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İstanbul Important Telephone Numbers: Tourist Offices There are many tourist offices and kiosks in İstanbul. Staff speak English and are generally very helpful. Numbers are below: Atatürk Airport (International Arrivals, open 24 hours) Phone: 0212 465 3151 Beyazit (Beyazit Square, open 9am- 6pm daily) Phone: 0212-522 4905 Hilton Hotel (Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Sisli, open 9am- 5pm daily) Phone: 0212-522 4902 Karaköy Seaport (Kemankes Caddesi, Karaköy, open 9am -5pm, Monday – Saturday) Phone: 0212-249 5776 Sirkeci Train Station (Istasyon Caddesi, Sirkeci, open 9am- 5pm daily) Phone: 0212-511 588 Sultanahmet Square (Divan Yolu 3, Sultanahmet, open 9am -5pm daily) Phone: 0212-518 1802) Useful Telephone Numbers Note that the inter-city codes are used to call the other side of İstanbul. Inter-city codes are not used when you are calling the same side. The codes are 212 (European side) and 216 (Asian side). To call a number on the other side of the Bosphorus, first dial 0, followed by the inter-city code and then the 7-number. To phone abroad, dial 00, then the country code. Tourist Police (in İstanbul only): Atatürk Airport Tourism Office: Beyazit Tourism Office: Hilton Hotel Tourism Office: Karaköy Seaport Tourism Office: Sirkeci Station Tourism Office: Sultanahmet Square: Police: Fire: Telephone enquiries Medical Assistance Air Ambulance Tel: Night Ambulance Tel: 0212 592 88 27 0212 240 39 14 0212 527 4503

Tourism Information(all over Turkey): 170 0212 465 3151 / 3547 0212 522 4905 0212 522 4902 0212 249 5776 0212 511 5888 0212 518 1802 155 110 118

International Hospital Ambulance Tel: 0212 663 30 00 International SOS Assistance Tel: 0212 230 96 38 2 is a member of Network

İstanbul Overview ..............................................................................................................................5 Top 10 Things to Do İstanbul ..............................................................................................................6 İstanbul & Regional Information .........................................................................................................8 Major Areas in İstanbul ............................................................................................................................. 8 Sultanahmet & Around ......................................................................................................................... 8 Eminönü & Around ............................................................................................................................. 14 Golden Horn & Along the Old City Walls ............................................................................................ 20 Taksim, Istiklal & Beyoğlu ................................................................................................................... 25 Şişli & Nişantaşı ................................................................................................................................... 37 Asian Side( Kadıköy & Üsküdar ) ......................................................................................................... 39 Attractions Outside the City Centre ........................................................................................................ 42 Princes’ Islands .................................................................................................................................... 42 Weekend Destinations ............................................................................................................................ 42 Troy & Gallipoli.................................................................................................................................... 42 Bursa ................................................................................................................................................... 43 Edirne .................................................................................................................................................. 43 İznik ..................................................................................................................................................... 43 İstanbul's History..................................................................................................................................... 44 Eating in İstanbul ............................................................................................................................. 45 Nightlife in İstanbul.......................................................................................................................... 48 Shopping in İstanbul ........................................................................................................................ 48 What to Buy in İstanbul?......................................................................................................................... 48 İstanbul Travel Information .............................................................................................................. 50 Atatürk Airport ........................................................................................................................................ 50 Sabiha Gökçen Airport ............................................................................................................................ 52 Bus Information ...................................................................................................................................... 53 Train Information .................................................................................................................................... 55 Transportation in the City ................................................................................................................ 56 Getting There & Away ...................................................................................................................... 59 İstanbul – Bulgaria Travel Info ................................................................................................................ 59 İstanbul - Greece Travel Info ................................................................................................................... 59 İstanbul - Ukraine Travel Info.................................................................................................................. 60 3 is a member of Network

İstanbul General Information: .......................................................................................................... 61 Before You Go ......................................................................................................................................... 61 When to Go? ....................................................................................................................................... 61 How many days? ................................................................................................................................. 61 What to Wear? .................................................................................................................................... 62 Visas and Permits for Turkey .................................................................................................................. 62 Medical & Safety Information ................................................................................................................. 63 Practical Information: ............................................................................................................................. 65 How Much Does it Cost? .................................................................................................................. 68 Turkish Language Basics ................................................................................................................... 71 İstanbul Metro & Tram Map ............................................................................................................. 75 Your Notes:...................................................................................................................................... 76 Myİstanbulinfo Team ....................................................................................................................... 79 Support us ....................................................................................................................................... 79

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or to visit the Princes' Islands or the nearby city of Bursa on the Sea of Marmara. and get ready for İstanbul! 5 Myistanbulinfo. And beautiful it surely is. making it the perfect place to explore by boat. while on the other side of the Bosphorus lie the equally intriguing and less visited Asian side of İstanbul. the modern entertainment centre of İstanbul. Opposite Eminönü on the Golden Horn is Beyoglu. From the fabulously wealthy to the very poor. Not sure where to go? Sultanahmet is at the historical heart of the city on the Eminönü Peninsula and is where most visitors come to experience some of history‟s most famous sites including Hagia Sophia. But İstanbul is a city of extreme contrasts. Greek. There is something for everyone in İstanbul. Sprawling across four different waterways. Roman. İstanbul is literally surrounded by Network . The energy and creative spirit is palpable. So grab yourself a glass of çay (tea). and with enough historical sites to keep any person busy for several lifetimes. the traditionalist to the liberal. art galleries and musical talent. Ottoman and Turkish civilizations. İstanbul has evolved over centuries into a city of great cultural significance. there‟s no more refreshing way to see the city. home to a population of more than 14 million people.İstanbul Overview Spanning the two continents of Europe and Asia. Bringing together elements from Byzantine. the city has a wide range of contemporary museums. İstanbul is as stunningly beautiful as it is unique. the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome. the bad and the very beautiful. from glitzy shopping malls to backstreet markets. to cruise along the Golden Horn or Bosphorus Strait and onto the Black Sea. Whether you wish to cross from Europe to is a member of MyDestinationInfo. which includes the suburbs of Kadiköy and Üsküdar. As well as its popular historical and religious sites. İstanbul encompasses the good.

the Basilica Cistern.10). 6 Myistanbulinfo. It‟s as easy as a hop. 2. Get more info about Bosphorus cruises on page 16. These ancient shopping malls provide a taste.19) and the New Mosque (p. See the Bazaar Side of Life Take your wallet and some patience and immerse yourself in one of İstanbul‟s bazaars. Cruise Along the Bosphorus One of the best ways to experience İstanbul is by water. restaurants. See pp.15) and Arasta Bazaar (p. 4. And any visit to İstanbul would be incomplete without a peek inside the city‟s most well known mosques including the Blue Mosque (p. the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and Topkapı Palace . Ottoman mansions and sleek cafes. Join the crowds as they move through the spices. 8 . Hagia Sophia. Take in the Treasures of Sultanahmet Boasting many of İstanbul‟s most visited sites. We at MyİstanbulInfo. 1. admiring the palaces. bars and nightclubs along the is a member of MyDestinationInfo.15).including the Blue Mosque. smell and sight of life as it was centuries ago. And see page 32 for details on attractions along the have compiled a list of some „not-to-miss‟ experiences while visiting this magnificent city.11 for details on Sultanahmet‟s attractions. Spice Bazaar (p. sweets and souvenirs of the city‟s famous Grand Bazaar (p. Soak up Some Holy History at One of İstanbul’s Mosques The sleek minarets and curvaceous domes which dominate İstanbul‟s skyline give the city a majestic air. 3. the vast Süleymaniye Mosque (‟s easy to see why many tourists never venture further than the historical centre of İstanbul. the Byzantine Hippodrome.10) haggling furiously for all things Turkish.Top 10 Things to Do İstanbul The biggest problem most visitors to İstanbul face is trying to decide between the multitude of attractions on Network . From there take a cruise along the length of the Bosphorus. skip and a jump onto one of the many public and private ferries departing from Eminönü.17). İstanbul Archaeological Museum.

At once invigorating and purifying. one of the fastest. 6.5. 8. offer more genuine performances at a cost. visiting a hamam nonetheless provides a window into traditional Turkish culture. And what better way to do this than by taking the Eminönü – Kadiköy ferry. While some tea gardens in Sultanahmet offer free whirling dervish shows aimed at tourists. 9. housed inside a 550-year old hamam.14).21). Ferries can be taken from the port at Eminönü (p. Üsküdar and Kadıköy. head to the Princes’ Islands (p. put aside a night and head to a Meyhane.11).42) for a glimpse into life as it was in İstanbul. reasonable and non-touristy experience.15). the Yenikapi Mevlevihanesi (Mevlevi Monastery) in Topkapı (p. Chill Out in Turkish Style at a Hamam No visit to Turkey is complete without a hamam (Turkish bath) experience.12) hamams. Çemberlitaş (p. Some of İstanbul‟s most beautiful and historic baths around Sultanahmet include the Cağaloğlu (p. İstanbul‟s most famous meyhanes are concentrated around the Nevizade (p. Network . if not a little intimidating for the uninitiated. Feel Your Head Spin with a Night of Whirling Dervishes Seeing a whirling dervish dancer in action is a magical experience.a traditional Turkish tavern. Go Crazy at a Meyhane For a night of authentic Turkish fun. Ferries to the Princes‟ Islands depart from Kabataş. Get Lost in a Cloud of Smoke with a Nargile You will often smell the nargile (Turkish water pipe) before you see its billowing smoke. nargile smoking has been a popular form of socialising and relaxation for both young and old Turks for centuries.12) and Gedikpaşa (p.41) on the Asian side also offers clean. The best loved areas for nargile smoking in İstanbul include the café strip in Tophane (p. Dance of Colours Whirling Dervishes in Çemberlitaş (p. white skirts flared in a deeply spiritual and highly ritualistic celebration of existence. past the waterfront fish restaurants and delectable ice cream stalls of these Marmara Sea gems.29) and Asmalimescit districts in Taksim. Jump aboard one of the signature horse-and-carts as they trundle down the narrow cobbled streets.29).29) and under the Galata Bridge (p. 7. Muammer Karaca Tiyatrosu on İstiklal Street (p.11) and Hodjapasha Cultural Centre in Sirkeci (p. There are also many nargile cafes in Sultanahmet. cheapest and loveliest ways to experience the two sides of İstanbul. Live Like a Royal on the Princes Islands When the heat and chaos of the city gets too much. Cross Continents with a Ferry to the Asian Side Getting from Europe to Asia couldn‟t be easier in İstanbul. An endearing symbol of the Ottoman Empire since the 17th century. Çinili Hamam (p. 7 Myistanbulinfo.16).where food. With right arms raised up to God and left arms transferring them to earth. they revolve is a member of MyDestinationInfo. drink and music come together in a vibrant celebration of the good things in life.

small parks and the friendliest population of street cats you‟ll ever meet. It‟s worth navigating past the tourists to the back streets of Sultanahmet. the Peninsula was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and visitors are still able to wander past the old city walls and preserved structures which used to be part of Byzantine Constantinople.İstanbul & Regional Information Major Areas in İstanbul 10 8 9 7 6 4 5 2 3 1 11 12 13 MAP 1: DISTRICTS 1: Sultanahmet & around 2: Eminönü 3: Grand Bazaar & around 4: Golden Horn 5: Karaköy 6: Beyoglu-İstiklal Street & Taksim 7: Besiktas 8: Ortakoy 9: Sisli & Nisantasi 10: Levent. 8 Myistanbulinfo. it‟s easy to see why many tourists never venture further than the historical centre of İstanbul. Sultanahmet makes up part of one of the oldest settlements in İstanbul. Set high up on the Eminönü is a member of MyDestinationInfo. where you‟ll likely stumble on crumbling wooden houses. In fact. Etiler & Ulus 11: Üsküdar 12: Kadıköy 13: Princes’ Islands Sultanahmet & Around Boasting many of İstanbul‟s most visited sites. hidden tea Network .

com Network . Uskudar.MAP 2: HISTORICAL PENINSULA (EMİNÖNÜ. Bosphorus. SİRKECİ. Harem) 14: New Mosque 15: Spice Bazaar 16: Galata Bridge 17: To Galata Tower 18: Şehzadebaşı Mosque 19: Fatih Mosque 20: Chora Church – Kariye Museum 21: Sultanahmet Tourist Office 22: Beyazıt square – Tourist Office 22 10 7 2 21 5 4 3 6 1 9 is a member of MyDestinationInfo. SULTANAHMET AND AROUND) 20 17 16 19 15 11 14 12 13 18 12 8 9 1: Topkapı Palace 2: Hagia Sophia 3: Blue Mosque 4: Hippodrome 5: Turkish Islamic Art Museum 6: Arasta Bazaar 7: Basilica Cistern 8: Archeological Museum 9: Gülhane Park 10: Grand Bazaar 11: Süleymaniye Mosque 12: Mahmutpaşa Street Bazaar 13: Sirkeci Train Station – Tourist Office 12: Eminonu Piers ( To Kadikoy.

Tram Stop: Gülhane. Gülhane. Gülhane Park.000 blue and green toned tiles adorning its ceiling. 9am-4pm. handcrafts.Osman Hamdi Bey Yokusu. and. Directions: Tram Line: T1. this large park is open to the public and has wide paths. from where all trains from or to Europe depart is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Sultanahmet. then one of İstanbul‟s most visited mosque. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Directions: Tram Line: T1.certainly will.Yerebatan Museum. flowers. Sultanahmet. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. Topkapı Palace. Open: Daily. carpets and kilims. If the wail of the minarets doesn‟t awaken your senses. Ph: +90-212-5207740. Museum of the Ancient Orient and the Museum of Islamic Art (Tiled Kiosk).000 years. water features. Tram Stop: Gülhane. the Basilica Cistern is the city‟s largest covered reservoir. the Basilica Cistern once supplied water to nearby palaces such as the Great Palace of Constantinople and Topkapı Palace. Blue Mosque . See Map No. (The Museum is opposite Hagia Sophia) Taking visitors to the tranquil depths of İstanbul. (The bazaar is behind Blue Mosque) Constructed during the17th century. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. See Arasta Bazaar. Open: Tuesday – Sunday. it is also known as the Blue Mosque for its mass of 20. Constructed between 1609 and 1616. some dating 10 Myistanbulinfo. these former stables now host around forty well-maintained shops on one main to Topkapı Palace. antiques. (The museum is between Gülhane Park and Topkapı Palace Museum) The İstanbul Archaeology Museum actually consists of three museums: the Archaeological Museum (main building). Open: Daily. 2 on page 9 for the locations for attractions in Sultanahmet. of course. 9am – 8pm.Sultanahmet. Open: Daily until sunset. The Museum was founded in 1881 and houses an extensive collection of treasures from Turkey and the Middle East spanning a time period of 5. Basilica Cistern . it is also nearby Sirkeci Railway Station. The collection is comprised of over 1 million artifacts which are grouped thematically.the Sultanahmet/ Blue Mosque. Archaeology Museums. souvenirs. Once part of the grounds of Topkapı Palace.Sultanahmet. Its domed ceilings are held up by intricately designed marble and granite columns. 9am – 7pm. housing a selection of jewellery. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Network . Directions: Tram Line: T1. and a large number of gracious and established plane trees. Built in 532 AD on the site of a great basilica.Sultanahmet Cami. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. There is a 24-hour tea garden and nargile cafe on site and a free whirling Dervish show takes place here nightly. ceramics.Sultanahmet is very well connected to the rest of İstanbul. As well as having a dedicated tram stop.

Located inside the former palace of Ibrahim Pasa.Bab-i Hümayun Caddesi. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet. Open: Daily except Tuesday. glass. Its construction began in 203AD and it once seated up to 10. is now one of İstanbul‟s most well known and breathtakingly beautiful museums. Cağaloğlu Hamam– Cağaloğlu. silver. Open: Tuesday – Sunday. Dances of Colours hosts regular Sufi music concerts and whirling dervish performances at the Press Museum in Sultanahmet. Kazım İsmail Gürkan Cad.000 people who would come to observe the ceremonies. Do Dance of Colours Whirling Dervishes . Completed in 537AD. Sultanahmet.Sultanahmet Square. Towering over the Bosphorous and Marmara Sea in what was once ancient Constantinople. The Palace contains a wealth of artifacts and treasures and is also the site of the Ottoman harem. Islamic calligraphy.Atmeydani. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. Tram Stop: is a member of MyDestinationInfo. brass.Hippodrome (Atymeydani). Open: Tuesday – Sunday. woodwork. Topkapı Palace in Sultanahmet is one of İstanbul‟s most visited tourist attractions. sporting events. Tram Stop: Çemberlitaş. this museum houses an extensive collection of religious and other Turkish treasures dating from the 8th Century including books. Constructed by Sultan Mahmut I in 1741 as a way of raising revenue for his library. Basın Müzesi(Press Museum) Çemberlitaş Directions: Tram Line: T1. this hamam is listed in the book „1000 Places to See Before You Die‟ by Patricia Schultz. this patriarchal basilica remained the largest cathedral in the world until 1453. Hagia Sophia. 9am – 4pm. Constructed in 1478. Sultanahmet. No:34 Directions: Tram Line: T1. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Tram Stop: Gülhane. İstanbul‟s Hippodrome was once the largest of its kind in the world. 9am – 4pm. Turkish-Islamic Art Museum. Directions: Tram Line: T1. There are a number of important monuments in its centre. Hippodrome & Monuments. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Koran manuscripts.back to the 19th century. clothing. Sultanahmet. Hagia Sophia . ceramics. Directions: Tram Line: T1. the Palace was the official residence of Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years before being converted into a museum. and many famous names are said to 11 Myistanbulinfo.Divanyolu Cad. when Constantinople was conquered by Ottoman armies and Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque. metal and stone art and carpets and kilims. Topkapı Palace.Ayasofya Museum. 9am – 4pm. demonstrations and even executions which once took place here. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. once the greatest church in the Christian world until its conversion into a mosque in Network .

