Resume of Michael E.

Bowman (Contractor/Owner of Vertical Works)

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Looking for a highly talented software architect/engineer with a proven track record, and excellent references? If you need an affordable self-starting expert that gets the job done, this is your candidate!

CAREER SUMMARY Michael is a senior software engineer with over 25 years of full life cycle, enterprise level, software development experience fluent with Microsoft tools and technologies. Using expert skills and best practices, Michael is well versed with UML, and Agile/SCRUM methodologies. He has led many successful projects and development efforts for clients in both public and private sectors; including Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. He specializes in .NET development using SQL Server and the latest Microsoft technologies (emphasis on Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0, LINQ and MVC-3 with RAZOR, and WPF with Click Once). TECHNICAL SKILLS SUMMARY Microsoft Tools: .NET (4.x - 1.x), Entity Framework, MVC3, RAZOR, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, WinForms, XAML, Expression Blend, Expression WEB, Application Blocks, Remoting, Reflection, Serialization, ADO.NET, Generics, Windows DNA, Visual Studio(VB, C++, InterDev), SQL Server, Visual Source Safe VSS, ActiveX, ADO, ADOMD, OLAP, COM/DCOM, Interfaces, Unity IoC, MTS, ODBC, OLEDB, Visio, Office(Excel, Access, Word, Power Point, InfoPath), Project, Visual Modeler, Repository, ADSI, CDO, FSO, IIS, XML, XLST, SOAP,DOM, SOM, XPATH, Exchange Server, VBA, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, Remote Scripting, Windows2003, Windows2000, WindowsNT, WindowsME, Windows98, Windows95, Windows 3.1, WindowsCE, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Virtual Machines, BizTalk, Site Server, Commerce Server, SQL DTS, SMTP, Groove, Vista, Live Meeting, VSTS, Share Point, TFS,WPF, WCF, Work Flow, AJAX, JQuery, LINQ, eSQL, LAMBDA, OData Oracle Enterprise - 9.x, 8.x, 7.x (packages, stored procs, functions, triggers, DDL, DML DCL, ETL) Oracle Designer, Enterprise Manager, SQL Loader, Server Manager, Agents, NET 80, SQL NET, Forms, SQL Plus, PL/SQL Image Services (IS), Content Services (DS), Visual Work FLOW (VW) Queryman, WinDDI All versions of Rational Rose, UML Apex Grid, Desaware components, Sheridan components, IBM OS2, Far Point SPREAD, TELNET, FTP, HTTP, TCPIP, UDT, Sockets, XML, DOM, SAX, DTDs, XLST, XML Authority, Silverrun, REMEDY, SQL Navigator, Source Off Site, ERWin, BPWin, Symantec ACT, pcAnywhere, Borland Interbase, Jbuilder, Delphi, Subversion, Tortoise, Visual SVN, Putty, LEAD Imaging, CCTray

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LEAD Tools and various 3 party xray sensor & scanning devices from Toshiba. I setup and configured a Jira / Greenhopper (AGILE/SCRUM) project with full metric tracking of burn down and velocity. Configuration management. binding. Application servers (middleware) Disability claims system. Used design patterns throughout the app. scaling.0. TFS 2010. web master and build engineering for 5 web sites. personnel. OOAD development. ETL & complex conversions.0. Collaboration/message systems. This is a virtual team that used Goto-Meeting extensively for collaboration. WEB. Worked with vendors to resolve COM to . resources. design. Designed and built complex apps using . Y2K compliance and renovations. documentation & project management tracking using Axosoft On-Time. Failure analysis (electro migration). Work flow management. GUI design. Image & document management solutions. Call center/ticket tracking systems. VPNs / tunnels. and Merchant Services. I then “charged” (loaded) the Jira project with one release having four sprints and filled up . Configuration management. I setup and configured multiple nested SharePoint sites to track project artifacts. Cruise Control. Designed and engineered an “xray” rd acquisition & imaging system using WPF with . discussions (wikis). Custom niche apps Clustering / farms. Build engineering management.NET features. development and build engineering.NET issues. The app has intensive algorithms for image manipulation (post processing). Used Cruise Control. LANs / WANs. Sigma Digital Imaging 12/2010 – 9/30/2011  Architecture. “virtual” engineering services Integration. Also created an FDA submission document. Project management. drag and drop. Learning. Budgeting & finance. Used advanced WPF features to accommodate the