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Topic 2.

3 Eukaryotes Slide 1 – Intro Slide 2 Click on the picture link – this is a solid walk through a cell Drag the cursor over the cell and find the: Nucleus: Write 2 important facts you learned Endoplasmic reticulum: Write 3 important facts you learned Lysosomes and other specialized vesicles: Write 3 important facts you learned Mitochondria: Write 3 important facts you learned Golgi apparatus: write 2 important facts

Click on “turn into a plant cell” and write 3 important facts you learned. Slide 3 Read through the slide about the endosymbiotic theory Restate the symbiotic theory in your own words What are 2 pieces of evidence to support this concept? The link doesn’t work – but this link does – it’s not a video but has more information for ya

Slide 4 Look closely at the electron micrograph of the liver cell – how can you tell the difference between the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER) and the Golgi apparatus (G)?

Slide 5 What is the difference between the proteins made in free ribosomes and the proteins made in the RER?

Slide 6 - 7 Go back and forth between slide 6 and 7 and see if you identify the structures on the blank image of the liver cell on slide 6. o TEM = transmission electron microscope.

Slide 8 - 9 Slide 10 Click on the prokaryote and eukaryote cell compares picture and go through the flash video

Slide 11 -

Click on the Cell Structure picture and go through the tutorial

Resources for you – you can click through the chloroplast or mitochondria links if you’d like – we will be looking at these organelles later on in the year.

Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Done – nice job We will discuss these items as well in the near future  What are extracellular components? What is turgor pressure?