Sultanahmet.Ticarethane Sok. Karisma Sen. Tram Stop: Çemberlitaş. is nevertheless a clean and reasonably priced hamam which remains popular with locals and tourists alike.Divanyolu Cad. offering cuisine from Turkey's Hatay and Gaziantep regions as well as Ottoman style and international dishes. though in need of some sprucing up. from olive oil-rich vegetable dishes to daily fresh fish. Open every day from noon onwards. Cooking Alaturka. Run by established chef Ayşe Şensılay who is of Greek ancestory. seasonal. Ph: +90-212-5140029 Adonin Cafe. Çemberlitaş. Gedikpaşa Hamamı. This open air terrace is open during summer as both a restaurant and bar and it also has a winter garden for the cooler months. Ph: +90-212-5195959 Khorasani Restaurant fuses the traditional and the modern with this contemporary kebab house. Ph: +90-212-4580081 This traditional Turkish meyhane is situated along the main Marmara Sea coastal road just down from Sultanahmet. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Giritli Restaurant. Ahirkapi. Classes range between 6-10 people and participants are involved in preparing a 5-course meal with classic recipes from Ottoman Cuisine and Turkish Cuisine. this Cretan restaurant offers a friendly.midnight. Cooking Alaturka offers hands-on Turkish cooking classes to small groups in the heart of İstanbul‟s old town. Karisma Sen‟s Mediterranean-Aegean menu features a wide range of hot and cold seasonal mezes. 12 Myistanbulinfo. The Hamam was commissioned by Nurbanu Sultan. this popular Sultanahmet eatery has been running since 1983.have graced its tranquil interior. 6am .Kennedy Cad. Ph: +90-212-5191217 This elegant. Tram Stop: Beyazı-Kapalıçarşı. No:1. Tram Stop: Sultanahmet. There is indoor and outdoor seating and a cosy fireplace for the winter months. Ph: +90-212-5227974. Sultanahmet. No: 39/41.Seyit Hasan Kuyu Network . Cankurtaran. Ticarethane Sok. Directions: Tram Line: T1. It is less touristy than the other ones in the old city center. No: 35. Gedikpaşa Hamam. Aegean style meyhane is situated on a charming cobbled street in Sultanahmet.Vezirhan Cad. Italian and international cuisine and drinks in a cosy yet elegant atmosphere. Kayikci. No: 65 . Çemberlitaş Hamam is one of the most historical Turkish baths in İstanbul. Named after the birth town of kebab.67 Gedikpaşa Ph: +90-212-5178956 Directions: Tram Line: T1. the wife of Sultan Selim II as a charitable foundation for the poor. Ticarethane Sok. Sultanahmet. It offers fresh.Ahirkapi Str. Ahirkapi. Restaurant & Bar is situated on a quiet cobbled street in Sultanahmet and offers a diverse menu featuring Turkish. Drink Adonin. (Sahilyolu) No: 28-30 Cankurtaran. Ahirkapi. Ph: +90-212-4582270 Giritli Restaurant hosts its guests in a restored historic house in Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet. Ph: +90-212-4581824 Balikçi Sabahattin started off more than 40 years ago as a small fish shack and has since developed a reputation as one of İstanbul's top seafood restaurants. No: 27/3..Keresteci Hakki Sok. personalised atmosphere in a quiet area just minutes walk from the Marmara Sea and sites of the old city. It was built in 1584 by the renowned Ottoman architect. Balikçi Sabahattin (Sabahattin the Fisherman) Restaurant.Hamam is a member of MyDestinationInfo. grills and seafood. 6am – midnight.. No: 8. local fish complemented by over thirty different types of mezes and other dishes. Morning and afternoon classes are available. Khorasani. Eat Armada Terrace Restaurant.. Ph: +90-212-4554455 Situated on the rooftop of the Armada Hotel. It is set inside a restored Ottoman mansion behind Hagia Sophia. Ahirkapi. Mimar Sinan. No: 24. The menu is extensive. Open: Daily.Divanyolu Cad.Akbiyik Caddesi 72A. with the Marmara Sea and Bosphorus on one side and the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia on the other. Open: Daily. serving up healthy fresh fish and delicious appetizers. Çemberlitaş Hamam. the restaurant enjoys stunning views. Cankurtaran.

Established in 1989 as the first hostel in Turkey.Cheers Bar. Agora is a popular budget accommodation option in the old town. cocoon has developed a reputation for its fine collection of central Asian costumes. café and restaurant.Mimar Mehmet Aga Cad. Shop is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Ph: +90-2124585547. No: 58. Food is also served. a joint GermanTurkish enterprise. the Gallery seeks to promote talented young local artists and to educate travellers about Turkish art and culture.Küçük Ayasofya Mah.Divan Yolu Cad. No: 1.Kutlugün Sok. double. twin and 4 bed private rooms as well as dorm rooms housing 4. Ph: +90-212-5179493. Galeri Kayseri Bookshop.Akbıyık Cad. Sultanahmet. Ph: +90-212-5169380. No: 17/19. Sultanahmet. No:13-17. cafe and hotel/hostel street in Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet. Situated inside a charming restored Ottoman mansion which dates back to the 19th century.Tevkifhane Sok. sculptures and handicrafts. 6.Utangac Sok. boutique style hotel and hostel is aimed at the modern and savvy young Network . Sultanahmet.Akbıyık Cad. This cosy and at times very crowded bar is situated on the main restaurant. No: 6. No: 13. Ph: +90-212-5186697 Constantine Art Gallery houses a collection of contemporary Turkish oil paintings. this hotel is a member of the special 'S' class hotels in Turkey and offers a range of facilities including a well equipped health club. No: 13. the Albatross Premier Hotel also has its own garden and terrace bar/restaurant with views of the Marmara Sea. It has its own panoramic rooftop bar. No: 20. This high-tech. The brand's merchandise is spread over 6 stores including in the Grand Bazaar. Amiral Tafdil Sok. Sleep Budget Agora Hostel & Guesthouse. Open since 2006. İstanbul Hostel. Cheers Bar is a popular bar choice for backpackers in İstanbul. Sultanahmet. İznik Classics has developed a reputation as one of the most reputable and highest quality stockists of İznik tiles and ceramics in Turkey. Also within the hostel complex is a travel agency and rooftop restaurant and bar which enjoys some of the best views of the water and city around. Sultanahmet. No: 35. Ph: +90-212-5168874 Founded in 1995. Sultanahmet. New Backpackers Bar. Arasta Bazaar and in Sultanahmet. 8 and 30 people. Serving cheap beer and snacks and playing a variety of rock and pop music.. Sultanahmet. Orient Youth Hostel. Orient is the largest hostel in İstanbul with 152 beds. With a large variety of room types and many thoughtful individual touches. There are single. hot kebab or to puff away on a nargile. Many travellers stop by here to enjoy a Turkish tea.Akbıyık Cad. This chilled-out Sultanahmet cafe and bar is part of the New Backpackers Guesthouse. cold beer. No:14/1. Offering large rooms and suites decorated in traditional Ottoman style. Best Western Obelisk.Küçük Ayasofya Cad. No: 16/1. Ph: +90-212-5120456 This popular bookstore has two branches almost opposite each other along the tramline street in Sultanahmet and stocks an extensive collection of English books about Turkey and İstanbul. Constantine Art Gallery. This well established hostel at the heart of Sultanahmet offers a range of dorm rooms as well as a few doubles. Ph: +90-212-6386271 With four branches in İstanbul. Midrange Albatross Premier Hotel. textile. Cayiroglu Sok. rugs and accessories as well as its brightly coloured felt hats which are inspired by traditional tribal headware.Akbıyık Cad. Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet. İznik Classics. 13 Myistanbulinfo.. Sultanahmet.

2 on page 9 for the locations for attractions in Eminönü. The Four Seasons Hotel in İstanbul is one of the city's most interesting hotels. Sultanahmet. There are also frequent ferries departing from its ferry docks for Bosphorus cruises.Tevkifhane Sok. Bosphorus Strait and the Marmara Sea. No: 5. with many low-key cafeteria style restaurants offering a mouthwatering selection of traditional Turkish dishes. There are many reasonably priced dining options in the area. It is here that the concept of the „Lokanta‟ (workman‟s eatery) truly comes alive. No: Network . Sultanahmet. or for transport purposes. Eminönü is also home to Sirkeci Railway Station. The building houses beautifully decorated guest rooms which are spread around an open courtyard.Kabasakal Cad. antique carpets and parquet flooring. Eminönü is on the southern side one of İstanbul‟s most iconic landmarks . Comprised of a row of 19th century clapboard houses painted in pretty pastel colours. make this pension a charming find. See 14 Myistanbulinfo. each room here is decorated in a different style. particularly along Hocapaşa Street in Sirkeci and its surrounding streets. It heaves with crowds during the summer months. No: 1. Ishak Pasa Hotel is situated inside a gorgeous 19th century wooden Ottoman mansion and all of the hotel's interior decoration is handmade. Situated between the great Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Most visitors come here for its historical sites and its surrounding backstreet markets. Top End Ayasofya Pansiyonları. the Princes‟ Islands and to Kadiköy on the Asian side of the city. Sultanahmet. There is a café.Ishak Pasa Hotel. which spans the Golden Horn. the area attracts a wide variety of nationalities and personalities. Yeşil Ev. Sultanahmet. There are 21 modern rooms and a restaurant. on a little cobbled street.. and locals perusing the streets behind it for budget pots and pans.Ishak Pasa Cad. bar and lovely garden. Set against the old walls of Topkapı Palace. between the walls of Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia. Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet. The T1 tram line passes from Zeytinburnu to Kabataş. Yeşil Ev (Green House) has just 19 lavishly decorated rooms.Soğukçeşme Sok. complete with reproduction furniture. restaurant and beer garden on site. See Map No. Eminönü & Around The Eminönü district forms part of the Eminönü Peninsula and is at the crossroads of 3 bodies of water: the Golden Horn(Haliç). between the tourists heading to the Spice Bazaar to buy Turkish delight. where trains departing or arriving from the west arrive into. stopping in at Eminönü. situated inside a completely remodeled neo-classical Turkish prison that dates from the turn of the last century. The location.the Galata is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

With its eighty six shops packed full of herbs. the building of it began even before the Blue Mosque. preserved and dried foods and souvenirs. Tram Stop: Eminönü.com is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Sirkeci Railway Station is nonetheless a wonderful tribute to locomotive history. The building is a fine example of European Orientalist design. Much more than simply a link connecting the old and new across the Golden Horn.Galata Bridge.Mısır Çarşısı.New Mosque. religion and consumerism which underlies modern Turkish culture. Eminönü. İstanbul‟s Yeni Cami (New Mosque) is a defining feature on the Eminönü skyline.Sirkeci. It was built in 1992 to replace an older structure. architect Kazim Aga built the Spice Bazaar in 1664. Though its glory days as the terminus of the Orient Express are long since over. as a way of helping to support the upkeep of the Yeni Cami . is popular with locals and despite the „New‟ in its name. New Mosque –Yeni Cami. Tram Stop: Eminönü. Open: Daily. spices.Eminönü-Galata. Directions: Tram Line: T1.. fresh. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Spice Bazaar.30pm. Open: Daily. 9am – 7pm. this frenzied market leading downhill from the Grand Bazaar gives a unique glimpse into the synthesis of east and west. constructed from a combination of granite. it is the only rail link between İstanbul and the rest of Europe. marble and stone. 8. Sirkeci Train Station. Open: Daily. This large mosque. opposite the Spice Bazaar and next to Galata Bridge. Tram Stop: Sirkeci. Commissioned by the Sultan‟s wife. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Dating to Network . smoke and shop. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Tram Stop: Eminönü.Eminönü. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Mahmutpaşa Bazaar.Eminönü Meydani.Mahmutpaşa Cad. the Galata Bridge also a place where the city‟s locals gather to fish. If the Grand Bazaar is the father of İstanbul‟s bazaars. Hatice Turhan Sultan. then the Spice Bazaar is its pretty little daughter. drink. eat. the Spice Bazaar is a vibrant and fragrant celebration of all things delicious. Commissioned in the 15th century by Grand Vizier Mahmut Paşa. Tram Stop: Eminönü.30am – 6. 15 Myistanbulinfo.

Drink The North Shield Pub. Offering a slice of the Wild West in İstanbul. The restaurant's seafood comes from a variety of different Turkish waters. Sirkeci. From there take a cruise along the length of the Bosphorus. Pasazade Ottoman Cuisine. Hamdi Restaurant specialises in south eastern Turkish cuisine and boasts an extensive menu of soups. No: 17. kebabs and more. Eat Hamdi Restaurant. Sirkeci Balikçısı .Spice Bazaar No: 1. Tram Stop: Eminönü. Sirkeci. Ph: +90-212-5280390 Set over five floors with stunning views of the city. in a cosy atmosphere.Ebusuut Cad. Directions: Tram Line: T1.Do Bosphorus Cruise Directions: Tram Line: T1. İstanbul's Hodjapasha Cultural Centre is housed inside a 550 year old hamam (Turkish bath) and offers a glimpse into traditional Turkish dance and culture. No: 5. Kalçın is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Pandeli Restaurant. A visit to this venerable İstanbul institution is like stepping back into old İstanbul. Hodjapasha Turkish Dance Night. No: 5. Tram Stop: Sirkeci.Tahmis Cad. Free wireless internet and indoor and outdoor seating is available. with its traditional decor and dishes. Eminönü. Ph: +90-212-5284344 Designed to reflect a minimalist approach to 18th century Ottoman palace decoration. No:2. restaurants. It‟s as easy as a hop.İbn-i Kemal Sok. No: 5/A.Hoca Paşa Mh. Sirkeci. Eminönü. Neyzade Restaurant invites its guests to enjoy the special flavours of regional Anatolian cuisine. Neyzade attempts to honour the traditions of Anatolian cooking.. The pub is part of a wider chain which has branches across Turkey. Cruises run several times daily. Located in the historic centre in Sirkeci on the rooftop of the Orient Express Hotel. Shop 16 Myistanbulinfo. Ph: +90-212-5284344 Sirkeci Balıkçısı promises the freshest Turkish fish and seafood which is caught on a daily basis. including English ales. Red River Pub is a western themed restaurant and bar situated in the historical district of Sirkeci. Ph: +90-212-5133750 Designed as a reanimation of an Ottoman quarter. Ph: +90-212-5273909 Situated above the Spice Bazaar. No: 34.. The North Shield is a British style pub serving a range of local and imported drinks.Hüdavendigar Cad.Hüdavendigar Cad. Shows on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm and Saturdays at 9pm. No: 5-9D. Red River Pub. Sirkeci. Pandeli Restaurant boasts a history dating back more than a hundred years. Pasazade serves centuries-old dishes from its beautiful panoramic roof terrace which enjoys views of landmarks like the Galata Tower and Bosphorus Network .Ankara Caddesi Hocapaşa Hamam Sok. Sirkeci. admiring the palaces. Imbat Restaurant offers fresh and healthy Mediterranean cuisine and boasts exquisite views from its terrace. Taking tastes from a variety of different regions across Turkey. mezes. Sirkeci. Sirkeci. Imbat Restaurant. Ph: +90-212-5207161. Ottoman mansions and sleek cafes. bars and nightclubs along the way. each of which take on unique characteristics. Taya Hatun Cad. which has been considered an art form for centuries. skip and a jump onto one of the many public and private ferries departing from Eminönü. No: 44. Neyzade Restaurant.Taya Hatun Cad. One of the best ways to experience İstanbul is by water.

See Page 18 for the detailed Grand Bazaar map. Prepare your wallet and your nerves for İstanbul‟s chaotic and colourful Grand Bazaar. Open: Monday. Situated right next to the Grand Bazaar and the gates to İstanbul University. belly dancing costumes. Gates lead from the Square into the İstanbul University complex. Ph: +90-212-5226604 With its wide range of spices. 41/1. Turkish water pipes. honey.There is a popular cafe onsite where you can taste Namlı's products. oils.Mehmet Kalmaz Baharat. See Beyazıt Square. teas.000 shops on 64 covered streets. Eminönü. The Bazaar is one of the oldest of its kind in the world and it remains one of the most heavily populated tourist areas of İstanbul. selling everything from carpets to scarves to lamps. Grand Bazaar & Around İstanbul‟s historical Grand Bazaar. which dates back to the 15th century. Eminönü. souvenirs and is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Kapalı Çarşı. the company is one of the most well known brands in the country and has been specialising in top quality roasted and freshly ground coffee for over 130 years. this gracious square was constructed during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Theodosius and was originally named 'Forum Tauri' for the bronze bull heads which used to stand there. See Map No. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Namlı. Kalmaz Baharat in the Spice Bazaar also specialises in herbal potions. one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the Network . Directions: Tram Line: T1. Ph: +90-212-5114262 Named after its founder. Eminönü. it was initially used to fund the transformation of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque. the labyrinth of backstreets surrounding the Grand Bazaar are perhaps just as interesting and are where many locals go to pick up cheap clothing. Ph: +90-212-5116393 This famous Eminönü delicatessen specialises in 'Pastirma'. plates and much more. 9am – 7pm. No: 14/16.Hasircilar Cad. mezes.Beyazıt. The Grand Bazaar area is a short walk from Sultanahmet and is also easily reachable by tram.Beyazıt. olives. Mehmet Efendi. Opened in 1461 by Sultan Mehmet II. There are now more than 4. cheeses. Tram Stop: Beyazıt-Kapalıçarşı. Grand Bazaar .Turkish pastrami and also sells a delicious range of other cold meats. Tram Stop: Beyazıt. purses. Turkish Coffee Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi.Tahmis Sok. from matters of the body to afflictions of the heart.Spice Bazaar No. textiles and household items. However.Kapalıçarşı. There is a potion for just about every ailment. 17 Myistanbulinfo. 2 on page 9 for the locations for attractions in the Grand Bazaar area. No: 66.Saturday. and baked goods. is one of the city‟s most popular sights for both shopping and wandering around.

7: Necef Antik & Gold.İçbedesten. 13: Koç Leather: Kürkçüler Çarşısı No:22-46 offers a selection of quality and stylish leather coats and jackets for both men and women. 5: cocoon . Şerif Ağa Sok. Şerif Ağa Sok. No: 89. 18 . No:22-23 'cultural objects'. plates and various other forms in metal. No:12 Haluk Botasun makes all of the jewellery himself out of 24 carat gold.Yağlıkçılar Cad. Adnan & Hasan promises 'hassle free shopping' and each piece clearly displays a price tag in Turkish Lira. No:38 fine collection of central Asian costumes. textile.İçbedesten. 10: Ethnicon. 12: İznik Classics: . no:188 highest quality stockists of Iznik tiles and ceramics in Turkey. No: 58-60. No:1.L’Orient Handicraftsİçbedesten. Şerif Ağa Sok.Halıcılar Cad. from old Russian samovars to water pitchers.Takkeciler Sok. Network ÇEMBERLİTAŞ STOP EAT & DRINK: 1: Havuzlu Restaurant 2: Şark Kahvesi 3: Subaşı Restaurant SHOP: 4: Adnan & Hasan Carpet Store. No:15 some of Turkey's most unusual jewellery and textile is a member of MyDestinationInfo. 90 & 92.Halıcılar Cad.GRAND BAZAAR MAP 9 11 4 5 1 2 10 6 8 7 12 3 13 BEYAZIT STOP Zeytinburnu <= T-1 TRAM LINE => Kabataş Myistanbulinfo. rugs and coloured felt hats. 9: Eğin Tekstil. 6: Murat Bilir. 8: Nick’s Calligraphy. Örücüler Gate. Şerif Ağa Sok. Grand Bazaar. No:24 Art of calligraphy painted onto dried leaves.İçbedesten. sells a highly unusual collection of patchwork style kilims 11: Hüseyin Hayrullah Textile Arts: Kavaflar Sok. This textile specialist stocks a wide range of handmade towels and bath products.