graphics needs of the app. Human resource management. SQL Server 2008 R2. troubleshooting. parallel processing. Also created Test Driven Development tests and used LINQ throughout the application layers. Distributed database design. MVC3 (Razor). Thick client design (n-tier). SVN & MSBuild to establish automatic builds. Was also responsible for analysis. Tuning / (Portland OR) 9/2010 (30 day contract)  In less than 30 days I exceeded my contract deliverables & client expectations. Fault isolation. Records management. risks and resources. design & build engineering. Was responsible for full SDLC duties including analysis. Complex data conversions (ETL). Backup / restore plans Analysis & design. B2B. middle-tiers and back-end data stores. Component design (state & stateless).5 & 4. UML modeling.NET CAREER EXPERIENCE DW Associates LLC 11/2011 – present  Architecture. multi sprint” MS Project plan which described the SDLC in very fine detail. Used PINVOKE and other advanced . and managed the code pushes from development to production. Large scale OLAP/OLTP.Net 3. status reports. Multi-user/ threaded design. design. Alara and others. Data warehousing / reporting. Developer productivity tools.Databases: Methodology/Mgmt: Apps: Applications: Misc: DBA – Oracle / MS SQL Server. Mentored other engineers with tools and technology. I built and delivered a very detailed “multi release. Designed a fully normalized SQL SERVER DB with a related Entity Framework model to provide data access to the app. Round trip engineering. server infrastructure.NET 4. Stolen product / theft management systems. Enterprise Services with COM+. Thin client (WEB) design (n-tier). Visual Studio 2010.

Reported status on a regular basis and helped other team members with other projects and technology issues as they arose. Nant.NET 1. Web Services. CRM. ADO. Also created Test Cases (TDD) to cover testing of Business Objects and DAL. EDB was a WinForm app running in the cockpit. Generics. and TFS.the task board using requirements as a source.NET 2. . CRM Native Query Language. Vertical Works CRM (Portland OR) (library construction for my company)  The CRM SDK contains bare bones helper files that by themselves do not accomplish much. design and coding bits for a large complex windows forms rd application.0. design. Duties also included analysis.SDK and proxy objects for CRM service and metadata access. To facilitate better CRM development (faster. JQuery. nd  (2 proj) Fabricated detailed UML requirements via reverse process engineering. plugins/workflows. Also modeled and created the 24 table database using 3NF standards with full engine side enabled RI and declarative constraints.5. system-to-system integration points and web services. XPATH.  Technologies Used: VSS. Lead Developer/Architect/Consultant (Seattle WA) 05/2007 – 08/2009  Full SDLC duties which included analysis. ASP. This was a very compressed project. Responsible for the installation of Team Foundation Server & VSS.0. Used VS 2010 with SQL 2008R2. Stored Procs. dtSearch.. server configuration. design. Controls. SQL Server 2000 & 2005. (FAA approved project).NET 3.1. VSTS. VMWARE. developers and upper management in organizing development/test efforts. SQL DTS. LINQ for CRM(XRM). acquiring hardware for integration build and test. Net Beans. Windows 2003 Server. Tortoise.NET. This was a very tight budget project. . building and testing of Microsoft CRM customizations. VS. ePlane and LogBook. VBScript.NET 2003. Worked on two other projects. Microsoft CRM 4. I coordinated with other departments. Used Team Foundation Server as the source code repository. Java. DOM. cleaner development). VS. Created a bridge DLL to facilitate moving data between the Order Entry system and CRM using VS2010. and I set tasks for developers. migrations. duties included general problem solving.NET 2008. and helped them grasp the big picture on SOA and MSMQ in the architecture. I also helped other developers with Database normalization tasks. architecture. Tall Components. Putty Visual SVN.NET. The project was managed with JIRA (AGILE) and daily SCRUM meetings. MS Build. CCLI (Portland OR) 6/2010 . design. Visio UML. XSLT. SharePoint.NET Team Lead for the CRM side. direction and scope for the SOA system and its constituent parts (from vision to physical system). Boeing. build engineering and customer support for a worldwide N-Tier . NUnit. construction (coding). . and promote re-usable code as pseudo application blocks for CRM. HTML. Intel. Used 