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Salary and Related Conditions of Service Permanent (subject to satisfactory completion of a 3 month probationary period), 37hrs per week, pay range is spine point 11 – 13 £14,733 - £15,444 Hours of work: 7 am–11am and 2.30 pm–6 pm Monday to Thursday 7am – 11am and 3pm – 6 pm Friday 20 days holiday per year, increasing to 25 after 5 years service, excluding bank holidays

Line of Responsibility
Responsible to Site Manager

Job Purpose
Responsible for: Working with Site Manager to develop and maintain an effective cleaning provision, which is regularly reviewed to ensure that the school’s needs are met Overseeing and participating in all cleaning activities within the school ensuring the delivery of an efficient service and a clean, safe and orderly environment Promoting and ensuring a strict adherence to all procedures including Health and Safety requirements and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations The Line Management of cleaning staff including their induction, training, motivation and performance management Assisting the Site Manager in ensuring that the site is maintained in a safe, clean and orderly condition, including maintenance of building, grounds and utilities, making sure that repairs are promptly and competently carried out; Assisting the Site Manager in maintaining site security (including key holding duties for the site and contact/response point for alarm call-outs) and reporting any breaches of site security Having personal responsibility for the effective cleaning of College dining halls (as a designated cleaning area) or such area(s) as designated by the Site Manager or Principal Assisting in such tasks as may be necessary for effective site management including undertaking various porterage, administrative and lettings duties

Duties & Responsibilities
Main duties and responsibilities are indicated below. Other duties of an appropriate level and nature may also be required, as directed by the Principal.

Conditions of Employment
The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the written statement of conditions of employment (the Contract of Employment). The post holder is required to support and encourage the College’s ethos and its objectives, policies and procedures as agreed by the governing body. To uphold the College's policy in respect of child protection matters. S/he shall be subject to all relevant statutory and institutional requirements. The post holder may be required to perform any other reasonable tasks after consultation.

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012

This job description allocates duties and responsibilities but does not direct the particular amount of time to be spent on carrying them out and no part of it may be so constructed.

This job description is not necessarily a comprehensive definition of the post. It will be reviewed at least once a year and it may be subject to modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. All staff participate in the College’s performance management scheme.

Job Specification
Operational To establish and maintain good relationships with all students, parents/carers, colleagues, contractors and other professionals To supervise, monitor and review the work of the cleaning team to ensure that standards are met and maintained To reallocate staff as necessary in order to react to emergencies and ad-hoc requests from Line Manager or principal To plan and establish cleaning procedures, rotas and standards through hands-on supervision of cleaning staff in order to achieve efficient and required levels of service and cleanliness To ensure that internal and external security requirements are followed by cleaning team To complete Health and Safety risk assessments for areas of responsibility To report any damage or maintenance required within the school premises to Line Manager To conduct inspections of premises to monitor standards of cleaning and to identify hazards and problems that inhibit safe and efficient cleaning making appropriate referral to Line Manager To ensure that cleaning staff wear protective clothing where necessary and that all equipment is in sound working order and that all cleaning substances are in safe containers and diluted to correct proportions To ensure that appropriate equipment, materials and detergents are used for designated areas To ensure that all cleaning equipment is cleaned before returning it to appropriate storage areas To ensure body fluid and vomit are cleaned up as required To ensure that toilets, sanitary areas and washrooms are cleaned to the required standard To ensure that all surfaces including doors and partitions, fixtures and fittings are cleaned and disinfected as required using appropriate method To ensure floors are swept, mopped, polished, buffed and/or vacuumed as required To ensure that window ledges, cupboards, tops and other like surfaces are cleaned as required To ensure that hazardous/infectious solutions and materials e.g. broken glass are disposed of in accordance with agreed safe working practices, removing waste to designated areas To ensure that rubbish and waste does not block access points within the school To arrange for and assist in the moving and replacing of furniture as required To liaise with Line Manager regarding the maintenance, repair and replacement of cleaning equipment