No: 134 İşbank yanı. No: 58-60. No: 22-23. (PTT yanı) No:3.İçbedesten. Tram Stop: BeyazitKapalicarsi. the fifth generation to be involved in the business.İçbedesten. Subaşı Restaurant. Ph: +90-212-5277375 Founded close to 150 years ago. Nuruosmaniye. It is spectacularly located atop one of İstanbul‟s hills overlooking the Golden Horn and is one of the city‟s most iconic landmarks.Yağlıkçılar Cad. Adnan & Hasan promises 'hassle free shopping' and each piece clearly displays a price tag in Turkish Lira. No: 24. Ph: +90-2125207046. old. Directions: Tram Line: T1. Şerif Ağa Sok. Ph: +90-212-513-0372 Taking inspiration from the Roman. Necef Antik & Gold.Halıcılar Cad. Örücüler Gate. This textile specialist in situated in one of the oldest buildings in the area and stocks a wide range of handmade towels and bath products. Ottoman and Anatolian civilizations.Cevahir İçbedesten. 9am – 7pm. vegetable and grilled dishes at the heart of the Grand Bazaar. Ph: +90-212-5121144. No: is a member of MyDestinationInfo. textile. Ph: +90-212-5273346 Havuzlu is a centuries-old Ottoman eatery offering a selection of traditional meat. Grand Bazaar. Şark Kahvesi is a historical and traditional cafe which offers the perfect place to relax with a Turkish coffee. 90 & 92. Grand Bazaar. Ph: +90-212-5224762 This historical „lokanta‟ style eatery is situated just outside the Grand Bazaar and offers a huge variety of traditional dishes. curtains and other objects .Halıcılar Cad. Grand Bazaar. from old Russian samovars to water pitchers. No: 38. Ph: +90-212-5279887 This well established Grand Bazaar carpet store sells a wide range of hand woven Ushak and Hereke rugs. Grand Bazaar. Grand Bazaar. Kılıççılar Sokak No: 48.L’Orient Handicrafts. Built between 1550 and 1557 by the great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Ph: +90-212-5283515 With four branches in İstanbul. cocoon. Egin Tekstil.Takkeciler Sok.. knotted tribal rugs. store owner Haluk Botasun makes all of the jewellery himself out of 24 carat gold. kilims. cicims and sumaks including Network . Şerif Aga Sok.Nuruosmaniye Cad.Gani Çelebi Sok.Süleymaniye Mosque. semi-antique and antique items. Eat & Drink Havuzlu Restaurant. No: 12. Şerif Ağa Sok. Grand Bazaar. who also chose to be buried here.. This tiny store stocks a range of 'cultural objects'. Selcuk. the Mosque was the fourth imperial mosque to grace İstanbul. Ethnicon sells a highly unusual collection of patchwork style kilims which are made from fabric scraps are taken from old Anatolian rugs. Grand Bazaar. Shop Adnan & Hasan Carpet Store. Nick’s Calligraphy. rugs and accessories as well as its brightly coloured felt hats which are inspired by traditional tribal headware. Murat Bilir. Ph: +90-212-5276841 Fusing the ethnic and contemporary. Egin Tekstil is run by former medical doctor Süleyman Ertaş. The Süleymaniye Mosque is İstanbul‟s largest mosque. Open: Daily. 19 Myistanbulinfo. Grand Bazaar. cocoon has developed a reputation for its fine collection of central Asian costumes. Ph: +90-212-5135473 Grand Bazaar veteran Nick Merdenyan has developed the art of calligraphy painted onto dried leaves. The items are mainly from Turkey and its surrounding countries.Prof Siddik Sami Onar Cad. Grand Bazaar. Byzantine. plates and various other forms in metal. Ethnicon. trays.Yağlıkçılar Cad. Süleymaniye. Tea and coffee prices are reasonable. Şark Kahvesi. No: 1. bags.

This has certainly paid off and the Golden Horn is an up-and-coming area to visit in İstanbul. Ph: +90-212-4670700 Directions: Tram Line T1. Italians and Christians as well as Muslims. Tram Stop: Topkapı. Tram Stop: Topkapı. first built by Constantine the Great.with the historical districts of Eminönü. Ph: +90-212-5279285. synagogues and cemeteries which can be found close to the shoreline today. The store also stocks handmade Meerschaum pipes and jewellery. The 1453 Panoramic Museum creates a three dimensional depiction of the conquest of İstanbul by the Ottoman Empire on 29th May 1453.Topkapı Kultur Merkezi. Directions: Bus Lines (From Taksim): 87 or 77MT. have surrounded Constantinople (now İstanbul) since its foundation as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.Edirnekapi tram. See 1453 Panorama Museum. which the Ottomans used to their advantage during the conquest of Constantinople. No: 21/4. 20 is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Chora Church – Kariye Museum. love and tolerance. mosques. Özlem Tuna Design Zone. Although the Golden Horn has traditionally suffered from problems with substandard housing and pollution. There are also powder kegs. The first design and art gallery on the Eminönü Peninsula. Located at the southern end of the Golden Horn. Tram: T1 tram. Golden Horn & Along the Old City Walls The Golden Horn. This incredibly detailed piece of artwork has almost 10. Switch to Topkapı . It effectively splits the two faces of İstanbul . and many parts of it are still standing today.Edirnekapi. a large scale restoration programme has been underway to restore the walls. 9am – 5pm. Open: Daily.using messages of peace. See Map No.000 detailed figures of Ottoman and Byzantine soldiers. Nuruosmaniye. houses İstanbul‟s most spectacular and well preserved collections of Byzantine mosaics and frescoes. big efforts have been made to clean up and restore the waterway and the suburbs lining it. particularly in the Balat and Fener Network . The building of today dates to the 11th century and it was converted into a mosque during the 16th century. just inside its fortification structure. cannons and other military equipment around a circle measuring a whopping 38 metres in diameter. This is evident in the variety of churches. Bus stop: Edirnekapi. 32 or 91O. or „Haliç‟ in Turkish. Özlem Tuna‟s Design Zone combines old Turkish motifs with modern design with their eclectic range of jewellery and home ware products. Jews.Ali Türbe Sok. 9am – 4. The Golden Horn is thought to have taken its name from its former popularity as a trading centre. 4 on page 24 for attractions along the old city walls.30pm. The old city walls. Fener and Balat on one side and the newer suburbs of Beyoğlu and Karaköy on the other. Tram Stop: Edirnekapi. Open: Daily except Wednesday. Zeytinburnu. Following the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans it became a popular place of settlement for Greeks. 3 on page 23 for the locations for attractions along the Golden Horn and Map No. This was largely effective until the advent of gunpowder siege cannons. Eyüp. (From Eminönü): 31E. is a narrow freshwater estuary which snakes through the two European sides of the city and comes out at the Marmara Sea. The walls protected what is now the old city on all sides in order to safeguard it from attack from both land and sea. Since the 1980‟s. There are several buildings of note which lie along the old city walls.

Sunday 10am .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Haskoy. models and toys.Eyüp Meydani. 21 Myistanbulinfo. Eyüp. Saturday . The Foundation operates from the Yenikapı Monastery. Rahmi M. 399C. From there walk towards the 1453 Panorama Museum in the middle of the park and pass it.7pm. Then ask for ask for the 'merkez efendi cami' (mosque) nearby. Covering an area of 60. Directions: Bus Lines (From Eminönü): 47. the world‟s largest miniature park contains 105 miniature models in 1/25th scale of well known Turkish historical sites in an open air expanse. 44B. Opened in 2002 on the Golden Horn. Eyüp. No: 6. Rahmi Koç Museum. Open: Tuesday . Ph: +90-212-5348414 Specializing in Ottoman court cuisine. Pierre Loti Café.. instruments. Directions: Bus Lines: (From Eminönü): 47. which was constructed between 1597-1598 and functions as both a museum of Rumi and a venue for whirling dervish ceremonies and more. a standard-bearer and close friend of the Prophet Mohammed. Open: Daily. Directions: Bus Lines: (From Eminönü): 36CE. Ferries also travel between Eminönü and Haskoy Pier. Directions: (From Taksim): Bus Lines 87 or 77MT. it houses a wide range of exhibits about road and rail transport.Friday 10am -5pm.Eyüp Sultan Mosque & Mausoleum. Open: Daily. 47 Ç or 47 E. engineering communications and scientific developments.000m2. extensive research was carried out prior to the opening of Asitane in 1991. Bus Stop: Edirnekapı. (From Taksim): 54 HT or 36T. Tram Stop: Topkapı. Yenikapı Mevlevi Monastery. . It contains the tomb of Eyüp-el-Ensari. 47Ç or 47E. Founded by Mr. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. marine. (From Taksim): 54HT Haskoy-Taksim. some of which date back over five hundred years.Kariye Camii Sok. 399D.Mevlevihane Cad. International Mevlana Foundation was founded in İstanbul in 1996 to encourage research about scholar and poet Mevlâna Celâleddin-i Rûmi. Bus Stop: Eyüp Sultan Cami. Ferries also travel between Eminönü and Eyüp. 9am – 7pm.Gumussuyu Balmumcu Sik 1.Imrahor Caddesi. this is one of the holiest sites for Muslims in the world. Another of architect Sinan's masterpieces.Hatice Sultan Mh. this mosque was completed in 1565. Eat & Drink Asitane Restaurant. Open: Daily. Directions: Take the T-1 Tram in the direction of Zeytinburnu. who died here during an Arab siege of Constantinople in the 7th century. Built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1458. submarine and sultan‟s carriage. Miniaturk offers dwarfed versions of famous sights including a walkable Bosphorus Bridge. Merkez Efendi Mah. This private museum is dedicated to the history of transport. Edirnekapı. 99. Named after the Sultan Süleyman's daughter. Closed Mondays. Tram Stop: Edirnekapı. The Mosque was the first of its kind to be constructed following the Ottoman conquest of İstanbul. Tram stop : Topkapı. Koç. Bus Stop: Miniaturk. The result of this is a large selection of original dishes. the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Edirnekapı is situated right near the old city walls at the peak of the sixth hill of İstanbul. 9am – 7pm. Up to date event programs can be found on their website. There is a special “hands on section” aimed at children as well as an amphibious car. Zeytinburnu. Borsa Duragi Mevkii Sütlüce. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line Network . 9am – 6pm. then transfer to Topkapı-Edirnekapı tram. industry and communications. Edirnekapı. 399B. Miniaturk. aviation.

nestled on a hilltop on the Golden is a member of MyDestinationInfo.This delightful café. Loti spent some time in İstanbul and developed a deep attachment to the city. As a lovely memorial to him. To get here. Julien Viaud (1850 – 1923). is named after the French novelist and naval officer. the Cafe is built on the spot where Loti is rumoured to have stood gazing out at the water. who took the pen name Pierre Network . 22 Myistanbulinfo. take the funicular from Eyüp.

GOLDEN HORN 4 3 2 1 1: Chora Church ( Kariye Museum) 2: Rahmi Koc Museum 3: Eyup Mosque 4: Miniaturk 23 Network .MAP 3: HALİÇ .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

MAP 4: ALONG THE OLD CITY WALLS 1 2 3 4 1: Chora Church – Kariye Museum 2: Mihrimah Sultan Mosque 3: 1453 Panorama Museum 4: Yenikapi Mevlevi Monastery 24 Network .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

Çiçek Pasaji (Flower Passage) retains a European style is a member of MyDestinationInfo. This charming district. Tucked away behind the famed Galatasaray Lycee (Galatasaray School) off İstiklal Street is a cobbled tribute to the French influence in Turkey. Once graced with the French title 'Cite de Pera'. a series of nargile cafés line the shores of the Bosphorus in Tophane near to the Kabataş ferry terminal. where rambling apartments house some of the finest collections of antiques. from where ferries depart to destinations around the city including the Princes‟ Islands. many European countries set up embassies and began trading here. The beautifully restored terraced buildings house a number of 25 Myistanbulinfo. İstiklal Street is one of the longest and most populated pedestrianised streets in İstanbul and is a great place to enjoy a coffee while people watching. These days Beyoğlu's alternative music and arts scene make it a popular choice for İstanbul‟s young. Flower Passage. Following the Ottoman conquest of İstanbul. the area was once home to a large Jewish merchant population and later. and Map No. Taksim. Previously known as „Pera‟. Open: Daily. 6 on page 28 for attractions along Istiklal Street.İstiklal Street. The Aya Triada was constructed in 1800 and is still in use today. is a world of its own.Istiklal Street. Taksim.000 years. This large district has been a place of settlement for over 2. It is adorned with stunning icons and frescoes. Situated right at the centre of all the action near Taksim Square. The architect Hüseyin Aga (Chief) is buried in the yard of the mosque together with Davut Aga. another chief from Ottoman times.Taksim. Hüseyin Aga Mosque was built in 1596. Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church. There is also a charming selection of cafes in the area. Descending towards the water. Taksim. during the 13th century. Istiklal & Beyoğlu Though still part of European İstanbul. This iconic Passage dates back to the mid 19th century and is lined with restaurants offering an upscale meyhane experience. restaurants and nightclubs.Taksim. hip and culturally aware. Genoese migrants moved in. See Ağa Mosque. which is also a favourite place of residence for artists and expats. and there is a fountain constructed by renowned Ottoman architect Sinan. especially along İstiklal Street in Taksim. the area is a popular shopping destination. Ç Network . French Street.. this impressively domed Greek Orthodox church is the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the city.Taksim. At night the area really comes alive. Every evening hundreds of thousands of patrons cram the narrow cobbled streets in and around İstiklal Street. 5 on page 27 for the locations for attractions in Beyoğlu. with an impressive array of bars. During the daytime. See Map No.Meselik Sok. Brave the crowds or take the historic tram from Tünel along its length. İstanbul‟s large Beyoğlu district lies across the Galata Bridge over the Golden Horn from the old city on the Eminönü Peninsula. around Tünel-Asmalımescit and Nevizade to feast and drink the night away. boutique fashion and kitsch in the city. 9am – 7pm.

Tram Stop: Tophane.Galatasaray. Its grandiose exterior and sweeping gardens make it one of İstiklal Street‟s most iconic structures. it was rebuilt from stone in 1348 by Genoese and has served many purposes since. İstanbul Modern Museum is a refreshing alternative for those who want to see a piece of the „new İstanbul. Hazzopulo Passage. jewellery and more. Galatasaray Lisesi is the second oldest Turkish high school in İstanbul. First constructed from wood in the year 507 AD by the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius.‟ Founded in 2004 and housing a decent collection from both Turkish and international artists. and is one of the oldest towers in the world. Tram Stop: Karakö Network . is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Open: Tuesday – Sunday. 9am – 8pm. 26 Myistanbulinfo. In a city that prides itself on its history. Galata Tower. Antrepo No:4.Galata. İstanbul Modern Museum of Modern ArtMeclis-i Mebusan Cad.İstiklal Street.. cafes and restaurants specialising in French cuisine and wines. Ph: +90-212-3347300. Established in 1481. wine houses. Directions: (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line: T1. Taksim.quaint boutiques and galleries as well as patisseries. Directions: Tram Line: T1. 10am – 6pm. Galatasaray Lycee (School). Taksim. artisans. İstanbul‟s largest contemporary art museum is the first of its kind in the city. Tophane. It is home to book sellers. Open: Daily. The Galata Tower is one of İstanbul‟s most iconic landmarks. This unusual passage off İstiklal Street opens into a leafy courtyard and tea garden.

com Network . Antuan Church 9: French Street 10: Tophane Nargile Cafes 11: Istanbul Modern Museum 12: To Taksim 13: Kabataş Hub( Ferry to Princes’ Islands.MAP 5: KARAKÖ is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Funicular to Taksim) İstiklal Street 27 Myistanbulinfo. BEYOĞLU AND AROUND 12 13 8 9 7 6 10 5 11 4 2 1 3 1: Galata Bridge 2: Karaköy Pier ( To Kadıköy) 3: To Eminönü 4: Tünel (Underground tram to İstiklal Street) 5: Galata Tower 6: Galata Mevlevi Monastery 7: Tünel-Asmalımescit 8: St.

MAP 6: İSTİKLAL STREET 1 2 3 7 9 8 4 10 9 6 5 10 11 1: Taksim Square 2: Aya Triada Greek Orthodox Church 3: Ağa Mosque 4: Galatasaray Lycee 5: French Street 6: Çukurcuma 7: Nevizade Street 8: Flower Passage 9: Saint Antuan Italian Catholic Church 10: Hazzo Pulo Passage 11: Tünel (Underground Tram to Karakoy) 28 Network .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

curries. No: 47. Weekday masses run Monday – Friday at 8am in English and 7pm in Turkish. No: 12. Arguably İstanbul‟s most famous street. mosques and embassies. Renowned New Zealand chef Peter Gordon has created an exciting menu which takes classical elements of Turkish cooking and brings in influences from many other cuisines. tofu and vegetable options. Istiklal Street is located in the city‟s Beyoğlu district on the European side of the city.İstiklal Street. Tünel. where young and old congregate on the brightly coloured bean bags and Ottoman style sofas with steaming glasses of tea in hand. Directions: Tram Line: T1 to Kabataş then funicular to Taksim Square. Ph: +90-212-2517064 This multi-award winning restaurant offers Turkish fusion cuisine inside a restored art noveau townhouse with hand painted ceilings and a variety of artworks by well known Turkish artists. It is only one stop and travels the uphill route from Karaköy to the end of İstiklal Street in Beyoğlu. Taksim. restaurants. Literally millions of people visit this wide and gracious pedestrianised boulevard each day to enjoy the multitude of shops.30am (Italian). This red-brick Venetian neo-gothic building dates to 1912 and is the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in İstanbul and one of the most important in the city. Taksim. CokCok offers a variety of appetizers. Saint Antuan Italian Catholic Church. Tünel is also the name of the district at the end of the İstiklal Street which is packed with bars. Mass: Saturday. soups. restaurants and cafes. Galatasaray..30am (Polish). Sevic Restaurant. bars. 11. 9. Changa. noodle. Do Get Lively at a Meyhane in Nevizade For a night of authentic Turkish fun. 6pm (Turkish). meat. it has gained notoriety for its strip of nargile (Turkish water pipe) cafes. Eat Cezayir Restaurant. This underground tunnel is the world‟s shortest and second oldest passenger terminal in Europe after Network . Mevlana Education & Culture Group organizes Mevlevi music concerts and the sema ceremony every Sunday at 6 pm at the Muammer Karaca Tiyatrosu (theater) on Istiklal Street. 10am (English).a traditional Turkish tavern .Hayriye Cad. These days. café/bar and a garden. CokCok Thai Restaurant. the building was constructed in 1901 by the Italian Workers‟ Society. Taksim‟s Nevizade district is one of the most famous Meyhane areas in the city. It contains a restaurant. This multi-space restaurant serves contemporary experimental Turkish fusion cuisine in the heart of Beyoğ is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Çiçek Pasaji No: 80.Taksim. drink and music merge in a vibrant celebration of the good things in life. cinemas. cafes. churches. No: 51. Sunday. synagogues. Combining elements of the Far East with modern European touches. Siraselviler. put aside an evening and head to a Meyhane.Siraselviler Cad.İstiklal Street No: 171. Ph: +90-212-2454892 Situated inside a former school in the Galatasaray district of Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu. 8am (English) and 6pm (Italian. art galleries. Try out Nargile on the Tophane Strip The ancient harbourside suburb of Tophane was first used by the Genoese and has hosted visitors ever since.Muammer Karaca Tiyatrosu No: 3. Beyoğlu.End of İstiklal Street.İstiklal Cad.Mesrutiyet Cad. Tepebaşi. Whirling Dervishes at Muammer Karaca (Theatre): . Ph: +90-212-2442867 29 Myistanbulinfo. lounge.where food. rice and hot plate dishes including seafood.