3 party charts and controls (Ultra Grid) as well as SQL Server for back end tasks. JavaScript.NET 2005. Master Pages. IIS5 and 6. C#. . I was tapped to kick start this stalled & stale project and get it up and running. Dynamic Entities. coding and testing (TDD) to support the client’s needs. VS. Subversion.NET web based application and SQL database that provided world-wide airlines and their pilots with electronic documents on the flight deck for normal and emergency flight situations.8/2010  This was a quick project to support a Microsoft CRM project that needed a backfill developer towards the end of the project. I have been working on a set of CRM libraries that “wrap” the SDK helpers. Ahead of schedule I built & delivered a comprehensive technical architecture document which set forth the technologies and over all architecture. XML. As .NET Engineer/Consultant (Portland OR) 11/2009-5/2010 st  (1 proj) Contributed architectural. Constructed a core framework with Data Access and Business Object layers using ADO Entity Framework in an HTTP Context.

Terminal Services. DCOM.  Technologies Used: VSS. C#.NET C# Business Objects. ASP. . client side scripting (JavaScript/DOM). OLEDB. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 04/2005 – 07/2005  Performed bug fixing.NET. ASP. Windows 2003 Server.NET. SQL Server 2005. and made retrofits to the code base in 4 applications. XSLT. COM+ Sea Bright Insurance.NET. This included the design of stored procedures. ASP. Windows 2000 Server. Web Services. Data Access Layer objects and GUI components. Visio UML.  Technologies Used: VSS.Random Lengths. HTML. middle and backend tiers. Sites ranged from ASP. validation. C#.NET. Used C# to craft web services for system to system data migrations. . VBScript. Fixed defects. Stored Procs. .NET 2. Intel Corp. ADOBE. SQL Server 2000. SQL. Contributed to bug fixing for a SOA system that used extensive web services. Visio UML.NET. for a total of 9 projects with over 650 objects. ODBC. VS. JavaScript. XML COM.NET. . JavaScript. XML. JavaScript. Windows 2003 Server. BOs. web services.  Technologies Used: VSS. Responsible for the design of three SQL Server 2005 Databases as well all layers of . JavaScript.0. XML manipulation. DCOM. Interfaces and Globals) as well as web services and NUnit test projects. Data Sets. ADO. NUnit. . Senior Software Developer/Architect/Consultant 02/2004 – 06/2004 (Seattle WA)  Triton – Quote/Policy Management system project: Triton was an N-tier application written in C# (using . and. HTML. NUnit.NET.NET application tiers (DAL. GUI (web app).NET. XPATH. ASP. ADO. The VS Solution contained 6 projects and the SQL Server Solution contained 3 projects. VBScript. C++. Windows 2000 Server. C#. ODBC. SQL Server 2000. SQL Server 2000.. . ADO.NET. VBScript. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 08/2004 – 04/2005  Responsible for the design and deployment of a new architecture (including SQL Server DB and downstream clients) that yielded a 60X performance increase in upload and download speed over the old architecture. Visio UML. Terminal Services. VBScript. Server Logic.NET WinForms) with a SQL Server 2000 for the back end. XML COM. Responsible for set up of proper “build engineering” procedures and for configuration of VSS to achieve robust build cycles. DOM. VS. Windows 2003 Server. Python. Mentored other developers in proper coding technique for C#. Responsible for VSS DB setup. ADO. design and construction of a large “n-tier” framework and solution which yielded a subscription based web site that delivered custom “visually graphed” reports from real time data that constantly changed.NET. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 08/2005 – 12/2005  Responsible for all aspects of web development which included client side page fabrication (GUI). HTML.. ERWin. SQL. VS. OLEDB. Performed VSS DB clean up and restructuring for better build engineering. new development and architectural changes for 10+ production web sites and backend databases for large clientele. XPATH. maintenance and trained developers in C# coding and proper VSS techniques. ADO.NET to old style ASP.NET. XSLT. C#. XML. Lead Developer/ Architect/Consultant (Eugene OR) 12/2005 – 03/2007  Responsibilities included architecture.  Technologies Used: VSS & SOS.NET 2005. ADO. VS.  Responsible for formulation of the n-tier architecture of the system as well as the design of the components in the front. HTML. COM+. Intel Corp.NET. DOM. Visio UML.NET.

