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How to check alarm ALM-1817 M3UA destination entity is inaccessible Why this alarm is generated:This alarm

is generated when all routes from the local office to the M3UA destin ation entity are unavailable, or the M3UA destination entity is deactivated. How to check Run Cmd DSP M3DE +++ RC-G-xxx 2011-07-27 18:52:38+05:30 O&M #9148258 %%DSP M3DE: DENM="FDBD-STP-03-TK-NI3"; %% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded M3UA Destination Entity Status -----------------------------Destination Entity Name Congestion Info Status Server Name (Number of results = 1) --END.

= = = =

FDBD-STP-03-TK-NI3 (Example) Not Congested Inaccessible LOCAL

In above case one need to check for the alarm â

ALM-1815 M3UA route is unavailableâ

Then Check for the Link set by cmd DSP M3LSK +++ RC-G-XXXX 2011-07-27 19:02:04+05:30 O&M #9148445 %%DSP M3LKS: LSNM="FDBD-STP-03-TK-NI3";%% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded M3UA LinkSet Title -----------------LinkSet Name = FDBD-STP-03-TK-NI3 M3UA LinkSet Status = Inactive Server Name = LOCAL (Number of results = 1) --END

Then to confirm the IP of the Above Linkset give the cmd LST M3LNK +++ RC-G-XXXX 2011-07-27 19:05:51+05:30 O&M #9148526 %%LST M3LNK: LSNM="MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3", LTP=LOCAL;%% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded M3UA link table --------------Link name WBSG module number Linkset name Local IP address1 Local IP address2 Local port number Peer IP address1 Peer IP address2 Peer port number Client/Server mode Transfer model QoS flag TOS/DSCP value Whether to check quality Server name Domain name Link number MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3-0 139 MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3

LST FECFG.255.43 4103 5 Client side True (Number of results = 4) 0 --END LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL 10.255 Economize bandwidth TOS MIN_COST PUBLIC 2 MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3 Full100 Full100 How to Put Trace? Go to Maintenance tab in MSC LMT at left bottom.235.255. Same can be checked from the cmd After Putting traces check for one more cmd.255 Economize bandwidth TOS MIN_COST PUBLIC 2 MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3 10.full duplex) ARP Detect 133 10.255 Economize bandwidth TOS MIN_COST PUBLIC 2 MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3 Economize bandwidth TOS MIN_COST PUBLIC 2 1000 1000 1000 1000 Engineer will get the Local IP and Destination IP from this o/p.255.43. ++ RC-G-CXXX 2011-07-27 19:14:16+05:30 O&M #9148719 %%LST FECFG:. (100M.84 (100M.255 4101 1 Client side True MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3-2 142 255.full duplex) ARP Detect (Number of results = 2) --END 255.255.85 10.255 4102 4 Client side True MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3-3 143 10.255. . For the Module number one can check from the Local IP.255.255.85 RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded FE Configure Information -----------------------WIFM module number Local IP address Subnet mask Default gateway Etherne t attribute Stability Option 132 10.43 4100 Client side True MUMB-STP-03-TK-NI3-1 141 255. From Local IP Engineer can get the Module number (WIFM Board) for the ping trace s. 255.33.44 255. Local Ip is defined to the WIFM Board in MSC. 10.44

+++ RC-G-MUMB-MSC-01-HU 2011-07-27 19:35:48+05:30 O&M #9149299 %%DSP SCCPSSN: NI=NATB.%% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded Querying result of SCCP sub-system status ----------------------------------------Sub-system status = Prohibit Standby sub-system status = Prohibit CSCC Wait Agree Flag = FALSE .%% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded Querying result of signaling point status ----------------------------------------Module number = 22 DPC INDEX = 1 DSP name = MUMB-STP-03-TK Status of signaling point = Prohibit SCCP status = Prohibit Congestion Status = Not Congested LOAD_DPCINDEX 0 = Allow Server Name = LOCAL (Number of results = 1) --END Also Check for the SCCPSNN +++ RC-G-MUMB-MSC-01-HU 2011-07-27 19:34:33+05:30 O&M #9149268 %%LST SCCPSSN: LTP=LOCAL. Then run the cmd DSP SCCPDSP +++ RC-G-XXX 2011-07-27 19:22:18+05:30 O&M #9148899 %%DSP SCCPDSP: DPC="4a2". OPC="1b04". SSN=SCMG. SPC="4a2".%% RETCODE = 0 Operation succeeded SCCP SSN table -------------SSN name Network indicator Server name Domain name SSN index AUTOADDED-SSN26 01B04 LOCAL PUBLIC FDBD-STP-03-TK-SCMG 01B04 LOCAL PUBLIC MUMB-STP-03-TK-SCMG 01B04 LOCAL PUBLIC RC-G-MUMB-BSC-01-HU-BSSAP 01B04 LOCAL PUBLIC National 26 National 4 National 5 National 10 SSN SPC OPC reserved network RANAP 0x8E H'001B04 H'0 reserved network SCMG 0x01 reserved network SCMG 0x01 H'0004A3 H'0 H'0004A2 H'0 reserved network BSSAP 0xFE H'001AF6 H'0 From Above Engineer will get the OPC and DSP with Network indicator.LST SCCPDSP by this cmd we can check the DSP point code.

Go to Maintenance tab in MSC LMT and Left Bottom. Below cmds status should show accessible. DSP SCCPDSP DSP SCCPSSN If by above cmds. If then also alarm is not getting cleared then ask circle about the exis tence of the connectivity. DSP M3LKS DSP M3DE If after the ping trace gets successful and then also Links are not coming up th en Try to activiate the LINK with cmd ACT M3LNK and check. Put the password â lmtadminâ for taking internal user interface traces. Also save the ping traces. 3. 2. In GSM Engineer will get two types of traces one is User Message traces and anot her is User log traces. .Test Flag = FALSE Ignore SST Flag = FALSE Server Name = LOCAL (Number of results = 1) --END If ping traces is getting RTOâ s then escalate to concern and wait. 1. After ping traces get connectivity check below cmds for the DSP connecti vity and all the prohibit stats should Allow. How to take USER MESSAGE TrACES. Then put the MSISDN number and select the all the tabs in window and take the tr aces. Save both of them and send to concern. Several times it has been observed that in MSC configuration is there but in rea l there is no connectivity. Redirect the o/p during the activity. destination DSP is not showing up then run cmd MOD SCCPDSP and once prohibit the DSP and again MOD SCCPDSP to ALLOW a nd check the results in Alarm browser for the recovery of alarm.