Tomtom Mah.İstiklal Cad. Peyote. İstiklal Cad. No: 7/5. The restaurant was founded as a beer house in 1948. Nardis Jazz Club. Cihangir. contains a restaurant. Live performances by DJ's and festival groups take place here regularly. The upstairs balcony. 5. Tünel – Asmalimescit. bar and gallery. This funkily-decorated glass penthouse. The Club boasts state-of-the-art acoustics and features a range of artists including performing solo artists. Ph: +90-212-2448567 Especially popular with the electronica crowd.İstiklal Cad. who play on the venue‟s own small stage.5th Floor. Beyoğlu. live music. K.Seyhbender Sok.. No: 10. Peyote is spread over three floors and plays a range of live Turkish rock and alternative music as well as hosting regular DJ sets. once a thriving bakery. located on the top of a 19th century apartment block. No: 3. Indigo plays a wide range of techno. Shop Evihan. Ghetto İstanbul.Kat. Balo Sokak No: 32. This unique bar is lined with artwork and jesters. Araf. Galata. metal and indie.Altıpatlar Sok. Greek. Ph: +90-212-2440034 30 is a member of MyDestinationInfo. pop. No: 22. 5. Beyoğlu. Kameriye Sok. Live traditional music is played nightly. Armenian and Arab-inspired local dishes. The top floor terrace gets packed on weekends. Çukurcuma. No: 4.. No: 14. DJ‟s and a lively dance floor. Ph: +90-212-2935480 A meyhane for the 2000s. Balans Jolly Joker. this popular joint in the Istiklal Street area fuses the best of the traditional old taverna with modern-day partying. and is now a common meeting place for Turkish artists.. Akarsu Sok. named after the mythical land between heaven and hell. Ph: +90-212-292-7368 Babylon is one of İstanbul‟s premier live music venues. Soganci Sok. a pumping nightclub. Drink 360 İstanbul.Sevic Restaurant is located inside the atmospheric Cicek Pasaji (Flower Passage) on Istiklal Street. Beyoğlu Ghetto İstanbul is a popular split-level music lounge set in the historic Mario Cantoni building. Babylon. Ghetto strives to be a „Genuine Music Lounge‟ and provides a venue with varied music styles and hosts events such as after-hour parties while the Lounge also serves a wide range of food. No: 1-2-4-5. Zarifi offers the ultimate Turkish party experience.. Galatasaray.8 Network .Kalyoncu Kulluk Cad. Ph: +90-212-2446327 Nardis Jazz Club is an authentic raw-brick. Indigo. roof terrace bar and special themed a busy and popular nightlife spot favoured by İstanbul‟s expat community as well as its locals. Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. This bar/nightclub is spread over two floors with views over the city. With over 80 Jewish.Kuledibi Sok.. Beyoğlu. beaded door hangings and giant chandeliers.purgatory. disco and indie music. Ph: +90-212-2448301 Araf.Çukurlu Çesme Sok. Ph: +90-212-2517762 This multi-storey pub hosts a range of live music acts including rock. with glass floor and seating. Ph: +90-212-2511042 360 İstanbul enjoys a 360 degree panoramic view of the city. Ph: +90-212-2514398 Located amongst the scattering of bars and meyhanes at the heart of pumping Nevizade. dimly lit jazz experience located near to the Galata Tower in Beyoğlu. DJ's also feature. During the weekend evenings it transforms into Club360.Kat attracts a flamboyant crowd with its popular restaurant.İstiklal Cad. this split level multipurpose nightclub hosts a wide variety of international and local acts and is also used as a gallery. the Marmara Sea. No: 4A.İstiklal Cad.. With capacity for 400 people.. performance space and theatre. Zarifi Restaurant. is especially popular. house. Balo Sok. Run Turkish actress Yasemin Alkaya who has decorated the venue in lavish purple velvet. Misir Apart. Balıkpazari. Beyoğlu.

There is a terrace bar and restaurant and a winter garden for the cooler months. Sleep Budget Chillout Cengo. business centre and meeting space. There is a small terrace restaurant which enjoys spectacular views of the water and city. Taksim. key chains. Double. t-shirts. triple and ensuite rooms are available as well as dormitories. restaurants and bars of Taksim. Ph: +90-212-2522527 This flea market is a treasure chest of retro objects and kitsch. just 400m from the Ataturk Cultural Centre in Taksim Square. No: 50a. Turkish bath. Talimhane. Cihangir.Sadi Konuralp Cad. an onsite cafe and more. Ph: +90-212-2935520. İstanbul's entertainment. bar.Faikpasa Cad.Lamartin Cad. Vie en Rose. this landmark building was lovingly restored to an SClass hotel.Mesrutiyet is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Siraselviler Cad. furniture and nic nacs. Ph: +90-212-3340830 The İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) has its own design store at the Deniz Palas in Şişhane. No: 85. The store stocks an inspiring collection of items such as notebooks. Pera Rose Hotel. non-fiction and magazines as well as stationery and music.year old stone building in a quiet are near to the Galata Tower. stationery. shopping and nightlife centre. this hostel is within minutes walk of all the shops. resting centre. Ph: +90-212-3616767. Taksim. World House Hostel. Tepebaşi. some of which enjoy Bosphorus views. Midtown Hotel. this boutique hotel has 31 rooms. Şişhane. sauna. Robinson Crusoe Bookstore..Taksim Square. which are each entirely unique. No: 16. Robinson Crusoe is jam packed with a wide range of Turkish and English language novels.This one-of-a-kind store in Çukurcuma stocks a gorgeous collection of handmade necklaces. Vardar Palace Hotel. garden or city. sells and rents out collectors‟ items and also features vintage clothing. honey and baked food items. No: 3. Evihan‟s specialty is its glass angels. No: 5. Situated two minutes from Taksim Square. No: 13. IKSV Design Shop. fully equipped health and fitness centre. No: 389. No: 37. All products are produced using certified organic oils and herbs which have been grown on organic Turkish farms. Guest can avail of the complimentary wireless internet and onsite cafe and restaurant. Constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. Halas Sok. Chillout is situated in the heart of Beyoğlu near İstiklal Street. Midrange Butik Star Hotel. Çukurcuma. Ph: +90-212-2520907 Vie en Rose is a natural herbal pharmacy which produces a range of fresh organic beauty products such as soaps. Atif Yilmaz Cad. There are 10 and 14-bed dorm rooms as well as a private room with shared bathroom. The Works: Objects of Desire. featuring a wide array of household items. The hotel has a wide range of facilities available for the business and leisure traveller including a restaurant.İstiklal Cad. Located in a 150.Siraselviler Cad. cafes. The store buys. Top End The Marmara İstanbul. creams and oils as well as herbal teas. free wireless internet. Siraselviler. No: 6/1. No: 87. 31 Myistanbulinfo. Siraselviler. Ph: +90-212-2936968 Set inside a narrow. this environmentally conscious hotel is steps away from İstiklal Street and offers 80 comfortable rooms. earrings. A popular and quirky option for groups or individuals wanting to experience the life and energy of Taksim. all of which enjoy views of the Bosphorus. crockery and much more. It enjoys a convenient location.Hüseyinaga Mah.Galipdede Cad. Opened in 2007. brooches and rings as well as clothing and accessories. Galata. high-ceilinged store on Istiklal Street. Taksim. Pera Rose Hotel is situated at the heart of Taksim. jewellery.Toz Pembe Yeni Yuva Network . Guests can avail of 24 hour reception.

Cariyeler (harem-concubine quarters). Wednesday. Saturday & Sunday. This stunning waterside structure is comprised of the Selamlik (ceremonial suites) and the Harem.Mesrutiyet Cad. Beylerbeyi. The Strait ends at the Black Sea. No: 52. See Map No. One of İstanbul‟s best known hotels. restaurants and nightclubs. this modern hotel also has its own spa and fitness centre. Dolmabahçe Palace was the last administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire. Leading from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea. Dolmabahç is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Beylerbeyi Palace was constructed between 1861 and 1865 during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz. From Üsküdar. it is the narrowest strait in the world used for international navigation. allowing passengers to see the many beautiful seaside suburbs . It‟s wonderful to watch the huge ships as they pass through this slender passage. Dolmabahçe Palace.4pm. Murder on the Orient Express here. Situated right on the Bosphorus.Aga Cad. See Beylerbeyi Palace. Ph: +90-2169320.which grace its shoreline. Bus Stop: Cayirbasi. locals flock to beach resorts such as Kilyos on the European side and Sile on the Asian side. Agatha Christie wrote her novel. Built between 1843 and 1856. These former villages are now popular places of residence for İstanbul‟s elite and are the site of some of İstanbul‟s most up-market hotels.Situated right in Taksim Square. meeting room facilities and several dining and drinking options. Beylerbeyi is spread over three floors with 26 rooms and has separate sections for men and women including a harem. The Marmara İstanbul boasts 5-star facilities in the very heart of the new city. bus line 15. Ortaköy. where some of the best beaches in the region are. Directions: Tram Line: T1. With 376 deluxe guest rooms and 82 club rooms spread over twenty floors. Friday. One of the loveliest palaces on İstanbul‟s Asian shores. -36 for the locations of attractions in Beşiktaş. 7-8 on page Error! Bookmark not defined.30am. 9.Ortaköy and along the Bosphorus.including Besiktas. Tram Stop: Kabataş. Open: Tuesday. Emirgan and Bebek. meeting rooms and an onsite spa. (From Sultanahmet): T1 tram to Eminönü then ferry to Üsküdar.. the Pera Palas was founded in 1892 to house guests of the Orient Express. During the summer Network . The Bosphorus is a popular option for a cruise in İstanbul. Beyoğlu. Pera Palas Hotel.Dolmabahçe Cad. which can be 32 Myistanbulinfo. Bosphorus and its Villages The Bosphorus Strait forms a division between the Asian and European sides of İstanbul. Directions: (From Taksim): F1 Funicular to Kabataş. and many famous visitors have graced its rooms since. It was recently renovated and has a range of luxurious rooms and suites as well as restaurants. then ferry to Üsküdar.

9am – 4.30pm (Winter). Bus Stop: Ciragan. Rising fearfully on a hill above the narrowest part of the Bosphorus. Thursday. No: 22 Emirgan.000 objects spread over two buildings and a garden.. Wednesday. Friday. then switch to bus line 22. model ships.5pm.. seals. Directions: (From Taksim): Bus Lines 40. navigational equipment.30pm.Ortakoy Meydani. The Museum is partially closed for is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Ortakoy Mosque.30am – 5. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line T1 to Kabataş then switch to bus line 22. Sunday: 10am .Çiragan Network . of which the latter is decorated with finely painted pink mosaics. calligraphy and artifacts. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line T1 to Kabataş then switch to bus line 22. Closed Mondays.visited separately or together. Open: Daily. 40T or 42T. It is Turkey‟s largest palace and has expansive gardens. 10am – 9pm (Summer). lights and clocks as well as impressively adorned Imperial barges which were once used to ferry the Ottoman sultans and their families along the Bosphorus. Open: Tuesday – Sunday. Bus Stop: Rumeli Hisari.. 22RE or 25E. (From Sultanahmet) Tram Line T1. this military stronghold was built in just four months in the year 1452 by Sultan Mehmed II as a way to aid in his efforts to snatch Constantinople from Byzantine power. Open: Daily. Ph: +90-212-2772200. Directions: (From Taksim): Bus Lines 40.Sakip Sabanci Cad. Besiktas. İstanbul's Naval Museum is the largest of its kind in Turkey and contains around 20. Ortakoy. Open: Wednesday – Sunday. 9. Bus Stop: Ortakoy. 22RE or 25E. then switch to bus line 22. Wednesday from 10am . 40T or 42T. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line T1 to Kabataş. Saturday and Sunday. Bus Stop: Ortakoy. Yıldız.1pm.Hayrettin Iskelesi Sok. engravings and paintings. 22RE or 25E. It is located within a beautiful historic villa and enjoys a scenic spot by the Bosphorus in Emirgan. It is set right on the shores of the Bosphorus and has two minarets and a single dome. Rumeli Hisari. Yıldız Park. who come here to drink tea and enjoy a picnic while escaping the heat and pressures of the city. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line T1 to Kabataş then bus line 22E to Besiktas. Do 33 Myistanbulinfo. 40T or 42T. 9am . Open: Tuesday. Bus Stop: Emirgan. This Baroque style mosque was built in 1854 by the Armenian Nikogos Balyan. There are also fine examples of Islamic calligraphy done by Sultan Abdülmecid himself.Yahya Kemal Cad. Saturday. Sakip Sabanci Museum. It was once part of the Yıldız Palace complex and enjoys spectacular views of the Bosphorus. Bus Stop: Emirgan. Directions: (From Taksim): Bus Lines 40. stamps. 40T or 42T. Friday. Open: Tuesday. Naval Museum. Ph: +90-212-3274345 Directions: (From Taksim): Bus or dolmus to Besiktas. designer of Dolmabahce Palace. Bus Stop: Rumeli Hisari. This picturesque park is one of the largest urban parks in İstanbul with much of the flora and fauna dating to Ottoman times. Bus Stop: Ciragan. 9am – 7pm.6pm. It houses a vast collection which includes weaponry. Directions: (From Taksim): Bus Lines: 40. 22RE or 25E. Tram Stop: Kabataş. Rumeli Fortress. Sabanci University‟s Sakip Sabanci Museum houses an impressive collection of Turkish and Ottoman painting. 9am – 3pm. The Park is especially popular with locals.

Muallim Naci Cad. Ortakoy has developed a reputation for having the best Kumpir in the city. No: 44. Anjelique in Ortakoy has panoramic views over the Bosphorus and the nearby Ortaköy Mosque. SupperClub.Muallim Naci Cad.Muallim Naci Cad. Ph:+90-212-3272844 Open as a summer venue from May through October. Kuruçeş is a member of Network . bars. This is the place to be seen in İstanbul and is a popular celebrity hangout. This serene restaurant transforms into a pumping nightclub as the sun goes down. No: 65. Suada is one of the most unique venues in İstanbul. Ph: +90-212-327-8585 Sortie is home to a variety of swanky restaurants serving world cuisine as well as its pumping nightclub. This popular Ortaköy nightlife venue is only open during the summer months. There is a line of dedicated Kumpir stands near the main road and many of the area‟s cafes also offer their own versions. Salhane Sok. No: 9. Ph: +90-212-2611988 Perched under the Bosphorus Bridge in İstanbul's stunning Kuruçeşme district. Ortaköy.Have Kumpir in Ortakoy Take a baked potato and stuff it with just about anything delicious imaginable and you get Kumpir. Ph: +90-212-2595919 One of İstanbul's most famous nightclubs. No:5. Kuruçeşme.Muallim Naci Cad. Reina. Ph: +90-212-2617233 Situated inside a lovingly restored Ottoman house just steps away from the Bosphorus in Ortaköy. restaurants and a special party area. Anjelique. 34 Myistanbulinfo. Sortie. No: 42-46. art and regular performances and interactive shows in one of the most unusual nightlife experiences in İstanbul. Hazal Kilim features an extensive selection of old and antique carpets. entrees and mains with unlimited alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks. The store specialises in Anatolian pieces.and there are few things nicer than sitting by the water and admiring the Bosphorus Bridge above while chowing down on a hot potato. this extensive entertainment and recreation centre is the ideal place to relax or party the night away. Ph: +90-212-2365017 Al Jamal Badawi in Besiktas combines mouthwatering tastes from Lebanese cuisine with a highly entertaining Turkish-Arabian night show. Suada. With an Olympic sized swimming pool. Shop Hazal Kilim.Mecidiye Köprüsü Sok.if not the country. Ortaköy. Akaretler.a real Turkish delight. Ortaköy. There is no cover charge but the dress code is strict. Prices are high and the door policy is very strict..Galatasaray Island. Eat & Drink Al Jamal Badawi. This large venue features several gourmet restaurants alongside its lively club. No: 141. Al Jamal offers a set menu with delicately presented traditional mezes.Süleyman Seba Cad. Especially popular with locals. SupperClub offers a "feast for all senses" with its fine Italian-Mediterranean cuisine with lively music. kilims and accessories. Reina is situated right on the Bosphorus. Ortaköy. Ph: +90-212-2595919 Situated on Galatasaray Island in the middle of the Bosphorus.

com Network .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Ferry to Princes’ Islands) 3: Taksim Square 4: İstiklal Street 5: Dolmabahçe Palace 6: İnönü Stadium 7: Maçka Park 8: Military Museum 9: Nişantaşı 10: Naval Museum 11: Beşiktaş Pier 12: Yıldız Park 13: Ortaköy 14: Bosphorus Bridge 15: Bosphorus 16: Üsküdar 1 15 35 Myistanbulinfo.MAP 7: BEŞİKTAŞ & ORTAKÖY 9 14 13 8 12 7 10 6 5 11 3 4 15 2 1: İstanbul Modern Museum 2: Kabataş Hub ( Funicular to Taksim.

com Network .MAP 8: BOSPHORUS AND OUTSIDE THE CITY CENTRE 6 8 7 4 3 5 1 2 1: Sultanahmet 2: Eminönü 3: Ortaköy 4: Rumeli Fortress 5: Beylerbeyi Palace 6: Kilyos 7: Riva 8: Şile 36 is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

either at the local markets or at the area‟s large shopping malls. This stylish bar serves a wide range of tapas and sushi alongside exotic cocktails and other drinks. Şişli can be easily reached from most parts of İstanbul. Network . it has its own metro and metrobus stops at ŞişliMecidiyeköy. The Nişantaşı quarter. Tribeca Café. pizza and more. cafes. Ph: +90-212-2250710 Featuring both traditional Turkish and international options. Along with its long list of New York Style filled bagels.Sunday. Eat & Drink Biber Bar. this popular cafe also serves fresh salads. this restaurant has been offering top quality food in an elegant atmosphere since 1982. Ph: +90-212-2314105.Sakayik Sok. Shop 37 Myistanbulinfo. secondary schools and university preparation colleges also makes it a popular place to study. pasta. Şişli‟s central location and wealth of English language schools. and is a popular place for locals to enjoy pre dinner drinks and snacks. with its narrow streets. Open: Wednesday . Şişli is also home to two well known Jewish sites: the Italian Jewish Cemetery and the Sisli Beth Israel Synagogue. No: 8/B. bars and restaurants. Park Samdan Restaurant. Nişantaşı. Komsu Restaurant. Isik Apt. juicy burgers. No: is a member of MyDestinationInfo. See İstanbul Military Museum.Şişli & Nişantaşı İstanbul‟s large Şişli district is a popular residential area for İstanbul‟s middle and upper classes. Ph: +90-212-2250461 Tribeca specialises in its top 3: Coffee. including many different kinds of succulent meat and kebab dishes complimented by traditional Turkish desserts. the exhibits are spread over 22 rooms on two floors.Askeri Muze.Abdi İpekçi Cad.Vali Konagi Cad. Nişantaşı. No: 51.Mim Kemal Oke Cad No: 18/1. Pizza and Bagel. and frequent buses and minibuses pass through. Nişantaşı. There is a smoothie bar on site as well as a range of hot and cold coffees and drinks. charming art nouveau architecture and upmarket boutiques. Although the district was used as a hunting ground during the days of the Ottoman Empire. 9am – 5pm. Nişantaşı. Many come to Şişli to shop. Ph: +90-212-2332720 İstanbul‟s Military Museum houses an impressive collection of warfare artifacts which date from the Ottoman era until the end of World War II. Situated inside in an old military academy where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself once studied. is home to a large concentration of highly educated and wealthy residents. Ph: +90-212-2249666 Komsu Nisantasi features a tempting array of South East Anatolian specialties on its menu. high street brands such as Dior and Versace have now taken over.

colours and fabrics. Interestingly. Opened in October 2005 in İstanbul‟s Sisli district. the works chart the development of modern art over the last 15 years.Ark Line. Eat & Drink Askana Mantı Restaurant. Etiler and Ulus make up the „New‟ İstanbul. Saturday. All of the store‟s rugs are authentic. including the tallest skyscraper in Turkey . Ph: +90-212-2408731. Cevahir Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Europe and the 6th largest in the world. Günes Öztarakçi Carpet & Kilim. Etiler & Ulus The districts of Levent. Nişantaşı. Housed inside a glass warehouse in İstanbul's fast developing Maslak business district. bus and metrobus. Ph: +90-212-2687442. Cevahir Shopping Mall. this shopping and entertainment centre has 343 shops spread over 10 floors. 10am – 5pm.meaning 'cushion' in Turkish – stocks an exquisite selection of cushions which are influenced by many cultures and styles. colours and lines used in its vibrant creations.Meydan Sok. Baby Giz Plaza. Olcay Apt. Founded by a Tartar family in 1987. Yastik by Rifat Ozbek. Mecidiyeköy. Open: Wednesday – Friday. Ph: +90-2122251954 Günes Öztarakçi was the first female in İstanbul to open a carpet store. Large shopping malls such as Akmerkez in Etiler and Kanyon in Levent are directly accessible via the metro system. Ark Line offers a contemporary interpretation of Ottoman fashion. Tuesdays by appointment only. particularly during the winter months.. Proje4L/ Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art skillfully merges a unique collection of international works with some of Turkey's best established and promising artists. Turkel Apt. Yastik . Ph: +90-2122259456 The epitome of "ethno-chic".the Is Bankasi Tower. Nişantaşı.Ihlamur Yolu No: 5 is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Sakayik Sok. Rifat Özbek and Erdal Karaman have come together to create a series of unique designs which bring in a wide variety of patterns. Levent and Etiler are also host to some of the city‟s top bars and nightclubs. The area is well connected with the rest of the city by metro.Mim Kemal Öke Cad 5. fabric. Askana Manti is one of the best loved Manti (Turkish ravioli) restaurants in İstanbul. Hereke silk rugs and vegetable dyed carpets.Buyukdere Caddesi No: 22. B Blok. Nişantaşı. Levent. The store specialises in women's clothing and has gained worldwide attention for the unique style. making it possible to enter them directly from the metro station.. This area has developed into the city‟s central business and financial district and many skyscrapers crowd the area. 10am – 4pm. Her quality collection includes rare antique rugs. See Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art. handwoven Network . both locally and abroad. No: 1. No:13/1 Tesvikiye.Metehan Sok. The restaurant has been serving its ever popular Cig Borek as well as Manti to 38 Myistanbulinfo. Ulus. Anatolian kilims. Maslak. Ph: +90-2122902525.