SQL Server. OLEDB.NET. Conversion from ASP to ASP. design.  Technologies Used: Oracle 8. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 06/2002 – 08/2002  As a Senior Software Developer was responsible for R&D using version 1 of the Microsoft Operations Manager. HTML.NET.OLE/DB Intel. ADO. ODBC. Microsoft Office 2000 Intel. SQL Server. deployment and documentation for full SDLC.NET. Configuration Management. Windows 2000 Server. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Chicago IL) 08/2002 – 02/2003  Disability Claims. VB SCRIPT. ADO. Contract Management & Duration Advice project: Thick client N-Tiered application comprised of over 50 separate VB projects. MTS. ERWN. Silverrun. PVCS. VS. Terminal Services. testing. Deployed to 8 MTS Servers and 8 Cirtrix Servers in order to service hundreds of users across the country. SQL Plus CNA Insurance. FSO. ODBC. ODBC. ETL. ERWN.NET. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 03/2002 – 06/2002  As a Senior Software Developer. . Intel. FSO. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 06/2003 – 12/2003  Global Event Management System (GEMS) project: GEMS was a centralized web based system that all Intel employees and contractors (world-wide) used to create service requests. 3. COM. ERWN.NET. ASP. 250 forms. SQL Server. SQL Navigator. DCOM. with a final destination in Oracle that served up information to a worldwide Intel audience. FTP. and 400+ tables in Oracle 8. optimized SQL and Stored Procedures. VB6. ASP. development. DCOM. ERWN. Windows 2000 Server. implementation.  Technologies Used: VSS. VB. VSS.1 development. COM+ Intel. MOM. OLEDB. DCOM.  Technologies Used: SQL Server 2000. Generated technical design documentation and code for new development. VS.  Technologies Used: Oracle 9i. FTP. XML COM. FSO. Terminal Services. ADO. VSS. Solely responsible for DBCS to ASCII conversions as well as numerous complex ETL . VB6. OLEDB. Duties included product evaluation and integration analysis for the CQIS team at Intel.NET. Technologies Used: VSS.  As a Senior Software Developer was responsible for GEMS 1. DCOM. Visio UML.000 VB COM objects. FSO. The system pulled information from many sources including SQL Server and Teradata. PVCS. ODBC. XML COM. PL/SQL. C#. REMEDY. DB Artisan. Far Point. VB SCRIPT. Active Perl for .NET.  As a Senior Software Developer was responsible for all phases of analysis. Senior Software Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 03/2003 – 06/2003  Worldwide Finished Processor Order Stolen Recovery System project: This system saved Intel millions of dollars every year by reducing the amount of worldwide RMA fraud that involves worldwide thefts of Intel product. ADO.NET. . debugged stored procedures and generated documentation.  As a Senior Software Developer was responsible for debugging and new development in the front. VB SCRIPT. ADO. Teradata. IIS5. OLEDB.NET. middle and backend tiers. was part of a team that was responsible for the design and implementation of large XSD/XML transformations and documents with source data derived from Oracle 8i for the APAC / Vantive Depot Worldwide Interface and numerous data conversions. hundreds of VB customized controls. COM. SQL Loader. HTML. ADO. DTS.NET.

