Interior Materials: Coating process of Melamine
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Interior Materials
Thursday, 29 March 2012

Coating process of Melamine
The process of coating the melamine polish is as below a] Sanding: As in French polish, in this polish too, the surface is sanded first with rough polish paper [50 or 60 No.] and then with smooth polish paper [80 or 100 No.]. b] Sealer coat: Melamine sealers are available in the market. This sealer coat is to be sprayed/brushed first. With the application of sealer, the absorption of melamine in the timber is reduced and the surface-adherence is increased. Sealer coat takes about 12 hours to dry. c] Sanding with water paper: On drying the sealer coat, the surface is sanded with smooth water paper [150 or 200 No.]. Unlike normal brown sand paper, water paper is black in colour and is, in fact, a cloth with emery particles stuck on this. This paper is dipped in water and is used while adequate water is present during the emery action. This sanding removes the excess sealer layers and also, makes the surface further smooth. d] Filling with melamine fillers: Special filler pastes of various stains are available in the market and only these fillers should be used for melamine polishing. By selecting proper filler, it should be filled in the small or large holes. After the filler dries, about 4 to 6 hours, light sanding with water paper is done. After this, the surface is allowed to air for about 12 hours. e] 1st coat of melamine: Melamine polish is normally sprayed by a spray gun. Melamine polish comes in a two pack system. The large tin contains the melamine and the small bottle contains the hardener. A proper amount of hardener should be added to the melamine before spraying. Compressed air is supplied to the spray gun by a compressor. Spraying the polish is a skilled job and should be done by a trained worker. The worker should use a mask since toxic fumes are generated while spraying. In fact even after spraying, the toxic fumes generate in the first hour and unless the area is later well ventilated, the smell lingers even for a month. f] Re-sanding with water paper: After the first coat is dried, that is after about 24 hours, the surface is sanded thoroughly with smooth water paper. It is then allowed to air for about 12 hours. g] Final coat of melamine polish: The final coat is then given by spraying melamine as in the first coat. There could be some variations in the process explained above. Some polish-men give a coat of French polish instead of giving a sealer coat. But the recommended procedure is explained above. The variations should be avoided as far as possible. Posted by Vasudeo Channapattan at Thursday, March 29, 2012
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S B 11 September 2012 08:01 Dear Sir I found your blog very very useful. I came across it while searching for Melamine Polish process/techniques. I must thank you for sharing your most useful ways. Just one Q : Can it be done by untrained person - following all the directions w/o using a compressor ( A suitable brush maybe) Reply



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