Bağdat Street. This Levent restaurant offers stunning views of the city. eyewear and gift shops along with practical services. Metrocity Shopping Mall.Nispetiye Cad.Levent Bellevue Residence. cosmetics. This popular celebrity hangout features a pool. as well as 160 retail stores and many restaurants and cafes. cafes. Michelin star oriental fusion restaurant opened in 2008. Italian and Mediterranean style dishes in a chic environment. Q Cab by Coppa.. from which all trains from the east arrive into.satisfied customers for decades. Hakkasan Fusion Restaurant. Football fans flock to the Fenerbahce Stadium which is within walking distance of Kadıköy‟s ferry terminal. bars. No: 185. 39 Myistanbulinfo. Levent. many of which teach English at the surrounding language schools. It‟s a popular place of residence for İstanbul‟s sizeable expat community. Kanyon is one of Europe‟s most unique shopping complexes. Kadıköy. This long established venue has been running for over 30 years and is prized for its good service. Oriental and western tunes are offered by experienced DJs. Opened in 2006. toys. Ph: +90-212-2634898.Nispetiye Cad. Asian Side( Kadıköy & Üsküdar ) The Asian side of İstanbul. hamams. Ph: +90212-3198888.Ahmet Adnan Saygun Cad. though often missing from the itinerary of travellers to İstanbul.Buyukdere Cad. from honey roasted Chilean sea bass to a modern take on Peking Duck. Samdan Restaurant & Nightclub. It includes a fitness centre and state-of-the-art 9 screen cinema which plays both English and Turkish films.Büyükdere Cad. Another hot shopping spot is Bahariye Street in Kadıköy. Ph: +90-2123582929 Club 29 is one of İstanbul's most prestigious nightclubs and can only be reached by boat across the Bosphorus. Ulus Parki Ici No: 1. books and stationery. sun terrace and large dance floor with many open air areas. Most visitors to the Asian side will arrive at its ferry terminal. the first place of settlement in İstanbul. local markets and small delicatessens. electronics. Club 29.Levent. Named “The Best Suburban Shopping Centre in Europe” in 1995.Büyükdere Cad. No: 185. Situated in Kanyon Shopping Centre. restaurants and designer stores.. It‟s also within easy reach of the historical Maiden‟s Tower.. 7 1. home ware. Hakkasan features an exciting range of dishes. Akmerkez is a large complex consisting of over 250 stores offering fashion. Ulus. Ph: +902122670010 Coppa Bar & Restaurant offers a delicious range of Turkish. it‟s equally popular with the Sunday brunch crowd.. restaurant. is a member of MyDestinationInfo. 1. backstreet markets and bookstores. tree-lined promenade dotted with European style cafes. with beautiful mosques. Kanyon Shopping Mall. The „Istiklal Street‟ of the Asian side.Nispetiye Cad. Shop Akmerkez Shopping Mall. Levent. The nearby seaside suburb of Üsküdar is equally enchanting. While the fashionable come here to be seen. sportswear. Levent. restaurants and cafes and an underground car park with capacity for 1200 vehicles. is a very long. or into Haydarpaşa Train Station. this stylish. Aydin Sok. Kanyon Shopping Centre. Etiler. No: 30. This large mall is spread over 5 floors with over 165 shops. which makes frequent trips to the European Network . is nevertheless worth visiting for a glimpse into local life in İstanbul. Samdan's restaurant is on the first floor while the nightclub is one storey up. has a large array of restaurants. Etiler.

(From Sultanahmet): Tram T-1 to Eminönü. and is offset by a colourful interior complete with a turquoise minbar. Prettily perched on the edge of the Marmara Sea in all its fairy-tale splendour.Selmanaga Mah. this tribute to one of the most important pioneers of modern nursing. Selimiye Kislasi. then ferry to Üsküdar. Haydarpaşa Railway Station must surely be one of the more scenic transport hubs in the world.Kız Kulesi – Salacak.entrance to Karacaahmet Cemetery.means that a ferry crossing is an infinitely more pleasurable way to get to Asia.. 9am – 7pm. 9am – 7pm. Directions: (From Taksim): F-1 funicular to Kabataş then private ferry to Salacak. Directions: (From Sultanahmet): Ferry from Sirkeci to Harem. Directions: Ferries from Eminönü and Karaköy stop by Haydarpaşa before continuing on to Kadıköy. Unlike other mosques. (From Taksim): Bus 110 or dolmus. Open: Daily. Maiden’s Tower. Directions: (From Taksim): Funicular F-1 to Kabatas. (From Sultanahmet): Ferry from Eminonu to Kadikoy. Her personal items are on display as well as the room she once stayed in. the horrendous city traffic.500 years. walk from is a member of MyDestinationInfo. is situated in a tower inside the still functioning Selimiye military barracks in Harem. See Florence Nightingale Museum. Üsküdar. Visitors must obtain permission to visit more than 48 hours beforehand and passports must be shown at the entrance. this mosque enjoys a spectacular location near the ferry landing in Üsküdar. then bus line bus 12A to Üsküdar. this beautiful landmark tower has a history spanning over 2.Haydarpaşa . Directions: (From Taksim): Funicular F-1 to Kabatas. ask to get off at Selimiye Kislasi. Designed by renowned Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan and completed in 1548. Harem. Bus Stop: Zeynep Kamil. Dubbed the most modern mosque in Turkey. (From Sultanahmet): Tram Line T1 to Kabataş then private ferry to Salacak. Şakirin was the first of its kind in the world to have had a woman partake in the interior design. Şakirin Mosque.particularly during rush Network . it has served a variety of purposes in its time and is the subject of many legends. Üsküdar. the Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Üsküdar. Located on a tiny islet near Üsküdar on the Asian side. Open: 9am – 4pm.Birinci Ordu Komutanligi. Though both bridges enjoy wonderful views. There is a café and restaurant onsite. Open: Daily. Also known as Leander‟s Tower (Kız Kulesi in Turkish). 40 Myistanbulinfo. Its cool. take bus line 12A to Kadıköy. the Station has provided a crucial link between Turkey and the rest of the Middle East for over a century. Kadıköy. Englishwoman Florence Nightingale. then ferry to Üsküdar. Dedicated to the 'Lady of the Lamp'. Haydarpasa Train Station. From Üsküdar. Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. glass and wrought iron. ultramodern exterior with makes use of aluminium. then ferry to Üsküdar.There are two bridges which connect the European side of İstanbul to the Asian side. there is equal prayer space for both men and women. Bus Stop: Zeynep Kamil. Gifted to Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamid II by his German ally Kaiser Wilhelm II in the early part of the 20th century.

Kanaat Lokanta. Cavusdere.. which boats a plethora of charming cafes. Baylan Patisserie. which is a focal point of “culinary research and application. Situated in the residential district of Ataşehir." It brings together a diverse range of flavours from Turkey and its surrounding countries.Caferaga Mah. Güneslibahçe Sok. Sleep My Dora Hotel.Osmanağa Mah. offering a touch of nostalgia at the heart of Kadıköy. including several dining and drinking options. Ph: +90-216-3303190 Çiya Restaurant continues to inspire and innovate with its highly imaginative cuisine. with many well loved specialties. No: 12. No: 1/1. this modest eatery serves homestyle Ottoman cuisine. Kadıköy.Kayisdagi Cad. from dark gothic style houses to colourful garden venues and heavy metal dives.Murat Reis Mah. this beautiful Turkish bath is one of the oldest in the area and is favoured by locals and expats for its reasonable prices. Muhurdar Fuat Sok.Kadife is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Kadıköy..Rıhtım Caddesi. My Dora Hotel İstanbul blends Italian and English design in this classic hotel in Kadıköy on the Asian side of İstanbul. One of the oldest restaurants in İstanbul.Selmanipak Cad. Viktor Levi Wine House. Ph: +90-216-3478596 Set inside a historic wooden mansion on Kadıköy‟s main bar street. This narrow street teems with charming. Parkhouse Hotel & Spa. No: 9. this lively Greek style tavern restaurant offers world and Mediterranean style cuisine along with live music. Kadıköy. No: 4. This traditional patisserie and sweet shop is an Asian side institution.Kadife Sok. Chill out at Çinili Hamam. Ataşehir. Damaci Sok. Eat & Drink Agapia Restaurant. Many of the rooms come with a Jacuzzi or hydromassage and there is a lobby and panoramic roof terrace onsite. travelling the length of Bahariye Street and into Moda proper. Üsküdar. İstanbul Marriott Asia. catering to just about any taste. No: 43. This newly built 4 star hotel is nestled amongst the charming boutiques and eateries in the area and boasts its own beautiful bathhouse and spa onsite.Muvakkithane Cad.Cafer Aga Mah. Kadıköy. Kadıköy. It is part of the international Marriott Hotel Network . cleanliness and friendly service.Do Take the nostalgic tram from Kadıköy to Moda The nostalgic tram does a loop around Kadıköy. No: 29. Ph: +90216-4499329. 41 Myistanbulinfo. No: 19. Built in 1640. Recaizade Sok. It has 32 loft-inspired rooms which come equipped with all modern conveniences. Kadife Sokak (Bar Street) in Kadıköy. this 238-room five star hotel boats a wide range of facilities and services at the heart of Asian İstanbul. Çiya. Kadıköy. This charming wine bar and restaurant is set inside a three-storey Ottoman mansion and serves a tasty array of Turkish and international dishes along with a comprehensive wine list. character-filled bars. No: 6. art galleries and a large seaside promenade and is the perfect spot for Sunday brunch or a sunset drink. Üskudar.. Kadıköy. Moda Cad.

the Princes' Islands make for an easy day trip from İstanbul. Located about an hour from the city. archaeological digs in the Çanakkale province of modern day Turkey discovered ancient ruins which are thought to be that of the city of Troy. Most of the houses are made of wood and enjoy a stately air. Heybeliada. there are a plethora of cafes and restaurants on hand as well as fruit shops and ice cream stalls. It‟s also relatively easy to reach by car or bus. beautiful scenery and its close proximity to the WWI battlefield of Gallipoli. Frequent ferries depart from Eminönü and stop in at the four main islands.Büyükada. Motorized vehicles are banned from the Islands so the most popular transport method is horse and cart. synagogues. Many of the beaches host beach clubs and are renowned for their fish restaurants. and make for the perfect day trip or weekend getaway. many of which are privatised. The ethnic diversity is clearly visible on the Princes‟ Islands. churches. in the 1860‟s. Iliad and The Odyssey. the four main islands .Attractions Outside the City Centre Black Sea Beaches The Black Sea beaches of Kilyos on the European side and Ağva and Şile on the Asian side provide a welcome respite from the summer heat. These quaint carriages are a unique and practical way to navigate around the Islands and to visit their beaches. Troy & Gallipoli Troy‟s history. Burgazada and Kinaliada house a number of beautiful monasteries. Troy became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. Armenian and Jewish populations. beaches and Victorian era mansions. Weekend Destinations Although there is so much to explore in İstanbul alone. some of which date back to about 3000BC. and is worth visiting for its ruins. the Black Sea can be reached by bus from İstanbul. the Islands are now a popular summer spot for locals and tourists alike. There are many different companies in İstanbul which offer guided tours to Troy and Gallipoli. 42 Myistanbulinfo. its ancient is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Situated in the Marmara Sea. The Islands are a perfect place to relax with a plate of fish and a glass of raki or beer on a balmy summer evening The Princes Islands‟ are easily reachable from İstanbul. made famous by Homer‟s poem‟s. swimming or simply lazing about works up a hunger. Named for the fact that undesirable princes were exiled here. was for a long time thought to have been based on Greek mythology. If the Network . A huge wooden horse has been erected in the town of Troy and is a popular playground for children. some of Turkey‟s most historical and beautiful cities are easily reachable from İstanbul. Princes’ Islands This group of nine islands ooze old world charm. However. Still home to substantial Greek.

The St. The Edirne Palace is also worth visiting as is the city‟s Roman district. cuisine. and has a wealth of surrounding woodlands. is located near the Greek and Bulgarian borders in the far west part of Turkey. Famous for its mosques. İznik was also made famous in the 16th and 17th centuries for the exquisite colourful tiles produced in the city. bazaars and thermal hot springs. architecture. Edirne Edirne. Housed inside the beautifully restored former kitchen of Lady Nilüfer. a large ski resort. Edirne is host to the annual Kirkpinar oil wrestling competition which takes place in summer and draws large crowds to the city. textiles. museums. was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and is Turkey‟s fourth largest city with a population of over Network . the capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1457 until Constantinople (İstanbul) was conquered. it makes for a popular day trip (or longer) and is easily reachable by ferry from İstanbul. İznik is situated 85km from Bursa on Lake İznik.5million.000. making it easily reachable from İstanbul. There are regular bus services between İstanbul and İ is a member of MyDestinationInfo. With a population of around 34. This small and compact city is famous for its textiles. the building dates to 1388. Frequent buses depart from the Büyük Otogar (Big Bus Station) to Edirne. Bursa is situated on the foothills of Mount Uludağ. built in 1575. 43 Myistanbulinfo.Bulgaria trains also make a stop in Edirne but the travel time is significantly longer. carpets and silk and houses the spectacular Selimiye Mosque. İznik Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit. The İstanbul – Greece and İstanbul . İznik One of the most important cities in the history of Christianity in Turkey and in the world. which has the highest minarets of any mosque in Turkey. Buses and ferries travel frequently between İstanbul and Bursa. with beautiful wooden houses from the Ottoman era.Bursa Bursa. lying south of İstanbul on the Marmara Sea. Sophia Cathedral was the seat of the Second Eucomenical Council in 325AD and is one of İznik‟s most visited sites.

on the Asian side of the city).East and West. Byzantine and Ottoman empires and has been witness to several invasions by foreign forces. In 532. Following the riots. The Roman Empire (330-395 AD) During the 6th century BC Byzantium fell to the Persians.‟ Mehmet made use of cannons to attack the city and it was taken over in a relatively short time. Still.and though the Western Roman Empire quickly collapsed. The Grand Bazaar and Topkapı Palace were also constructed during this period. however. Constantinople was renamed İstanbul and as the new capital of the Ottoman Empire the city underwent an intense religious. The Ottoman Empire (1453-1922) In 1453. while evidence of human settlement from the Copper and Bronze Ages has also been found. Some of the more well known of these churches include the Hagia Sophia and Chora Churches. In just one week. the settlers expanded their colony to include the European side opposite and named it Byzantium in honour of the King. Latin Empire (1204 – 1261) Latin forces invaded in 1204 during the Fourth is a member of MyDestinationInfo. the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire remained strong for over a millennium. Neolithic sites dating to an incredible 7000BC were recently discovered. it wasn‟t until many years later .com Network . İstanbul’s Origins The origins of İstanbul are under some dispute. almost half of the city was destroyed by fire and many thousands were killed in the Hippodrome. İstanbul served as the capital of the Roman.that the city became the official capital of the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great and was renamed Constantinople. Justinian went about reconstructing the city and erected several important buildings such as the great Hagia Sophia. Eastern style ceremonies remained. All of these influences have helped add to the archaeological. The Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire (395-1204 & 1261-1453 AD) In 390AD the Roman Empire split in two. architectural and cultural diversity in this colossal metropolis. when Greek colonists led by King Byzas established a colony in Chalcedon (modern day Kadıköy.İstanbul's History İstanbul‟s rich history is a product of layer upon layer of civilizations and it‟s of little wonder that this strategically important and majestic city has been so bitterly contested since its existence. it was conquered by the Romans and Byzantium became a province of the Roman Empire. with Christian motifs and symbols plastered over or destroyed and minarets added. earning him the title „The Conqueror. In 64BC. The Emperor went about extensively rebuilding Byzantium to a position of glory. Christianity dominated while the Roman legal system was adopted. Most of İstanbul‟s churches were converted to mosques. precious artefacts and churches were subjected to extensive looting and desecration until the Byzantines finally regained control again in 1261AD. In 667BC. the city witnessed the most terrible riots in its history following a built up of tension between the Emperor Justinian and the general populace in what was dubbed the Nika Revolt. economic and cultural transformation. İstanbul‟s position over two continents continues to make it as unique as it is mysterious. 44 Myistanbulinfo. Sultan Mehmet II conquered 330AD . Following the conquest. The most commonly accepted legend relating to the foundation of İstanbul centres around the 7th century BC. For almost 60 years the city remained under Latin control and many of the city‟s prime monuments.

com is a member of MyDestinationInfo. with a series of revolts. İstanbul has developed into a major tourist destination. Modern Turkey & İstanbul The first democratic elections in Turkey took place in 1950. In 1845 the first Galata Bridge was built and eight years later Dolmabahce Palace was completed. 45 Myistanbulinfo. The city‟s beautiful location and weather. Under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk).com Network . The city was to experience the effects of many conflicts in the 20th century. The new civil code modeled after the Swiss civil code was introduced. Turkish is said to be one of the most influential cuisines in the world and gained its legacy from Ottoman times. friendly locals and seemingly never ending array of attractions make it a popular holiday choice for many. transport and industrialization. and focus on the use of the freshest ingredients such as fruit. the importation of produce is not so common and dishes usually have a seasonal and regional twist. meat and seafood. İstanbul has seen a period of huge population increase and it continues to expand at a rapid pace. which underwent major redevelopment and reconstruction in housing.During the 17th century. territory losses and the 1778 Plague which resulted in huge loss of life. Eating in İstanbul Turkish cuisine is as varied and colourful as its people. the last of which occurred in 1980. oregano. Despite this. In the last decades. Between 1919 and 1923 Turkish people fought during the War of Independence. Turkish Republic (1923 . The 19th century saw a number of architectural. Along with French and Chinese. pepper. political and economic changes take place in the city. World War I marked the collapse of the Ottoman Empire as İstanbul was defeated and occupied by the Allies. a commitment to democracy and secular government. causing great tensions in Turkey and especially in İstanbul. dried chili flakes. in the years following there were 3 military coups. Even today. Dishes are usually relatively simple to produce yet very flavourful. Turkey was declared an independent republic in 1923 and the capital was moved to Ankara. The stock exchange in İstanbul opened the following year and in 1877 the first Ottoman parliament was established. the Ottoman Empire began to decline in importance. vegetables. Among these reforms include the modernization of the constitution. including the first and second Balkan wars and the two World Wars. Women gained the rights to vote and legal equality between the sexes was established.) Atatürk carried out a series of reforms in an effort to modernise Turkey. mint and thyme and many dishes are served with lemon and/or yoghurt. The modernisation efforts were especially noticeable in Istanbul and main cities of Anatolia. The most common herbs and spices used in Turkish cuisine include salt.