SQL Server data and structures. as well as the front end GUI logic and design. . Responsible for the retrofit/conversion of 50+ components to a compliant MTS transaction state. as well as performed day-today DBA tasks. Erwin. NT4. Win2K Server. Identified and solved the problems associated with the general design of the system as well as vendor supplied Imaging and WorkFlow components that failed to handle the workload in our N-tier & web environments. Oracle Enterprise Products. processes. scalability and performance issues that threatened the roll out of the system. design and the coding of the Middleware MTS compliant VB6 middleware components for the WEB based system. XSLT. interfaces and requirements for the proposed system in multiple regions of the enterprise. project managers and vendor engineers. Presidents & VPs) along with middle management. ADO/OLEDB. Visual Basic 6. Excel. table design. Lead Developer/Consultant 10/2000 – 10/2001 (Portland OR) Project: Integra Work Management (Nation Wide Intranet Insurance Application)  As Lead Developer provided technical assistance to the rest of the development staff (employee & contractor. XML. Identified and solved major design. During the re-engineering efforts -related to the vendor supplied components.5 to SQL Server 7. MTS. NET 8. SQL NET. FILE NET VISUAL WORKFLO. Visual Source Safe.  Technologies Used: SQL Server 6. Remote Scripting & DOM. Traveled to the east coast to help deploy the application as needed.  Responsible for the analysis. conversions. Automatic Data Processing (ADP). Software Engineer/Analyst/Consultant (Portland OR) 04/2000 – 06/2000  Project: Financial System (Client Server): Responsible for the analysis and design of a relational database that would track the financial and supportive information required to support an online budget1206ing system for government contracts in the medical research sector. Designed and implemented conversion logic for Oracle databases as it related to worldwide customer data. Responsible for pushing “the code base” from one environment to another. IIS4. VBScript. and interviewed candidates to ensure the client hired quality people.  Designed and implemented major Backend enhancements to four SQL Server databases across five environments (20 databases in total) for a nation-wide intranet application.5. Technologies Used: Oracle 8i. FILENET IMAGE SERVICES. North Pacific/CGU/One Beacon/Liberty Mutual. SOM. Kaiser. & DOM. Windows 2000. This included data normalization. Interdev. MTS. Oracle 8. ASP. Visual Source Safe.  Technologies Used: Rational Rose. IE5. ADO/OLEDB. as well as FileNET Panagon components. MTS components and MTS packages. Visual Basic 6. SQL Server 7. IIS5. XPATH. Visual Source Safe. JavaScript.25+ total). managers and users to uncover the data streams. APP and Database Servers. Migrated from SQL Server 6. Charged with PVCS management tasks as required. PVCS. ADO/OLEDB and terminal server for Windows 2000. COM+. The custom solutions engineered stabilized the system and boosted performanceallowing us to roll out on time. the design and creation of triggers and stored procedures and security analysis. Software Engineer/Consultant (Portland OR) 01/2000 – 04/2000 . SQL Plus. ERWIN. VB6. Responsible for Server configuration – this included WEB.NET(EA). Worked with CHR analysts. SQL Loader. and. worked closely with upper management (CEOs.this included WEB pages. SQL Server 7.all in a WEB Farm.