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012

To report as required any incident of unacceptable behaviour or issues of concern to the appropriate member of staff To ensure that cleaning staff are kept informed of all changes and developments in relation to their duties and responsibilities and school plans and policies To monitor and order stock to ensure that sufficient levels of cleaning materials and equipment are maintained at all times To review suppliers of cleaning materials and equipment in order to ensure value for money To make arrangements for litter to be collected from school grounds To collect up personal possessions left by teachers or students and hand these to Line Manager for safekeeping To undertake and organise seasonal duties as required e.g. cleaning to be completed during school holidays To supervise lettings when directed by Line Manager ensuring that users requirements are met and the security of the school buildings are maintained at all times, to open and lock up the school when required by Line Manager ensuring that all security procedures are followed To assist in ensuring that internal and external security requirements are followed including putting car parking arrangements in place To undertake basic minor repairs and maintenance tasks which are within post holders competence To arrange, following the direction of Line manager, for other repairs and maintenance to be carried out To replace florescent tubes, diffusers, light bulbs and coverings as required To assist in ensuring drains and gullies are kept free flowing and clean To remove snow and obstruction from entrances, steps, access pathways ensuring required levels of salt and other appropriate materials are maintained Personnel To identify training needs of cleaning staff and organising appropriate development opportunities To complete cleaning staff performance management reviews and the setting of appropriate targets To maintain attendance and training records for cleaning staff To be involved in the recruitment of cleaning staff when required To deal with any disciplinary issues as required by school procedures and policies and as directed by line manager

Administrative/Financial To ensure that all administrative duties, checks and documentation including returns and reports are completed to the required level of accuracy and deadlines To prepare information and reports as required by Line Manager, Principal and Governing Body To undertake responsibility for all necessary administration relating to all areas within post holders remit To be responsible for the effective management of budgets within post holders remit To ensure that financial procedures and activities are carried out as required within the cleaning service such as completing purchase orders and authorising invoices for payment

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012

To source suppliers following best value principals and perform stock take procedures as required To maintain both manual and computerised record and filing system as required To input and extract data held on the school’s database systems as required and appropriate to role To assist in completing inventories of equipment as required To answer incoming and internal switchboard calls, dealing with requests and enquiries and taking messages as required General To attend College events as required To work outside of normal school working hours as required for extended school activities, lettings, school events and emergencies To participate in school emergencies as required e.g. assisting in the evacuation of the school To keep up to date with cleaning, Health and Safety and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) developments and regulations, and communicate relevant information to staff To follow the signing in and out procedures in place at time of starting work and when finishing work To attend relevant meetings and training sessions To undertake first aid training and responsibilities as required To retain confidentiality about all aspects of school life To assist in such duties and activities relating to any of the above areas appropriate to grade as Head Teacher and Governors shall from time to time reasonable require

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012

Essential Educated to at least GCSE Grade C standard or equivalent in English and Mathematics (certificate/s to be available at interview) At least two years experience of cleaning in a busy environment including supervision duties Experience of planning and implementing scheduled Experience of using a range of cleaning equipment and materials Experience in the line management of staff Desirable Notes

Experience of training staff Relevant qualification/s or proven experience of site maintenance related activity i.e. plumbing, electrical, general maintenance, carpentry, decorating, substantial DIY, and/or experience in working in the building industry

Knowledge & Skills
Essential Ability to build and form good relationships with students and colleagues Ability to work constructively as part of a team, understanding College roles and responsibilities including own Able to lead, develop and motivate a team of staff, delegating duties as required Good verbal and written communication skills appropriate to the need to communicate effectively Good standard of numeracy and literacy skills Working knowledge of putting in place and monitoring regulations/legislation such as Health and Safety and COSHH requirements Desirable Notes

Ability to use ICT packages, equipment and other resources effectively

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012

Managing and monitoring a budget Working knowledge of relevant policies and procedures Working knowledge of heating and air-con systems, and security systems and procedures

Personal Qualities
Essential Ability to reach and bend, and move light furniture and equipment Able to follow direction and work in collaboration with Line Manager Ability to use initiative and to prioritise one’s own work and that of others even when under pressure Able to work flexibly to support others and respond to unplanned situations Efficient and meticulous in organisation Desire to enhance and develop skills and knowledge through CPD Evidence of excellent attendance and punctuality record Commitment to the highest standards of child protection Recognition of the importance of personal responsibility for Health & Safety Commitment to the College’s ethos, aims and its whole community Desirable Notes

Cleaning Supervisor and Site Assistant - July 2012