the cooler climes of eastern Anatolia relies more heavily on richer. honey.Regional Specialties Turkey‟s large land area. Armenia and Georgia. Kebabs Kebabs are everywhere in Turkey and come in a wide variety of types. pork is not part of Turkish is a member of MyDestinationInfo. whether it be grilled as a kebab.dolma. variety of climates and number of borders has led to significant regional differences in Turkish cuisine. fresh cooking is dominant. and consist of green or red peppers or eggplant stuffed with spiced minced meat and spices. Azerbaijan. Check out some of the best Kebab restaurants in İstanbul here.are especially common.such as Greece. Stuffed foods . peppers. tomatoes. Bulgaria. Syria. lamb. eggplant. onion and spices and served with fresh lettuce. The Aegean. Sis kebab is a term for diced. and gözleme. tomato. Adana and Urfa kebabs are long meatball-like strips which are skewered and cooked over a coal grill. Turkey‟s neighbours. bulgur wheat or tomato and most meze dishes are vegetarian and make liberal use of spinach. focus on the abundant use of herbs. slow-cooked dishes such as stews. cabbage. which hails from the city of Bursa. The Turkish Breakfast The Turkish breakfast usually revolves around white crusty bread or simit (the Turkish sesame bagel) served with butter. While in the warmer. but while the Urfa kebab is made with onion. peppers. so be sure to ask first. the Turkish pancake. olives. less commonly. Meat Dishes Meat. Vegetarian Dishes Many Turkish dishes rely heavily on fresh vegetables and vegetarians will find that there are a variety of options available which don‟t include meat. for instance. consists of doner meat laid over cubed bread pieces and topped with melted butter and a garlic-tomato sauce and yoghurt. The cheapest and most commonly found kebab is the doner kebab which is made from paper thin slices of roasted lamb. vegetables and seafood. This dish is made from bulgur wheat. Breakfast is almost always served with Turkish tea or. Another popular vegetarian food in Turkey is ciğ köfte. Southeastern Turkish food is famous for its many kebabs and desserts. Iran. sausage and boiled eggs. instant coffee. whole fruit preserves. beef and chicken are popular in any form. stewed or fried. while the Black Sea area‟s main ingredients include corn and fish. 46 Myistanbulinfo. while Iskender kebab. which comes in both a meat option („et‟) or without meat („etsiz‟). is found in many Turkish dishes and is usually cooked with vegetables. spices. garlic. clotted cream. marinated meat such as lamb. the Adana kebab makes more liberal use of garlic and hot spices. beef or chicken and served in bread with salad and pickles. Veal. usually in the form of minced beef or lamb. Network . a ravioli style pasta served with yoghurt and garlic. tomato. Both are made with minced meat. Central Anatolian cuisine is well known for its rich pasta dishes such as mantı. string beans. drier southern parts of Turkey light. chicken or beef which is cooked over a coal grill. Mediterranean and Marmara regions. Other popular morning dishes include savoury pastries and omelets. yoghurt and cucumber. Soups are usually made from lentils. herbs and lemon. As Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country.have also left their stamp on the country‟s cuisine and in turn have been influenced by Turkish flavours and methods.

Other popular desserts include Turkish delight. cinnamon and the dried powdered root of a mountain orchid. Mezes are usually brought to the table on a large tray. rakı has gained the well deserved title of „lion‟s milk. For this reason. sugar. sweet. made from sweetened fermented wheat and served cold with roasted chickpeas. While most carry on to the main course. Another common winter brew is boza. Stuffed mussels. it‟s perfectly acceptable to stick with mezes for the whole meal. strong aniseed infused liquor.‟ Desserts Many visitors to Turkey find they go home a few kilograms heavier thanks. Turkish elastic ice cream made with wild orchid tubers. doner kebab. This popular winter drink is sold on the street and in many cafes. available all year long. macun (a jelly prepared with 41 different spices). similar to a pretzel) is everywhere. meatballs. a is a member of MyDestinationInfo. and diners can pick and choose what they wish. Baklava is a sweet. the most common of which include sütlaç (rice pudding) and tavuk göğsü. Fruit based desserts cooked with cinnamon. while simit (round baked bread. a salted yoghurt drink which often accompanies kebabs. Mezes can be made from vegetables. Common mezes include dolma. chewy dessert made from thin layers of filo pastry with walnuts or pistachio soaked in honey or sugar syrup. 47 Myistanbulinfo. flat bread pizza with minced meat and no cheese) restaurants as well as small roadside kiosks. kokorec (friend lambs intestines with spices) and liver kebabs are especially popular snacks. a gelatinous milk pudding which has shredded chicken breast Network . şakşuka (eggplant with peppers. There are also a variety of milk based desserts. Rakı. and helva. calamari. while künefe is made with cheese and served with clotted cream. strong and all day long. meat or seafood and are usually served cold with plenty of bread. Beer and wine are both produced in Turkey and are usually of a high quality. Other popular soft drinks include ayran. cheap eats are everywhere. is a result of a blend of rose hips. known as Bufe‟s sell a variety of sandwiches. the famed Turkish coffee is also usually available. which is like an open-top calzone) and lahmacun (thin. There are dedicated pide (Turkish pizza.the famed Turkish appetizer – are usually served as part of a main meal. is a strong. rose. cherries. Alcoholic drinks are also commonly available. or liquorice and spices. acılı ezme (hot pepper paste). Street stalls are an integral part of Turkish culture and are usually well into the night. there are a number of healthier and more delicious fast food options which are unique to Turkey. Drinks Turkey has a variety of national drinks. Kadayıf is a combination of shredded yufka and nuts. a chewy. to the calorie rich desserts. pistachio marzipan. Mezes Meze . and accompanied by a glass of wine or raki. Although big fast food chains such as Mc Donald‟s and Burger King can be found. Sherbet. carnation and sugar are served chilled with clotted cream.Traditional Turkish Fast Food Fast food can be found just about anywhere in Turkey and in İstanbul in particular. garlic and tomato). and yoghurt based dishes. tahinibased sweet which is served hot or cold. cheese on toast and hot dogs. in large part. While tea is served black. clear liquor made from grapes which turns cloudy when water is added. the Turkish national drink. Sahlep is made from milk.

the traditional tavern. Kadıköy on İstanbul‟s Asian side is an ideal place to kick back with a cold Efes beer. Kadife Sokak. İstanbul‟s bars are one of the best ways to experience the fun-loving nature of Turks. these 48 Myistanbulinfo. Turkish Delight (Lokum) makes for a delicious souvenir. Carpets and Rugs. from buses to clothing. so make sure to shop around and educate yourself on what to look for in a carpet prior to purchasing one in İ Network . Some stores specialise in selling a wide variety of Turkish Delight. where all the senses are awoken in a vibrant celebration of all the good things in life. From ancient bazaars to backstreet markets. While Sultanahmet remains the haven for traditional goods. from cosy wine houses to raucous rock bars. there is sure to be something to suit every night owl in İstanbul! Shopping in İstanbul İstanbul is renowned for its wide variety of shopping options. from the common fruit flavours to nut varieties. the quality and price of carpets and kilims can vary greatly. Many stores will offer patrons complimentary „testers‟ to help you to discover which type takes your fancy. Get ready for a spectacular selection of pubs. to state-of-the-art shopping malls.and live gypsy music. chilled rakı – Turkey‟s national drink. What to Buy in İstanbul? Shoppers in İstanbul are bound to be tempted at every corner. Beyoğlu has developed a reputation for its many quirky offerings. We have put together a list of some of the most popular items to buy in İstanbul. the variety of things to buy in the city as souvenirs is endless. Whatever your style. who tend to play as hard as they work. Still in force as a light-hearted superstition. while at the Spice Bazaar the choices are endless. which line the shores of this beautiful body of water. bars and nightclubs in just about every style imaginable. which boasts one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe. Those with a penchant for the more luxurious will appreciate İstanbul‟s Bosphorus nightclubs. Although easy to find. These large complexes. These are the places to sample the best local mezes (small appetizers). raging nightclubs and elegant roof terrace venues. Fear not for the Evil Eye. And few things sum up the Turkish sense of a good time more than a meyhane. From food to traditional handicrafts to modern apparel. These blue glass beads are found all over Turkey.Nightlife in İstanbul As the sun goes down the energy definitely goes up in İstanbul. especially in Sultanahmet and the surrounding is a member of MyDestinationInfo. retail therapy has never been so quaint or stylish. More casual venues are also abound. Food-wise. to alternative designer boutiques. are popular hangouts for İstanbul‟s rich and famous. which often feature a number of restaurants and bars. it would be difficult to escape an encounter with this roaring trade. of course. and is sold fresh or packaged all around İstanbul. which is affectionately known as „Barlar Sokak‟ (Bar Street). is home to a run of old gothic style houses which have been converted into cosy drinking holes. Many carpets are now made in India or China and shipped to Turkey. are one of İstanbul‟s greatest draw cards and. from grungy rock bars to laid back pubs and sports bars. the Turkish good luck charm. their origin dates back centuries.

and they can also be found in the Spice Bazaar as well as the backstreets surrounding it. hanging or displaying. The Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar are both popular spots to pick up modern equivalents of Turkish is a member of MyDestinationInfo. has dedicated sections for these items. stickers and just about anything capable of sticking. 49 Myistanbulinfo. this fine material is nevertheless found all over the city in the form of scarfs. clothing and shawls. As for what not to buy in İstanbul. Although the city of Bursa is undoubtedly the home of the Turkish silk trade. necklaces. When you have gone through customs. Blue Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque. present the stamped receipt to officials at one of the booths in the departure lounge. VAT Refund Turkey‟s Value Added Tax (VAT) ranges between 1 – 18%. it‟s important to note the following warnings: the sale or possession of antiques (more than a century old) in Turkey is illegal. The Grand Bazaar. Spot bag checks are carried out at customs points and if you are caught with antiques. Also beware of buying large quantities of cheap knock-off brand clothing and watches while in İstanbul.charms are nonetheless found in the form of keychains. Since the 16th century. Gold and silver jewellery. You can ask for the refund in cash (Turkish lira) or have it transferred to a credit card. head to the tax refund office at the airport before going through customs and show officials the receipt from your goods. Although these products can be found all over Turkey. Turkey‟s tile work was made famous by its colourful İznik tiles. To obtain a VAT refund. purchases can be confiscated and fines issued at the border. bracelets. This will be stamped to confirm that you have departed from Turkey. in particular. found in many mosques around İstanbul – most spectacularly at the Rustem Pasha Mosque. Ceramics are another popular choice for shoppers in İstanbul. large fines or even a jail term are possibilities. leatherware and brass and copper are all sold on mass in Turkey. with the majority of goods charged at 18%. The good news for travellers is that they can claim back this tax when departing the Network .

medical services. The International Terminal has all the expected services such as food & beverages. shopping. The international terminal (Terminal B) is connected to the domestic terminal (Terminal A) via an underground passage which is about a 15 minute walk. You can also purchase cheap sandwiches. salads and mezes (small appetizers) from the supermarket. Details of all airport services are provided on the website of Atatürk Airport. nightlife. extension 4690. Contact Phone: +90 (212) 465 34 51 / +90 (212) 465 35 47. Belongings may be claimed at the Lost & Found Office between 8am . tourist information office and an airport hotel. which includes the biggest international and domestic terminals in Turkey. restaurants.İstanbul Travel Information Atatürk Airport İstanbul has two airports.5pm Monday to Network . If you are heading to South of Turkey for a holiday. Email: lostproperty@tav. You can use connection flights to Izmir. it is Europe's 10th busiest airport. Marmaris and Fethiye. With its passenger traffic of 28. The distance between Atatürk Airport and downtown İstanbul is 28 km. Exchange offices. The international acronym for flights to and from Atatürk airport is “IST”.5 million in is a member of MyDestinationInfo. a pharmacy. Contact Phone: +90 (212) 465 5555. we strongly recommend you to check Turkey Aegean Coast website to get information about Medical Service PORTCLINIC is located on the domestic terminal departure floor and the international terminal departure floor. Bodrum or Dalaman Airports to travel from İstanbul to any destination on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. The major airport is Atatürk Airport in Yesilköy on the European side. Bodrum.11pm on the departure floor of the international terminal. Although the airport has some nice restaurants. İstanbul is also the main hub for transferring to the summer destinations of Turkey. ATMs. 50 Myistanbulinfo. blue voyage or anything you want to know beforehand. The underground passage also leads to the M-1 metro line which can be used to travel to the city centre. the prices for food and drink at Turkish airports is regarded as high even compared to other big European airports like Paris and London. Some important telephone numbers are listed as follows: Tourism Information Office The Tourism Information Office is open between 9am . including Kusadasi. There is a supermarket on the subway floor where you can find everything. Left Luggage. though there aren't many alternatives. even beer and last-minute souvenirs like Turkish delight at a reasonable price. Lost & Found Office The Lost and Found Office is located on the departure floor of the terminal.

Public Bus An alternative way to get to the city centre is to use the public bus number 96T. travel until the last stop of T1 line and transfer to the Funicular in Kabataş. The M1-Metro Line from Airport travels to Aksaray. For Sultanahmet. you will get off the train at the Sultanahmet stop. 96T departs from Atatürk Airport and travels along the shoreline of the Sea of Marmara. however tourists should be careful while using them as there are frequent complaints of overcharging. The funicular travels directly to Taksim Square. The trip takes about 60 minutes. You can see the timetable of the bus 96T here. Schedules of the Havas buses can be found on its website or on display by the bus stop at Atatürk Airport. For Taksim. airport bus. Shuttle depart for Taksim once every 15-minutes. stopping at the Yenikapi Ferry Terminal. Havas provides a transport service from Taksim to Atatürk Airport. traveling across the Galata Network . and take the T1 Tram in the direction of Kabataş. Similarly. departing from in front of the Metropolitan Art Gallery in Taksim. Aksaray and finally Taksim Square. You can board this line to go to Sultanahmet or Beyoğlu. You can see the schedule of metro and tram lines of İstanbul on the website of the İstanbul Transportation Corporation. The Havas Airport Buses travel from Atatürk Airport to Taksim and Bakirköy. If you want to go to Sultanahmet. The trip takes approximately 40 minutes. The T 1 Line is a major tram line which runs from Zeytinburnu up to Kabataş. where you can also transfer to M2 Line if you want to go to the financial center of İstanbul.Phone Numbers: +90 (212) 465 5969 / +90 (212) 465 3000 (Domestic Terminal: 708 / International Terminal: 709 – 4490) Airport Transfer There are many ways to transfer from Atatürk airport to the city is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Taxi Taxis can also be an alternative for traveling to the city centre. Levent. but you need to transfer to the T1-line at Zeytinburnu Station. you should get off the bus in Aksaray. Taxis are a major transportation vehicle in İstanbul. Metro & Tram to City Center Travelling from Atatürk Airport by metro and tram is one of the most convenient ways to get to the city center. taxi or private transfer. 51 Myistanbulinfo. You can take the Metro and Tram. Havas (Airport Bus Company) Havas is a private bus company which is entitled to provide transport services between İstanbul‟s airports and the city center.

Private Transfer There are numerous travel agencies which provide transfer services to and from the city centre. They usually provide a useful service with a competitive price, but we advise you to be cautious while choosing one of them. Airport shuttles can be low in quality, so it is important to ask other travellers for a tested shuttle service or you should reserve your shuttle ride through a reliable agency. From Atatürk Airport to Sabiha Gökçen Airport The best way to get from Atatürk Airport to Sabiha Gökçen is to use the Havas Buses which travel between Atatürk Airport-Taksim and Taksim-Sabiha Gökçen Airport. You can find the schedules of the buses on the Havas website or on display at the bus stop at Atatürk Airport.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport
İstanbul's Sabiha Gökçen Airport is the second airport in İstanbul, situated on the Asian sideof the city. It was previously dedicated to low-cost and charter flights, but now the airport serves a full range of flights including international flights by major airlines. The international acronym for flights to and from Sabiha Gökçen Airport is SAW. The Airport is located in Pendik. The distance between the Airport and Taksim is 50 km. The airport is named in honor of Sabiha Gökçen, who was the first female pilot in Turkey and the world's first female fighter pilot. Airport Transfer There are many ways to transfer from Sabiha Gökçen airport to the city center. You can take the bus and ferry, airport bus, taxi or private transfer. Public Bus Public transport buses are the cheapest way to go to city centre, however you need to transfer to ferry and tram and it can take a long time. IETT (İstanbul Public Transport Authority) has a bus line, E-10, which departs from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and stops in Kadiköy on the Asian Side. From Kadiköy, you can take the ferry to Eminönü in order to reach Sultanahmet. From Eminönü, you can take the T1 tram in the direction of Zeytinburnu and get off at the Sultanahmet stop. If you want to go to Taksim, take the ferry to Karaköy from Kadiköy. Then take the T-1 tram in the direction of Kabataş, get off at the last stop at Kabataş, and, finally, take the funicular to Taksim. The schedules of the E-10 line and other IETT lines can be found on the website of IETT. Airport Bus (Havas) Havas is a private bus company which provides transport services between İstanbul airports and the city center. Havas Airport Buses travel from Sabiha Gökçen to Taksim. 52 is a member of Network

Havas buses are timed to the arrival of all flights, departing the airport 25 minutes after flight arrival time. The trip to Taksim takes approximately 1 hour. Similarly, Havas provides transport services from Taksim to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, departing from in front of the Metropolitan Art Gallery in Taksim. Schedules of the Havas Buses can be found on its website. Taxi Taxi is another option for traveling to the city centre. The Sabiha Gökçen Airport taxi service is quite reliable and transparent about its prices. The taxi company, SS 127 clearly indicates the prices on its webpage to different locations in İstanbul. You can check the prices to Taksim, Sultanahmet or any part of the city from its website. Private Transfer There are numerous travel agencies which provide transfer services to and from the city center. They provide a useful service with a competitive price, but we advise you to be cautious when choosing one of them. Airport shuttles may be low in quality, so it is important to ask other travellers for a tested shuttle service or you should reserve your shuttle ride through a reliable agency. Sabiha Gökçen to Atatürk Airport The best way to get from Sabiha Gökçen to Atatürk Airport is to use the Havas Buses from Sabiha Gökçen-Taksim and Taksim-Atatürk Airport. You can find the schedules of the buses in the website of Havas or on display at the Havas bus stop at Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Bus Information
Bus travel is the most common way of travelling to other cities in Turkey, as most of the local people do. So if you are travelling to other cities in Turkey, you will probably use the buses. Buses in Turkey are modern, even luxurious. Departures are frequent to many cities and you don't need advance reservations most of the time, except for on special occasions like religious holidays and special events such as the Formula-1 grand prix. İstanbul has two main bus stations. Büyük Otogar(Grand Bus Station) or Esenler Otogar is the main bus terminal of İstanbul and it is located in the Bayrampasa district. It is 10 km away from Sultanahmet Square. The other bus station, Harem Otogar, is located on the Asian side in Üsküdar. If you are going to travel to the Asian parts of Turkey from the Sultanahmet region, you can also board the buses in the Harem Otogar rather than the Büyük Otogar. Many buses leave from Büyük Otogar, pass the Bosphorus Bridge (which is most of the time congested and time-consuming) and then stop at Harem Otogari as well to pick up passengers. Therefore you can save some time by going directly to the Harem Otogar. 53 is a member of Network

But if you are travelling to the Thrace region or heading to the European parts of Turkey, then you should use the Büyük Otogar.

