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Newsletter of the Feingold Association of the United States

January, 1982

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FAUS To Concentrate On Better Utilization Of VolunteerTime

Study On Hives Adds Credence To FeingoldPhilosophy
Thefollowing ls a synopslsof a study by Lennart Juhlin (Eppgttpll_ Ultpqte; Clinical lnvestigation of 330 Patients, BrftfshJournalof Dormatology, Vol. 104, pp.369-381, 1981. synopsisls Dased The on a review of the article published by TheLancet ugust 1, 1981, 235) is (A p. and providedto PureFactsby RuthAranow, a lecturet in chemistry at The Johns Hopkins Universityand a memberof the FAUSResearch Committee.

L e n n a rt J u h lin o f U p p s a l a reported a clinicalinvestigaon tion of 330 patientswith either recurrenthives (urticaria) a or combination recurrent of hives (a a n d a n g io -e d e ma d i s o r d e r wit h lo c a liz e d we llin g s n t h e s o t ru n k , limb s , g e n it a l s a n d
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Dairy Council Alarmed With Increasing Number of "Fake" Foods
FAUS PresidentJane Hersey and Dr. Feingold taste foods approved for the Diet. Am id good f oo d a n d g o o d

company, FAUS officers and RegionalDirectors met in San Francisco in October to formulategoals and policy which will direct the association and its activities. Much of our effort duringthe will be aimedat c o min gm o n ths freeing up precious volunteer time by reducingsome of the duplicationof effort. Materials which can are beingdeveloped be put to practical use. Some will assist Feingoldofficers in p u b licizin g , r unning, and e x p an d in g the ir association; other projectswill enhance the providinformation services and ed to members. Materials now availableinc l u de : a 50 minute V HS v i d eo tap e o f Dr. Feingold

The D a iry Co u n c il o f Up p e r Chesapeake Bay - a subsidiary of the N a t io n a lDa iry Co u n c il, recently heldits Seventh Annual Food and NutritionConference in Towson, Maryland, where many statements were heard supporting idealof food free the from adulterating syntheticadditives and decryingthe sorry prostate of rapidlyincreasing

ductionof "fake foods." Ro n a ld Na llya n a ss i s t a n t Mc , d ire c t o r f o r t h e Na t io n a lM i l k Producers Federation voiced concern that, "You can have 90% fake cheeseon a pizzaand the manufacturer still call it can a cheese pizza." Showing a slide of a Chef Saluto I r ozen Or"" :::. :: ::::;



describing hypothreilrr"?:iL. Robert Lake (left) and Ronald F. McNally (right) take orange juice his
Council Conference.


taste test at Dairy

HELP- Grandma's GivingHim A Twinkie
"Grandparents allowedto are sp o il th e ir grandchildren," Grandma says as she slips the wrapper a soft invitingcake off roll and handsit to your elated child . "An d besides. one small on e wo n 't hu rt him." Who amongus has not been thrown into that emotionaltug who truly of war with relatives m e a n we ll? lt's one of the har d e sthu r dlesin maintaining th e D i et. One of the simplestways to han d le it i s to explain,before th e vi si t, that you have that your child has discovered an allergic reactionto certain chemicalsnow added to food. which were not part Chemicals food supply when o f G r an d m a 's sh e wa s yo u ng. is Altho u g hthis explanation (it is not an no t e n ti r ely accurate allergic reaction but an inte r fer e n ce with the brain's transmitters)the allergic expl an a ti on is more easily understood. is Eve r yo n e familiarwith the violent reaction some people haveto bee stingsor cashews, for example,and they would hateto be the one to causethat kin dof a p r o blem. works well This explanation too. The teacher with teachers who "rewards" her students is candies c w i th br ig h tl y olored so to give them positive doing B ut, r e in for ce m ent. if shethinks of thereis a possibility causing an allegic reaction,she would probablybe afraid to take the chance,even if she thinks you do n 't kn o w what you'retalking about. can be provided Safecandies to the teacherto give to your if ch ildas a r eward sheor he insists on givingcandy and safe snackscan be taken to Grand' ma's houseso she has a stash to choosefrom.Someliterature the exp la in in g Dietor an imP artial newspaperarticle on it sho u ldb e in c lu d e d y o u t h in k if the personis at all susceptible to reason. lf a ll t h e n ic ewa y so f g a in in g cooperation fail, the final solution h a s t o b e e limin a t in g is it s v to those relatives. Let them know that you can no longer visi t s o me o f y o u r f rie n d s because the terrible of reactions your child has after eatingthe junk t h e y p a s so u t . lf your relativedoesn't take the h in t ,g e n t lylo we rt h e b o o m. "A un t L o u is e ,we re a lly e n jo y our visitsherebut we needyour cooperation ensurethat Edto die c a n liv e a n o rma llif e . Un t il we know that he can visit here withoutbeinggivensnacksthat res u ltin h is s u f f e rin gwe c a n , not comeback."And stick to it. y lf y o u rc h ildwe red ia b e t ic o u wou ld n o t a llo w t h e m t o ove rlo a dh im wit h s u g a r a n d they probablywouldn't try to. You must show them you are serious, you are unswerving, and you are very concerned They aboutyourchild'swelfare. don't have to agree with you, theyjust haveto cooperate. It mig h tt a k ea wh ileb u t if y o u lay down the law with concern and not anger anddo notgivein, they will take you more seriously . They do not see your son climb in g h e d ra p e s t mid n ig h t t a aftera visit with their indulging g Gran d ma r f ra n t ic a lly ra b b in g o his painfully legsafter cramping eatin ga ll t h e c a n d y c a n e s o f f

