The Important of Good Management in Establishing English Course

A report paper is submitted as the final test of English Course Management

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and it can go a long way for you trying to get ahead. 2 . be it at work or in personal relationships. It’s not only about opening a course. But in truth. It needs management to manage the course. serving the tutors. establishing English Course needs alot of things to be considered beforehand. This paper will discuss the important of management in establishing English course. As we know that we will be a professional in the future.I. can be done by everyone who has proficiency in English and who has a lot of money to support the course. INTRODUCTION There are a lot of people who think that establishing English Course is easy. It shows that you care about upcoming situations and problems that may come during the development of the course and it is a way of yourself to always feel confident in any situation when conducting a course. Using management is showing consideration. That’s why we have to manage properly in order to be succesful in our working society. spreading the publications and many students will come to your course. Using good management in establishing a course means that you are developing a course into the next level.

that is to make students master english in any situation. receptionist. short term planning and long term planning. Management focuses on the entire organization from both a short and a long-term perspective. organizing. and etc. It means that we have to be able to communicate and handle all the people involving in the course properly. 2. 3 . the long term planning is for the global scale of your purose in conducting English Course. Otherwise. UN. Planning Planning is divided into two big criteria. leading. such as the financial. In other words. and how to handle and manage your courses daily. English Course needs tutors. such as successful in passing SNMPTN. It's about making the most of the resources entrusted to you. Management aims to increase the effectiveness of organizations. quality. helper. receptionists etc. employees and shareholders are met. In short term planning. In managing the English Course. working together in groups. manager. and making sure the expectations of customers. time. Organizing Organizing means that you have to consider a lot of things in establishing the course. the manager of English Course plan what is the purpose and the fuction of his course that can be seen by everone in short/directly.II. and controlling the efforts of organization members and of using all other organizational resources to achieve stated organizational goals”. DISCUSSION Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals. It is imposibble to establish good English course just by one person. as the manager we have to consider the following factors: 1. “Management is the process of planning. place. efficiently accomplish selected goals.

More specifically. Leading A course won’t work well without leader. Strategic financial planning is needed in this part. as the manager. The key of the financial is so that your 4 . He is the one who is responsible in deciding big decision for the life of the course in every situation. That’s why a good course needs good leader who has many experience and instict to know what to do and what to decide in the upcoming situaitions. The key about organization is to be aware of your surroundings and understand the needs of all the people around you and your course. compensation management). Infrastructure We all know that it needs money to establish a course. outbound logistics. management is responsible for the primary activities of the firm. 4. the act of controlling. Controlling How can we know a course is good or not? We can know about it by comparing the course achievements in several phases. marketing and sales. human resource management (recruiting. strategic planning). operations. training and development. Management is also responsible for the support activities of infrastructure (accounting. 3. however one good decison can also means a boost for the development of the course. and procurement (material acquisition). 1. One mistake can be a big burden for the course. The result of the comparation needs act. technology development (product and process improvement). we need good organization. and service. Controlling a course means that keeping the course to be succesful and not collapse. those being inbound logistics.I’m sure that you don’t want to see your course collapse shortly just because you don’t know how to organize things. People will find it hard to know what to do without tha leader’s command. finance. That’s why. The leader role in a course is very crucial.

By doing training. they will be happy to work with you and your business will run smoothly. Good technology doesnt guarantee your course to be the best. You have to manage the human resources (workers) to make sure that all the things are under your standard and control. 2.course can still run smoothly and you have a target that your pre-needed money to make a course will be back in a specific period. By giving compensation. 4. Technology development We live in global era. Good workers will benefit you. If you have two key points (good learning material and good teaching method). having good material must be supported by good teaching method. and helpers. We can do that by compressing the daily budget to make sure that every months we can get surplus without overly decrease the quality. while the bad ones will make your course collapse. Please dont plagiarize from the others materials. your course will be excelent in teaching point. recepcionist. Give your students good facilities and technology. for instance 2 year. but it guarantees your course to be more steps forward that the other course rivals. They will more likely love your course. Please remember that after finishing your choice for youe workers doesnt mean that your job is done. 3. The originality and quality of your materials will make your course outstanding among the other courses. Therefore. their skills will be improved. it means that the technology improved rapidly as the time goes by. your course need to have proper technology that cover your and students needs. you will need consideration of quality and personality. Ttraining and compensation are also need to be considered for your workers. Human resource management In choosing the right men for your couses who will work as tutors. Procurement As the manager of the English course. However. It is a big plus for your course if you have your own material that cover your curriculum and needs. it goes without saying that we need proper and high quality material. 5 .

6 .englishinaction. Therefore good management can help you a lot to get a better course among the others and make you get more profit from your excelent course.businessdictionary. Oxford University Press. technology development. leading. and procurement will make your course excelent. as the manager we have to consider planning. organizing. and controlling the course well.html human resource management.III. CONCLUSION Management is such an important thing to be considered in conducting English Making and maintaining a good course is not easy. References: http://www. In managing the English Course. In addition understanding and chhose the right acts on infrastructure.html http://www. Oxford Advanced Dictionary.

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