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SurTec® 459

Electrolyte System
    acidic, liquid chromium(VI)-free attainment of outstanding degrees of gloss within short treatment times wide range of stainless steels like austenitic, ferritic and martensitic chromium steels can be electropolished  long service life

The process SurTec 459 includes the following products:  SurTec 459 A Make-up Solution is a ready for use solution without further additives, even without artificial “ageing” fully operational and efficient  SurTec 459 CV Regulator adjusts conductivity and viscosity; ensures a high degree of efficiency and outstanding polishing quality even with highly loaded baths; avoids too high variations due to dilution and supersaturation of the electrolyte system  SurTec 459 N Replenisher is dosed on the basis of the adjusted conductivity value for supplementation of the missing bath volume and ensures that the bath works always in optimal balance (inorganic acid ratio / organic components) optional:  SurTec 459 SK Correction Solution to adjust the acid-base balance  SurTec 459 PK Correction Solution to adjust the acid-base balance

For immersion application:
make-up values: SurTec 459 A SurTec 459 CV SurTec 459 N application time: temperature: iron content voltage: current density pH-value: cathode material: ratio anode : cathode: tank material: 1760 g/l (100 %) as required as required 5-30 min 50-85 °C up to approx. 70 to 80 g/kg 5-20 V 8-15 A/dm2 optimal <1 stainless steel (alloy 1.4571) 1.5:1 (at least 1:1) PVDF or rubberised stainless steel tanks (1.4571), temperature-resistant in the range of 70 to 95 °C, insulation of walls of the tank to avoid heat loss is recommended (5-40 A/dm2)

73-1.03-1. since the heat development leads to vaporisation of water constituents.4571 stainless steel).5 or at least 1:1 is recommended (cathode material: 1.700 (1.050 (1. fill up the bath volume with SurTec 459 N up to 60 mS/cm. If necessary.83) 1.835 (1.81-1. The water supply influences the density and conductivity conditions of the bath. For electrolytes put out of operation for longer time it is therefore recommended to store the electrolytes into a closed container to avoid excessively strong water absorption.e.07) 1. dark green liquid.780 (1. light green liquid. Heat up the electrolyte up to 80 °C until the conductivity is decreased to 60 mS/cm (“evaporation”). light green liquid. ≤ 70 mS/cm > 70 mS/cm Ingredients  phosphoric acid  sulfuric acid page 2 . The larger the cathode surface. light green liquid. out of acid resistant material (heat exchanging material: polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)) required for worker´s protection The SurTec 459 system is hydroscopic. compensate the existing volume deficiency be addition of SurTec 459 N.) <1 <1 <1 <1 <1 Maintenance and Analysis The conductivity of the electrolytes at 20 °C is determined for control of the replenishment. it absorbs water from the surroundings. the better the attainable gloss effect.68-1. Technical Specification (at 20 °C) SurTec 459 A SurTec 459 CV SurTec 459 N SurTec 459 SK SurTec 459 PK Appearance liquid. The ratio of the cathode surface to the anode surface (product) is an important parameter for the generation of good gloss.5 %vol SurTec 459 CV per missing mS/cm. If conductivity deficiency still exists in the bath after that.86) 1. light green Density (g/ml) 1. The necessary measures to be taken are derived from the measured value in the following table: SurTec 459 – Measurement of Conductivity (at room temperature) Conductivity < 50 mS/cm Measure Add 0.72) pH-value (conc.72) 1.700 (1.heating: exhaust: hints: required. i. Therefore a cathode to anode surface ratio of 1:1. With high-capacity baths the water absorption is uncritical.68-1.

The Material Safety Data Sheets (according to European legislation) contain explicit details for For details please consider our general terms and conditions.Corrosive C . The warranty exclusively accesses for the delivered state of a product. please contact your local technical department: http://SurTec.Corrosive C .html 4 March 2009//DK. Warranties and claims for damages after the subsequent treatment of our products do not exist. The following hazard designations and classifications into water hazard classes (WHC) have to be taken into account: product SurTec 459 A SurTec 459 CV SurTec 459 N SurTec 459 SK SurTec 459 PK hazard designation C . see SurTec Technical Letter 11.000 l bath. you can discuss topics of the surface technology: http://forum.Corrosive water hazard class WHC 1 WHC 1 WHC 1 WHC 1 WHC 1 Warranty We are responsible for our products in the context of the valid legal regulations. Further Information and Contact In our forum.Consumption and Stock Keeping The consumption depends heavily on the drag-out.Corrosive C .com/ If you have any questions concerning the process. per 1. The following values per m2 can be taken as estimated average consumption: SurTec 459 200-400 g In order to prevent delays in the production process. WT page 3 . the following amounts should be kept in stock: SurTec 459 CV SurTec 459 N 200 kg 250 kg Product Safety and Ecology The safety instructions and the instructions for environmental protection have to be followed in order to avoid hazards for people and environment. To determine the exact amounts of drag-out.SurTec.