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S o me o f t h e in d i v i d u a l s p ro v e d t o b e s e n s i t i v e t o chemicalsto which they were exposed at work. More than a thirdhada history allergy of and ju s t u n d e ra t h ird ha d s i d e e f fects from drugs,the most commo n o f f e n d e rs e in gp e n i c i l l i n , b aspirinand sulphonamides. Somepatients felt their hives becameworse when they cons u me d c e rt a in f o o d s ( f r u i t s , vegetables, nuts);others when theywereexposed heator did to exercises.Sixteen percent of t h e p a t ie n t s e x h ib i t e dm e n t a l s y mp t o ms . A b d o m i n a l s y m p toms were also common and lin k e dt o t h e o c c u rr e n c e f t h e o hives. provocation Juhlinperformed tests (in an attemptto provoke a reaction) with food additives (a z o -d y e s , b e n z o at e s , B H T , B HA , s o rb ic a c id , q u i n o l i n e y e llo w, c a ro t e n e , c a n t h a x a n t h in e . a n n a t o a n d s o d i u m nitrate). O n e t h ird o f t h e p a t i e n t s showed one or more positive reactions.There are great difprovocaficultiesin evaluating t io n t e s t s : t h e t h re s h o l d f o r re s p o n s ev a rie s c on s i d e r a b l y

from to test. test tl?,:fi,rr,#:

Uncle Paul's Christmas tree. And they won't be responsible when his "boyish antics" land h im in a ju v e n ile d e t e n t i o n center. You are responsible. that And responsibility dictatesthat you g c a n n o t iv ein . I


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time consuming and best done on inpatients. I n the r eview of Juhlin's paper,reported TheLancet,it in that elimination was concluded of azo-dyes,salicylates and preservatives from the diet was with "worth a try" with patients recurrenthives and that it was prudent to prescribe an anfreeof dye. tihistamine
Ms. Aranow adds the following comments:

Blood flow to selectedlocal areasis underthe controlof the n brain (Learni g_91_\{E99lq|_e!4 Respqge by Neal E. Glandular M i ffe r , Sci en ce, V ol. 163, January31, 1969,pp. a3a-a4Q. hivescould be under Therefore, the controlof the brain.In other words,they could be the result o f e r r o n e o u ssignals coming from a brainunderassaultfrom This is ch i n com p a ti ble emicals. to the inaP ' sim ilar a con d iti on propriate exhibitedbY behavior sensitive P eoP le c h em i cally after ingestingsyntheticdYes, preservatives salicylates. and of Thedifficulties provocation encountered test interpretation, of b y Ju h lin ar er eminiscent the , problemsencountered tests in o n the Fe in g old hypothesis. that, for examJuhlin observed ple,50 mg. of aspirinmightproone time, but voke a response 1 , 000m g. of aspirinmight be the necessary next time. Hives are a symptommuch easier to detect than hyperactivity.Thereis a lessonherethat ought to be learned by those on designingthe experiments hypothesis. the Feingold

uct which has imitationcheese as its major component) he noted that most frozen pizzas have no more than 40% real cheese, leaving 60% to be synthetic c o n c o c t io n s . T h is is perfectly legal under present lawssinceevena 60% synthetic cheesepizzameetsthe looserequirementsfor the standardof identitytor pizza. That is, it contains some amount of dough, tomatoand cheese. McNallypointedto the dairy industryas one of the hardest hit by the increasinguse of "fake food". He noted that in 1940 the average person consumedabout 14 poundsof butter a year but that with the emergen c e o f t h e n o n -milk margarines, which incidentally are loadedwith synthetic extras, has droppedto four the average poundsper year. McN a lly b la s t e d t h e n e w "food" PizzaMate(an imitation mozzarrella"cheese") noting that a comparisonof wrappers would make it seem that the blobis morenutritious synthetic the than the realthing because FDA has ruled that nutrients ol below 2o/o the daily require' mentdo not haveto be listedon the wrapper. conity ln reaf real mozzarella tains 18 such unlistednutrients yet simple label readingdoes not revealthis and consumers could be led astray. Dr. Robert Katz. assistant
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Ronald F. McNally in discussionwith conlerenceguest.

