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On, 06-05-2009, a search warrant was executed at 280 Stephenson Road located in Parrish, Walker County, Alabama.

Approximately 72 grams of crack cocaine was found at the residence. David Cherry and Rick Johnson was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine. At the residence, a single wide mobile home, a red 1983 Ford Truck was sitting in the front yard. This vehicle had been driven by Cherry and Johnson in the past. The vehicle was registered to Gary Carmichael, who is Thomas Carmichaels’ father. Mr. Gary Carmichael has been deceased for approximately 5 years. During this time, the vehicle has been in possession of Thomas Carmichael and his mother, Wanda Carmichael. Also found at the residence, two i-phone cellular phones were seized. These two phones were in possession of Cherry and Johnson. Cherry’s phone number on the phone is 205-435-2501 and Johnson’s is 205-4352502. After further investigation, both these phones were in Thomas Carmichael’s name. In fact, Thomas Carmichael’s phone number is 205-435-2500, only one and two numbers off from Cherry’s and Johnson’s. Both suspects had been using these phones for their drug transactions.

The residence located at 280 Stephenson Road, a single wide mobile home, also belonged to Thomas Carmichael. The residence was not in his name, so agents found the registered owner, Mr. Paul Ratliff, and spoke with him. Mr. Ratliff stated that he sold the property and mobile home to Thomas Carmichael in 1999 for $12,500.00 cash. He stated that he had many problems with over the years with Thomas Carmichael registering the deed in his name. A written and recorded statement was obtained from Mr. Ratliff as to the sale of the property to Thomas Carmichael. As of recent, Thomas Carmichael has had the deed registered in his mothers, Wanda Carmichael, name. After approximately 3 days, Rick Johnson was interviewed at the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Johnson stated that he and David Cherry were involved in selling drugs with Thomas Carmichael. Mr. Johnson stated that in the beginning, Thomas Carmichael would give cash to him and David Cherry to purchase powder cocaine. After wards, they would cook the cocaine into crack, sell it, and split the money with Thomas Carmichael. This continued for some time until Thomas Carmichael then began bringing them the powder cocaine himself. The same procedure was performed with Carmichael receiving proceeds in cash from the drugs that were sold. For more detail, see the attached interview with Rick Johnson.

At the present time, David Cherry is not cooperating with law enforcement. Johnson states that the reason Cherry is not cooperating is that he is scared of Thomas Carmichael and that Carmichael has told Cherry that if he keeps his mouth shut and does his prison time, that he will take care of him when he gets out. Carmichael has also told Cherry that he can possibly make the charges go away and that he will not have to go to prison. He states that he will make a deal with an unknown entity, i.e. District Attorney, Judge, etc. Johnson also stated that Carmichael told Cherry that he would make sure Agent Adam Hadder was fired or “knocked off” so that the cases will go away. He states that Carmichael has involved local attorneys Garve Ivey, Byron McMath and Charles Tatum in the case and they will help make sure that Hadder is fired or “taken out “and the case goes away.

When Johnson was asked how Carmichael, Ivey and Tatum plan on getting Hadder fired, Johnson states that they would bring several lawsuits and allegations against Hadder until he was fired or “plant” something on him to accomplish their goal. Johnson also states that he fears for his safety now that Ivey, McMath and Tatum are involved. He states that between them, they have large amounts of cash and that they will have him “knocked off.” At the present time, Johnson is staying at an undisclosed location for his safety.

Agent Adam Hadder Walker County N.E.T. 06-30-2009