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1) What did you enjoy most about being a first-year student? That everything was new and interesting, classes were easier than I expected. Nothing was too serious- internships and jobs 2) In your first year at Loyola, what was the most difficult part of the transition for you? How did 
 you overcome it? Most difficult- communal bathrooms, never got over it. Had to deal with it. 3) How did you choose your major or academic interests? International studies- pre law Minors- econ and psychology –interested in Chinese, and international stuff, unique major for law school 4) What are one or two resources on campus you would highly recommend? Why? The LLRC- language learning resource center- foreign movies and listen to audio tapes, speakers that you can talk to and listen to yourself J Store- online data base that you can find scholarly articles, bibliographies and resources in general for papers 5) What is one Core class that you really enjoyed? Why? Introduction to Fiction- because you liked your teacher, good books 6) What types of activities outside of the classroom are you involved in? (e.g. student groups, 
 research, part-time job, etc.) How did you get involved in those activities? Hockey, sorority, Loyola 4 Chicago (volunteer group- sign up and do a bunch of groups Sarah Circle, homeless center- soup kitchen (mens shelter/womens shelter)) 7) What is one thing you have not done yet that you are hoping to do before you graduate? Go to Rome center Maybe going next summer?


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8) What is one place or event in Chicago that you would recommend I experience? The AIDS run walk- it’s fun and good cause Navy Pier- good experience Any festival or anything downtown is cool 9) If you could do one thing differently your first year at Loyola, what would it be and why? -Would have stepped outside of comfort zone- friend wise -a lot of your freshmen year depends on the rest of your -more social -on campus events -rush freshmen year -you can’t decide that with out trying

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10) What advice do you wish you had as a fist year student that you’d like to share? Dropping a class isn’t the end of the world -middle of first semester -getting a W is = to C or below, it’s a null on your grade, doesn’t effect your GPA Additional questions: 1. Do you live off campus this year? If so, where and do you recommend it? -kenecious (?), loved it, got to pick roommates -liked sophomore housing a lot more 2. When you were a freshman, where did you study? In the IC, in your dorm, or somewhere on/off campus? -took a while to find basement of library (sophomore year lived here) Stack deckA -mertz- study in the building

3. Why Loyola? -because it was far enough and close enough to be best of both worlds big city, millions of things to do, no dull moments 4. Have you ever wanted to transfer to a different school? Why/Why not? -wanted to transfer at some point, go to the U of M, but ended up getting comfortable and liked that you branched out. Can go home whenever and see everyone, or stay here and see all of new friends here. People change. 5. Is there any class or teacher that you would recommend? Why or why not? -Psychology- linda heath really good teacher -Weather and cosmetology- science credit, good teacher, was in China with her -both her favorite teachers so far 6. Did you ever study abroad? Where and how was it? Did you like China? -classses are hard, environmental program- had a teacher that you knew from LUC -traveled a lot and was fun -food was awesome -atmosphere was awesome -people from everywhere, lots of Loyola and law school (graduate) lots of Chinese people since it was their university