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National Association of Hispanic Journalists Board Meeting 08/04/12 at 11:30 am pt Las Vegas, NV President Hugo Balta calls the meeting to order

at 11:30 am PRESENT: President Hugo Balta, Vice President of Broadcast Mekahlo Medina, Vice President Online Rebecca Aguilar, Financial Officer Blanca Torres, Academic Officer Federico Subervi, General At-Large Spanish Mariela Murdocco, Student Rep. Nicole Chavez, Region 1 Rep. Miguel Angel Rosa, Region 2 Rep. Ivette Davila-Richards, Region 3 Rep. Chris Ramirez, Region 4 Rep. Roberto Pazos, Region 6 Rep. Rosa Morales, Michele Salcedo ABSENT: Vice President of Print and Secretary Erin Ailworth, Region 7 Rep. Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez, Region 8 Rep. Elaine Aradillas, and General At-Large Elizabeth Alvarez. STAFF: Executive Director Ana Lopez Buck MEMBER GUESTS: Vicki Adame, Daniel Morales, Alicia De Jong-Davis (Founding member), Veronica Garcia (Joined at 11:40am) Brandon Benavidez (Joined at 1:15) and Bob Butler (Joined at 1:15) Balta: Before we began, Id like to the opportunity to recognize and thank you very much for volunteering to serve on the board. It is a road to sacrifice. I have been a board member, as some of you know, and certainly understand the difficult job it is and many of you who have been part of the board in the last two years know too. So, I’m grateful first for your work. I’m very proud to be part of this board as I have been of pervious boards. We are all here because we have a passion for NAHJ. I think each one of us has a story to say about how NAHJ has positively impacted our career and our lives. And we just want to continue the great work, not just for our tenure but for future boards and certainly future members. As far as my expectations at these meetings and of yourself and myself, is to always, at the forefront, to being respectful. We are not always going to agree. I welcome debate. I think a lot of good does come from debate, but it is always going to be respectful. I love to hear whether it is from the board or members, their support their enthusiasm, but I equally welcome their constructive criticism. It helps me grow as a member of the board, as a leader, as a professional and it will be the same in our meetings. I want to make sure that you know my expectations are that we will discuss things and we will debate and that at the end of the day we will leave here as we should as members of NAHJ focused on the mission and very supportive of each other. I want to end by saying they way I began, I want to thank you very much. I really appreciate it. I am very excited about the work we will do over the next two years. I’m very anxious. I certainly recognize, respect, and appreciate the work that has

been done the last two years to get us to where we are right now. And that NAHJ is in the black. NAHJ is still here. The doors are still open. Our job is going to be to keep them open and grow and get closer to where NAHJ was years ago – not only in it’s financial ability, but also in it’s pride and it’s public image.

ITEM: To extend the election in the race for Secretary until August 17th in order to break the tie between candidates Chris Ramirez and Sergio Quintana. Existing votes will stand. Voting will be open to eligible members (membership renewed by June 11th, 2012) who have not already cast a ballot. MOTION: Medina SECOND: Aguilar DISCUSSION: Chavez discusses NABJ recent decision to extend the election to resolve the race for student rep. and allow members who already voted to change their votes. Lopez discussions it would be easier to simply reopen the ballot and let the current votes stand. Torres discusses both options, recognizing pros and cons from both options. Aguilar states she would like to keep their votes and extend the election, out of fairness. Ramirez states a new election would deny votes we (Ramirez and Quintana) earned on their own. VOTE: Balta-y, Medina-y, Aguilar-y, Torres-y, Subervi-y, Murdocco-y, Chavez-y, Rosa-y, Davila-Richards-y, Pazos-y, Morales-y, Ramirez-Abstained. Motion Passed 11-0 (1 abstention)

ITEM: Call for a convention exploration committee (Hugo Balta, Mekahlo Medina and Blanca Torres) to seek out the details of a National convention in Los Angeles possibly partnering with RTNDA, SPJ and/or CCNMA. The committee should report back by August 24th to the full board. MOTION: Medina SECOND: Aguilar DISCUSSION: Ramirez discusses a national convention that is affordable to members. Balta discusses what does partnering mean. Lopez discusses the need to get full details on rates, fees, size of the convention, attendance, cost savings, funders, etc.

VOTE: Balta-y, Medina-y, Aguilar-y, Torres-y, Subervi-y, Murdocco-y, Chavez-y, Rosa-y, Davila-Richards-y, Pazos-y, Morales-y, Ramirez-y. Motion Passed 12-0

15 MINUTE BREAK President Hugo Balta recalls the meeting to order at 1:15 pm Balta recognized Benavidez, President of the Washington DC chapter. Benavidez wished the board would reconsider an action taken by the previous board that sent all membership dues from members to the national office permanently. (It had been a temporary action taken by the board) Balta calls for an update on Regional convention planning. Lopez, Regional directors and Salcedo updated the board on the progress of those efforts and where they currently stand

ITEM: Call to repeal the policy that banned live reporting of open board meetings MOTION: Aguilar SECOND: Medina DISCUSSION: Balta discusses that a journalism organization can not speak out of both sides of their mouth: Advocate for openness and then not exercise openness. Torres discusses concerns about certain topics and discussions not wanting to be in public. Ramirez discusses being transparent. Torres reads statement from Ailworth objecting to repealing the policy. VOTE: Balta-y, Medina-y, Aguilar-y, Torres-n, Subervi-n, Murdocco-n, Chavez-y, Rosa-y, Davila-Richards-n, Pazos-y, Morales-y, Ramirez-n. Motion Passed 6-5

Balta calls for discussion and an update on communication strategy. The board discusses newsletter updates, social media and policy.

Meeting goes into executive session by board vote at 1:45pm. MOTION: Ramirez SECOND: Medina VOTE: Unanimous voice consent

Meeting comes out of executive session by board vote at 2:45pm. MOTION: Medina

SECOND: Aguilar VOTE: Unanimous voice consent Balta calls for an update on fundraising. The board discusses board contributions, hiring a fundraising expert and fundraising training for board members. Next board meeting, via phone, is set for either August 25th or August 26th. Meeting adjourned at 4:07pm. MOTION: Morales SECOND: Medina Vote: Unanimous voice consent