  Project: Jupiter MAP (Client Server/Web): Responsible for making major design contributions as well as several VB deliverable contributions to a Visual Basic/WEB/ N-Tier project that was under a compressed development schedule. Generated test scripts to test the report wizards. executing structured code . MTS.. The component was DCOM capable (remote activation ready) and. SQL Server 7 and Clear Case. full blown analysis. and Visual Source Safe. and Visual Source Safe. specification generation. Word or IE. FTP. Involved in a think tank that formulated Y2K strategies for client/server systems and legacy systems in the Colorado Springs division of COMSYS. BCP. Duties covered a large scope including analysis. Comsys. The OCX was primarily used in the reports served up by the report center. ADO/OLEDB. Developed a customizable. as well as Sheridan Active X Controls. SQL Plus. Intel Corp. SQL Server 7. This included establishing version control. HR. data modeling.such as Excel. SQL NET. as well as to teach individuals with regard to optimal ADO usage. was responsible for managing developers. strategic planning and implementation of Y2K renovations for client/server systems. deployment and project management. MTS. Duties included reverse engineering parts of the existing VAX. BCP. database implementation. Delphi. front end implementation. Technologies Used: VB6. ADO/OLEDB. Lotus Notes. SQL Server 7. Screened potential candidates for high tech positions at Intel. as well as Sheridan Active X Controls. Software Engineer/Analyst/Consultant (Portland OR) 10/1998 – 01/2000  Project –EMSYS (Client Server / Web): Designed and built an Active X Server Reporting Center (Com Component) that serves up reports to authorized users. modified tables.5 and the front end was VB6. programming and system enhancement. as well as the analysis. Created a WEB integration system that displayed the information from SQL Server on the INTEL Intranet. also downloadable via the intranet. Product Development Lead (Pleasanton CA) 03/1996 – 10/1996  As the Product Development Lead. Lead Developer/Consultant (Portland OR) 11/1996 – 10/1998  Project: Y2K. Interbase.  Technologies Used: VB6. Oracle. automatic data loader that loaded data three times a day from a legacy system into the ERRALITE SQL Server database. FTP. data modeling. Built an OCX control that performs dynamic filtering on complex data . and wrote DML/DDL scripts to support the new reports. Delphi.  Technologies Used: VB6.  Project – ERRALITE (Client Server / Web): As the only developer on the team. Created designs which enabled the development team to effectively develop the package in a team-oriented environment with minimal integration impact. as well as Sheridan Active X Controls. design. Smith Norris Corp. ADO/OLEDB. was responsible for creating a complex failure analysis Report analysis CLIENT/SERVER system that replaced an older VAX /SAS system. During the last 6 months was involved with complex Y2K testing and software renovations for COMSYS clientele in the Portland area. design. and modified the DB in terms of creating triggers / SPs. priorities and tasks of the development department in accordance with industry standard techniques. introducing proper coding standards. This component provided users with a WIZARD like GUI to minimize user error and to promote easy maintenance. MTS. data conversion.the control could be used by any COM client. Access SQL/Server and Interbase5. staff augmentation. data base design. The back end of ERRALITE was SQL Server 6. front end design. Helped build three internal applications for COMSYS using Visual Basic. data migration. Y2K duties included the management of Y2K testing and renovations for 7 client/server systems.

Technologies Used: ODBC. Win32s EDUCATION Attended Chaffey College 1984 – 1985 Symantec OJT – Novell. Exchange. Microsoft NT. Oracle(all tools). Responsible for generating quality technical information well as to individuals. with regard to Symantec products. Senior Technical Analyst/Programmer (Eugene OR) 11/1994 – 03/1996  As a Senior Technical Engineer at Symantec. SQL NET. theory and support strategies. training other technicians and employees with regards to Symantec was to build an internal Visual Basic 4. VBX. VB3. was responsible for providing and delivering world class technical support to external MIS departments. and Symantec technicians. In addition. Last project. UML self study. SQL Server. Visio. IBM Networking. SQL Server. developing deployment strategies for various production environments.0(client/server) pilot project called ROVER and standalone.  Technologies Used: VB3.from time to time. VB4. provided support to other Visual Basic developers. Oracle. setting budgets. Erwin. traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest to meet with clients concerning issues. OCX. with regard to OLE automation programming techniques and common sense Visual Basic programming techniques as they both related to the pcANYWHERE product line. Novell. reviews. Diamond Head Imaging. maintaining existing code. and currently studying for MCP & MCSD certifications . product improvements. Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports Symantec Corp. NT. and for gathering requirements for future solutions. ODBC.