director the Division Nutriof of tion Research the National for DairyCouncilsaid,"One of the more seriousflaws in the law that governs the FDA is that it limit su s f ro md e a lin g i t h n u t r i w t io n . We h a v e n o s p e c i fi c a u t h o rit y in t h e a r e a o f n u t rit io n . " E x p la in in g h e F DA' s r u l i n g t on imitation foods,Robert Lake, chief of regulationscoordination for the FDAsaid,"Thebasic law allowsthe manufacturer to make and sell somethingthat has no nutritionwhatsoever, as long as theycall it imitation. He wenton to explain that the FDA is legally limited to two areas: insuring the safety of products and preventingany mis le a d in gla b e ls . " Bu t , " h e "we are opento suggesadded, tions on how to change the basic law to includenutritional considerations", hinting that if enoughinterestwas shown the law could be changedallowing the FDA to also concernitself with nutrition. I vide informationon costs and how to obtainthesematerials. Threeof FAUS's special com. mittees have been established for the purposeof increasing services our members. for These are: School Foods Information, CampCommittee, Adultson and t h e Die t .O u r v o lu n t e ec o m m i t r tee chairpersons welcomeyour in fo rma t io n a n d c o m m e n t s . They can be reachedin care of this newsletter. T
Janc Hc6cy FAUS Pt sld.nt

diet in detail; a hospitalpamphlet w it h t ip s o n h o w a F e in gold familycan get "safe" food in a hospital; "Here'sHow" - a The conclusion reached in bookletsuggesting what the inThe Lancet. that avoidanceof terested member can do to is c h em i cals "w ortha try" in pa- publicize the program in his t i e n ts w i th ur ticaria,parallels area; and "Focus on School reached Fein- Foods" - a booklet of backby the conclusion gold members that the elimina- ground ma t e ria l t o p ro v id e can tion of hyperactivity be ob- greaterinformation the probon of Yourlocal tainedby the avoidance these lem of food additives. I Feingoldassociationcan Prosamechemicals.

Report Chapters

Additive Hotline

American swallows Ocean Spray GrapefruitJuice Theaverage about 2,800differentadditives. has beenapproved. of 5 T hi s i nclu d e s to 10 pounds preservatives, Ambrosia e m u lsifi er s, Chocolates havebeen acids,and flavorings, colorings, approved. (Send request for v i ta m in s a year. S alt adds order f o rm t o : A mb ro s ia another 15 pounds.sugar and 1133North sth St., Chocolates, add another Milwaukee,:vl other sweeteners 5.3213 All 130 pounds. told Americans eat about 150 pounds of ad' WeightWatchersBeef Broth & ditiveseachyear. Seasonins approved. of --F.A. Minnesota 1"r :"":

is for ____-_. A nationally consumed gel ati n product t hat usesartificial dyes, artificial flavors and synthetic preservatives. is lt considered bad word by Feingold a familiesand therefore, cannot be printed in this publication. When shopping,Feingolders reach past thi s product and c hoose t he unflavored Knox gelatine which to they add natural fruitsand juices.


,, ,o, aspartam€. new sugar A
substi tute w hi ch cl aim s t o be natural. According Dr. Feingold, to "l wouldnot recommend aspartame at this time. Thereare still some (about Theargument doubts it). that aspartame will protect the individual against the ravages of sugaris not valid.The only way to correctsugaraddiction to lower is the threshold sweets gradual for by reduction. Substituting aspartame or any othersynthetic sweetener is a falsesenseof security." is for the NutritionFoundationA groupsupported, i ronically, t he by l argest food processor s and refiners America. nameincorin lts rectlysuggests groupdedicated a questi o nable unto el i mi nati ng and nutri ti ous i ngredi ents ourf ood from suppl y.

New TV Show Interviews & Seasoning not approved. is lt Dr. Feingold c ont a in s ' T - *

WeightWatchers Chicken Broth

Check your TV listings for "NewsweekVideo", a new naWeight Watchers Instant Onion t i on a l sh o w scheduledto air Broth & Seasoningis approved. s o m e ti m en January. i Dr. Feingoldhas been interviewed for a segment of the s howw hichw ill alsohighlight a few hoursin the everyday of life San Jose ChapterFeingolders C on n ie an d Phil B urnett and t he irso n .

Unfair Punishment
A St. L o u is Missourilawyer r ece n tl y m anded new trial de a f or h is cl i en t,claimingthat the j u r o r sser ve d McDonald's meals h u r r ie d th e ir deliberations so t he y w ou ld n 't have to eat mealfrom the fast-food another (EastWestJournal) restaurant.

ls Lovea Lollipop? F in do u t in t h e February PURE FACTS

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