SMART WAY 3 – YELLOW PAGES - UNIT 2 2. Complete the conversations below: Claire: Tell me.

What kind of movies do you like? David: I like adventures movies Claire: Who is your favorite movie star David: Sharon Stone Henry: Let’s make sandwiches for dinner Sally: Sorry, we can’t. There isn’t any bread Ann: John: Ann: John: Lucy: Fred: Lucy: Fred: Paragraph 3 1. He spreads some mustard mayonnaise 2. It tastes delicious 3. He eats a few cookies 4. He thinks that he can cook after all II. Discussion III. Sentence Completion 1. Toast 2. Slice 3. Healthy 4. Barbecue 5. Disgusting 6. Spread 7. Stove 8. Tasty and 3. Put the words in the correct order: a. It is bad for my health! b. There are not any eggs c. There is not any flour d. He is looking for a pair of shoes e. There is nothing to wear f. She bought only a few apples. How much milk do you want? Not too much. Just a little Ok. Here you are Thanks How do you like the meatballs? I think they are delicious I’m glad you like them. Would you like some more? Yes, please. But just a few.

The delicious Sandwich I. Comprehension Paragraph 1 1. He is very hungry 2. Because he doesn’t have enough money. 3. No, He isn’t. 4. He finds a hot dog Paragraph 2 1. He is going to eat wheat bread 2. Because he wants to make it nice and tasty 3. He is putting tomato, onion and some lettuce. 4. Yes, he is

4. Circle the parentheses: a. Is b. There c. Any d. Little e. Isn’t f. Aren’t




Exercise 1. Match the column A with column B: ( a ) Not too much ( e ) Just a few ( d ) Johnny Depp ( b ) I like drama ( c ) I never eat lettuce

5. Fill in the blanks. Use how much or How many: a. How much b. How many c. How much d. How much e. How many f. How many


6. Choose the correct answer. a. I eat them all the time b. I think onion tastes terrible c. I bought only a few eggs d. I think it’s fantastic 7. Fill in the blanks. Use the words below: a. Delicious b. Salad c. Like d. Much e. Bought 8. Make up sentences: a. Just a few meatballs, please. b. How many brothers do you have? c. These pears are very good d. Let’s make soup for dinner. e. What would you like for dinner? f. I never eat onions 9. Complete the history with the words below: Mary likes potatoes. In fact, she eats then all the time. Her friends often tell her that she eats too many potatoes, but Mary doesn’t think so. She thinks they’re fantastic. 10. Circle the word that does not belong: a. Bottle b. Dress c. Meat d. Shop e. Novels 11. What’s the question? a. How many French fries do you want? b. How much coffee do you want? c. What kind of movies does she like? d. How often do you eat vegetables? e. How does he like the cake?