How to travel from the Büyük Otogar to Sultanahmet or Taksim You can travel from Sultanahmet to the Büyük Otogar via tram and metro in about 30 minutes. At the Büyük Otogar you will see the Metro signs right in the centre of the terminal. Take the M-1 metro train in the direction of Aksaray and travel to the end of the line. When you arrive at Aksaray station, exit the Metro station and cross the main street, Adnan Menderes Bulvari, towards the little mosque that you will see in the distance. Keep the mosque on your left and pass it until you arrive at Millet Caddesi and see the T1 Zeytinburnu-Kabataş tram. You can reach the Yusufpasa tram station via the pedestrian overpass which provides access to the tram platform in the middle of Millet Caddesi. From there, take the tram in the direction of Kabataş. For Sultanahmet, exit the tram at the Sultanahmet stop. For Taksim, take the same Kabataş tram from Millet Caddesi, and get off the tram at the last station, Kabataş. From Kabataş take the funicular which runs directly to Taksim

How to travel from Sultanahmet to Büyük Otogar From Sultanahmet, take the T1 Kabataş-Zeytinburnu tram in the direction of Zeytinburnu. Get off the tram at the fifth station, 'Yusufpasa-Aksaray'. Climb the stairs of the pedestrian overpass and turn right. After descending the steps, you will walk about 20 meters and then turn left. Walk for about 50 meters until you reach Adnan Menderes Bulvari. Cross the Boulevard and enter the Metro terminal. Take any train (it is only one way) and get off the train at the sixth stop, 'Otogar'. Note that the tram and Metro start running at about 06:00 (6 am) and stop running shortly after midnight.

How to travel from Sultanahmet to Harem Otogar The easiest way is to get to Harem Otogar from Sultanahmet is to use the vehicle & passenger ferry from Sirkeci. You can either walk or take the T1 tram to go to Sirkeci until you reach the Harem pier directly in front of Sirkeci Train station. You can find the timetable for Sirkeci-Harem ferry on the page of IDO (İstanbul Sea buses and Fast Ferries Incl.) under the 'Conventional Ferry Timetables 'section.

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Bus reservations in Turkey Below are some the selected bus companies which provide good service and secure travel to many cities of Turkey with modern buses.
   

Varan Bus Company (Ph: +90 -212- 4448999; or at İstanbul's Büyük Otogar, ph: +90-212-658 0270. Ulusoy Travel (Ph: +90-212- 4441888) Metro Turizm Bus Company (Ph: toll free 444 3455; or in İstanbul: 0212 6583232) Kamil Koç Bus Company (Ph: +90-212- 4440562; or +90-212-6582000 at İstanbul's Büyük Otogar.)

It's also possible to make reservations through some of the websites for the above companies, although the level of English is often limited. Alternatively, hotels or travel agencies are often willing to call ahead and make reservations on your behalf. Departures are frequent to many cities and advance reservations are not needed most of the time, except for on special occasions like religious holidays, and special events such as the Formula-1 grand prix.

Train Information
There are 2 main train stations in İstanbul: Sirkeci Train Station (European Side) Sirkeci Train Station is located in the heart of the old city right next to Eminönü and the Galata Bridge, and close to the Sultanahmet district. This is the last stop for trains coming from Europe, and it is also where the famous Orient Express ended its run from Paris. It is very easy to reach the Sultanahmet region by walking or taking the T-1 tram in front of the station for 2 stops. Sirkeci Train Station is also a venue for whirling dervish performances. Haydarpaşa Train Station (Asian Side) Haydarpaşa Train Station is located on the Asian side of İstanbul, close to Kadiköy center. If you want to head to the Asian parts of Turkey by train including Ankara and Konya, this is the station to use. Ferries from Eminönü and Karaköy to Kadiköy stop at Haydarpaşa Train Station (some of them do not, so make sure to check before boarding). If you end up in Kadiköy by mistake, it's only a short taxi ride or a 15-minute walk to the station. The building was a neoclassical gift, given by Kaiser Wilhelm II to the Sultan, and it was built between the years 1906 and 1908. Haydarpaşa was an important part of the German Empire's strategic Drang nach Osten ('Drive to the East') during the latter part of the 19th century.

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Bosphorus Strait. After using the T1 line. which are recognizable by their bright yellow colour. Dolmuses do not have prescribed stops and they will drop you off just about anywhere along their route that you ask. F1 Funicular line: This line is a funicular system that connects Kabataş to Taksim Square. Ferries run to destinations all over İ is a member of MyDestinationInfo. which makes the journey from Europe to Asia on a 24-hour basis. Levent.Transportation in the City M1 Metro line: This line connects Atatürk airport to Aksaray. T3 Tram Line: This is another nostalgic tram in the Kadiköy region on the Asian side of the city. T1 Tram Line: This line runs from Zeytinburnu to Kabataş.‟ Dolmuses. restaurants and cafes. Ferries & Seabuses Ferryboats are definitely one of the best and enjoyable ways of discovering İstanbul. Taxi (Taksi) Taxis are numerous in İstanbul and they are one of the most common transportation vehicles for locals 56 Myistanbulinfo. Bus Buses run to destinations across the city. travel a large number of set routes across İstanbul and wait until the van is full before departing.Tunnel Tram: This nostalgic 19th century tram runs the length of Istiklal Street from the tunnel to Taksim Square. Some of the most popular Dolmus lines are the Taksim – Besiktas route and Taksim – Kadiköy. Although they have the disadvantage of being subject to lengthy traffic Network . more comfortable (but also more expensive) „seabuses‟ or fast ferries. including along the Golden Horn. you can use the F1 line to go to Taksim Square and the start of Istiklal Street. Tünel is also the name of the district at the end of the Istiklal Street which is packed with bars. buses are an inexpensive way to travel around İstanbul and the routes are numerous. There are 2 kinds of ferries running in İstanbul: the „conventional ferries‟ and the faster. Unlike buses. Dolmus The concept of a Dolmus or shared taxi takes its name from the Turkish word „dolma‟ or „stuffed. Marmara Sea and the Black Sea. passing through the old city center of Sultanahmet. which is at the modern centre of İstanbul. There are frequent ferries which make the trip between the Asian and European sides of the city. Karaköy-Beyoğlu Tunnel: This underground tunnel is the world‟s shortest and second oldest passenger terminal in Europe after London. to the Princes Islands and to other Turkish cities such as Bursa. M2 Metro line: This line connects Taksim to the business center of İstanbul. Taksim. stopping in at İstanbul‟s central bus station ( Büyük Otogar). It is only one stop and travels the uphill route from Karaköy to the end of Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu.

Try to have small cash on hand and give the full amount or something close to it to the driver. as it is a common trick of taxi drivers to replace the bigger banknote with a smaller one and request more from you. your journey will be secure. Akbil: (Smart ticket for İstanbul Transportation) Akbil Information If you‟re planning to stay in İstanbul for longer than a few days then investing in an Akbil could go a long way in making travel in the city easier. Average taxi fares from Atatürk Airport to major districts can be found on our 'How much' page. but if you want to you can tip. 57 Myistanbulinfo. Sirkeci) and take a taxi from there. removing the need to buy tokens. sea buses. however. Tipping taxi drivers is not common for locals. Taxis are in yellow and they have the word „Taksi‟ on top of their car. it‟s not uncommon to be overcharged or for the drivers to behave dishonestly. The Akbil cannot be used on minibuses or dolmuses. If the driver refuses or claims that the meter is off. Be careful when handing over big banknotes. funicular. so we recommend that you keep in mind the following:      Try to use your hotel service to call a taxi or ask a nearby hotel to call for you. tram. The display screen will also let you know how much you paid and how much money you have remaining on your Akbil. trains. try to use private transfer services if you can afford the extra cost. Watch when paying the driver at the end of the journey. What is an Akbil? The Akbil is a pre-paid Automatic Fare Collection System is in the form of a small round button attached to plastic tag with a keychain. Metro and Metrobus and up to five journeys made within 120 minutes are discounted by 50%. you at least have someone to complain to. For journeys between Asia and Europe. In this way. Akbils can be used for multiple passengers. Check that the taxi meter is started by the taxi driver when the journey begins. get out of the taxi. is a member of MyDestinationInfo. The Akbil can be touched on entry to various public transport options in İ Network . reliable and comfortable. taxi drivers are more inclined to be dishonest. Touch your Akbil onto the green socket and wait for 2 beeps to sound before entering. Though generally a safe form of transport. cheaper and less time consuming. Visitors sometimes complain of having negative experiences with taxi drivers in İstanbul. it‟s important to be aware of a few tips before embarking on a taxi ride in İstanbul. Although it can cost around 40% more than a taxi. Metro. Since Sultanahmet is a highly touristic area. Buses are equipped with small orange screens from where the Akbil can be used in the same way. tram and funicular stations all have turnstiles at entry points. the crossing fee is subject to be paid by the passenger. For airport transfers. The use of the taxi meter is mandatory in Turkey. What are the benefits of an Akbil? Using an Akbil entitles the user to a 10% discount on travel on buses. Walk or take the tram to another neighbourhood (Eminönü. How do you use an Akbil? Ferries. Keep in mind that there are also good taxi drivers in İstanbul. sea buses. They are much cheaper in Turkey than in many European countries. The fare shown on the meter reads according to distance travelled.and tourists as well.

Where can you top-up/recharge the Akbil? As it is a pre-paid transport system. Make sure to check that the money has loaded before taking it off the socket.Where can you buy an Akbil? Akbils can be purchased from designated booths outside many bus. you must charge your Akbil with the required amount before is a member of MyDestinationInfo. although be aware that payment at machines can only be made in Turkish Lira notes (not coins). and machines do not give change. Make sure to keep your receipt if you plan to return the Akbil at the end of your stay. To charge Akbils on a machine. for a returnable deposit. tram. 58 Myistanbulinfo. Akbils can be recharged at blue and white IETT (İstanbul Public Transportation) booths reading „Akbil Satis Gisesi‟ or on automatic machines. press the button onto the socket and wait for instructions before paying. There are multiple language options on the machines including English. Metro and train Network . look for the signs reading „Akbil Satis Noktasi‟ in places such as Taksim Square. A receipt can be requested.

arriving in İstanbul at 8am the next day.Greece Travel Info By Bus/Coach There are frequent. comfortable air-conditioned train. Check out the Turkish Airlines website for further details. Alternatively. Tickets can be purchased from Sofia‟s main railway station or at select travel agencies in the city centre. the Station can be chaotic and confusing for visitors so buying beforehand can help to take the hassle out of the experience. including border towns such as Haskovo.Getting There & Away İstanbul – Bulgaria Travel Info By Bus/Coach There are frequent departures to Bulgarian cities such as Plovdiv. stopping off at Xanthi (Iskeçe). Make sure to have your passport and travel documents on you at all times. Bus tickets can be bought online. The return train from Sofia to İstanbul departs Sofia at 7. or directly from the Bus Station. Buses leave from İstanbul‟s Buyuk Otogar (Main Bus Station) in Esenler to cities such as Thessaloniki (approximately 12hours) and Athens (20 -22 hours). Buses go less often to coastal towns. from where there are frequent departures to Bulgarian cities. However. so it can be cheaper to buy directly from the Bus Station. via a travel agency. take a bus to the historic Turkish town of Edirne. Train tickets can be purchased directly from the International Travel booth at Sirkeci Railway Station. Some bus companies have online booking systems. and some are equipped with inbuilt TV screens and provide passengers with complimentary tea. Haskovo and Sofia from İstanbul. The train goes on to Belgrade. coffee and snacks. By Plane Turkish Airlines has regular direct flights from İstanbul to Sofia and Varna. By Train There is a nightly sleeper train from Sirkeci Railway Station in Eminönü which departs at 10pm for Sofia. Svilengrad and Plovdiv. comfortable bus services running between İstanbul and several Greek cities. İstanbul . 59 Myistanbulinfo. The Filia-Dostluk Expres is a modern. Tickets can be purchased directly from the International Travel booth at Sirkeci Railway Station. Buses are usually comfortable and fast. or else they can be purchased from one of the many travel agencies in İstanbul or directly from the Main Bus is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Komotini (Gümülcine) and Larisa. Most agencies will charge a small commission for booking. Alternatively. Almost all services leave from the Buyuk Otogar (Central Bus Station) in Network . many buses run across the border from the historic Turkish town of Edirne. and arriving in Sofia at 11.40am the next day.30pm each evening. By Train There is a nightly „Filia-Dostluk Express‟ sleeper train departing at 9pm from İstanbul‟s Sirkeci Railway Station for Thessaloniki in Greece. Kapikule. where the bureaucracy is infamously difficult and can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours. Be prepared to get out the train at the border points. stopping in at Edirne.

The journey takes around 36 hours and leaves İstanbul at midnight on Thursday. returning from Odessa on Mondays.Ukraine Travel Info By Plane Airlines flying direct between İstanbul and the Ukraine include Turkish Airlines and Aerosvit Airlines. 88 Euros for private compartment). The train from İstanbul to Thessaloniki arrives at 9.Aegean Air .21am.Note that you will have to disembark the train at the border posts. Airlines flying between İstanbul and Greece include Turkish Airlines . and Atlas Jet. Mykonos and Santorini. For more details on train travel between Turkey and Greece. Olympic Air. From Thessaloniki there is a direct train to Athens at 10. İstanbul .20am (55 Euros per person sharing a 2-bed compartment. You must pay extra for this segment. By Ferry There is a weekly car and passenger ferry service between İstanbul and Odessa with the UKR Ferry Shipping Company.15pm. video bar and sundecks on Network . nightclub. Athens. check out Seat 61. Make sure to have your passport and travel documents on you at all times. There are also services running between İstanbul and Sevastopol and Yalta. arriving in Athens at 3. By Plane Several airlines operate services between İstanbul and Greek cities such as Thessaloniki. Aeroflot. 60 Myistanbulinfo. There is a is a member of MyDestinationInfo. 1st or 2nd class cabins can be booked and prices include 3 meals.

İstanbul deserves at least a week. From October to March. head to the Princes‟ Islands. festivals and specially planned events. Also be aware that there can be a slowdown in the way some places operate. 61 Myistanbulinfo. Traffic jams before the evening meal are common as millions of hungry residents rush to their homes or restaurants to break their fasts. Ramadan evenings in Sultanahmet (the old city center) mean street Network . Muslim people fast. can be an enjoyable time for a visit but it can also serve some annoyance. it can be difficult to move freely around Sultanahmet after dark. While it‟s no doubt atmospheric. will also keep you busy for a day. Therefore. which will give you plenty of time to get a sense of the city with a little time for relaxation as well. Boasting two continents of treasures from three empires. the city can be rainy and windy. How many days? 3 days will hardly be sufficient for a great city like İstanbul. You can easily fill up 4-5 days in İstanbul and still be busy. Some restaurants that are normally open can be closed during Ramadan.Muslim Holy Month: Ramadan (or Ramazan in Turkish). Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum and the Spice Bazaar. the Basilica Cistern. it‟s highly recommended to check whether your visit coincide with a big event like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May. though thanks to its coastal location. refreshing activities like taking a cruise along the Bosphorus can help to make your stay pleasant. İstanbul has a temperate climate. during which time they are prohibited from eating. Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya). or to Kadiköy or Üsküdar on the Asian side of the city. where you can only cover the major attractions. Although the summer can be sizzling. the seaside district of Ortaköy. starting from the first light of day till dusk. Two or three days can easily be spent exploring Sultanahmet and its attractions like the Blue Mosque. Grand Bazaar. Taking a Bosphorus cruise. Topkapı Palace. During Ramadan. İstanbul hosts big international events from time to time and hotel rooms tend to skyrocket in is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Archeology Museum. A few hours of pampering at a Hamam (Turkish bath) followed by a visit to Beyoğlu and Istiklal Street will certainly be reason enough to stay a few more days. The city‟s hot and humid summer season begins in mid-June and lasts through to mid-September.İstanbul General Information: Before You Go When to Go? The optimum time for a visit to İstanbul is around springtime (April and May) and autumn (mid to late September and October). when the climate is perfect for walking and exploring the city. Holy places and mosques will be crowded. which is the holy month for Muslims. winter in İstanbul (from December to February) is mild and snowfalls are rarely heavy. For destinations a bit more off the beaten tourist track. which is a must for any visitor to İstanbul. Ramadan . drinking and smoking.

apart from inside a mosque. even among those who are less well off. What to Wear? Turkish men and women in İstanbul take pride in their appearance and seem to have perfected the smart/casual look. so they are not advisable. Common visas and permits required for Turkey are listed below: Tourist Visas There are two types of tourist visas for Turkey: 1. low cut tops or very revealing outfits aren‟t Network . Turkish women are generally elegant dressers and prefer western style clothing from big name European and American brands. or long shorts covering your knees. Keep in mind that men must wear trousers when entering mosques. working. Although the number of Muslim women choosing to wear a headscarf is rising in Turkey. Although many Turkish women wear high heels. Turkey is a secular state and tolerant of other religions and cultures so there is no reason for female visitors to wear a headscarf. A multiple entry visa is valid for up to 5 years and allows the holder to visit Turkey multiple times with a stay of 1-3 months each time he/she enters into Turkey. 62 is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Headscarves are a contentious issue in Turkey and are barred from state institutions such as schools and universities. those intending to visit Turkey should check up-to-date information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departing for Turkey. Scarves are usually available at mosques for this purpose. It is rare to see sloppily dressed Turks and dirty or ripped clothes in İstanbul.Regardless of the number of days you spend. studying and living in Turkey. and you will stand out as a tourist if you don a pair in İstanbul. Due to the changing nature of government regulations. the cobbled streets and uneven sidewalks can make walking on kitten heels a challenge in İstanbul. (apart from at the nightclubs along the Bosphorus. not the city. where they‟re the order of the day) and can give the wrong impression. Visas and Permits for Turkey We have put together a basic guide for visas for travelling. multiple entry and entry with special annotations) 2. it‟s purely a matter of personal preference and it is very common to see female friends or family members with and without a scarf walking side by side. Very short skirts. Transit Visa A Transit visa is valid for up to 3 months and allows the person to travel to another country while transiting through Turkey. you will no doubt have a wonderful time in this magical city. Men will notice that shorts are generally not worn in İstanbul as locals tend to think that they are designated for the beach. Entry visa (single entry. Transit visa (single and double transit) Entry Visas   A single entry visa is valid for 1 year for stays of up to three months and allows visitors to visit Turkey once.

Tap water. Turkey doesn‟t issue Airport Transit Visas (ATV). bottled water is cheap and readily Network . South Korea. Private health insurance is recommended for travel to Turkey.If the connecting flight to the third country does not require an overnight stay in Turkey. İstanbul has a plethora of pharmacies stocking a wide range of medicines. however. There is a minimal risk of malaria in the south eastern region of Turkey. Spain. An entry visa is not required. Italy. Cruise ship passengers are allowed to enter Turkey and stay overnight in the port cities if permission is granted by local border police authorities. is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Canada. Pharmacies Pharmacies in Turkey can easily be recognized by the neon red „E‟ (for the Turkish word „eczane‟ ) sign outside shops. otherwise you will be sent back to the customs area. Ireland. 63 Myistanbulinfo. Hungary. Pharmacies in İstanbul are usually open into the evening and there are duty stores available on Sundays and public holidays. Sweden and Switzerland. If you get sick yourself. Note that basic medicines such as paracaetamol („Panadol‟) and ibuprofen („Nurofen‟) are not sold at supermarkets. though chlorinated in larger centres such as İstanbul. Citizens of South Africa. then no visa is necessary. However. Make sure to do this. Countries The following countries can enter Turkey for up to 3 months without a visa: Denmark. Try to keep a distance from sick people. New Zealand. Norway. Finland. At Atatürk International Airport there is a visa booth from where a visa must be purchased before going through customs. Poland and many and central Asian countries and eastern European countries can enter for up to one month by purchasing a visa sticker. Visas can be purchased at borders. equipment and aids as well as toiletry items such as dental floss. Belgium. It is difficult to avoid close contact with others in a city the size of İstanbul. it‟s worth following a few simple tips to minimize risks:    Washing hands often and well as it is an important step in preventing the spread of disease. Netherlands. Most medicines in Turkey do not require a prescription. France. The following countries can enter Turkey for up to 3 months by purchasing a visa sticker: Australia. UK and USA. band aids and bandages. Germany. Japan. Israel. avoid contact with others. is not recommended for drinking. although a typhoid vaccine is recommended for longer stays. Greece. Medical & Safety Information Medical Information No vaccinations are required for a visit to Turkey. Prices are controlled by the government and are generally low.

