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For us as teachers, the DREAM Act is an education issue.
These are young people who grew up in Maryland. These kids worked hard and graduated from high school. They are in our classes. We teach them. We care for them. We want all of our students to have the opportunity to learn and to be successful. We know they want to be contributing members of our community. All young people deserve a fair chance.

What the DREAM Act does
Ensures that young, talented students who grow up in Maryland, including undocumented students who were brought here as children, can qualify for in-state tuition at Maryland public colleges under certain circumstances:
• Requires that the students’ families have filed state taxes for at least three years • Requires that the student has graduated from a Maryland high school • Requires that they apply to become a Maryland resident • Requires that they attend community college for 2 years before transferring to a 4 year institution • Requires male students to register with the Selective Service

Things to Consider
Students who meet the above requirements will be placed in the same applicant pool as out-of-state applicants; they will not take seats from other Marylanders. The DREAM Act does not offer nancial aid; only the opportunity to pay in-state tuition Students must still apply and get accepted. The law does not guarantee an education, but simply the opportunity to pay in-state tuition if accepted to college.

Extends the number of years from 1 to 4 for all veterans who graduated from a Maryland high school to qualify for in-state tuition.

Every hard working student deserves the opportunity to further their education.

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Eleven other states have already enacted similar legislation, including Texas, Utah, California, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington, Illinois, New York and Connecticut. For us, this is not about immigration. We can all agree that our immigration system is broken. We don’t want our students to be pawns in a political ght. These hard-working kids deserve the chance to go to college.

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Montgomery County Education Association Fund for Quality Schools, David Nicholson Treasurer.

What Montgomery County teachers are saying about the

I’ve heard too many times “why should I get good grades? I’m only going to be cleaning hotel rooms”. The DREAM Act would give them hope for their futures.

For our students, the DREAM Act will mean access to better jobs. For our schools — less drop-outs.

When students know that their grades only need to be passable for a diploma and there is no hope of post-secondary education, it easily strips them of meaningful motivation. Giving all students access to higher education gives them more motivation.

Who knows if one of these students will be our next Nobel Prize winner?

As a teacher and a citizen, it is important that we give young people hope and opportunities to be productive citizens. You never know what contributions these young people will make if given the opportunity.

I want my students to have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

I know how hard my students and their families work. The DREAM Act would keep their dreams for the future alive.
I support the DREAM Act because I want to make sure that all of our children can participate in — and help perpetuate — our democracy. I want to be able to motivate my students to do well so that they can go to college. These are hard-working, compassionate and funny people who would make great nurses, teachers and lawyers – if they get the chance.

The DREAM Act will inspire students to continue working hard because they know they will have the same chance to go to college as their peers.

Our state and our schools benefit from having achieving students graduate and become productive members of the community.

As a teacher, I support the DREAM Act because I believe in my students.