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Nur Humairah Lubis Daniel Hill EAP + 4 4th May 2011 Genetically Modified Crops The growth of world

population is becoming higher in every year. For providing enough food, scientists have a new innovation that is called genetically-modified crops. The genetic engineering do nothing with providing food for the world. Genetically-modified crops have many disadvantages for people especially in third world countries. Therefore, genetically-modified crops is not the best solution for the world’s hunger. The first disadvantages of genetically modified crops is the increasing sale of pesticides. This situation brings many benefits to the company who sells the geneticallymodified seeds. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops is an example of this explanation. Every farmer who accepts Roundup Ready seeds has to purchase only Monsanto’s Roundup Ready herbicides. The second disadvantages of genenetically modified crops is seeds which the company sells are sterile. Many farmers are using the farm-saved seed to grow their crops. So, it will lead to an engagement with the genetically-mdified crops company. Farmers must buy the same products every year to the company. This situation shows who has got the benefits. The third disanvantages of genetically-modified crops is the increased of poverty and unpayable debts. This problem is begins from the sterile crops. “As seed saving is prevented

by patents as well as by the engineering of seeds with non renewable traits, seeds has to be bought for every planting season by poor peasants. A free resource available on farms became a commodity which farmers were forced to buy.”(Shiva, 2004 : 128). As the unpayable debts growing up, many farmers decide to giving up their lives and even sell kidneys (Shiva, 2004 : 128). In conclusion, the the planting of genetically-modified crops is not the best solution for providing enough food and even makes the farmers’ lives become worse. Genetically modified crops also harm the environment. This is because the increased of using pesticides and sterile seeds which is produced by the same company. This has lead to an engaged in industrialized businesses. And the last, the benefits is gained by the company not for the farmers. Sources : 1. EAP + 4 Book Articles on GM crops