Turkey is not only welcoming. a man is approached by other young. Even though Turkey is relatively safe there are a few things to watch out for: Like in any crowded place. Moral of the story: don‟t pick up the brush! Many travellers are surprised at the large number of policemen in İstanbul. There are also CCTV cameras in many places in the city.Dentists Dentists are usually of a high standard in İstanbul. there are a few scams in İstanbul aimed at westerners. who offer to show him some „real‟ İstanbul nightlife. attractive ladies are there and order drinks. are on the rise in İstanbul. While walking on the street. The moral of the story: ask for prices before you order. seemingly friendly locals. it's also as safe as Europe and North America and in particular violent crime against foreigners is rare. and the city has become a popular „medical tourism‟ destination due to the relatively low costs of elective procedures. they start demanding that you pay for the Network . which happen to total hundreds of dollars. at what time of day. As you bend down to pick it up. they „accidently‟ drop their brush in front of you. and what you‟re carrying on you. The poor young man is landed with a whopping bill at the end of the night and forced to pay it. don‟t hesitate to contact the Tourist Police or regular police force. young. they look very grateful and start to polish your shoes in gratitude. and try to keep it in front of you. wherever you are.though the latter‟s English skills tend to be limited. make sure to agree to the fee you‟ll pay in advance for dental work in Turkey as there are no fixed fees. especially in crowded places such as busy is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Safety Issues in İstanbul Most travellers comment on the exceptional friendliness and hospitality of the Turkish people. When you go to leave. though not common. It‟s recommended that you take out private health insurance prior to a visit to İstanbul as the private hospitals in İstanbul are generally of a higher standard and staff can usually speak English or other foreign languages. Another scam is carried out by shoe shiners. 64 Myistanbulinfo. with patients often suffering long queues and lack of attending staff. Despite this. metro or buses as bag snatching and bag slashing does occur. so be aware of where you are. Hospitals Public/state hospitals are generally of a lower sanitary condition and care than in private hospitals. As you walk past. Should you experience trouble while in İstanbul. beware of pickpockets who may attempt to take your belongings when you are distracted. Scams in İstanbul Although not frequent.   Keep a close eye on your bag or wallet. Muggings. When he arrives at the bar. as outlined below:   There is a common scam in İstanbul aimed at single young foreign men. however. especially in the Taksim/Beyoğlu area.

com Network . The codes are 212 (European side) and 216 (Asian side).İstanbul‟s Tourism Police Department has an office in Sultanahmet across from the Basilica Cistern entrance. German and Arabic as well as English. Tourism Police (Turizm Polisi) Address: Yerebatan Caddesi 6. This means that Turkey is two hours ahead of the U. where travellers can go to report a stolen/lost passport or any other crime. Sultanahmet Tel: +90 212 527 45 03 Fax: +90 212 512 76 76 Practical Information: Time Zone Turkey follows GMT +2 hours. To call a number on the other side of the Bosphorus. Fees for use range between about 50krs – 1TL. Note that due to the poor plumbing systems. Business Hours While offices and banks tend to open on weekdays from 9am – 5pm. Safe Water Though the water in İstanbul is chlorinated. restaurants and bars will usually have restrooms for diners which are provided free of charge. They claim to be able to speak French.K. it‟s not advisable to flush toilet paper in İstanbul as in the rest of Turkey. followed by the code. There are currently three GSM operators. and the majority are well maintained and is a member of MyDestinationInfo. International Dialling Code The international dialling code to dial a number in Turkey is (+90) followed by the area code and the relevant number. İstanbul Telephone Area Code Telephone numbers in Turkey consists of 3-digit area codes and 7-digits for the subscriber numbers. Note that the inter-city codes (area codes) for İstanbul differ depending on whether you are on the European or Asian side of the city. 65 Myistanbulinfo. fast food chains. Alternatively. it‟s recommended that visitors drink bottled water. in most other cases bins are provided for this purpose. Although some up-market hotels will allow you to flush. Mobile Telephone Turkey uses the GSM900 mobile phone network which is compatible with the rest of Europe. Local SIM cards and prepaid vouchers are widely available from stores. Turkcell. first dial 0. Restrooms / WC There are a number of public restrooms in İstanbul. particularly in busy areas such as Istiklal Street and in Sultanahmet. bigger stores tend to be open much later and on Sundays. Vodafone and Avea.

Sultanahmet. Restaurants and hotel in highly touristic areas like Sultanahmet and Taksim also accept US Dollars or Euros but rates are often not competitive. Taksim and Istiklal Street. as well as in the rest of the country. and 50 kurus pieces. Drinking Alcohol is readily available in İstanbul and generally less restricted than in parts of Western Europe and North America. However. the currency acronym comes after the amount. be sure to ask before handing your clothes over. Taksim Square. usually around 5%. The legal drinking age in Turkey is 18. which are often open late into the night. 50. Bank notes come in denominations of 1. come in 1. Please remember that purchases on credit card accounts are now also subject to a percentage fee. Some offer fixed prices while others will charge based on weight. This has been changed back to TL (Turkish Lira). Following the currency changes. Beer. though some may still write it as YTL. e. Most Turkish bank machines are on the Cirrus and PLUS Networks. If you are planning to use your cards in Turkey and İstanbul. ATM's. this law is generally adhered to. 66 Myistanbulinfo. 5TL. 5. Credit Cards & Exchange Bureaus ATMs are abundant and ATMs of different local banks are usually clustered together around centres. 25. check the back of your card to make sure that your credit card is on these networks. 10. 50Hz. Is Bankasi and Yapi Kredi Bankasi. Electricity Turkey uses a 220 volts. Following a period of ramped inflation. especially for visitors to Turkey. The most reliable local banks in İstanbul include: Garanti Bankasi. In İstanbul.Money Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey. 5. There are exchange offices in the airport arrivals terminal. If you prefer to carry your own currency with you to İstanbul. In Turkey. bars and public transport was forbidden in Turkey. Credit cards are also widely used and accepted in Turkey and İstanbul. There is also a 1TL coin. the currency acronym was written as YTL (New Turkish Lira). This has made it much easier. the Turkish Central Bank decided to take off six zeros from the currency to make the money easier to handle. 20. you can also exchange it at Turkish currency exchange offices called „Döviz Bürosu‟ is a member of MyDestinationInfo. Network . called the Kurus (kr). wine and hard liquor can be bought at supermarkets and small stores called „Tekel‟. Akbank. smoking in public places including restaurants. and 100TL. and Sultanahmet district. Smoking As of July 2009. Laundromats There are many laundromats („Çamaşırhane‟) across İstanbul. including at the Arrivals terminal at Atatürk Airport. A wash and dry of a normal sized load will usually set you back around 10TL. as they no longer have to deal in „millions‟ of Turkish currency. a large proportion of bars in İstanbul have roof terraces with adequate heating where it‟s possible to smoke year round. European style rounded tip two-prong plug. while coins.

There is a small fee for is a member of MyDestinationInfo. If you are sending a package. Parcel contents will usually be checked before sending. Note that stamps can only be purchased at post offices and booths. There is a „poste restante‟ service in İstanbul where the central post office will hold Network . 67 Myistanbulinfo. There are also large branches in Taksim and Beyoğlu as well as smaller booths. a short walk from Sultanahmet near to Eminönü. Click here for post office listings. you will need to provide your own packaging or purchase this from nearby stores. bring your passport for proof of identity. Mail Services Turkish post offices can be recognized by their yellow and blue PTT signs.It‟s recommended that you check what you will need for your appliances before leaving home. as you may require a plug adaptor or transformer/voltage converter. so avoid sealing the parcel until this has been done. İstanbul‟s central post office is located in Sirkeci.

Taksim/Beyoğlu Atatürk Airport .100 75 . Note that the exchange rate in Turkey works out to be around US$1 = 1. prices are subject to change and MyİstanbulInfo.Conventional Ferries (IDO) Taxi Taximeter Opening Price Increase per Km Atatürk Airport .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo. we have put together a list of prices for common attractions. but keep in mind that accommodation.50 6 4 10 25 15 20 .60 35 .50 60 . While we try to bring you the most up to date information possible.70 90 .95 TL. accommodation and necessities in İstanbul.Conventional Ferries (IDO) Sunset Bosphorus Cruise .40 45 .How Much Does it Cost? Although İstanbul isn‟t the bargain basement holiday destination which it used to be. eating and drinking prices in İstanbul can vary greatly according to district. as of September 2010.50 1.Sultanahmet 2. transport. it‟s still possible to stay and play relatively cheaply.Sabiha Gökçen Airport Sabiha Gökçen Airport .120 100 .50 1.50 1. To help you Network 20 .40 80 . Price ( TL) Accommodation Hostel ( 6 persons room / per person) 3-star hotel (double room/per person) 4-star hotel (double room/per person) 5-star hotel (double room/per person) Transportation Akbil .com takes no responsibility for these changes.Sultanahmet Atatürk Airport .Turyol Nostalgic Bosphorus Cruise .400 6 1.returnable deposit Akbil pass Public Bus Ticket Metro Metrobus Ferries Conventional Ferries Fast Ferries Fast Ferries ( Akbil) Bosphorus Cruises .55 TL and €1 = 1.Kadıköy Atatürk Airport .50 1. provided you know where to go.Conventional Ferries (IDO) Non Stop Bosphorus Cruise . The prices below have also been updated as of 31st Dec 2010.85 68 Myistanbulinfo.240 160 .

75 55 .60 15 .30 1.12 10 .25 6 3 3 4.75 5 .Taksim/Beyoğlu Sabiha Gökçen Airport .75 3 13 10 10 5 is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Taksim Atatürk Airport .20 20 69 .20 0.50 .com Network 70 .Bakirkoy Ferry Pier Eating / Drinking Markets / Street Kiosks Bottled Water ( 1 lt.30 0.15 1.15 8 .4 4-6 4-8 12 .50 8 6 .Sabiha Gökçen Airport .Kadıköy Sultanahmet .) Can of Coca Cola Loaf of bread Restaurants/Cafes Mc Donald's Big Mac Menu Doner Kebab Breakfast 3-course meal at a 'lokanta' A glass of tea A cup of Turkish Coffee Sandwich Turkish Water Pipe / Nargile Simit Bars Beer A glass of Wine Attractions Hagia Sophia Museum Myistanbulinfo.Beyoğlu/Taksim Dolmus Taksim-Bostanci Taksim-Besiktas Taksim-Tesvikiye/Nisantasi Taksim-Kadıköy Kadıköy-Üsküdar Havas Airport Transfers Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Taksim Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Kozyatagi Atatürk Airport .10 8 .

com Network .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Topkapı Palace Museum Topkapı Palace Museum (Harem section) Basilica Cistern Museum İstanbul Archeology Museum İstanbul Modern Museum Kariye Museum Turkish Islamic Arts Museum Dolmabahce Palace Pera Museum Rumeli Fortress Sakip Sabanci Museum Santral Museum Galata Mevlevi Monastery 1001 Columns Cistern 1453 Panaroma Museum Calligraphy Museum Dogancay Museum Dolphinarium Great Palace Mosaics Museum İstanbul Toy Museum Military Museum Miniaturk Mosque Visiting Museum of History of Science in Islam Naval Museum Turkuazoo Yedikule Fortress Beylerbeyi Palace Adam Mickiewicz Museum 20 15 10 10 8 15 10 20 7 3 3 10 Closed 5 10 3 Free 20 8 8 3 10 Free 5 Closed 25 5 8 3 70 Myistanbulinfo.

vet Ha. Although you may hear a couple of Arabic phrases such as „inş‟allah‟ and „Selamı Aleyküm‟. From as far back as the 11th century.eel Lewt.shek. Turkish is also relatively simple to pronounce as it is a phonetically consistent Network . ş and ı.reem Te.yo.seen Par.nem.fe. in reality Turkish bears no real resemblance to the Arabic is a member of MyDestinationInfo.shek. From its roots as a nomadic Central Asian gradually crept into the Turkish language and Arabic script began to be used. especially those used for art.tew Er. it has changed dramatically to become the Turkish of today. diplomacy and business.Turkish Language Basics Turkish is spoken by about 70 million people worldwide.the ü.der.soonö.kewr.ç.muh.ja e. In an attempt to purify the language.yee Ker.lee de.don ee.kewr e. Everyday Phrases English Yes No Ok Thank you Thanks You‟re welcome Not at all Please Excuse me ( Formal) Excuse me ( informal) Good Very Good Bad Never mind Do you speak English? I don‟t understand Turkish Evet Hayır Tamam Teşekkür ederim Teşekkürler Rica ederim Birşey değil Lütfen Afedersiniz Afedersin Pardon iyi çok iyi Kötü Önemli Değil ingilizce biliyor musun? Anlamiyorum Pronunciation e.reem Beer.yee Chok.luh. when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to power in 1922.yuhr Ta.see.fe.ğ.de.der. as part of his reforms following the formation of the Turkish Republic he instigated a radical overhaul of the language.mum beel.shay de.yo moo.ler Ree.gee.leez. The result of this is a refreshingly logical language. Arabic and Persian words. Turkish has 6 characters which aren‟t found in the English alphabet.neez a.eel Een. the structure and vocabulary were simplified and the Arabic script was swapped for a Latin one.fen a. There are no genders and only one irregular verb and one irregular 71 Myistanbulinfo.

ne.eye.ha.lees Eem.dee se.lar Toilet (WC) Ladies (WC) Gentlemen Pharmacy Ambulance Police Help! Greetings English Hello How are you? I am fine Good morning Have a nice day Good evening Good night Good bye See you later Numbers English 0 Zero 1 One 2 Two 3 Three 4 Four 5 Five 6 Six 7 Seven 8 Eight 9 Nine 10 Ten …… nerede? Tuvalet Bayan Bay Eczane Ambulans Polis imdat! ….yee ge.kooz On 72 Na.fuhr Beer ee.le Gew..yee is a member of MyDestinationInfo.ler Po.Where is ….yeem Gewn.yee ak.dat! Turkish Merhaba Nasılsın? Iyiyim Günaydın iyi Günler iyi aksamlar iyi geceler Güle güle Görüşürüz Pronunciation Mer.let Turkish Sıfır Bir İki Üç Dört Beş Altı Yedi Sekiz Dokuz On Pronunciation suh.le Ger.tuh Network .suhl.yee.kee Ewch Dert Besh do.suhn Bai Ej.din ee.ler ee.

yeem? Soo on.sen mee.buh a.mek Chai Sewt Tooz Ka.muhsh yet.muh.ber kurh.kee is a member of MyDestinationInfo.tooz Kuhrk el.zuh bee.ber 73 Myistanbulinfo.meesh sek.beel.ran Network .san Yewz Been Turkish Restoran Lokanta Menü Hesap Hesabı alabilir miyim? Su Ekmek Çay Süt Soğuk Sıcak Acı Buz Şeker Tuz Kara Biber Kırmızı Biber Pronunciation res.lee alt.ra Eleven 12 Twelve 20 Twenty 30 Thirty 40 Fourty 50 Fifty 60 Sixty 70 Seventy 80 Eighty 90 Ninety 100 Hundred 1000 Thousand Dining English Restaurant Restaurant Menu Bill Can I take the bill? Water Bread Tea Milk Cold Hot Spicy Ice Sugar Salt Black Pepper Red Pepper On-bir On-iki Yirmi Otuz Kırk Elli Altmış Yetmiş Seksen Doksan Yüz Bin on.sab he.mee He.ta me.juh Booz a.ook suh.kan.

uhn Klee.da doo.uh kapa.ka Der.yo.zee Ka.yee cha.da bek.tuh.le.deesh gee.dee.uh ach.luhsh.dar .gar Ha.dar? Pa.yeen So.ra.fen chok pa.ruhn Boo.mek lewt.uhn Jam.ha.uhn Klee.uh tek bee.lee.may.luh een.ha.uh is a member of MyDestinationInfo.may.veez buhr.o.reem ees.fen Jam.deesh der.soo Turkish Otogar Havalimanı Tek bilet Tek gidiş Gidiş dönüş Ne kadar uzak? Pronunciation o.let tek Network Turkish Ne kadar? Para Pahalı Çok Pahalı indirim istiyorum Banka Döviz Bürosu Pronunciation ne ka.roon ach.ra.a Moo.uhn Sa.newsh ne ka.putt.ra ban.Shopping English How much? Money Expensive Very expensive I want a discount Bank Exchange office Transport English Bus Station Airport Single ticket One way Return How far? Taxi Journey English Turn on the meter Stop here Wait please Wait here To the Left To the Right Turn off the music please Open the window Close the window Turn on the Air Conditioner Turn off the Air Conditioner Turkish Taksimetreyi çalıştırın Burada durum Bekleyin Lütfen Burada bekleyin Sola Sağa Müziği kapatın lütfen Camı açın Camı kapayın Klimayı açın Klimayı kapatın Pronunciation 74 Myistanbulinfo.see doo.le.

com Network .İstanbul Metro & Tram Map 75 is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

com is a member of Network .Your Notes: 76 Myistanbulinfo.

Your Notes: 77 Network .com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

com is a member of MyDestinationInfo.Your Notes: 78 Network .

the bustling nightlife. We update our guide regularly.  SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH US o Email us your opinions. SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL İSTANBUL PHOTOS o We always appreciate help for our visual content. Having lived in İstanbul for 12 years. and we always want to keep it as is. he still finds it a fascinating city. Your non-financial support will help us sustain further development of this guide. It didn’t take long before she was captivated by the beauty and energy of İstanbul and decided to stay. Beyoğlu and finally Kadiköy. So just spread the word.     79 Myistanbulinfo. she travelled through Turkey intending to visit for only a few weeks. In return. TELL THE BUSINESS OWNERS o It is important for us to be known by the business owners in İstanbul to find sustainable sponsors. is the best free guide to İstanbul available on Internet. After a stint living in Sultanahmet. Contributor: Alper Tutak. you can do it in many ways.Myİstanbulinfo Team Author: Helen Simpson. so let them download the latest version directly from our tell about our website and guide. he decided that now was the time to take on his own Travel Writer & Editor Helen Simpson hails all the way from New Network . the diversity and the way of life that is seen and experienced in İstanbul. Support us We believe that Myİ and its free guide. Myİ MyİstanbulInfo. MENTION IN YOUR BLOG or PUT A LINK o You can mention about our website and guide in your blog and put a simple link. A graduate of Political Science and English literature. So we really appreciate if you. TELL YOUR FRIENDS o Let your friends know about myİstanbulinfo. Helen was introduced to many of the common queries and problems visitors face when in İstanbul and wanted to do something to make the city more accessible to foreigners. If you find our İstanbul guide useful and would like to to support us. we will always refer to your name in our website and guide. He has always been looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity and when he came across mydestinationinfo.the Managing Director Alper is an industrial engineer graduated from ODTÜ and has worked in analytical management departments in Retail Banking and Telecommunications sectors for 7 years. suggestions or updates about this document at info@myİ is a member of MyDestinationInfo.

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