lahoz, Assistant Vice-President for
many years. “Imagine, a 16-year [old] team fights In its clash against patts School of Aero- Administration, for showing an unending sup-
with a one-year old team.” nautics Sea Horses at the home court of the En- port to each of the team.
In addition, Coach Bong explained that gineers on November 26, the Engineers shamed The teams of tip Engineers still have a long
the team had no chance to prepare well for their their opponent. As per Coach Bong, “It was a way to fight for bigger battles. And tipians are re-
photos by Virgilio camoraljr. first games. Personal and academic activities of Engineers ramps...|18 ally supportive enough to both of the teams.